This is part three of the Paige story and takes place the following morning. I recommend reading earlier parts of the Paige series to fully understand this story. I plan to continue the Paige story for multiple parts.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are over 18 years of age.

Part 3 *** The next morning around 11AM ***

When Paige wakes up she is face down and naked on a king size bed in a room that she doesn’t know. She opens her right eye, and catches the bright tropical light coming in around the edges of the floor to ceiling curtains. She turns away from the light and opens both eyes. As she does so she realized that her left eye has a crust on it, she isn’t immediately sure why, but it is from the facial she received last night. She smells something delicious, bacon, is that bacon that she smells.

She is alone in the room, it is cool and comfortable, the bedroom door is closed. She remembers coming back here with a guy from the club last night, Bill, she thinks. The sheets on the bed are a shambles. She sits up on the bed and looks around. She doesn’t see her clothes anywhere, but there is a light, white, cotton robe hanging over the back of a chair next to the bed. The door to the master bathroom is open, so she gets up and walks naked to the bathroom. She definitely has a hangover, maybe a really bad hangover.

On the counter there are all the things she needs to freshen up. A new toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, a container of body wash, towel, and a wash cloth. A note that says, “Here are some things to clean up. Make yourself at home.” A small heart and the word “Bill.” Ok, good she remembers, she came back here with Bill. She sees that her purse and clothes are on a shelf in the bathroom… she figured her clothes were around here somewhere. The clothes are folded in a small pile, her small mini-skirt, light blue grey top, with her white panties on top of the pile. She glances into her purse and sees that there is a thick wad of cash in her purse, she smiles remembering her good night at the club.

She moves to the toilet and sits down to pee. Her pussy is sore in a good way, like she got well fucked last night. She thinks back and remembers the pounding that she took in her pussy. And her sphincter is also sore, she remembers getting fucked hard in the ass last night. She smiles, she loves a good ass fucking. She remembers the orgasm that she had while getting fucked in the ass, “that was a good orgasm” she remembers.

She finishes peeing and wipes. She gets up and goes to the sink. At that point she notices that her throat is also sore… reminding her that she also got face fucked. She thinks back to the club and remembers deep throating Bill in the VIP room, and she also remembers the face fucking that she took from Bill “gluck, gluck, gluck” before she told him to cum on her face. She runs her hand up her throat, and looking in the mirror she sees that her left eye is a little red and remembers taking a shot of cum to the face at the end of the night. She grins again. She washes her face, brushes her teeth, and decides that she wants to investigate that delicious bacon smell.

Paige picks up her white panties and slides them on, then she heads back to the bedroom, grabs the robe off the chair, and puts it on. She opens the door and walks out into the living room. Bright tropical light fills the room and she can see the ocean out the floor to ceiling windows on the left. She looks to the right and there is Bill in the kitchen, smiling at her.

“Good morning beautiful, you look sexy in my robe.” Bill walks toward her wearing only boxer briefs and a white tee shirt. Bill leans toward her and plants a kiss on her mouth. Paige thinks, well, he looks good, smells good, and he tastes good and she kisses Bill back.

“I made us breakfast, I hope that you like eggs, bacon, toast, and some fresh papaya.” Bill states, and moves around the kitchen pointing to the pans and putting things onto two plates. “You must be starving, I know that I am.”

“Yes, I am definitely ready to eat, but first I’ll take a cup of that coffee.” Paige says.

“Of course, how do you take it?” Bill asks.

“Cream and sugar, I like it light and sweet.” She smiles.

Bill turns to the coffee maker and pours a cup for Paige, which he pushes across the bar top to her. He slides over a bowl with packets of sugar, and then turns to the refrigerator and gets out a container of half and half. Bill then turns back, gets the plates and serves them on the bar top that separates the kitchen from the living room and sets the two plates on the bar. “Now that you have your coffee, would you like to join me for some breakfast?” Bill asks.

The food is delicious and much needed to start to work away the hangover. Bill and Paige chat over breakfast. Bill asks questions about where Paige escort bayan bursa grew up in Tennessee, how she decided to become a stripper at first in Tennessee and then later traveling out to Guam. She tells Bill about how she loves the tropical island, the beaches, and the ocean. She also loves the fact that being away from home she is able to really explore her sexual side and her love of sex. In the clubs in Guam she has the option of leaving the club with a someone (when a guy buys her out) or if she wants she can offer extras in the VIP room, if the guy is hot and she wants or needs to make some extra cash.

She asks Bill about what he is doing in Guam, and he tells her that he is expanding his international shipping business to the Pacific and Guam is one of the important places that he is working on expanding to as they build contracts in the Pacific. Bill explains that he is married with two kids back on the East Coast, which is fine with Paige, Bill isn’t the first married guy that she has ever fucked. He explains that him and his wife have an open relationship and when they both travel they are free to sleep with other people. Before they had kids they would travel together to different swinger resorts and swap with other like minded couples or have threesomes or moresomes. Their ability to really play with others diminished when they had young kids, but now that their kids are getting older, 11 and 9 years old, they are getting back into the “life-style.”

Paige looks around the room and asks, “So, is this your place in Guam.” Bill explains that since he was going to be conducting business out here for a while he decided to rent an apartment instead of staying in hotels, so his business rented this sweet condo right on the beach.

“I just moved in here earlier this month and got this minimal furniture that you see here. You are actually my first overnight guest.” Bill says and winks at her. They finish breakfast and Bill gets up and moves their plates to the sink in the kitchen.

Paige also stands up and walks over to the large glass window, gazing out at the ocean. While she is taking in the view of the Pacific, Bill is taking in the view of her in the thin robe back lit by the light coming in the window. Paige is stunning, her long brown hair running down her back, her long legs, her firm round ass visible through the thin robe material, and the outline of her small white panties. She turns to Bill and her mouth moves into a wry smile, she knows that he was checking her out. Bill smiles and says, “Wow Paige, you are absolutely stunning.”

As Paige turns back toward Bill she lets the front of her robe fall open, the thin material parts down the front but still covers her breasts. Her nipples are erect, and hold the material. Bill looks down her body, she is still smiling, his eyes move from her breasts to down her flat stomach and then to her pussy. Bill can see the outline of her pussy lips under her panties. Paige snaps Bill out of his trance when she says, “Hey stud, I’m really hung over, and I would love to smoke some more of that weed that we had last night.”

“Of course” Bill responds, “I have a joint pre-rolled that we can smoke right now.” Bill opens his small weed box on the table and takes out a joint and a lighter. He and Paige sit on the couch next to each other and Bill lights the joint and they smoke it together. Both love some weed and pass the joint back and forth.

Paige states, “This always helps with a hangover, smoking some weed… and then masturbating.”

“Yes” Bill agrees, “nothing better for a hangover than marijuana and rubbing one out. That always help me clear my head after a night of drinking.” They both laugh. Bill gestures toward the couch, “Paige, you are welcome to masturbate now if you want.”

Paige laughs, “Thank you, you are a gracious host, just happy to allow me to masturbate on your couch.” She states with a sarcastic and slightly stoned grin.

“I would also be happy to fuck you until you cum. I provide all of the services.” Bill replies.

“I don’t think so, my lady parts are pretty sore from last night.” Paige replies. Bill looks a little disappointed. “I did have a great time last night, you made me cum super hard. I loved the hard ass fucking.” Nodding and grinning, Paige smiles and changes the subject, “Can I see those pictures that you took last night.”

“Of course, let me grab my phone.” Bill replies as he looks around the house for his phone. He grabs his phone and sits back down on the couch. Paige leans into Bill to look at the phone.

Bill opens his phone and goes to photos, and the last photo on the phone is a picture of Paige kneeling in the bedroom, she has a big glob of cum in her hairline, and another on her left eyelash, her left eye is already turning a little red in the photo. Her face has a residual coating of cum on her cheeks and nose, and she has her mouth open and it is empty. She looks like she just got face fucked in the picture. “Oh, that is so fucking bursa sinirsiz eskort hot,” Paige squeals… “go back to the beginning of the night.” She perks up in her stoned daze, enjoying the pics.

Bill scrolls back on the phone until he gets to the first shot that isn’t from the previous night. There are a lot of NSFW photos on the phone, Bill chuckles and then hands the phone to Paige. “Here you go.” The first photo is Paige on her knees in the back room of the strip club, her mouth wide and she is looking up at the camera with her puppy dog eyes and a mouthful of Bill’s cum pooled on her tongue. “This is our first pic together.” Bill states.

“That is super hot.” She says. Paige takes the phone and Bill leans into her on the couch, she is clearly excited to check out the pics from the previous night. Bill is getting hard thinking about looking at these pictures with Paige, and his cock is starting to swell in his boxers.

Paige starts to scroll through the photos. The first two shots are Paige with a mouthful of cum and then her mouth empty after she swallowed. The next shot is Paige naked holding up her swallow shirt with a little bit of cum on her chin. She gets excited an says, “Oh, that is a great pic, you have to send that to me.”

“No problem, you can have all of these pictures.” Bill replies as he rubs his cock through his boxer shorts.

Paige leans over a pecks him on the cheek, and then reaches down with one hand and gives his cock a squeeze, “I would really like that Bill.” She says with a wink.

Paige goes back to scrolling and the next pictures are a series of photos taken in the back of the SUV from last night. The first shot is Paige lifting up Storms skirt in the back of the SUV with her face next to her ass. She then pulls Storms panties to the side and dips two fingers into her snatch. Then a shot of her sucking the wetness from Storm’s pussy off her fingers. And then another shot of her fingers buried back inside storm, and Paige smiling at the camera.

The next one is a video. Paige hits play and it is a shot of Storm’s panties pulled to the side and Paige leaning forward and licking Storms pussy. She then looks to the camera with a little bit of white residue on her tongue and swallows that as well. Paige looks a little confused, and then goes back and hits play again on the video to watch it a second time.

“I’m pretty sure that James came in Storm’s pussy and you were licking a cream pie.” Bill states. Paige gets that wry smile again, she reaches over and gives Bills hardening cock another squeeze. And then swipes to the next photo.

The next photo is super hot, Paige gasps, and Bills cock twitches in his boxers. Paige is on her knees in Bills bedroom and has a full on facial, cum all over her face, in her hair, on her mouth, all over her cheeks, in her left eye, and on her tongue. “Oh my god, this is so hot.” Paige exclaims. “This is the shot.”

“It is certainly the money shot” Bill states. And gives his hardon another pull through his boxers, he is getting really hard now.

She continues to scroll through the series of photos showing her swallowing the cum on her tongue, and then her scooping the cum off her face and into her mouth. Paige moves her hand to her panties and runs her fingers over her crotch as she looks at the pictures.

“Oh my god, you have to send me all of those photos.” She looks at Bill, “What a fun night!”

“Can you airdrop all of those pictures to me? Where is my phone.” Paige bounds up off the couch showing a lot of enthusiasm for the first time in the morning. She goes into the bedroom leaving Bill and his semi-hard cock on the couch. A minute later she comes back with her phone.

“Ok, send those to me.” Paige and Bill get the phones connected and then Bill airdrops all of the pictures to Paige. After about a minute she gets them and is scrolling through them on her phone. She goes to the pic of the facial, “This is the one, this is the money shot.” She smiles at Bill and turns her phone to him. She is standing in front of Bill who is sitting on the couch, a phone in her hand with her face covered in cum in the picture. And as she is holding the phone out to Bill, her robe is open, her breasts are firm and perky, and under her little white panties her pussy is now getting damp.

Paige is standing in front of Bill who is now rock hard and sitting on the couch in front of Paige. Paige closes her phone and looks at Bill, “It looks like you are getting hard. It’s OK to stroke your cock, I want to watch you masturbate.” Paige puts her phone down and stands in front of him, legs slightly spread, robe open revealing her breasts. “Do it, jerk off for me.”

Bill pulls his cock out of his boxers and starts to stroke it. His cock quickly reaches 9 inches and is rock hard. Paige runs her hand down the front of her body and presses a finger against her clit, pressing her panties into the cleft of her pussy, and slowly starting to rotate escort bayan her hips in small circles.

Bill increases the pace, sliding his hand up and down his shaft. “Does it make your pussy wet to watch me stroke my big cock?” Bill asks.

“Oh yeah, I love watching you stroke your big cock.” Paige states, as she continues to sway her hips and is pressing harder against her clit through her panties. “Keep stroking your cock for me, I want to watch you put on a show this time.”

Bill continues to stroke his cock, and Paige puts her hands on his knees as she starts to lower her body to the ground, kneeling on the floor in front of Bill. She slides her hand into her panties, kneeling in front of Bill with her legs spread and her fingers working up and down her clit. Bill leans forward, looking between Paige’s legs as he watches her put on a show of her own. Bill moans as a drop of pre cum starts to form at the tip of his cock. He wraps one hand around his balls and slides the other to the base of his cock, so that all 9 inches are pointing at Paige. She is now working one finger into her pussy and using the other to rub small circles on her clit.

Paige sees the pre-cum on the tip of Bills cock and Bill glances from his cock, up to her eyes, and then gives a nod to motion back to his cock. He say, “suck it.” Paige shakes her head no. The pre-cum starts to run from the tip, so Bill slides one finger through it, getting a drop on his finger, and then extends his finger pushing it into Paige’s mouth. She sucks off the pre-cum off his finger and smiles.

Bill goes back to stroking his cock, faster now. Paige says, “Jerk your load into my mouth” and then opens her mouth wide.

Bill smiles and stands up in front of Paige who continues to rub her clit and finger her pussy. He grabs his cock and balls around the base with one hand and starts to stroke his cock more rapidly just inches in front of Paige’s face. Paige looks up at him once again with those puppy dog eyes. “Sir, I want you to cover my tongue with your cum.” Paige states.

Bill is stroking faster now, getting close, “Open your mouth” he states flatly.

Paige hooks two fingers into her pussy and presses hard on her clit, she is starting to feel her orgasm growing. She tilts her head back slightly and opens her mouth wide. Bills first shot comes out hard with a grunt and hits the roof of her mouth and then drips into the back of her throat. She chokes a little and then groans, pressing harder on her clit. Bill keeps pumping shot after shot into her mouth. Paige keeps her mouth open letting it all collect in her mouth, and keeps her mouth wide open, not sucking his dick, just letting her mouth be used to catch his cum. The last spurt lands on her lower lip and sticks to her chin. She closes her mouth and swallows the load. Bill sits back on the couch, semi-hard cock still in hand, cum dribbling down the shaft.

Paige gets up and sits on the couch next to Bill, both of her hands still on her pussy. Unlike last night she hardly touched Bill or his cock. She leans back onto the couch and spreads her legs. She pulls her little white panties to the side and again slides two fingers into her fuck hole. With the other hand she wipes the cum off her chin and then brings that hand back down to her clit, and using Bills cum starts to rub her clit in circles. “Now you get to watch me masturbate” she says.

She closes her eyes and starts working her clit in small circles starts to gyrate her hips against her hand, flicking her clit with her fingers. As she gets more worked up she starts to dip her fingers faster and deeper into her pussy.

Bill strokes his cock on the couch next to her, he never lost his erection and is getting rock hard again. In the meantime, Paige is in her own world, she again brings her hand to her mouth and gets her fingers wet again and then moved back down to continue to work her clit, going faster now and starting to buck her hips against her hand. She moans. She is the picture of raw sexiness and Bill is rock hard.

Bill stands up, straddling Paige’s right leg. He is definitely going to cum again. “I’m going to cum on your pussy.” He states.

Paige opens her eyes and looks at him “do it” she states. And rubs her pussy faster. Bill immediately cums, shooting his second load onto the back of Paige’s hand, her clit, and onto her little white panties. The hot cum hitting her clit sends her over the edge and she bucks her hips against the couch with a leg shaking orgasm. Her body tenses and then relaxes and she strokes her clit several times as the orgasm waves roll over her body.

Bill sits back down on the couch next to Paige, his softening cock in his hand, cum running over his knuckles. Paige lifts up her hand, looking at his cum dripping off the back of her hand, and brings her cummy fingers to her mouth, catching a drip in her mouth and then licking her fingers. “Mmmmm, tasty” she states. “And look at you big boy with two orgasms back to back, impressive.”

“Watching you masturbate really got me worked up. That was really good, and I think that will definitely help with my hangover.” Bill gets up and goes to the kitchen, he wets a hand towel with warm water and then brings it to Paige. She wipes the cum off her body and then takes Bills cock and also wipes it clean.

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