Ray had showered and gone to bed, laying his bed, totally naked. he waited for the light came on in the room opposite his in the next door neighbors house. The shades were up giving Ray a clear view of the entire room. The neighbor’s daughter, Angela was in the room, standing in front of a mirrored dresser brushing her shoulder length red hair. She spent her nightly 15 minutes brushing her hair and then began to strip her clothes off. She slid her shorts down her hips and let them fall to the floor. Under the shorts was a pair of white bikini panties. Ray cock was at full erection. Without knowing it he was slowly stroking it.

Angela slid her fingers into the sides of her panties and pushed them down her legs. As she bent over her butt was exposed to his hungry view. He caught a quick glimpse of her pink hairless slit. She was now unbuttoning her blouse and shrugging it off her shoulders. After she let it fall to the floor with the other articles of her clothing, she reached around and unsnapped her bra. As it slid down her arms to the floor Ray could see her in the mirror as she massaged her beautiful tits and stroked her large round dark red nipples. Ray watched as she rubbed them and examined them in the mirror.

She left the room and about twenty minutes later Angela came back into the room with a large towel wrapped around her body. She sat down on a chair just inside the door and peeled the towel from her body. She must have taken a hot shower her body was pink all over. She took a bottle of lotion and began applying the cream on her arms and legs. Ray couldn’t see much as she did that but then she spread it onto her tits. She lovingly caressed each one, making sure it was completely covered in the soothing balm. She made sure that the nipple was well taken care Onwin of. Her fingers stroked the dark red silver dollar sized areola until her nipples stood straight out like two kindergarten sized pencil erasers. She took each one and stretched it until it reached her lips. Ray watched as she sucked each nipple for no less than ten minutes each.

Her hands left her tits and traveled down between her legs. She spread her legs until they were hanging over the arms of the chair. Ray loved this sight … there was not a single hair on her pussy. It was completely bald … and what a thing of beauty it was. She took a handful of cream and began massaging her crotch. She must have shaved because she took great pains with the junction of her crotch and legs. She then took more and started rubbing her pussy. The more she rubbed the more she became excited. Her breathing appeared to became harder and harder. Now her fingers were spreading the lips of her pussy, searching for her clit. Her eyes were firmly attached to her juicy cunt. Ray watched her rub her clit with the tip of her middle finger. She started moaning and it was apparent she was about to come. Ray wished he could hear her as she let out a hoarse whisper, ” OOOHHH, and AAAHHH.”

With her other hand she opened a drawer next to her and took out a lifelike dildo. She didn’t need any more lubrication to get it to slide in. Her cunt almost sucked it in. With a death grip on it she began to fuck herself. Even more Ray wished he could hear the sound of her juice as she plunged the dildo in and out. she started shake, to come, it was a beautiful sight.

A movement caught Ray’s eye. In the doorway he saw a figure standing there. It took a few moments for his eyes to adjust to just what or who was there. There standing in the doorway was Angela’s dad Bill. His eyes were glued to the body of his daughter and like Ray his hand was wrapped around his cock. And what a cock it was!!!! That pole must have been a good ten inches or more and almost 2 inches in diameter.

Angela twisted to him and took that huge cock from his hand and pulled him toward herself. Her mouth opened and her tongue snaked out to lick him. Ray watched this unbelievable sight as she gave her father’s huge cock a bath that was almost more than Ray could handle. Ray watched as Bill begin to fuck his daughter’s mouth as he held her head in his big hands. Bill said something to Angela. She nodded her head as to say. Then Bill jammed that massive pole down his daughter’s throat. Ray knew he was filling his daughter belly with cum. She swallowed and swallowed until it was all gone.

She stood now in front of her dad, both of them naked, as she raised up to kiss him. What a kiss it was. He lifted her onto the bed and placed a pillow under her ass. He lifted her legs until they were almost alongside her ears. Bill was on his knees between her up-stretched legs aiming his monster at her pink hairless cunt. Angela reached down and spread herself open as his cock wedged its way into her body. When it was all the way in she slammed back at him with as much force as he was driving into her.

They rolled over with his cock still buried in her. She positioned herself on her knees with every inch of that huge cock surrounded by her hot cunt. Ray could believe Angela was able to that huge cock so deep in her. She leaned forward so that he could lick and suck her hard nipples. Bill wrapped his big hands around he tits and drew one nipple into his mouth. As he sucked she threw her head back, and looked like she was moaning. Ray could see him rolling and pinching the other nipple in his hand. Now her body started moving. Slowly at first, Ray could see her grinding her clit down onto her Father pubic hair. Now her ass began rising off his cock, sliding up and down that huge pole until just the head was left inside. She slammed her pussy back down savagely and with such force Ray could almost hear their two bodies meet.

“Oh Fuck!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed as she impaled herself on him. Ray smiled as he heard that. Over and over … faster and faster she fucked herself with that steely rod until they both could wait no longer. And with that Bill’s face twisted as he let out a c groan that Ray could almost hear. Ray knew Bill was now filling his daughter cunt with cum. Each shot brought a new level of joy to her face until she finally collapsed onto him. Angela lay there for a few minutes while she caught her breath then slid off his cock and turned around into a sixty-nine position.

With that she licked his big dick like it was an ice cream cone, making sure not to miss a drop but her eyes were looking straight at Ray. At the same time Bill was cleaning Angela well oiled cunt. Angela was looked at Ray. Ray turned on the lights so she could see him better, his hand matching her strokes on her father’s cock. Angela smiled. Ray’s cock throbbed in his hands and then stream after stream of cum shoot out. When Ray finished Angela turned around to her dad and locked her lips onto his. This was some kiss she was giving him. No father/daughter peck here. They were engaged in some of the hottest tongue action Ray had ever seen.

That was their good night kiss because Bill got up, cover his daughter up, kiss her lightly on the head and turning off the room lights as he left. A half-hour Ray bedside phone rang. When he answered it he heard Angela’s voice. “So did you enjoy the show?”

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