I am a 40 year old typical soccer mom who leads a pretty conventional life. My stories are based on my fantasies. Most deal with the humiliation of older women by younger women, in the style of my favorite authors such as Cowgirl, Couture, Phoenix Arrow and Jane Parks. This is my first story (part 3), I hope you enjoy it. I’m working on further chapters, and I’d enjoy any constructive criticism. Thanks to all of you who have contacted me already!!! Your comments have made me feel wonderful.


My head was spinning from the drugs, I was standing on the stage wearing my daughter’s cheerleading uniform and holding her pom-poms. Suddenly the music started, it was that song “Holla Back Girl” by Gwen Stefani.

I was frozen in fear, unable to even move, I stood on the stage motionless. Suddenly the crowd began to get restless. I could hear comments, “Come Dance….shake that ass, and move it.” The song continued, and I remembered Princess’s threat, that I needed to earn some money, so I slowly tentatively at first began gyrating my hips, and trying to dance.

It was difficult for me to dance, with the combination of the high heels, as well as my drug induced haze, but as I got more comfortable, I began to try and put on a show that the patrons would enjoy.

I fought my urge to run away, I knew it was impossible. Even though I was completely disoriented, and one part of me absolutely hated myself for allowing myself to end up in this position. Another part was turned on beyond belief. I don’t know if it was the drugs or what, but my nipples and my cunt were absolutely on fire, as I continued to parade around the stage. I couldn’t even look out in the crowd; I just stared out into space.

Suddenly, as I wobbled across the stage trying to dance, I turned my ankle. I tried desperately to keep my balance, but it was to no avail. I flailed around, and fell face forward onto the stage. As I fell, both of my breasts flopped out of the top of my shirt. As I heard the catcalls from the crowd, tears began to flow freely from my eyes.

“That’s it. I give up,” I thought to myself, not even bothering to try and get up. I rolled over onto my back and just lay there, sobbing. I guess the crowd was getting a good look at me with a short skirt, and no panties, and boobs flopping out bursa sınırsız escort of my top. The jeers turned to cheers, and suddenly I could see that some of them were actually throwing money to me.

As I lay there staring at the ceiling, I began to relax a little, just trying to forget where I really was. I heard a voice from the crowd, “Spread those legs.” I spread my legs wide apart, and felt my skirt ride up my waist. The crowd cheered loudly as they saw my naked wet cunt and swollen clit. As sick as it was, the cheering actually made me feel good.

“Rub those nipples,” was the next command. I began rubbing and messaging my hard nips, I was a robot unable to resist. The instant, I touched my nipples and electric jolt ran through my body directly to my clit.

This time without prodding from the crowd, my right hand traveled down to my clit, and I began rubbing it in earnest. My god it was swollen, it had never felt this large. The crowd obviously loved this, and I was vaguely aware of cheering as well as the sound of money hitting the stage all around me. But truthfully by this point, I was lost in my own little world.

As turned on as I was, and as much as I wanted; no make that needed to cum, I just couldn’t seem to. I don’t know if it was the cocaine or what, but I just kept furiously rubbing my clit harder and faster. I lay on the stage arching my back moaning and rubbing myself, like a complete slut, trying to cum. Suddenly, I felt something cold hit my shoulder.

I turned to look; apparently someone had rolled an empty Corona beer bottle onto the stage. What I did next horrifies me to this day when I think about it. I just need to cum that bad. I took the empty bottle and slid it deeply into my wet cunt.

At this point, I was completely in another world, not aware of a single thing besides my need to cum. With my left hand now pounding myself with the bottle, and my right hand strumming my clit, I finally felt the pressure beginning to build. My clit began to throb, and the bottle was hitting my g-spot perfectly.

Suddenly I erupted into the most intense orgasm of my life. I was vaguely aware that my juices were literally squirting from cunt. I continued to shake and moan for what seemed like hours, but in truth was probably a couple bursa üniversiteli escort of minutes. When my orgasm subsided, I slumped down on the ground briefly losing consciousness.

As I vaguely began to come back to Earth, I could once again hear the catcalls coming from the crowd. I propped myself up on my elbows, and the first thing I noticed was the beer bottle was still obscenely dangling from my cunt.

The next thought that crossed my mind was Princess. As sick as it was, I wanted to find her, to see her. In some obscene way, I wanted to know that she approved of my act. As, I looked around the stage, I finally spotted her, looking so sexy, with that same bitchy superior smile on her face. My heart swelled with pride.

But just as quickly my heart sank. In a single instant my worlds came colliding together. Sitting right next to Princess was Heather, the receptionist from my office, the one who was there when the barmaid from ‘Lace’ delivered the note from Princess.

As I lay there, suddenly feeling more naked than I had ever been in my life (well it was the truth). Princess got up and walked over to me giggling, “Your friend Heather and I had an interesting conversation. Gather up your stuff, don’t forget my money, and meet us at that table in the back.”

Mixed with extreme fear and shame, as the harsh reality of the situation crossed my mind, I began to get myself together and gather the money that was thrown onto the stage. A million questions danced through my head, but I didn’t dare answer any of them.

Not even bothering to put my breasts inside my shirt, and doing my best to ignore the obscene comments from the crowd. I slowly made my way over to the table where Princess and Heather sat.

They looked like 2 co-conspirators, I shivered at the thought. As I approached an empty seat at the table, Princess snapped her fingers and just pointed at the floor. I knew what she wanted, and I knew it was pointless for me to argue. I just kneeled on the floor between Princess and Heather.

Heather looked at me with a look mixed with superiority and contempt and stated flatly, “I guess Princess was right, this certainly was a show worth seeing. You see, I was just consumed with curiosity the bursa anal yapan escort other day when that red-headed girl came and delivered that note to you. I could tell there was something highly unusual going on. And yes I admit, I thought it might give me a chance to get back at you. You walk around the office like you’re the queen, and treating everyone else like shit.”

“But anyway, to continue,” Heather said. “I just had to find out what was going on, so I followed the red-headed girl. I was quite surprised when she pulled up to a place like this. I followed her inside and asked what the story was. That’s when she introduced me to your friend Princess.”

“Princess told me to show up around midnight on Friday, that the show would be worth my while. God was she right; I never knew you were such a slut. But the best part is, Princess and I had such a good conversation, we’re actually becoming good friends. It may even lead to more than that,” she said winking at Princess. “And Princess has kindly agreed to let me have you during the week. At work you’ll be my property.”

I began to open my mouth in protest, but Heather quickly shushed me, “Shut up, you know you can’t do anything about it, and besides from the look of your little act tonight, I can tell that you love it. So let me tell you how things are going to work from now on.”

“You’re going to go into work on Monday, and explain to our boss, that the pressure of your job is getting to be too much for you. Explain to him, that you and I have decided to switch jobs, and paychecks of course. Tell him that you’re willing to work as many extra hours as necessary for free to train me. Of course, you’ll be my bitch in the office; you’ll do what ever I say whenever I say it.”

Princess chimed in at this point, “Yes Cheryl, in addition to everything else, I taped your little act tonight. You think you’ll keep your family and your job after they see that? One more thing, you’re mine on the weekend. I found out you can be an excellent earner. Do you know that you brought in almost 1,000 bucks from that little show? Between that, and all of the ‘side jobs’ I can find you, I’ll really be able to cut back my hours in this dump. But don’t worry Cheryl, it won’t be all work, every now and then, we’ll let you have a taste of our sweet pussies, when you’re a good girl.”

Kneeling there, listening to this shocking lecture, I was even more shocked to discover, that I had begun to rub myself as Princess and Heather were talking. I knew my life would now change forever, and my final thought before I once again burst into an orgasm was, that it was changing for the better.

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