Please note, this is a true story. However, I’ve changed the names, ages, places and occupations to protect the other person’s privacy. I have no shame so enjoy, LOL.


Friend Asked to Watch Ch. 05

Her taboo fantasy was surreal.

I woke up the next morning again needing to get up for work. Penny still asleep in my arms and Madison not in the room. I walked outside to grab some water and to call room service for breakfast. I opened the door and saw Madison asleep on the couch wearing one of my white button up shirts and still the black fishnet stockings from last night. She was on the chaise in front of the tv. I was quite tempted to wake her up with sex. To be honest extremely tempted.

I decided against it, as tempted to fuck her again I also knew with Penny asleep I’d be playing with fire. I didn’t plan on having my cock, mouth and body spend so much time with/on/in Maddy. I picked up the phone and quietly ordered room service to be delivered 90 minutes from now. I figured all of us would be up. I was working a shorter day and the ladies were supposed to drive back home while I had an evening flight to catch.

I stepped into the bathroom and as I was about to close the door when “fire” came in behind me. Madison looked so hot with my white button up on. She dropped to her knees and unzipped my pants. Then pull my underwear to the floor. Her mouth immediately surrounded my shaft with its warmth. She was getting my cock hard and wet.

I began to fully undress. I know this was playing with fire but there was something about how audacious she was. I also knew what she wanted but wasn’t sure if and how devious she would be this time. Hd Porno Yesterday morning was quite an eye opener already. And to my wonder it didn’t take long to find out.

Madison looked up at me and said, “Your slut needs to be fuck right here, right now.” She used a tone that was not only demanding but so lustful. I was turned on even more. I had to have her. I pulled her to her feet ripped off my shirt she was wearing.

My hands gripped and squeezed her very firm breasts. My eyes lit with desire as I stared into hers. I reached up and clasped her face. Pulling her into a passionate embrace. The way she kissed me back was even more feverish then yesterday. The shower wasn’t even on but our bodies and desire had the room steaming.

I was torn on what to do next. I wanted to go on with our lips connected like this for the rest of the day. The heat between us was like all the events of the past few days placed into one kiss, one moment, one climax. I knew our bodies wanted much more then kissing though. Do I turn her around, press her up against the wall and enter her? Do I pick up her and have her bounce on my cock? What actually happened next I still can’t figure what got into me.

I think my primal lust got the best of me. I bent her over the bathroom and started to brutally spank her. I asked her to tell me her most taboo fantasy. While she would tell me I would fuck her during her sinful confession. What she replied with sent chills of excitement and concern through my body the whole time.

Her fantasy began with, “I would be the hot stripper at a bachelor party for a soon to be groom. I would dance around in such a slutty and proactive way Türkçe Altyazılı Porno that would make everyone including even the minister forsake his vows. After I finish my dance, I then pretend to leave but I would be hiding outside. Waiting for all the guests to leave. Waiting for the right moment to come back and seduce the would-be groom.”

There was something so naughty about the way she said it. I had stopped spanking and entered her with a strong thrust. While I started fucking this naughty slut, she continued her story. “Once I find my opening I would push him down and tie him up.” she said. Whoa, where is this going I thought. All while still fucking her over the counter.

She went on, “I would tie his arms against the bed poles, tear off his clothes and tease his throbbing tool. I would rub my wet swollen lady parts over his tool. I would make him so hard to the point of bursting. Then at the stage where he would climax. I would make him say he’d leave his bride for me.”

Damn, just damn. This woman was so depraved so wicked so sinister but yet so hot. I was enjoying her story and pounding her pussy. I had a conflicting quandary. The harder I fucked her the more she would moan and scream in pleasure but struggled to tell her story. The slower my thrusts got the more she could say but I wasn’t as satisfied.

Greedily, I tried to find a balance of both physical and mental stimulation. So I tried to tempo my thrust with her story. The hotter it got, the harder I thrust and the more we both enjoyed it. Madison was also feeling her body tingle and quiver in pleasure. She was also captured in the moment much like the Brazzers whole weekend.

I’m sure she wanted to close the weekend with a helluva bang. Her next words were, “He would say yes and swear his desire for mine. I would then mount him. Mount him I did. Mounted him like he was a mechanical bull and I was a wild cowgirl. Once he was ready to cum, I would make him reaffirm he was leaving his bride for me. Once he said yes, he would be allowed to climax inside me. He would thank me for the climax and I would lay on his chest. With his arms around me I would tell him one thing.”

Madison held off on saying what that one thing was. At the time I didn’t know if she was being fucked so senseless by me as her story amped me so much. Or if she was saving it for the right time to tell me. Her words went silent but her screams continued to grow in volume. She was no longer making coherent words just sounds with her mouth. My hips and ability to thrust had always been a strength of mine.

I knew her explosion was close and I wanted it to be extra hot. Just as it was approaching I said, “Your such a naughty fucking SLUT”. And there it was, her body tensing and shaking more. Her juices splattering all over both of us. My cock still pumping her hard. Madison’s breathing so rapid and her mind basking in the ecstasy. My eruption was also near.

I was about to blow when I said, “Do you want me to cum inside you or on your breasts so I can clean them off with my tongue again.”

She replies, “The thing I would tell the groom was your mine now, Taylor!”

Oh my fucking G…..I came inside her like a hose just went off. I was screaming in ecstasy and unloading wave after wave of cum into her. Did this woman just tell me her taboo fantasy was to seduce and steal a man that’s about to be married. Then say she wanted it to be me. Or was she just good a dirty talk and said it to add extra heat to an already flaming hot sexcapade. Whatever the case my orgasm had me shook.

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