Is this really happening? he thought, feeling his heart pounding against his chest. The rush of blood in his ears and tightness in his pants made the moment seem unreal. There was something daring about dangling yourself so close to danger. Of course, getting caught would lead to disaster. Being fired or needing to quit, possibly never being able to teach again, and maybe not ever being able to do anything related to his original field of study. But… the risk also came with a taste of exhilaration. Feeling like anything could happen, even something bad, was… exciting. The view from the edge of a cliff and the resulting desire to step off was simply too hard to resist anymore.

“Are you sure about this?” he said. He knew the answer already. She wouldn’t have come all this way, sat in his office and had the conversation they’d just had all to back down at the last moment. He watched her disregard the question almost immediately and scoot her chair closer to him. He had locked the door a moment before and was leaning against his desk with his arms crossed. He wasn’t making a concerted effort to hide the beginnings of his erection and she had certainly taken notice by now. Without warning, she locked eyes with him from where she was seated below and began unzipping his pants. The rushing of blood in his ears was back and before he knew it, he could feel the warmth of her hands on his cock.

She broke their gaze to look down at it, tracing careful circles around the tip with her thumb while both hands held him at attention. He let his eyes close and breathed in quietly, feeling his abs tighten when she began to stroke him. Long strokes, up and down his throbbing shaft that made him feel impossibly big. She was clearly experienced. He opened his eyes to see her wetting her lips slightly with her tongue. The sight was almost enough to make him cum, seeing this hot college student ready to suck his cock for a better grade. He shifted to a more comfortable position, standing up fully instead of leaning against the desk. He guided his hand along her neck for a moment and ran his fingers through her hair, getting a gentle grip on the back of her head.

Her face had blushed a deep bink when he guided her head forward and pushed into her mouth. He looked up to the ceiling and grit his teeth, tightening his abs again at the wet, warm feel of her mouth and tongue. She likely knew he was getting close and began working him with her hands görükle escort and mouth, expertly. Each time he heard the ‘pops’ and ‘sllmmms’ of her blowjob, he thought she was hamming it up for him. And boy did he not mind the show. “That’s right, suck your professor’s cock. Swallow this fat dick.” he groaned under his breath. She picked up her pace until he was stiff as a brick and spurting cum along her tongue. He felt a shiver down his spine when, after shaking to catch his breath, he realized she had swallowed. Her hair had gotten messy and she locked eyes with him again as she took him in her mouth one more time to lick him up. What a slut, he thought to himself, impressed at how much she wanted to show off for him.

He thought back to what had brought them here, to this moment.

“I missed last lecture thanks to being sick and I know my last exam didn’t go well either. I think I’m really slipping behind,” she said. They had again been alone in his office, the door slightly open this time. He shared the hallway with a few other professors who routinely passed by, along with other employees and students. But that afternoon he had agreed to meet further into the afternoon, when the building was mostly deserted. The meeting had been progressing the way these meetings always did with failing students, and he rubbed his eyes boredly before addressing her.

“Well, things like this happen. If you come to office hours to study and ask questions, your next test grades should improve.”

“Right… I was thinking that too. Plus there’s the review session coming up that I’ll be sure to come to.”

“Exactly. Up the studying, really try to come to review sessions, and if you have to miss lecture try to get someone’s notes next time.” He was absently scratching his ear and felt the conversation was coming to a close. Dealing with students wasn’t his favorite part of the job and, with the hour growing late, he felt a stronger urge to get home.

“Of course if there’s extra credit, I’d be willing to do that too.”

He had begun to stand up and rustle around for his things. “Yeah, if you write an extra paper at the end of the semester, I’ll drop your lowest grade.”

“Or something else?”

He was patting his pockets, trying to find his keys. “Uh.. I’m sorry. I do need to get going. That’s the only form of extra credit. The paper.” More patting and rustling through drawers.

“Something else,” she repeated. eskort bayan Her tone was serious.

Dr. Everett let out a breathy laugh, having paused with keys in hand. Oh great, she’s one of these kinds of students, he thought. He widened his eyes in mock terror, thinking she would begin hassling him about unfair grades and demanding extra credit. He had to stop himself from rolling his eyes.

“There’s nothing else, I’m afraid. You can refer to the syllabus, I only offer the paper,” he said firmly.

She blinked. He saw a small grin forming at the corner of her lips and watched her hand travel to the top of her zip-up sweater. She grabbed the zipper and slowly pulled it down to reveal a gorgeous amount of cleavage. There was no shirt underneath, he realized, and for a moment he thought maybe she was just adjusting her sweater innocently. Though provocative, she hadn’t revealed much more than one might see on a normal day. He tried to look away before she noticed him staring but the awkward pause in their conversation gave him away. She locked eyes with him and lifted her chin, daring him to keep looking. She unzipped… and unzipped, until the sweater perfectly revealed the center of her bosom and bra. Seeing the fancy black lace of her bra signaled to him that she had premeditated the whole affair… for him. He gulped. Oh… he thought, extra credit.

He sat back down in his chair and glimpsed the crack in the door. The hallway outside had been perfectly quiet to this point. He hoped this luck would last and none of the janitors would come by. Perhaps on any other day, he would have sent a student out for pulling something like this. The only correct response was to immediately expel her from his office and his class, but he had hesitated. It wasn’t too late to back out, but he might as well see what she wanted.

“So, what can I do for you?” he asked.

“I want my last test grade changed to an A, please.” she said, simply.

“And what can you do for me?”

“I… can do things with my hands or my mouth,” she said. She had peered down and lost some of her confidence, having to say the words so directly.

He sat and observed her for a moment. There was no way around how wrong it would be to exchange sex for credit. He didn’t think they were terribly far apart in age with him being a pretty new professor, but the uneven power dynamic made him uneasy. Just another guy taking altıparmak escort advantage…

“I wouldn’t worry about the optics of it all,” she said, suddenly. “I’m using you too.”

“You’re not violating me to do it, though.”

She shrugged.

They both sat uneasily for a while. He couldn’t reconcile how wrong it was, but felt in his bones that he already knew he wouldn’t say no. There was no inertia, no resisting the forbidden fruit when it so easily offered itself up to him. He let his eyes fall back to her cleavage.

“Come to my office a few times after 6, and I’ll see about changing that grade.”

She looked unhappy. “If we do this, I want a more concrete deal than that.”

He raised his eyebrows. He didn’t want to admit how much he wanted this by further hammering out the details. Just not right then.

She zipped her jacket up a bit. “I know you want me, but you still have all the power here. Who’s to say I have all these visits with you and you don’t follow through?”

“Well, that’s right… You can’t trust me. I think we’re both taking a leap here.”

She frowned. There was some amount of mutually assured destruction to be had for both of them. She couldn’t deny that. “Okay. Visits first.”

He couldn’t hold back a small, pleased grinned.

“But,” she added. “Blowjobs will be worth boosted test grades. Handjobs should be worth some missed attendance.”

Selling yourself a bit short there, he thought, but didn’t protest. Nodding and crossing his arms he offered some more terms to their contract. “For some photos of you… perhaps letters of recommendation? I can make some connections for you.”

He saw her face turning a deep pink at the mention of nudes. The rest of her expression didn’t betray whatever embarrassment she felt. “Deal.”

“And what about sex?”

She shifted uncomfortably in her chair. “I suppose that could also be on the table.”

Sensing her discomfort, he thought he should back off, but he figured she had earned some discomfort for being this bold. Like a shark sniffing blood in the water, he pressed on. “Perhaps worth a full letter grade.”

She blinked, her thoughts indecipherable in that moment.

“Think about it. We won’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with.”

And with that she nodded and left.

Hours later, when he was well at home, he got an email from her.

“Here’s my phone number. Talk there.”

He sent her a quick text and she immediately replied with a photo.

This ones on the house, it said. Below was a photo of her in her lacy black bra, no sweater in sight. That night, he studied the photo carefully, letting his imagination run wild with everything he would do with her.

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