Carissa awoke both wet and excited. She could not remember the details of what she imagined in her sleep but the obvious wetness left her certain that it had to have been very erotic whatever it was. Her first inclination was to reach for the trusty friend stashed in the bedside table and that is likely how she would have spent the next fifteen minutes or more had she not stopped to check the time.

Not only was Carissa already late, this wasn’t just any regular work day. She’d purposely gone to bed early knowing that she needed an early start to make it to Toronto on time. And this wasn’t supposed to be a social trip. Carissa had been elected as the union rep and could not be late for a scheduled debate and vote that had to be in person. If she fucked this up, it had consequences for her and all of her coworkers.

The plan had been to race down to Toronto, influence the debate for the best outcome, see that the vote went as she intended and then celebrate her success with a night in the big city. The drive would be all of three hours on a good day and that was assuming she didn’t encounter any serious traffic or construction. Fortunately, she was well prepared on the issues so the only concern was arriving on time.

As the miles passed and the GPS indicated she would arrive with twenty minutes to spare, Carissa’s anxiety lessened. A familiar tingle brought back thoughts of the morning and the missed opportunity for some much desired relief. It would not have been the first time she had treated herself to a casual rub while driving but the traffic was fairly thick so she thought better of it. Her mind however, was on full on hormone alert which was like a form of unintended self-torture that she could not turn off.

Carissa’s mind went to past experiences. Not all of the details or any of the emotions. Just short vignettes like a slide show of partners moving in quick sequence. Her mind refreshed the images of a naked body hovering over her – the anticipation in that moment just before contact. The myriad of senses as the firm rigidity of a penis parted her lips and pleasantly stretched the walls of her vagina.

Just as Carissa’s exit appeared she received a group message from union leadership announcing that the debate and vote had been delayed one hour. All of the rush had been for not but at least she would have time to check into her hotel and get a fresh change of clothes. She had decided to stay overnight to break up the driving and treat herself to a much deserved night in the big city without any worries of family and work.

Her room was utterly luxurious with ten foot ceilings and an entire wall of glass overlooking her balcony and the incredible Toronto skyline. The queen sized bed was tempting but Carissa still just had enough time for a freshen up and a subway ride to the conference centre. Before leaving, Carissa placed her ribbed glass dildo on her pillow and plugged in a very realistic looking rubber vibrator into the charger. She had some hope of a casual hookup but just in case, she’d brought along a few toys to ensure that some much needed relief would be available if no better opportunities materialized.

The morning part of the conference consisted mostly of opposite parties talking over each other and hurling insults across the room. The debate remained heated from start to finish but in the end, the vote went as expected and the results favored Carissa’s expectations. While focused on the issues at hand, Carissa had still been unable to ignore the longing ache between her thighs. She remembered the feel of holding her toys in hand and wished she’d taken the time for at least a solo quickie before coming to the debate.

Throughout the day and during coffee breaks, Carissa scanned the room to see if there might be a good candidate for a one-night stand. There were lots of men to chit chat with but not a single one that either was single or held out the bare minimum of what Carissa expected even for the type of anonymous sex that she rarely engaged in. Alas, perhaps it would be just her and another night with the toys which wasn’t the worst way to experience pleasure given the lack of suitable partners.

The return subway ride was very much busier than her earlier trip in mid-morning. The cars were absolutely jam packed and with each stop, more riders seemed to get on than those who left. With one hand on the ceiling rail, Carissa had to stand on the tips of her toes to see over the sea of heads in order to keep track of when her stop was coming. All around her Carissa felt the touch and the heat of strange bodies. An unseen pair of breasts were pressed against her back and bounced against her with every jolt of the subway car.

Again, Carissa’s mind began to wander into the darker regions of her imagination. She began to imagine that the lights suddenly turned off and strange hands beginning to freely explore her body. The vulnerability of being pressed in place while unable to see the faces of those who took liberties Hd Porno with her trapped body, heightened the fantasy to the degree that Carissa noticed her heart rate had begun to race.

Next she imagined the scenario playing out but now she was dressed in only a short skirt. Hands of unknown origin had reached in to pull her panties to the floor. Strangers began to fondle her from in front and behind. Another pair or pairs cupped and squeezed her excited breasts. Fingers made their way across her sex and dipping between her slickened lips. Fingers from two different persons jockeyed to get inside her with both eventually being successful at the same time.

The subway fantasy was well in play and so vivid in Carissa’s mind that she thought about skipping her stop and allowing the imagined scene to play out to completion. It was tempting indeed but the need for physical touch had become overwhelming. Carissa knew she had to get back to the hotel as soon as possible or she’d find herself in some dirty public washroom trying to quietly finger herself to orgasm. The challenge of doing so without women in the other stalls hearing her was unlikely at best.

Carissa returned straight to the hotel and up to her room without stopping. The minute the door was locked behind her she was naked and lying on the luxurious queen-sized mattress with toys in hand. Before either could begin to bring pleasure Carissa was distracted by a text from an unknown number. It turned out to be Jay whom she knew from her hometown but certainly hadn’t expected to hear from.

Jay worked in the same building as she but was self-employed. Turns out, he had an unrelated conference and was staying at the hotel directly opposite Carissa’s. He had seen her parking her car when she first arrived at the hotel and wondered if the two of them might get together for a cocktail. Begrudgingly accepting that her self-pleasure fest would have to wait just a bit longer, Carissa consider Grabbing her phone and made her way out to the balcony. Perhaps without conscious thought, she took her toys with her.

Carissa mostly knew Jay from their common workplace but they had other friends in common and she was aware of some of the people he had dated over the years. She suspected by the invitation for a drink that Jay might just be angling to fill her empty dance card for the night. Her weekend plans had definitely included some slutty behavior on her part but she wasn’t sure whether she was comfortable with any of that having a hometown connection.

As the back and forth texting continued Carissa began to fondle her toys. She was stretched out in a reclining deck chair with her legs spread and feet on the glass walls of the balcony. She and Jay had already spotted one another from their respective balconies and Jay was two floors below so she knew that he would not be able to observe her wanton display of exhibitionism.

Unbeknownst to her texting partner, Carissa had begun to slide the bulbous end of the glass dildo several inches deep. While maintaining just enough concentration to reply, Carissa’s focus had once again returned to her burning need for a good cum. Looking out at the thousands of balcony windows staring back at her Carissa thrilled at the wonderment of just how many people could see her brazen display. To anyone with binoculars or even good eye sight, her’s was a very public display of activities that had always been reserved for her most private moments.

Carissa brought the texting to an end with the suggestion that they should check in with each other later in the evening to see if their schedules would match up for a drink. She let him know that barring any new plan, she would likely dine in at the hotel restaurant. With all distractions finally out of the way, Carissa focused in earnest on the long overdue need for orgasm.

The glass dildo was truly a remarkable development in the world of toys for women. The smooth texture and twisting ribbed edges stimulated her insides like no other toy she had tried. The significant weight added to the experience and seemed to always keep the ridges of her opening with a constant feeling to stretch. Of course, her clitoris was never left for long without equal attention. The lifelike rubber vibrator was just the perfect mix of sensations and often rivalled the skill of her own fingers.

With eyes wide and searching the horizon of would be window voyeurs, Carissa went to town with her toys. Pumping and rubbing and flexing every muscle of her body, Carissa let a most powerful orgasm wash across her body from the insides out. The sexual display of self-pleasure was full on display for any that happened to look over in the direction of her balcony. The new sensation of performing for an unknown crowd made the experience all the more deliciously wiked.

A long luxurious bath followed orgasm number one and led to numbers two and three while lying in the bubbles. With long needed relief finally at hand, it was time for Türkçe Altyazılı Porno a freshen up and a great meal at the in house steak joint. Carissa jumped into a pair of faded jeans which she complimented with a greyish body top with lace trim at the bottom. Her shiny black leather jacket finished the ensemble nicely and presented a look that might have said casual and relaxed as easy as giving off the impression of horny and on the make.

Over dinner which ended up being a solo affair, Carissa monitored her phone with the faint hope that Jay might reach out. It wasn’t the company so much that she desired but the deep need for a no strings attached hard fucking had been on her mind ever since she booked the Toronto date. Her waiter was both handsome and charming but alas, seemed happily married. Three after-dinner cocktails had Carissa buzzing and horny as ever but resigned to the reality that any pleasure she would experience that night would likely come from her own efforts.

As Carissa entered the elevator she only made it to the second floor before the doors opened for a new passenger. Even without a few too many cocktails and a day of raging hormones, the sight before her would have had her breath caught in her throat. Tall, dark and handsome was a description that seemed specifically suited to the man standing silently before her.

If that wasn’t enough to make her weak in the knees, the fact that he had obviously just returned from the pool made the visual all the more appealing. He was bare chested with just a towel wrapped around his waist. His skin glistened from the strong muscular shoulders all of the way down to his birkenstocks. When she saw his bathing suit in his right hand there was the sudden realization that all that separated her from this attractive being’s manhood was the thin fabric of a hotel towel.

It was unfortunate that this realization came to Carissa so vividly and within seconds she realized that she had been caught staring at what was growing to become a truly impressive bulging outline just below the waist of his towel. As she looked up, their eyes locked and they both know that she had been busted taking a pervy look at his package.

Without speaking, the almost naked Adonis stepped forward and seemed unconcerned about keeping a polite space between them. Carissa’s eyes remained locked on his confident gaze as he moved in close and handed her his bathing suit. There was an interminable pause as though he was feeling out the boundaries or just teasing about what the next step might be.

One hand popped the button and dragged open the zipper. No fumbling or slow exploration was needed. Two hands grabbed at the material and pulled down the tight denim to mid-thigh. A strong hand cupped her panty-covered mound as Carissa realized her back was pressed against the elevator wall. Looking at the opposite mirrored surface reflected the image of Mr. Handsome’s firm glutes and muscular legs.

With their lips locked together and their bodies entwined in a powerful embrace, Carissa thrilled at the eroticism of being fingered by a complete stranger with whom she’d never even bothered to say hello. His fingers were skilled and insistent, hitting all the right nerve endings. Bells began to ding and Carissa momentarily thought this to be a new level of pre-orgasmic release until suddenly she realized that it was the sound of the elevator doors opening.

Mr. Handsome removed his now slick fingers and motioned for her to follow him though she noted that the elevator had stopped two floors below her unit. Still finding words an unnecessarily element of communication, Carissa followed with the stranger’s bathing suit and towel in hand.

Once in his room any remaining clothes were shed like two teenagers after prom. Again, Carissa felt her back pressed against a wall and this time the stranger had moved in close and tight. Her right leg was bent and held in the stranger’s firm grasp as the head of his cock began to slide forward and back across her sensitive clitoris. She tried to reach down and guide him in but he was having nothing of it.

It was like a form of dry humping without clothing but there was nothing dry about the moment and of greatest frustration, nothing in the way of penetration that Carissa so badly needed. A never before feeling of desperation had Carissa willing to do anything in the world to get what she needed. Her heartrate raced as her breathing almost bordered on hyperventilation.

Carissa felt two strong hands lifting her by her armpits and suddenly her feet were no longer touching the plush carpet. With her back pressed against the wall and her muscular partner pressed against her, she realized that her groin was hovering just above the bulbous head of his cock. With excruciating slowness, Carissa was lowered one milimetre at a time until their pubic bones met and the burning flesh of her vagina stretched to encapsulate his thick member like a sock Brazzers that just barely fit.

His hands no longer held Carissa’s arms and she realized that she was essentially pinned to the wall and held off the floor by noting more that the firmness of his erection. Her grip around his neck was an instinct born of knowing that she would need a few moments to get used to the significant girth of the member that now threatened to push past the ring of her cervix and yet she felt no pain whatsoever.

This was no moment of youthful impatience. This guy definitely had skills and Carissa knew she was about to experience on of the best fuckings of her life. She could feel every inch of her sex tingling and stretching around the rigid flesh and was certain it was his heartbeat being broadcast from the tip of his cock. Two strong hands squeezed and pulled apart the cheeks of her ass making her feel even more open than she thought possible.

The thrusting began but so very slowly at first. Out a few inches and then back in with punctuation at the end. Out a few more and then another firm thrust that mashed their bodies together almost violently. Eventually, the dominant lover began to move himself in and out in a more rhythmic pattern and Carissa was eager to take on as much force as he could muster.

Just when it felt like things were really about to take off, Carissa felt her body moving away from the wall. With her arms clasped firmly around his neck and her mouth locked with his in animalistic passion, her partner began walking around the room and bouncing her up and down his shaft with each step. He was incredibly strong and the idea of falling didn’t even cross Carissa’s mind. As gravity pushed her downward while strong hands lifted her by the armpits Carissa felt literally impaled on the stranger’s rigid penis.

Time had begun to disappear and Carissa lost any sense of just how long she had been bounced up and down like a sex toy that had been designed for the express purpose of male pleasure. But the pleasure was oh so mutual and beyond any experience Carissa could ever imagine. Still no words had been spoken but Carissa was eager to be taken more completely. She was just about to suggest heading to the bed when suddenly she was lifted from his cock and placed back on her feet. The sense of emptiness was palpable but would not be longlasting.

Carissa was spun around suddenly and found herself now looking out over the night sky of Toronto and the many lights of the rooms in the opposite hotels. The curtains were wide open and her breasts were pancaked against the cool glass wall overlooking the city. Her hands were placed against the glass and no instructions were needed to announce what was coming. Those firm hands pulled at her hips, moving them back toward his eager groin. Her feet spread shoulder-width for balance and Carissa arched her back unashamedly begging to be fucked.

The skillful lover teased the wet head of his cock against the tight enterance of Carissa’s ass causing her a moment’s panic that she was about to experience a form of aggression she hadn’t bargained for. It wasn’t that she hadn’t experienced the pleasure of anal play but this guy was an unknown commodity and past history had taught her that anal sex could be very painful if not done carefully and definitely only with a considerate partner.

Again, it was almost time to break with their unwritten non-verbal agreement even while a small part of Carissa’s brain considered just letting him go and seeing where it would lead. There was a constant pressure of the spongy flesh pressing between her asscheeks and their combined wetness meant that with only a minor insistence from the man behind her ass would soon be stretched around his cock.

Before Carissa could think to offer an opinion or even a few words loosely tied together in a sentence – let alone a more formal indication of consent, the pressure disappeared and was immediately replaced by a deep and violent thrust to the depths of her vagina. Gone was the slow, teasing trial run of moments before. A decision had been made and Carissa’s body welcomed the urgent assault with complete enthusiasm. It was very little like two people fucking at that moment. Carissa was being taken and she was willing to be taken and used physically in whatever fashion her incredible lover needed and desire.

With every thrust into her vagina Carissa’s upper torso was pressed firmly against the glass, her sensitive nipples almost burning against the coolness of the smooth surface. The experience seemed like a never-ending hurricane of wet flesh slapping together and primal grunts that sounded more animalistic than human.

This was not to be a minute-man special and Carissa was beginning to wonder how she had never before experienced such intensely raw sex. At the same time, Carissa wasn’t sure she could take this type of fucking on a regular basis and not have it seriously affect her ability to walk without difficulty. On top of the physical pleasure of the act and the excitement of experiencing it with a complete stranger, was the exciting realization that the entire act was being displayed for any who happened to notice. The bright lights of the room silhouetted her naked body being fucked against the glass wall.

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