What a Mighty Good Black Man

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A newcomer to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, by way of Cap-Haitien, northern Haiti, Steve Dubois came to Canada’s Capital region to study civil engineering at the University of Ottawa. He worked as a security guard for the good folks of Iron Horse Security to make ends meet, but the life of an international student in Canada was kind of rough. The higher rates he was paying on campus were bad enough. His social life was practically nonexistent.

The Canadian people weren’t as friendly as everyone around the world seem to think they are. As a six-foot-three, burly and dark-skinned young Black man from the Caribbean, Steve Dubois knew that he couldn’t escape their notice, which made his life all the more complicated. While walking around the University of Ottawa campus, Steve got used to the stares, not just from the Black folks but also from Arabs, Chinese and Indian students.

Steve Dubois felt like a fish out of water at the University of Ottawa. Sometimes, he wished he’d never left the island of Haiti to study in Canada. He felt more alone than he ever thought he could. Never mind that the City of Ottawa was indeed one of the most racially diverse places in all of Canada, Steve’s very dark skin made him stand out even among other Black students. Many of the Black people at the University of Ottawa thought Steve came from South Sudan, rather than the Caribbean. Go figure.

Having grown tired of life on the University of Ottawa campus, Steve Dubois looked for a place of his own. He had to go all the way to Barrhaven to find a decent place. The landlady, an older Nigerian Muslim immigrant named Alia Ajoku, was charging him five hundred bucks a month for a basement apartment. Steve had his own bathroom, laundry, kitchen, and a television set and an old but functioning computer with internet access. The place was alright, too bad the Nigerian landlady was nosy as fuck.

“Madame Ajoku, I’ve been a good tenant, and I’m always polite to you, why do you like to bother me?” Steve Deneme Bonus Dubois asked Alia Ajoku one evening. He had just come out of the shower and was wearing his boxers, with a wet towel draped over his shoulders. The tall, burly Haitian brother was definitely not expecting to find his nosy Nigerian landlady in the basement, and sitting on his bed no less. What the fuck was going on here?

“I’ve always wanted to try some young Black dick,” Alia Ajoku said, and the sixty-something, silver-haired, plump and deceptively frail Nigerian knelt before Steve Dubois, and over his protests, she pulled his hard dick out of his boxers. Alia began sucking the big and tall young Haitian man’s dick. Tenant and landlord were about to get down and dirty in the basement of the Barrhaven townhouse where Steve was paying exorbitant sums just to have a place to lay his head.

“You’re finally putting those lips to good use, Miss Ajoku,” Steve replied, and Alia shot him a look, then continued to suck his dick. Wearing only a nightgown, sans panties or bra, Alia nevertheless looked appealing to Steve, who, truth be told, had a lot of hate and lust for the annoying old Nigerian broad. She’d been bugging him about random nonsense ever since he moved in, and he avoided her as much as he could. In a landlord-occupied house, this proved to be difficult, to say the least…

“Not a good idea to piss off a woman who’s got her lips around your cock,” Alia paused to say, glaring at Steve and tugging on his ball sac for emphasis. Steve nodded, and fell silent. Having gotten her message across, Alia resumed sucking Steve’s dick, and she even slid a finger up his ass. The brother acted like he was surprised but did not protest, so Alia added a second finger up Steve’s ass.

A few days ago, while snooping through Steve Dubois messy bedroom, Alia the nosy landlady found some porn magazines which surprised her. One of the magazines featured kinky Black porn, with hot scenes between Black Bedava bonusu men and Black women. Upon closer examination, Alia noticed that the Black women who were getting their mouths, pussies and assholes filled by the Black men’s dicks were all in their fifties, if not older. Someone likes us old broads, Alia thought naughtily.

Sitting on Steve’s messy bed, Alia flipped through the magazines. In one of them, a middle-aged Black woman had a rather unusual sexual encounter with a younger Black man. Rather than just suck and ride the brother’s hard dick, the Black woman in question donned a strap-on dildo and fucked him with it. Watching the bossy Black woman fuck the younger Black man with her strap-on dildo turned Alia on immensely, and she masturbated to that sexy, disturbing image.

Alia deep-throated Steve’s dick, and the Haitian brother stopped protesting and instead relaxed and enjoyed as the old Nigerian landlady went down on him. Alia noticed that the more she fingered Steve’s ass, the harder his dick got in her mouth. When Steve warned her that he was about to cum, Alia twisted her fingers in his asshole, and marveled as the brother came, his hard dick oozing a torrent of cum which rushed down her throat. Alia sucked every last drop of Steve’s cum, and then some.

“That was fun, now, I got a treat for you, something right out of those magazines you jerk off to,” Alia said, wiping her mouth with the back of hand after draining Steve’s dick. The Haitian stud looked at her, amazed. He was wondering what he’d gotten himself into when Alia got up and went upstairs. She came back with a thick cucumber and a bottle of Aloe cream. Steve looked at her, puzzled, and Alia smiled nastily at him.

“What are you going to do with those?” Steve asked, and Alia sat him down and explained everything. It took some convincing, but in the end, Steve found himself on all fours, face down and ass up. Alia spread her thick thighs wide open, and the Haitian stud buried Deneme bonusu veren siteler his face between her legs and ate her pussy. Steve’s tongue slid into Alia’s pussy, and he mercilessly teased her clitoris. The brother worked Alia over so damn well that she came, a few minutes later…

“Hmmm, you did a good job, handsome, you deserve a special treat,” Alia said, and she resumed sucking Steve’s dick, and fingering his ass. After a while, Alia pulled her fingers out of Steve’s asshole, and replaced them with something heftier. The Haitian brother groaned as Alia began working the cucumber up his ass. Steve cried out as the cucumber filled his asshole, and Alia eagerly sucked his dick. When he came for the second time that night, Alia eagerly sucked his cum, again…

“That was fun,” Steve said, a few minutes later, but Alia wasn’t quite done with him yet. The sultry older Nigerian woman made the burly Haitian stud get on all fours, and she proceeded to whoop his ass with his own belt. Steve groaned and grunted as Alia went totally dominatrix on him, beating his ass with his belt and cussing him out while doing so. The brother felt abased but alive as his “Black Femdom” fantasy finally came true…

“I hope you had fun tonight, Steve, it seems that you like strong Black women and that’s a wonderful thing, whenever you feel those submissive urges rise in yourself, don’t hesitate to come to me,” Alia Ajoku said to Steve Dubois. The Haitian brother smiled and nodded at the Nigerian landlady/secret dominatrix, thankful for her unique brand of domestic discipline. Steve hadn’t had fun like this in ages, not since he talked his ex-girlfriend Daniella into spanking him after sex, back in Haiti…

“Yes, Miss Ajoku,” Steve Dubois replied, and Alia Ajoku looked at her new tenant/submissive, pleased with her selection. A tall, handsome and educated brother like Steve shouldn’t be allowed to fall into the hands of white women. Back in her hometown of Kano, northern Nigeria, Alia Ajoku was taught the ways of Black female domination, which ironically flourished in the predominantly Muslim northern regions of Nigeria. Someday, Steve would be successful, and make a fine husband for a good Black woman. It was Alia’s duty to help him get there…

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