I was 19 and had recently moved in with my boyfriend. We’d been long distance for a year, but he was moving closer and I had just decided to take a break from college, seemed like a perfect time. Most of my days were spent in our little apartment watching trash tv and playing on Facebook. But once April rolled around and it started to warm up that of course meant time for the apartment’s pool and working on my tan. It was there that I met Ron and Freddy. They were both in the their 60’s and retired. They spent most of their time either at the pool, grilling or drinking (sometimes a combination of all 3). I could tell immediately they were excited the first time i layed out my towel on a chair and took off my clothes to show my tight teenage body in my bikini. Now I’ve always attracted the attention of older men, I’m blonde,, 5’7, 36dd, and had been a cheerleader since I could walk, so it came to no surprise when I saw them eyeing me across the pool, but I just put in my headphones and soaked in a little sun.

The next day the same thing happened, but on the third day as I walked through the gate of the pool i found them not in their usual chairs on the shady side, but rather on the sunny side where I had staked my claim and right next to my chair. I approached them with a smile, “Do you mind if I join you guys?” They nodded their heads yes and we introduced ourselves. We made small talk for a while, they asked if I was new to the complex where I was from, etc. I found out Ron was divorced and was a retired car salesman and Freddy was a retired high school football coach and married, his wife was 10 years younger and managed a jewelry store.

For the next few days we hung out by the pool nearly everyday, soaking in the sun, swimming, and having a few drinks. I’d occasionally catch them both staring at my legs or chest when they thought I had my eyes closed beneath my sunglasses and to be honest, I enjoyed the attention. I thought about them all weekend when I had the day shift at work and couldn’t make it out.

As I came out on Monday i found them waiting for me once again in our usual spot. “There’s my favorite guys” I said as I removed the big shirt I had on over my bikini and greeted them both with a hug.

“Beer?” said Ron as he held one out for me.

“Sure, just let me rub some oil on and dry my hands first” I said as i pulled a bottle of tanning oil from my gaziantep masaj salonları bag.

“Dont worry about that sweetie,” said Freddy as he reached for my bottle of oil. “You just lay down and let me handle that for you.”

I was actually a bit surprised at myself as i happily handed the bottle over a layed on my back. Freddy drizzled oil from my thigh down to my ankle and started rubbing it in. His hands felt so rough and strong. “Mmm”, I let out a soft moan as Freddy rubbed my thigh, was I actually getting turned on by this?

“Hey, how about sharing some of that over here,” said Ron as he held out his hand to do my other side. Ron rubbed oil all over my leg, but crouched down to give me a good calf massage.

“Mmm, that’s so nice” I said to them. Wait, was I starting to get horny? This felt wrong, but I couldnt help but get turned on as their strong, weathered hands rubbed my legs. I know they were enjoying it also.

“I appreciate you shaving for us” joked Freddy as he took the bottle and began working on my arm.

“Yes sir, I always do” I said in a flirty voice with a wink.

Next Ron took the bottle and sprayed it on my stomach. his fingers briefly rubbed beneath the top of my bikini bottom. “Gotta make sure it gets all over” he said as he proceeded to rub just under my tits.

“Can’t forget this part,” said Jerry as he sprayed a little on my chest. “Gotta make sure you’re good and covered,” while running his fingers just under my bikini top onto my breasts.

“Thanks boys,” I said as Ron finished my arm, I took a sip of my beer as they each layed back down in chairs on either side of me. i noticed a bulge growing on the front of both their trunks and the thought crossed my mind wondering how big they were. I knew I shouldnt be wondering that, but I could feel my pussy getting wet as well.

“Just let us know when you’re ready for the other side,” said Ron as he gave Freddy a little wink.

I couldn’t believe it. was I actually getting turned on by these 2? Hell, one of them was married and they were both old enough to be my father, or even grandfather. I sipped on my beer as they guys talked about their weekends, and plans for this week.

“So did you get any this weekend?” asked Ron. I almost choked on my drink. I had zoned out and thought the question was directed gaziantep masaj salonları escortları to me. Unfortunately, it had been a while for me. Of course, my boyfriend’s new job was causing a bit of stress, so it had caused some tension in our love making routine and I was a bit on edge.

“Nah, you know how Tina is. She hasn’t been in the mood for weeks now. How about you?”

“Nope, haven’t had any since that chick Cindy I introduced you guys to at New Years”.

I quickly finished my beer and said, “I think I’m ready for my back now” as I flipped over onto my stomach. Freddy took the bottle first and sprayed some on my shoulders and back. I could feel his strong hands rubbing my shoulders and giving me a massage. I reached back and untied my top, “Don’t want tanlines” I said as I gave him a wink. Ron took it next and sprayed the back of both my thighs. as he rubbed I could feel myself instinctively spread my legs farther apart.

“So, what about you sweetie?” asked Freddy in almost a whisper as he crouched close to my ear. Fuck, that was a turn on.

“Ummm, a few weeks I guess” I said in a squeaky voice. What was I doing? I couldn’t actually be letting this happen, could I? I could feel Ron now moving his fingers underneath my bikini bottom and massaging my ass cheeks.

“Really? I dont think I’d be able to keep my hands off you if you were mine” said Freddy as his hands moved down to the sides of my breasts.

“She does feel really fucking nice” said Ron as he pulled my bikini bottom into a thong and continued rubbing my ass.

“Ummm. Yeah. He’s just been super stressed and hasn’t had much interest” I said as I raised my ass a little higher to give them both more room to roam with their fingers.

“Mmm. Thats too bad babygirl” said Ron as I felt him move his hand from my ass down to my shaved pussy. “Looks like you really need some attention” he said as his fingers brushed against my lips, he could already feel how wet I was.

“And what do you think we should do about that sweetie” said Freddy as he cupped my breast and squeezed my nipple between his fingers.

“Mmm, fuck!” seemed like the only words I could manage to get out of my lips. His hands felt so strong, just what I needed to feel. Part of me knew I should be concerned of how public we were, but masaj salonları gaziantep the other part of me didn’t give a fuck. I rolled over and completely removed my top. Ron spread my legs apart again and began to untie and remove my bikini bottoms. Freddy was still crouched down above me and i pulled him in for a kiss. I knew he was older and married, but at that point neither one of us cared. He moved his mouth and began to lick and kiss my hard nipples as i reached for his cock.

“Not here guys, lets go back to Ron’s place” I said as Freddy began to undo his trunks.

“Just let me throw my shirt on” I said in a scramble to get covered

“Dont worry babygirl” said Ron as he gathered my clothes, “It’s not far and you wont be needing these” he said putting my bottoms in his pocket.

As I walked fully nude across the parking lot, I couldnt help but think that I shouldn’t be doing this, what if my boyfriend finds out? But the thought of being wanted so bad was overwhelming and i loved it. As soon as we were inside Ron’s apartment I gave them both a deep kiss and went down on my knees. I wanted both of their cocks in my mouth right then. The sight of 2 cocks with long gray hair made me even wetter. I had never been with more than one guy at a time and I’d certainly never been with an older guy, but both of those would change today.

“Mmm, thats such a good girl” said Ron as I licked his balls and shaft while stroking Freddy.

“I gotta fuck that tight little pussy” said Freddy, as he took me by the hand and led me to the couch. Ron took a seat and I continued to suck him while Jerry took his position behind me. I felt his large cock enter and I let out a loud moan. “Oh god, fuck me!!!” i screamed. Ron pushed my head back down onto his shaft.

“Mmm. I haven’t had a pussy this tight in years sweetie” said Freddy as he pounded me from behind. I could tell Ron was getting close to orgasm as i sucked his cock. I took it out of my mouth and began licking and sucking on his balls.

“I want you to cum in me baby” I said as I turned my head to see Freddy. He was getting close too. “And i want you to cum in my mouth” I said to Ron.

Freddy came first. I felt his hot load fill my little pussy up. Then I felt Ron push my head down harder on his shaft until his warm sticky load filled my throat. I swallowed every drop of it.

All 3 of us sat there for a while basking in the ecstasy of what had just happened.

“You owe me $500” said Freddy to Ron.

“Wait, what?” I said.

“We had a bet that we could get you to fuck us before June” replied Freddy.

Maybe I should have been upset, but honestly all I could feel was complete ecstasy at that moment. “Well, give me half and we can go again” I said as I leaned over and took Freddy’s cock in my mouth again.

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