Ten years, ten long years since Jordan had been home. Those years had kept him out of the country on assignment. He had a great job, one that took him all over the world. He had been to more countries then most people would ever see in their lifetime.

He worked on a film crew that filmed mostly large televised sporting events. Most of the shoots he worked on were for ESPN, some were for the History channel, some for Discovery Channel, and just recently they had been filming the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

One of his favorite shoots had been when they were filming the PGA TOUR official event, the Sony Open in Hawaii. The first two days of the open were filmed for the Golf Channel and the last two for CBS coverage. He had got to meet three of his favorite golf pros and made sure he got autographed pictures for his father, a die hard golfer.

While there he got to see Kilauea volcano. One of the longest, continuous erupting volcano’s on the planet. Nothing he had ever seen in his life compared to seeing that volcano.

Now here he was, back in the states after ten years. He hadn’t seen any of his family except for his parents, who had stopped to see him when he was filming in Australia during Christmas two years ago. He called his sister at least once a month to check on her and to let her know he was alive and doing well. He and his brother hadn’t spoken since the day he walked out of the family home ten years ago.

Once he had landed back in the states all those old memories came flooding back. On the trip home he kept asking himself how many more years would he have stayed away if it hadn’t been for his grandfathers death.

He saw her the minute he departed the plane. She hadn’t changed a bit in ten years. Sure she looked a little older, but not by much, she was still a striking woman. Her mousy brown hair now had some highlights in it making her look even more attractive. One look at her and you knew she spent time in the gym. At 36 his sister was still one hell of a beautiful woman.

“Jordan! I’m so glad you’re finally home!” Katie threw her arms around her brothers neck, hugging him fiercely before planting a quick kiss on his lips.

“Why have you stayed away from us for so long? You have no idea how much we have missed you!”

“Hi sis, I missed you too,” he told her hugging her back just as tightly.

“Mom is so excited that you’re finally home. She has been cooking and baking all day. Poor dad is worn out from all the errands she has been sending him on these last two days.”

“How’s grams doing?” His loving grandmother would be lost without her Eddie around. They had been married for fifty years and still very much in love. They had gotten married very young, Grams was only fifteen and gramps seventeen when they married. When his father called him to tell him of his grandfathers death he couldn’t believe it. The man had never been sick one day of his life, except for a cold now and then.

His father cleared that up for him, telling him that he wasn’t ill, but had been killed in a car accident when a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and hit his grandfathers pickup truck head on. The doctors told them he had died instantly from the crash.

“She’s doing fine Jordan. She misses gramps of course, but she said it was his time to go and she is dealing with her loss. She is very excited about her favorite grandson finally coming back home.”

“I can’t wait to see her either. I wish I had been able to see gramps again under better circumstances.”

“We better get going brother, everyone is at the house waiting for us to get back.”

“Is Carl at the house?” Carl was his brother, and he was the reason Jordan had left home. They had said some strong words to each other, mean hurtful things that should have never been said.

“Of course he’s there silly.”

“Katie I know everyone is expecting me to come to the house straight from the airport but I really need to go to my hotel to shower and change, it was a very long flight. He had flew in from Japan, sixteen hours on a flight and he was tired, felt gritty, wanted to brush his teeth, and just relax and think for a bit before dealing with his family.

“Alright, I’ll just call mom and let her know we’ll be there in a hour or so.”

“No Katie. You go on back to the house, I’ll be along later. I had already arranged for a rental car when I made my flight plans. I’ll meet you all at the funeral home later after I’ve cleaned up and have a couples hours of sleep.”

Katie looked long and hard at her brother, she could tell that he still harbored feelings about the fight he and Carl had before he left the country. She wanted to go with him, but she knew in her gut that he needed some time alone.

“I’ll tell mom you’ll meet us at the funeral home around seven then.”

He thanked his sister, gave her a kiss on the cheek then left to get his rental car.

As soon as he picked up the car he headed straight for the funeral home. He wanted some private time to say goodbye to his nilüfer escort beloved grandfather without any of the family or friends around.

As he walked down the thickly carpeted aisle tears filled his eyes. He looked the same as he had when Jordan left home. He didn’t know how long he had stood there talking to his grandfather before he became aware that there was someone else in the viewing room with him.

Sitting in chair at the back of the room sat his grandmother. As soon as he noticed her she got up and headed up to see her husband and grandson. She reached up and kissed him, hugging him closely, holding onto him for a long time before releasing her hold on him.

“I knew you would come here first Jordan. I wanted to be here for you when you came.”

He gathered his grandmother gently in his arms, holding her close as he let his tears run the course. When he had finally got his emotions under control he released his grandmother then walked her over to a small alcove so they could talk in private.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t here grams. I should have come home sooner, now I can never get back the time I lost with him.”

“You know how much your grandfather and I love you, we both understood why you left and why you stayed away Jordan. We respected your right to live your life the way you wanted without interference from your family. Even your brother finally came to grips with your decision. Carl is truly looking forward to seeing you again Jordan.”

“Grams we said some terrible things to each other, some very hurtful things.”

“Are you saying that you can’t forgive the stupidity of words spoken in the heat of anger, that both of you know were not truly how either of you felt?”

“No. I came to grips with how stupid the fight was between us grams and I’ve never held any bad feelings towards Carl because of how stupid we both were.”

“Good. Now I want the truth Jordan, have you been happy with the decision you made?”

“I was for a time grams, but it didn’t last long before I realized I left a life and family that I loved more then anything in this world.”

She stared at her grandson for sometime, hearing the truth of his words. He had a hard time coming to grips with the life he had before he left his loving family. For years she had felt that they had taken something precious from him and for a long time that guilt consumed her. Her beloved Eddie had finally made her realize that Jordan had always had the freedom to leave, none of the kids had ever been made to feel any different.

“How about giving your old granny a ride home?”

“You staying at the house or at your place grams?”

“Both, but I want to go to my place, I have something to give you that your grandfather wanted you to have.”

He walked her out to his car helping her inside then headed for the little cottage that his grandparents had lived in for as long as he could remember.

“He always told me if he died before I did that I was to make sure you got this.” She handed him a small box, inside the box was his great, great, grandfathers gold pocket watch. It had been handed down from grandfather to the first born grandson for years. Eddie had wanted to give the watch to Jordan when he came back home, but fate had taken that honor from him so it was left up to her to see that her grandson got the much loved watch. He had been waiting for you to come home so he could give this to you.”

His eyes filled with tears again at all the wasted years he had spent away and of all the precious time he had lost with his grandfather.

“You better get back to your hotel son and get some rest.”

He smiled a wicked little smile, looking his grandmother straight in the eyes. “Do I look like I need to rest?”

“Such a wicked boy you are,” she said smiling at him. “You look to be in perfect health my boy.”

“I am grams, very healthy indeed. Want me to show you?”

Her eyes lit up as she smiled knowingly at him. Ten years he had been gone, ten long years his family had been without him. “It’s been a long time Jordan.”

He reached for his grandmother, pulling her tightly in his arms. He kissed the top of her head, holding her closely. “Do you honestly think that I could ever forget grams. Or how many nights I lay in my bed missing all of my family and the closeness we shared?”

“I am rather hungry young man,” she said pressing her hand against the front of his slacks where is cock was already hard and ready.

“Oh no you don’t, it’s been to long since I had me a taste of my grams sweet pussy.” Jordan took his grandmothers hand and led her back to her bedroom where he wasted no time in removing her clothes.

Gravity may have taken it’s toll over the years but she was still a beautiful woman to him. He had always enjoyed the times he spent with his grams, she had the sweetest pussy to eat and she loved to fuck. His cock would always stand to attention when she was around.

Old memories came flooding back as he could clearly see görükle escort his cock sliding in and out of her pussy while his mother or sister rode her face. She did love to eat pussy as much as she loved to fuck. He had only been back in the states for a little over three hours and already he was wanting to get back to the life he had enjoyed sharing with his family since he was eighteen.

His parents and grandparents had never hid their lovemaking from any of the kids, but even when they had wanted to join in, they were forbidden until they turned eighteen. There were many nights of family discussions over the lifestyle they lived. They were told that what they shared or how they felt about each other was not shared by others in life. They had tried to give them all the options of living the so called “normal” life. That didn’t stop the three kids from experimenting for themselves. Many nights and days he and his brother had spent fucking their sister.

On his eighteenth birthday a big family celebration was planned. Jordan hadn’t wanted to wait until that nights celebration to join in his family’s sex play. He had went to visit his grandmother telling her he wanted her to be his first. He had spent the entire morning and afternoon making love to his grandmother.

He lay down beside her kissing her passionately, while his hand was busy playing with her nipple. He leaned down and took the nipple in his mouth and began to suckle gently. He had always had a thing about sucking on the nipples of one of the females in his family. If he wasn’t eating someone’s pussy he wanted a nipple in his mouth.

His slid down between his grandmothers legs, her pussy was smooth shaven as were all the women in his family. He wasted no more time as he buried his face in her pussy. She tasted just as he had remembered all these years. He licked and lapped at her pussy lips, shoving his tongue in deep into her slit.

“You still have a very talented tongue my boy. I have missed how you make my pussy cream and shiver.”

She was squirming all over the bed as he ate her snatch. He had latched onto her clit and was sucking it madly, driving his grandmother nuts as he did.

“I can’t wait any longer Jordan, stick that cock of yours in my pussy and fuck the hell out of me.”

Jordan hurriedly got on his knees lifting her legs up to his shoulders. He didn’t even have to put his cock in her as it found it’s own way into the warm wetness of her snatch. He watched his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, now slick with her juices. He increased his speed shoving his cock in deep, pounding her hard. Her sagging titties were bouncing all around as he pounded her cunt hard with his cock.

“Yes! Harder Jordan, fuck me harder boy, give me all of that cock!”

He felt his orgasm start it’s journey up his shaft as he blew his hot load into his grandmothers waiting pussy. Three hard grunts and he had shot it all into that familiar pussy.

“You still have the sweetest tasting pussy around grams,” he told her kissing her gently.

“Does this mean your home Jordan?”

“Yes grams. I’ve come home to stay. I’ve missed this closeness with my family. That’s why my marriage failed, it just wasn’t satisfying for me grams.”

“The viewing tonight is a private family viewing Jordan, but now that you have seen your grandfather I’m going to cancel it. We can just go out to the main house instead.”

“Alright grams but I have to go to my hotel to shower and change clothes.”

“You can shower here boy, grandma will give you a nice bath then we can go pick up your clothes.”

She was more interested in sucking his cock in the shower then she was of helping him with his shower. It wasn’t long before she sucked him to completion, they dressed and headed to the hotel for him to change clothes and pack his bags.

While he was changing and packing his clothes she had called to cancel the viewing then called the family to tell them they were on the way to the house.

His mother was the first to welcome him home, then his father, sister and finally his brother.

“Welcome home brother, you’ve been gone far to long.”

“Thanks Carl, it’s good to be home again.” Before he could say anything else to his brother his mother told everyone to get into the kitchen for supper. He had forgotten what a great cook his mother was, it was great having a home cooked meal again. After dinner he and his brother finally managed to be alone. Jordan wanted to get everything out in the open before anything else was said or done.

“Look Jordan I know what you’re going to say and there is no need. You were right and I was wrong, it just took me a little longer to admit it to myself.”

“Carl, I meant everything I said to you back then and I still feel the same way. I had to find out things for myself after our argument. Do you still think our parents fucked us up because of the way they live?”

“No. You were right Jordan we had always been given the option to be a part of the family bursa escort or not. You were right when you said we made our own choices I just didn’t see it then.”

“I’m glad Carl, it has always bothered me that you had felt that way. I know being a part of a family that condones and practices incest is not how normal people live. I never understood why you felt that way when we had both been fucking Katie since she was fifteen.”

“Did mom tell you that I got married four years ago?”

“No she didn’t.”

“It lasted all of two years before we got a divorce. It wasn’t her fault, I just wasn’t happy and I felt so fucking guilty every time I’d fuck mom and Katie it was making me crazy.”

“Your marriage lasted longer then mine did, we barely made it a year before I wanted out. It was the same for me, I wasn’t happy and I knew it was because of the life we had lived.”

“Did you blame mom and dad?”

“Never. It never even crossed my mind to blame them Carl. I had made the choice to be a part of this loving family of incest. What I struggled with, was wanting a family of my own. I wanted kids, still do, but I knew that I wouldn’t want them to have to make the same choices we did either. So in that case, I guess you could say that it did fuck with my head.”

“Yea, I know exactly where you’re coming from brother. I finally admitted to myself that I would never be able to give this up no matter how much I might love my wife. I would just have to learn to deal with the guilt I felt.”

“I look at it this way Carl. We have two very loving parents that we have denied the pleasure of having grandchildren to dote on. Plus we would be denying our children the pleasure of having two doting grandparents as well. Most of all we are denying ourselves the privilege of becoming parents. We had many friends who came over when we were younger, many times all of us having someone spend the night and not once did our parents do or say anything to make them think we were anything other then a loving family.”

“That’s true. I hope both of us will find someone whom we will truly love. At least gramps got to fuck them all the night before he died so we know he was happy at least.”

“I’ll let you in on a little secret, I had me a good romp with gram this afternoon so I’m all horned up.”

Carl smiled at his brother knowing how much their grams loved a good fuck. “So your one step ahead of the rest of us. Not fair at all, you got a head start while everyone else has been sitting around waiting all day.”

“Well I don’t know about you but I’m dying to fuck mom and sis, it has been way to long since I was able to enjoy fucking them. What do you say we go get the family in the mood?”

Jordan walked up to his mother and pulled her into his arms kissing her passionately. He heard his sister yell yippee then saw her out of the corner of his eye stripping off her clothes. He began removing his mothers clothes, stopping long enough to suckle at her breasts once he removed her bra. He pulled her skirt up slipping his hand inside her panties. “Do you still have a cock eating pussy mom?”

“It just likes to have a little dessert now and then son.”

“Mom, your pussy makes a seven course meal out of any cock that gets near it and you know that.” His mother would fuck night and day, twenty four hours a day if the men in her family could keep up with her. His father had always said that his mother was a nymphomaniac and he hadn’t been lying. Katie was almost as bad as their mother was, she would walk in the house and start taking her clothes off yelling at the top of her lungs that she needed a good fuck to whoever might be at home at that point in time.

“Give me that cock boy, I’ve waited long enough to feel it stroking my pussy again.”

She had unzipped his slacks while he was sucking on her nipples, taking his cock out so she could stroke it. He was rock hard and ready to shove his cock deep in his mothers hungry cunt. He turned her around and bent her over the arm of the chair. He pulled her skirt up over her firm ass, then shoved his cock in hard and fast. His mother liked to be fucked with power, she needed a hard fucking until she had came at least twice. After that she liked it nice and slow.

He saw his brother fucking grams, she was bent over one arm of the couch while his cock made short work of her pussy. His father was on the other end of the couch with Katie bent over that arm slamming her pussy hard. Just seeing his whole family fucking each other made his cock surge inside his mother. He had missed this so much and couldn’t wait to get his cock in his sister again.

When his father came he called down to Jordan to get down there and give his sister a good fuck. Carl slipped his cock in his mother taking Jordan’s place at her pussy. Grams went to his father then kneeled down on the floor in front of him taking his cock deep in her throat.

Carl was going at his mother hot and heavy while Jordan pumped his sisters cunt. Grams was making his dad hard again so he could give her a good fucking as well. He fucked his sister for a good ten minutes before telling his brother he wanted to pile them up. Jordan could last forever without letting himself cum once he had his first orgasm. Thanks to the nice fuck he had with grams earlier his cock was staying rock hard.

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