Sitting by the pool with mom sounded fun. I’d spent the last two weeks taking advantage of overtime and most of my free time sleeping. I missed our frequent visits. And to make the offer more enticing, mom offered to have a pitcher of sweet mint tea waiting and told me about the bowl of her delicious chicken salad chilling in the fridge.

Now, what we called the pool comprised one of those plastic kid’s things with a patio table and parasol resting inside. It felt nice to soak your feet and enjoy the hot summer days. Dad even put a plug in the side to make it easy to empty.

His bank account held plenty of money for a real pool, but he refused to let some contractor dig up his precious backyard. Plants and brick trails leading to a hidden gazebo took up too much space for even a blow-up. Honestly, I agreed with him on the pool thing. The place looked like a well-kept park during the warm months. We could always go to the lake for a swim.

Mom hugged me and kissed my cheek. “The prodigal son returns.”

Mom and her jokes. “How could I turn down your tea and chicken salad?”

“I thought they might get you here.” She kissed me again. “Take the tea and sandwiches out to the pool while I change into my swimsuit.”

Mom looked exceptional in her pink bikini. All the work kept me from going out, and lack of sleep kept me from servicing myself, so I noticed! Still, I felt guilty about noticing. But at five-seven and around one-twenty, her curves beckoned like a siren’s call. Breasts the size of navel oranges and a butt I could cover most of with my two hands made that call even more alluring.

“Honey, you’re staring.”

“Sorry, mom. You look nice.”

“Thank you, sweetie!” She pulled her thick blonde hair into a ponytail and smeared sunblock over her torso and firm, round thighs. She held out the bottle. “Do my back.”

Her skin felt warm and silky under my fingers. I took my time, careful to cover every inch of skin available to me. “Done,” I said, a little wound up from the physical contact. I really needed to find a date for the coming weekend.

“Thanks, honey.” She took a seat and sank her feet into the cool water. I followed suit. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, sure. Especially now,” I told her. “Why?”

“You look uncomfortable,” she said, glancing at my crotch.

The front of my trunks bulged the tiniest bit. I hadn’t even noticed before now. “Sorry, mom. Totally unintentional.”

“Do you need to go inside and take care of it?” she asked, always to the point.

I might if she kept talking that way. “No. I think it’s a combination of the heat and your sunblock. It smells nice.”

“That must be it.” Her tone didn’t match her words.

“And you look nice, mom. Pink suits you.”

“I can put on shorts and a tank top if you need me to,” she offered.

“I’ll be fine in a few minutes.”

“Good. I find it flattering, but you shouldn’t get an erection over your mother in a bikini,” she said. “Or for any reason.”

“I know,” I told her. “But talking about it will only make it worse.”

“I know.”

She knew? “Then why do you keep doing it?”

“To tease you,” she admitted. “I’ve missed our back and forth. And you have to admit, you provided the perfect ammunition.”

“Good one. Can we stop now?”

“Oh, honey. You like what you see. It’s perfectly natural,” she said. “And I do look good.”

So, a solid no on the stopping. “You always look good. It’s all the exercise and healthy habits.”

“Thanks for recognizing that,” she said. “Hey, since you’re already sporting wood, can I tan topless for fifteen or twenty minutes?”

“Sporting wood?” Just when I thought I might start getting control of the hard-on-for-mom thing. She giggled. “Tan buck naked if you want.”

“What köle escort about,” she bobbed her chin toward my crotch, “you know.”

“It’s not going anywhere. And after this teasing, I’d kind of like to see your naked body,” I admitted.

“You’ve never gotten an erection because of me before. Why now?”

Not entirely true, but I tried not to make a habit of it. “You know how it is, mom. Sometimes you just get hor–aroused.”

“Oh, well,” she said, with an ornery glint in her eye. “I’ll go buff if you will.”

“Seriously, mom?”

“If you can get turned on by my body, I can get turned on by yours,” she said. “Besides, you take care of yourself, too.”

I felt uncomfortable about getting naked in front of my mother, but if it got her out of her bikini, why not? “Fair enough.” I stood and stripped off my shorts.

“Oh, my, son. How big?”

“A little over six inches,” I told her.


“Really? Not too short?”

“Length is for looks, kind of like big boobs. Different bodies look better with different sizes, and yours looks perfect.” She tilted her head to see it from a different angle. “Girth makes it feel good. And you look like you could open a girl up just fine.”

Wow. She might have gotten me an extra line or two on the ruler with that comment. “Thanks.”

Talking like this with the closest of blood relatives would make most people sick. Me, too, I thought. But it turned me on. Mom and I had always shared openly. I guess it made this step up easier to get used to.

“Ready for this?” mom asked, standing.

I nodded.

She untied her top and pulled it off, revealing the most beautiful pair of natural breasts I’d ever seen. They rode a little lower than girls my age, and fakies, but still sat firmly against her chest. Hard buds jutted from pink areola not quite the size of quarters. Had I nursed on those as babies? I liked to think so. The lack of tan lines told me she’d sunbathed like this before.

The bottoms dropped next. A wide blonde landing strip sat at the top of her divide. I always wondered how she cared for herself down there. Now, I knew. Her inner lips showed, just a little, from between the chubby mounds of her vulva. Like lettuce on a sandwich. A sandwich I wanted to taste. And not a tan line in sight.

“You like?”

“Mom, you have the perfect woman’s body. Not at all fat, but smooth with plenty of curves.” A pearl of precum formed on the tip of my penis and dripped to the concrete below to punctuate my declaration.

“I think you sprang a leak.” She rubbed sunblock on her round little butt and the exposed parts of her vagina. She tossed me the bottle. “Think you can get that monster covered? It’s private-parts safe. You don’t want to burn.”

“Let’s hope so.” I smoothed the cream over my throbbing cock and scrotum. Mom watched like an eagle. It took every ounce of self-discipline I possessed, but I finished without incident.

“Thanks for the show,” she said with a wink.

We pulled a couple of recliners close together and spread out our towels. We laid side-by-side, talking about nothing. Mom took my hand. Nothing out of the ordinary. She’d always liked that kind of thing–holding hands, sitting shoulder to shoulder, chatting for several minutes in a hug. But it felt different today. Better. So much it made my cock twitch.

“Looks like you’re getting a call,” mom said with a snigger.

“Wrong number,” I joked.

“Seriously, honey, if you need to go inside and take of it, I can pretend it never happened.”

“I’m good.”

“You want me to give it a try?”


“It’s just a handjob.”

“If we do that, why not go all the way?”

“You want to have sex with me?”

“No! köle escort bayan I mean, I’ve never really thought about it.” Also, not entirely true.

“It’s okay if you have,” she said with compassion. “Boys sometimes develop feelings for their mothers.”

“At fourteen,” I said defensively.

“You’ve never fantasized about me?”

Oh, what the hell? “I think of your body sometimes when I masturbate.”

“Was that so hard to admit?”

Not at all. And I had more. “I slept with this girl from work once.”

“And used protection?” she interrupted.


“Good boy.

“Anyway, neither of us liked the other that way, but we both needed relief. I imagined you underneath me while we went at it.”

Her eyes widened. “Wow, honey.”

“Too much.”

“Not at all. I’m happy you told me.”

“Thanks. Do moms ever fantasize about their sons?”

“More than you’d think. Or so I hear.”

“What kind of fantasies?”

“I have no personal experience, but sometimes daddies can’t perform so well, and a mommy might imagine a young, muscular body on top of her,” she said. “Or sometimes a mommy might imagine six hard inches in the shower, because sometimes you just get aroused. Or so I hear.” She winked.

“That sounds like a very cool mommy.”

“Think so?”

“The kind a good son would do anything for.”

“Even incest?”

“If the mom wanted, why not?” I said.

“It wouldn’t bother you? Afterward?”

“If two consenting adults made an informed decision, and no babies came out of it, I don’t think so,” I told her.

“It sounds as though you’ve given this some thought.”

“A little. Because of the fantasies.”

“That makes sense,” she told me. “And I agree.”

The conversation turned me on like no other, but did mom mean what I think? “Are we talking about what I think we are?”

“I don’t know, honey. I want to,” she said. “But it’s a big step.”

“I’ll start carrying condoms, just in case.”


“To be ready if we decide to.”

“The birth control will protect us from accidents.”

“I’m no good at pulling out,” I told her.

“Honey, having your seed swimming around in my reproductive system is a major part of the fantasy.”

Wow. I wanted my mother, and she wanted me. And if we took each other, she wanted me to cum inside her. “You know, I could never just have sex with you.”


“I mean, I don’t fantasize about marrying you or running away together, but I’d want a connection beyond the physical. Even it only happened once.”

Mom pulled her knees together and released a brief moan. “Perfect, baby.”

“If you need to go inside and take care of that, I’ll pretend it never happened,” I said.

Mom laughed. “Smartass.”

“I’ll bet you know a few things.”

“I’ve only slept with your father since marriage, but I used to make the Earth move for him.”

“Used to?”

“He’s more of a climb-on-climb-off kind of guy these days,” she said. “He always asks if I got off, too. I tell him yes, but it’s been a while.”

“Wow. Sorry,” I said sincerely.

“There are much more important things in love and marriage than sex,” she said. “But I miss it.”

“You know I respect you more than anyone else on the planet,” I told her.

“Are you sucking up?

“I just wanted to tell. Lying here naked and horny with you, confessing the things I have, it felt important.”

“I knew it, but thanks for saying so.”

“You can come to me if you ever need a hand. Or a tongue,” I said, with a wink of my own.

She squeezed my hand. “You know what? Grab your towel and the cushion from your lounger, and let’s go back to the little covered bridge your father built over escort köle the low spot.”

“Okay, why?” She gave me that really look. “Oh! Yeah? In the woods?”

“Hardly the woods, but close enough.”

I followed her down the trail, admiring the tiny jiggle of her round ass, trying to stay calm. Plants, flowers, and dwarf trees surrounded us. I laid the cushion on the planks of the footbridge and covered it with my towel. “What now?”

“Lie on your back. I want control.”

I lay down, barely able to think. “I am so nervous, mom.”

“Just lie there and focus on not cumming too fast,” she said. “I’ll handle the rest.” She straddled me and eased her soaking pussy down my shaft. “Look at me, baby. Relax for mommy.”

“It’s so tight, mom. And I can feel your insides against my bare cock.”

“Have you ever used cowgirl position, honey?” I shook my head, and she smiled. “We’ll start slow.”

She began moving her hips in small circles. The walls of her pussy flexed around my erection with every turn. I’d never felt anything like it before. Her hands dropped from her hair to my abdomen, and she and she slid up and down my cock. So erotic. I wasn’t fucking my mom. She was fucking me!

“Doing okay, sweetie?” I nodded and made a grunting noise when I tried to speak. “Tell me if I go too fast. I want to cum, too.”

I looked across her jiggling tits into her beautiful face. I forced myself to think about how much I loved mom as a mom, to keep my lust from overcoming me.

Mom started panting. She leaned forward onto me and started moving faster. “Yes. Yes. Yes.” Her lips met mine, bathing me with her hot breath and saliva. “Oh yes! Oh Yes! Oh yes! Uuuh! AAAHHHH!” Hot liquid spilled around my cock and ran down my balls. My mother just came on me!

“Draw your heels up a little and pound me, baby.” She came again almost immediately, soaking me with another cascade of mommy cum. “Fuck, baby!”

I kept pounding. “Here I go, mom.”

She moved her mouth to my ear. “Yes, sweetie. Cum in mommy. Fill me with your essence, baby. Give it to me.”

I made a strangling sound and released. “MOOOMMMM!” Rope after sticky rope spurted from the tip of my cock and into my mother. My balls felt flat when I finished.

“Yes, baby,” mom cooed. “So strong and so much. I’m so proud of my little boy.”

“Wow, mom,” I said between pants. “I think I came more just now than the last two times I had sex, and all the jerking off in between.”

“I guess mommy does still know a few things.” She smiled and winked. “I need lunch after that.”

I wore my board shorts and T-shirt. Mom slipped into a knee-length skirt and simple top with thong sandals. I loved her feet. And that’s saying something for a guy not overly fond of feet. We picked up some fast food and ate in the car.

“Can you get it up again so soon?” she asked when stopped in the driveway. “I want to feel you inside me again.”

I took her outstretched hand and followed her into the kitchen. “Want me to go down on you first?”

She shook her head. “I want you to cum in me again before you have to leave.” She lifted her skirt and leaned on the kitchen table.

I stepped out of my shorts and moved behind her. My cocked popped between her sweet lips, and I eased in and started thrusting. She was as wet as I was hard. “Fuck, mom. I can’t believe how good you feel.”

“Take your time, baby. Or not. Whatever you want,” she said. “I just want your life inside me this time.”

So hot. I made her pant, but watching my cock sliding in and of my beautiful mother, I didn’t last long. “I’m cumming in you, mom. I’m cumming in you mom. YEEESSSSS!” I cried as I unloaded inside her.

My cock softened over the next minute or so, and I slipped out of her. Mom faced me and kissed me hard. “Sure you don’t want to run away and get married?”

“Will you take my last name?”

She laughed and kissed me again. “You know, I expect to see you around here more often, young man.”

“Not a problem.”

“Bring a change of clothes next time so we can go somewhere nice.”

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