“How was your day, my little sweet biscuit?” Ethan Wolfe called out when he heard the front door open.

His sweet 18 year old daughter Penny toed off her shoes and bounced over to the dining room table where Ethan was working on some datasheets for the office.

Penny was wearing the summer uniform of Seamouth Secondary. She had on a see-through button up with a large purple ribbon around the neck. This did nothing to hide her bare tits and their large brown areolas that created little peaks in the soft fabric. She also wore a short pleated plaid purple skirt that only just skimmed the top of her thighs. Her school mandated buttplug flashed between her pert asscheeks everytime she leaned forward, displaying the silver name tag that hung from it. The shortness of her skirt showed off her toned and golden thighs. Her long and dark and straight hair had been corralled into two braids topped with purple ribbons. Those same braids had been very neat this morning, but someone had evidently used them as their intended purposes: handholds!

“It was great, daddy,” Penny said with a big smile. She put her bookbag on the chair and went to the kitchen to get herself a snack.

Ethan watched her purple skirt bounce with each step, flipping up to expose the silver little tag on the base of her buttplug that read “Penny Wolfe” and her moist cunt lips. The insides of her thighs were damp as well, an effect of riding her dildo bike to-and-from school every single day.

Honestly, sending her to Seamouth Secondary was one of the best ideas he had so far. Proper sexual submission education used to be a thing that only the upperclass could afford because it was kept out of ‘normal’ schools. People who wanted their daughters to become proper slave wifes had to send their children to ‘Finishing Boarding Schools’ that costs thousands of dollars. While they were certainly effective, Ethan hated the idea of being too far away from his daughter. The girls who attended those schools were often introduced to wealthy young men who would marry the girls and take them back to their houses afterwards and Ethan didn’t want to lose his daughter so soon.

People who couldn’t pay the expensive schooling fees might settle for a submission camp over the summer, or resorted to homeschooling their daughters.

Seamouth Secondary was a blended learning day school. Students in Year 1 to 10 learned all the usual things like Math, Science, and the like. In Year 11, the girls started learning about the psychology of submission whereas the boys would learn about the responsibilities of dominance on top of their usual classes. Then in Year 12, they began practical submission and domination classes.

Studies were still conflicted on whether these blended learning schools were effective in producing submissive wives, but seeing how Penny was so happy to be here, so confident and comfortable with her nudity and the idea of submission, Ethan was pretty sure he made the right choice.

The skimpy Year 12 summer uniform helped as well.

Penny came back into the dining room with a Dr Pepper in her hand and a bowl of chips in the other.

“Anything special happen?” Ethan prompted her as he pushed his chair away from the table.

Penny went over to him and kissed his cheek, setting the bowl down and perching her ass on the edge of his knee. Her name tag swung against Ethan’s jean-clad thigh.

“Mmm, Oaklynn and I were paired up in scissoring class today. She wasn’t very good at it though.” Penny scrunched her nose cutely, “I got As for my Math and History quizzes last week! There’s a field trip to the Space museum coming up in Autumn. And Oral exams on deepthroating start soon.”

Penny’s smile faltered a little.

Ever attuned to his daughter’s moods, Ethan squeezed her thigh with one hand and reached up to rub her nipple with the other. It prompted a little gasp and moan from her, but Penny didn’t otherwise react to being groped by her father anymore. It was proof of how she had come to accept that her body belonged to her father and he was free to grope and use her as he pleased.

“Hey, sweetie, tell me what’s wrong?” he cajoled her.

Penny sighed.

“Mr Rucker is a hardass when it comes to grading submission classes,” she pouted, “Everyone’s talking about how hard it is to pass on the first try,” she frowned, “I guess I’m kind of worried that I’ll fail too.”

Penny got up, abandoning her father’s roaming hands and her Dr Pepper.

“He keeps going on about how deepthroating is the ultimate act of submission and how it’s so important for every girl to be able to do it, and we have to practice 3 hours a day to make sure we can swallow a cock whole by the time we graduate or no man is going to want us! As if our throats are the only holes that matter!” Penny crossed her arms and sulked.

Ethan stifled a laugh at how indignant his daughter sounded. He knew that her shelf was filled with painal romances where male leads taught their love interests the joys of anal agony by brutal özbek gaziantep escort violation of a helpless shithole, or ones where the strong female leads submitted to painal in order to please the man they liked, only to discover that the act brought them peace and fulfillment.

The older man reached out and tugged his daughter back down to straddle his lap. She went with a soft huff and uncrossed her arms so that her father could tease her nipples again.

“What’s the grading rubric?” Ethan asked, trying to keep a straight face while he was faced with his dear daughter’s lusty chest. She definitely inherited these from her mother, he thought. They were large and lightly tanned, the outline of her bikini fading as she began to bask nude on the beach or go topless when she went out.

“We have to do 10 minutes in each position, during which we will be tested on tongue position, throat depth, stamina, attitude and-oh!” Penny let out a small gasp when her father sucked on her areola through her sheer top.

She moaned softly and pushed her teen tits out so that her father could have better access.

“And?” Ethan rubbed his large hands up her slender sides, squeezing her waist briefly before pulling her higher up onto his lap. Her bare cunt was starting to juice in anticipation of cock.

“We can’t stop even if we puke, and we have to perform a throatpie or else it’s an automatic fail,” Penny gasped.

“What about nosecums,” Ethan said with a little smirk, sliding one hand between Penny’s thighs to swipe at her bald pussy. The teenager moaned eagerly, trying to grind down on her father’s fingers.

“If we get a nosecum instead of a throatpie, then Mr Rucker will give us another shot at the throatpie without the rest of the exam,” Penny said. She whined in protest when her father withdrew his fingers and wiped them on her skirt.

“That sounds like a reasonable rubric,” Ethan said, “I know that it sounds like a very difficult test, but your teacher is right. Being able to swallow cock is one of the things that men look for in girls, and it’s extremely important that you never waste a man’s gift of cum! Which is why throatpies are part of your curriculum!”

“But daddy, I get so nervous when people are watching, I don’t think I have the stamina or the technique to pass! Who has 3 hours a day to practice anyway?” Penny sulked.

Ethan laughed and smoothed her flyaways down with one hand.

“He’s definitely exaggerating,” he assured his daughter, “But why don’t you go upstairs to your room and wait while I put away my work? I’ll help you study every single day until you pass this exam!”

Penny perked up, her tits jiggling under her sheer top as she did so.

“Really daddy?” she asked eagerly.

“Of course, sweetheart!” Ethan nodded, “Now go on!”

Penny immediately slid off her father’s lap and ran up the stairs, her chips and Dr Pepper completely forgotten.

🙟 🙞 ○ 🙜 🙝

Ethan closed his laptop and slid it into his work bag. He put some chicken and potatoes into the oven and set the timer so that dinner would be ready when he was finished with his daughter.

He made sure the doors were locked, then shot off a quick text to his buddies before heading upstairs to join his daughter.

Ethan removed Penny’s bedroom door after her 18th birthday and replaced it with a bead curtain. It afforded her the illusion of privacy, but enabled her father to check in on her every day and ensure she was doing her homework properly.

When he entered the room, Penny was already naked and kneeling, her braids having been redone neatly and her hands clasped behind her back. The small act made Ethan feel a jolt of pride. Seamouth had impressed upon its female students how important it was to always be presentable for a man and it was clear his daughter took it to heart.

Penny’s bedroom reflected her transition from young innocent teen to a submissive slave slut trainee. Her 8 inch strap-in dildo, the one she wore to sleep in her pussy every night, lay on her pale yellow duckling bedsheets, right next to her vibrating anal alarm plug, a copy of a young adult novel called “Painal Police”, and her numerous plushies. The chains and cuffs that were attached to each corner of the bed, was hidden by the lace trim on her pillow covers that Penny loved as a kid.

Schoolbooks, folders and rainbow colored files rested on the shelf next to her study table. There was a polaroid camera there too, decorated with cutesy stickers. Penny had a collection of childhood classics and their hardcore spinoffs like “Red Riding Whore”, “Alice in Harderland”, and “Beauty and Beastial”. Below her books, she kept her growing collection of dildos, vibrators, gags, and other training implements. Two dildos were strapped to the seat of her pink study chair so that she could fuck herself while she studied. The chair cover was a lovely pastel pink, but embroidered with the word ‘cumrag’ over and over and over again.

Penny’s gaziantep özbek escort assortment of earrings and necklaces were kept neatly on a jewelry hanger on her dresser, alongside the various nipple and clit clamps that Ethan bought for her to prepare her for marriage. The expensive skincare products she favored sat right next to her special clit-growth cream, hole sensitizer, anal balm, and lube.

Her wardrobe was half filled with conservative clothing from her younger days, and revealing clothes that she had started wearing after entering Year 12. Pastel coloured leashes hung next to Penny’s scarves, her collars right below her hats.

Ethan treasured the juxtaposition of lewd and pure. It meant his lovely young daughter was learning what it meant to be a woman! It was a bittersweet process because sooner or later, she would meet a dominant young man, get married and then move away from home to be with her husband.

“Alright, sweetie,” Ethan shook off the lonely thoughts and gave his daughter a wide smile, “Name the three basic throating positions!”

“The three basic throating positions are the Kneeling Swallow, the Hanging Head, and the Heel Grab,” Penny recited dutifully, keeping her gaze demure as was befitting of a submissive slave.

“What are the principles of a good deepthroat?”

“A good deepthroat must always be hands-free. It focuses solely on the pleasure of the man’s cock and any gifts must be eagerly received in the throat.”

Penny’s lips pursed a little at the last part. Whether she was reluctant to take a throatpie, or perhaps she was less sold on the eagerness behind it, Ethan didn’t know, but he was prepared to turn his daughter into the perfect little throat slut.

“Let’s start with the Kneeling Swallow,” Ethan said. He unzipped his jeans and stepped out of them, walking over to his daughter.

He pulled his cock out and slapped his daughter across the face with it roughly.

Penny gasped as the long meaty stick impacted her soft cheek, a soft “Oh!” escaping her mouth. She was well familiar with his rod, having been impaled on it multiple times throughout the week. Ethan had to confess though, that he had been pretty remiss in furthering her sexual submission as her father. He had placed a lot of focus on training her asshole, cunt, and even her pisser because the newest submissive fads included sounding. He hadn’t been keeping up with her throating skills.

Well, that was all about to change.

Ethan took the base of his cock in hand and dickslapped her a few more times, enjoying the softness of her skin on his rod.

Then, remembering her manners, she said in a breathless tone, “Daddy, pleased to meet your cock, may I say hi to your balls?”

When she received a gruff ‘Yes’ from Ethan, she nosed her way under his thick length and kissed his heavy balls one by one and gave them a light suck.

Ethan groaned in appreciation. There was nothing he loved more than a well-mannered teen slave, something that his daughter was rapidly becoming!

“Daddy, I’m a throatwhore in training, may I please deepthroat your cock?” Penny said demurely after kissing Ethan’s entire rock-hard length.

Ethan grinned to himself.

“Yes you may,” he said.

Penny opened her mouth and then slid her face forwards.

Ethan threw back his head and groaned with pleasure. It had been too long since he had his daughter’s lovely mouth on his cock. Her pink lips were stretched wide around his shaft, her eyes half shut as she focused on swallowing him whole.

Penny bobbed her head up a few times, dipping her tongue into the slit of Ethan’s bulbous cockhead before beginning to press forward even more.

Down and down and down she went, Ethan’s fuckstick disappearing into her mouth. He felt the head of his cock meet a brief resistance, but his daughter bravely took a breath, and pushed her face down.

Ethan grinned, watching as his sweet teen daughter swallowed more and more of him.

She had about three finger widths worth of cock left when suddenly, she choked!

“COUGH GORK GERK!” Penny pulled off and sputtered violently.

Evidently, she had triggered her gag reflex.

“Try again, slut,” Ethan said calmly as he waited for her to stop coughing. Tears had started to gather at the corner of Penny’s big brown eyes, but no submissive ever got anywhere by stopping when they first choked.

“Yes daddy,” Penny said submissively. She opened her mouth, took another deep breath, and then tried again.

“More pressure with the tongue in the slit,” Ethan remarked, “Point your tongue and dig in, make sure to suck behind the foreskin, get out all the gunk. This isn’t just a deepthroat, you’re cleaning up a man’s cock, polishing it, worshiping it!”

Penny made a little noise, Ethan’s remarks immediately reflected in the way her tongue immediately started poking around Ethan’s foreskin, digging underneath it to get out all the sweat and residue gaziantep özbek escort bayan that had accumulated since his shower that morning.

She slowly worked her mouth downwards once again, pressing forward bravely until her lips were once again near the base of Ethan’s cock.

Ethan stroked her hair in encouragement.

“Good girl,” he praised, “Now make an undulating motion with your tongue against the underside, make a ‘ahh’ sound if you can. It will help you get deeper.”

Penny’s tongue flexed against Ethan’s cock, wagging from side to side then up and down. Her throat began to vibrate and her lips slipped a little closer to the base of her father’s cock.

“That’s it, thaaaat’s it! Remember these motions, practice them on your dildos every single day. It shows that your mouth isn’t just a passive fuckhole but an active cocksheath!”

“GURK!” Penny tried to pull off, but Ethan grabbed her head as the tip of his cock left her throat, and pressed it there, keeping it in her mouth as she gagged violently. He didn’t try to force it in, but neither did he let her get away.

“HURK HWERK!” Penny’s eyes watered and tears streamed down her face. She coughed violently, drool flying out from where her lips were still wrapped around her father’s dick.

“Never pull off completely,” Ethan wagged his finger in her face as her gag reflex started to subside, “It shows a lack of commitment! If you need to breathe, you can pull back a little, but you should never ever remove your mouth from the cock completely unless the man pulls you off!”

Penny was red-faced, weeping by now, but she nodded in understanding.

It pained Ethan a little to see his own daughter crying like this, but it was for her own good.

“Again! This time, I want your chin on my balls!”

Once again, Penny moved forward and once again, her mouth fell short of the base by just a little.

“If you can’t get your cock balls deep, then you need to change your angle,” Ethan coached his daughter, “Lower your body a little bit more, lean forward, and then tilt your head backwards.”

Penny obeyed, her tongue still wagging and wiggling around Ethan’s shaft.

Ethan gave her a moment to get comfortable before leaning forwards.

He had the satisfaction of watching his daughter’s eyes pop wide open as her lips came to rest firmly against his neatly trimmed public hair. Her nose was buried in the wiry strands. Ethan’s balls were now pressed against her chin.

“See? A good angle makes a good deepthroat,” Ethan stroked Penny’s hair gently. He cradled her head in her hands and jerked her back and forth rapidly a few times. She went cross-eyed from the rough throat assault.

Ethan felt, rather than heard, her gag again. Penny’s young throat flexed and convulsed around his length violently. But this time, Ethan refused to let go of her head, instead continuing to hump her face. He spread his legs wide, took a step forward until he was practically straddling her face and then kept fucking her mouth.

“Relax your whole body! Think about the cock in your mouth! You’re a slut! You’re meant to take cock in your mouth! Once your body realizes that it’s meant to be there, it’ll stop gagging!”

He pulled back just far enough for her to take a breath, and then shoved his cock right back in.

To Penny’s credit, despite her struggles and her jerking body as it fought to expel something it considered an intruder, she never once brought her hands up to push her father away.

Her struggles grew weaker as she tired and soon, she merely twitched weakly as her father humped her mouth.

Drool dripped from her lips, tears streamed down her face. Her hair and face was a complete mess of snot and smeared makeup.

Ethan loved it.

“Slut, get ready. I’m about to piss,” he warned.

Penny’s eyes widened in fear.

“Throatpissing is one of the ways you train to take a throatpie,” Ethan informed her with a big grin. He pulled her more snugly onto his cock and with a loud groan, began to urinate.

The tight throat on his cock flexed as it tried to swallow the liquid being poured directly into it.

Penny managed a total of three swallows before…


Piss spewed from her nose as the liquid overflowed back into her mouth. It dripped from her lips and onto the floor.

Ethan stopped the flow of his urine and pulled her off.

“Sorry daddy,” Penny wept.

“Clean up the mess first. We’ll continue in a bit,” Ethan said. He took a step back and watched as his daughter started licking up the mess on the wooden tiles.

After she finished cleaning the urine on the tiles, she crawled back over to Ethan and kissed her way up his legs to his cock.

“Sorry for wasting your piss gift daddy, I didn’t mean to!” Penny sobbed.

“I know you didn’t,” Ethan consoled her. He rubbed his cock onto Penny’s face, smearing her makeup even more, “Why don’t we move on to the Hanging Head?”

Penny nodded tearfully.

Ethan helped her up and guided her to the bed. She crawled onto it and laid down, positioning herself so that her head was hanging off the bed.

“Good girl, now show me the basic Hanging Head.”

Penny straightened her arms and legs so that she was lying in a straight line.

“Now a spread.”

She spread her legs wide and held them open, putting her pussy and plugged shitter on display.

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