Our Friend Sam

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Accidental Nudity

A smile crosses my face as soon as I see the caller ID on my phone. Even after a few years with him, that is still my reaction whenever I get a call or text from Tom.

“Hey sexy! What’s up?” I greet him.

“Hi babes! Sam just called. He’s in town for a meeting today and asked if he could stay over. You don’t mind, do you?” Tom asks.

“Of course not! Why do you even ask — you know that I love Sam!” I laugh.

“Thought so. Do you want to go out for dinner?”

“No, it’s fine, I can cook. It’s cozier at home. And it’s a slow Friday here at work. I think I can leave early and pick up some stuff from the grocery store on my way home.”

“Well, if you’re cooking… Could you make –?” Tom starts.

“Your current favorite? My asparagus lasagna?” I interrupt him. “Sure thing!”

“You know me too well, babes,” Tom laughs as we hang up.

What a nice surprise. Tom had introduced me to Sam — one of his university friends — shortly after we’d started dating and we’d hit it off immediately. In fact, the first evening we met, the two of us ended up talking so vividly for hours that at one point Tom joked about having to leave the two of us alone. I knew he was only kidding — Tom isn’t the jealous type. And while I have to admit that Sam is extremely attractive and usually quite my type, he was with his long-term boyfriend at that time and I was still completely smitten with Tom. Well, truth be told, I still am…

Ever since, whenever Sam is in town for client meetings we try to get together at least for dinner. We had already spent several fun evenings sharing food, drinks and laughing and talking for hours. The last few times we finally convinced him to just stay in our guestroom instead of a hotel.

When I arrive home a few hours later Tom has already tidied up the guestroom for Sam, putting some fresh sheets on the guest bed and even started laying the dining table. I kiss him hello quickly and go into the kitchen.

“Do you nee help?” he asks, following me into the kitchen.

“Do you have time?” I ask him back.

“No, I should finish up some stuff for work…” he admits.

“Then go do that. You know I’ll be ok here and we’ll have more time for us during the weekend if you get everything done tonight.” I kiss him again and push him out of the kitchen.

While I’ve always been an excellent cook, we had to figure out the hard way that Tom is a decent kitchen help and willing to learn. But only when he is relaxed and certainly not when he is preoccupied with work.

An hour later the lasagna is in the oven and I even had time to whip up a strawberry-rhubarb-tiramisu, knowing that Sam has a sweet tooth and would appreciate a dessert. Tom comes back into the kitchen. “All finished! Now I won’t have to do any work the whole weekend,” he announces.

“Perfect timing,” I say, putting the tiramisu in the fridge to set. “I’m done here as well.”

I swipe my finger through the bowl with the leftover mascarpone cream, and offer it to Tom: “Wanna taste?”

He grabs my hand and sticks my finger into his mouth to lick off the sweet cream. Then he just keeps sucking, looking at me with a naughty grin in his eyes. I move my body closer to him and hug him with my free hand, matching his naughty grin. But then the doorbell rings: Sam is here.

“Hanna! So nice to see you again,” Sam exclaims, once Tom has let him into the apartment, and he pulls me into a tight hug. I can smell his musky perfume mixed with his own manly body odor as I return his hug.

And a moment later, as the guys hug, I marvel at the differences in them. Tom is tall and lean, with dark hair and a short-cropped beard. Some grey hairs have started to appear recently, that make him look a bit older than he actually is. But his eyes always reveal his real age when he is smiling.

Sam on the other hand is just barely taller than me, with a slender but muscular body. With his light hair and clean-shaven and soft face, he looks much younger than Tom. Nobody usually guesses that they’re only a few months apart in age. And even though Sam’s soft face gives him a feminine touch, his body language and deep voice leave no doubt of his masculinity.

“Guys, do you mind if I take a quick shower before dinner?” Sam asks. “It’s been a long meeting and I’d love to get out of this suit.”

“Just make yourself feel right at home. You know where everything is,” Tom replies. “We’ll have dinner finished as soon as you’re ready.”

I look at him with a raised eyebrow. “Alright, sorry, Hanna will have dinner finished by the time you’re done with your shower,” Tom corrects himself. “You wouldn’t want to eat my food anyway…”

“Sure enough,” Sam replies. “If I remember correctly, you even managed to overcook instant ramen noodles during our university days…”

“Once! That happened once exactly!” Tom complains as I shove him into the kitchen.

“You can finish the salad dressing, Mr. Head Chef,” I tell him, checking on the lasagna.

A few minutes later as I’m crossing the hallway carrying a bottle of wine to the dining room, Sam comes ümraniye escort out of the bathroom with just a towel slung very low around his waist. He grins and winks, as he disappears into the guestroom to get dressed. I am so caught off guard by his sudden half-naked appearance that I don’t notice Tom coming up to me from behind.

He hugs me, kisses me on the neck and whispers: “Isn’t he hot? I wouldn’t mind if he dropped that towel…”

I turn around to look at him with a questioning face. He just winks and takes the bottle out of my hands to carry it to the table. I stand still for a moment, thinking. I know that I had mentioned in the past that I found Sam quite sexy, but Tom never indicated back that he thought the same or that there even might have been a sexual history between the two of them. Eventually I follow him into the dining room, but he behaves as if nothing had happened and just asks me to get the napkins from the cupboard.

Sam comes out of the guestroom, dressed in a pair of soft grey cotton tracksuit pants and a simple long-sleeved t-shirt. He sits down at the dinner table and I can’t help but notice how his thighs stretch against the fabric. When I look up at him he catches my eye and winks at me. I’m starting to get even more confused now, what’s with all the winking today…?

But then dinner passes normally. We share a bottle of wine and talk. Sam entertains us with some stories from his recent dating life. Since him and his long-term boyfriend broke up about a year ago, he’s been seeing a few men and women. As it turns out nothing serious at the moment, but his first-dates-gone-wrong stories are hilarious. We’re all relaxed, just enjoying the company of good friends and some excellent food.

Most of the time during dinner Tom has his hand lying on my thigh. That’s not something extraordinary, as we’re always quite affectionate with each other. But tonight he’s applying just a little more pressure and his hand moves just a bit higher up every now and then, slightly sliding my dress up a bit more each time. I can tell that he is horny and I am looking forward to having sex later on. To be honest, the thought of sexy Sam being just a few meters away only separated from us by a thin wall turns me on quite a lot. We’d have to be quiet. Not something I am good at with Tom, though…

“So, who wants dessert?” I ask, after we’ve finished discussing Sam’s most recent failed date.

“You know I’ll never say no to something you’ve made, Hanna,” Sam smiles. “But I’ll have to use the bathroom first.”

“No problem, that gives Tom a chance to start on clearing away the dishes,” I tease.

“Ah, come on, now you’re being mean,” Tom grumbles. “I always take care of the dishes when you cook!”

True to his words, Tom starts carrying the plates back into the kitchen. I follow with the leftovers of the lasagna to put them into the fridge. But as soon as we’re in the kitchen, Tom pulls me into a tight embrace and starts kissing me passionately. I can feel his erection growing against my belly and start to get a little wet myself. I reach up and bury my hands in his hair.

Suddenly I can feel hands massaging my neck. They can’t be Tom’s as those are in their favorite place grabbing my ass.

I’m startled at first, but after a few seconds I start to relax, especially as Sam seems really gifted at massaging my constantly sore neck and shoulder muscles. I enjoy the sensation of Tom’s tongue exploring my mouth, his growing erection against me and the firm touch of Sam’s hands on my shoulders and neck. After a while I can feel Sam moving in closer to me. Now his chest is touching my back and he starts to softly kiss the nape of my neck. Tom removes his hands from my ass and slides them over Sam’s ass, pulling all of us even closer together. Sam moves his hands down from my shoulders to my side and around me, slowly pushing them in between our bodies. I move my chest away from Tom a little, so Sam can cup my breasts. When his fingers start to caress my nipples through the fabric of my dress, my knees almost buckle. But I am held firmly in place by his and Tom’s embrace. We continue like this for a while and I enjoy being held tightly between two sexy men that caress me with hands, lips and tongues.

Eventually Tom breaks our kiss and smiles at me. Then he looks over my shoulder to Sam and leans forward. I move my head out of the way a little and the two of them share a tender kiss. After they break apart, Tom moves his hands from Sam’s ass to my hips and pushes for me to turn around. I willingly oblige and slide my arms around Sam’s neck. Tom still hugs me tightly from behind, not letting me back away from Sam’s body. Sam and I look at each other, seemingly for a long time, then slowly move our heads closer together. I am thrilled. Sam has a very sensual mouth and I’d wondered for a long time what his lips would feel like on mine. When we finally kiss, I am not disappointed. They are warm and soft, and I can taste a trace of the red wine on his tongue. But I can also detect his unique musky and manly smell again, more pronounced pendik escort this time. I am excited to explore a new mouth.

While Sam and I kiss, Tom nibbles on my neck and massages my ass cheeks. Then I can feel his hand moving upwards along my back, and he starts opening the zipper of my dress. I remove my arms from Sam’s neck for just a moment to slip out of my dress, as Tom pulls it down. Now I am really glad I wore a nice matching set of underwear today. After Tom has gotten my dress out of the way, he reaches around me and starts to pull off Sam’s shirt. We part our mouths quickly to get it over his head, but immediately go back to kissing, as soon as it is off. His chest feels warm and firm against my skin. A moment later I can also feel Tom’s naked chest against my back. Satisfied with our state of undress, he must have taken off his shirt as well. He leans in closer: “Maybe we should skip dessert?”

We stop kissing and I have to giggle. Not something I usually do, but then, I also don’t usually make out with two guys at the same time… Tom and Sam each take one of my hands and lead me towards the bedroom.

“Umm…, guys…” I say while we start walking. “I think I will have to use the bathroom before this goes any further… I drank a lot of water during dinner…” They laugh and let go of my hands. “Don’t start without me!” I instruct them and wink. Yes, for a change it is me doing the winking…

In the bathroom I quickly relieve myself and think. Do we still have condoms anywhere? Tom and I didn’t need them anymore since he got a vasectomy last year, but obviously I don’t know about Sam. And at 45 I really couldn’t risk getting pregnant, especially not by Tom’s university friend. Maybe we still had a few lying around? And hopefully not expired…? But when I open the bathroom cupboard, I can see a brand new box standing right at the front. I laugh. Tom had obviously planned for this… Well, that explained some things…

“Found the condoms,” I announce, walking into the bedroom. Tom just grunts a reply. The men are both standing besides the bed in just their underwear and a tight embrace, kissing slowly but passionately.

I put the condoms down on the nightstand and get behind Tom, pressing my breasts against his back. My hands stroke all the way from his shoulders, down along his sides until they are at the top of his underpants. I start to push them down while pressing myself against his body. Once they are on the floor, I help him step out of them, so that he does not need to break his kiss with Sam. My face is now level with his ass and I gently bite both cheeks, being rewarded with a soft purr from deep within his throat. I get up again and give his ass a light slap, before walking around to stand behind Sam and doing exactly the same thing with his underwear and ass.

When I get up again I cup his round ass cheeks and can feel him pushing back into my hands. They feel firm and tight and I keep kneading them while pressing my breasts against his back. Tom pushes against him from the other side, so now it is Sam being tightly hugged by the two of us. This is the first time that I witness Tom directly interacting with another man and it’s a very erotic sight to see him this passionately with Sam, rubbing against him, as he buries his hands in his short blonde hair.

Eventually they break apart and gasp for air. Then Sam turns around and they both look at me.

“Why are you still not naked?” Tom asks. Sam walks around me as Tom reaches for my bra hooks and opens them. Sam — now kneeling behind me — pulls down my panties quickly. I step out of them as Tom takes off my bra, puts his hands on my shoulders and pushes my upper body down. Realizing that this will expose me completely to Sam, I quiver in anticipation. I know he must be still kneeling behind me, because I can feel his warm breath on my pussy.

“Why don’t you taste her?” I can hear Tom say, just moments before Sam puts his hands on my hips and pulls me closer towards him. I can feel his tongue lightly touching my outer lips, softly stroking along the middle, not yet parting them, but getting ever so closer to opening me up. For the second time tonight, my knees almost buckle underneath me, but I manage to put my hands on my thighs and stabilize myself.

Slowly, too slowly for my impatient self, Sam inserts his tongue between my outer lips, exploring my smaller, inner lips, finding the entrance to my vagina, circling it, then sliding down to find my clit and softly playing with it. He uses his hands to spread my pussy open, finally licking me with more pressure. He alternates between inserting the tip of his tongue into my vagina, licking all over my lips and sucking lightly on my clit. At this point I can’t stop moaning softly.

Tom leans forward and I can hear him whisper to Sam: “She loves a finger in her pussy…” Sam immediately slips a thumb inside me, while his other fingers caress my clit, causing me to exhale heavily.

Tom kneels down and I can feel his fingers underneath my chin. He gently lifts my head and kisses me tenderly. Then he smiles bostancı escort at me and gets up, without releasing my chin. With his other hand he guides his dick towards my mouth. I close my lips around its head and start sucking. I move one of my hands from my thigh to grab Toms dick and start to lick it from its base, sliding my tongue along the shaft, coating it in saliva, then circling the head before closing my lips around it once more. I can hear Tom moan. He puts his hands on my shoulders and starts sliding himself in and out of my mouth. Sam has in the meantime gone back to licking me and I try very hard not to remove my pussy from his mouth, while still concentrating on sucking Tom’s dick as far down as possible.

After Sam’s tender start, his licking has certainly become more forceful, pushing into my vagina with his tongue as deeply as possible while rubbing my clit with his fingers. He is doing all the right things to get me quite close to an orgasm quickly. Then suddenly, his hands and mouth are gone and I whimper against Tom’s dick as I am left yearning for more.

“No worries, I’ll be right back with you,” Sam chuckles and I can hear him rustle with a condom wrapper. As promised, he is behind me once more a moment later, gripping my hips with his hands. He positions his dick between my thighs and pushes it between them, rubbing against my clit. I whimper again. My pussy squeezes involuntarily begging for something to be put inside. Sam continues teasing me by pushing between my thighs a few more times but then finally pulls out and positions himself against my entrance. I try to wiggle against his dick, willing him to enter me, without breaking the rhythm on Tom’s dick. Still, when Sam pushes into me after all with one powerful stroke, I am surprised and the force shoves me against Tom’s dick almost fully driving it into my mouth. I start to gag, but Tom pulls out a little to give me room to breathe.

“Are you ok, babes?” he asks. I nod and grunt, still keeping this dick in my mouth. Yes, I had to gag, but I am still amazed — I’d never gotten that much of his dick down my throat before.

Tom and Sam lean forward for a kiss. Since I am now being held in place by my hips and shoulders by my two men, I remove my other hand from my thigh and start to play with my clit. Tom pulls me towards him, causing Sam to slide out a little. Sam immediately pulls me back onto his dick, causing Tom to slide out. They quickly settle into this rhythm, taking it in turns to push into me. I let them pull and push me and focus on sucking Tom’s dick once more.

It doesn’t take long, though, until Tom speeds up his pumping, disturbing our rhythm. I move my hand from my clit to his balls to massage them lightly, letting them skip between my fingers, my other hand still firmly gripping his shaft. He grunts and pumps even quicker into my mouth. A few seconds later his balls tense up, I increase my sucking and with a load long moan he comes in my mouth. I wince a little as his hands clench my shoulders hard.

After Tom has calmed down, I realize that my pussy is unattended. Sam must have slipped out during Tom’s orgasm to allow me to concentrate fully on Tom. I straighten up with shaking legs and kiss Tom deeply.

He hugs me, then pushes me towards the bed, making me lie on my back. He assumes one of his favorite positions with his face between my legs. Contrary to Sam he doesn’t waste time slowly exploring my pussy, but instead starts licking all over my lips and clit with a firm pace, getting my wet pussy all over his face.

Sam has removed the condom and is standing next to the bed, watching us and stroking his dick slowly. It’s the first time I get a clear view of his erection and while he is not as big as Tom, his size is still unexpected for someone with his slender body type.

“Come here, Sam,” I say, reaching out for him with my hand. “Have you ever fucked tits before?”

“No,” he shakes his head, looking at my large and soft breasts. “But I’d love to give this a try.”

“Ok, straddle me,” I instruct him as I spit into my hands and rub saliva all over the inside of my breasts to get them as slick as my pussy.

Sam gets on top of me, leaning against the headboard with one hand and guiding his dick between my breasts. I squeeze them together with my arms and they completely enclose his dick. He starts to push through them, and whenever he is at the top, emerging from my breasts, I try to catch his tip with my mouth. Sometimes he stops there, letting my tongue play around on his head for a moment, before pulling back through my tits again. I can see his lust in his eyes and face getting stronger.

Then Tom changes pace licking my pussy. He uses one hand to spread my lips open, knowing fully well, that this increases my sensitivity while also giving him more access to my clit. And with his other hand he inserts first one finger, then two, then three into my pussy. I moan uncontrollably against Sam’s dick as Tom starts to massage my g-spot while applying even more pressure with his flat tongue from the outside. He really knows how to get me over the edge and I can’t hold back anymore. I throw my head back, letting Sam’s dick out of my mouth and convulse in an intense orgasm, trembling all over my body, squeezing my pussy tight around Tom’s fingers and pushing my clit up into his mouth.

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