One-Time Fuck

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I had always been curious, even if it was just a pang of interest in my mind. Growing up, I had lusted over girls like any other adolescent, the word “vagina” was almost enough to make me cum on the spot. As I grew up, however, I learned to embrace my sexual interests. Once I began to look at pornography, I realized that my eyes were not drawn immediately to the cunt and tits, but to the cock. From that age forward, I began to explore with my gay curiosity.

In high school, I was much to afraid to confront anyone except a few friends, and it resulted in little. But once I reached college, I truly began to experiment. The following is a description of one of my hottest gay moments, a time that will forever be etched into my mind as the ideal sexual encounter.

I am very body-conscious, and I work out constantly. In college, I was a runner, I ran for the track team. My event was the 400, which demanded muscle but leanness too. My body is fit, and toned. I have small arms, but they’re defined nonetheless. My pecks are average, and my abs are well defined with a small six-pack. My genes had luckily enabled me to inherit a great body; the curvature from my hips to my groin was like an Abercrombie model, and my face is handsome. My mother is Spanish and my father a pallid Mid-westerner, so I am tan.

During the long runs at practice, I can recall running behind the most handsome man I had ever and will ever see. His name was Brad. He had creamy white skin, just barely tanned by the sun. His hair was a dirty blonde, and he had blue eyes. He was skinny, a long distance runner. Though relatively short and thin, he was very muscular. His legs were pure muscle, and he had no fat whatsoever on his body. During practice, I would struggle to remain in site of him as I ran behind. He always wore a tight adidas runner’s beater, and very short running shorts. I would watch him move up and down, his firm ass barely moving, and his slightly hairy legs brushing together. Day after day, the sweat dripped off of him and made me want to jump him. I knew he was straight, he always had a girl with him.

One time at a party, I accidentally opened a door into the bathroom, revealing Brad standing, with a pretty blonde on her knees. The site was enough to make me cum in my pants, I had to return to my dorm room to jerk off right away. I can vividly see him in my mind; he was wearing a tight blue Abercrombie and Fitch polo, but his jeans were at his ankles, and his swollen cock was bobbing in the air, straight out from his body. It was sizeable, though not much more than normal. From my second long glimpse, I saw his perfect patch of dark pubic hair above his uncut cock, and his two balls hanging below were covered in blonde hair. The girl had Brad’s balls in her hand, and just the tip of his cock in her mouth. I must have turned as white as a ghost when I opened the door, but they barely saw me. I shut the door right away, and returned to my room. I was jealous of that girl. She had his cock, and I wanted it too.

Not more than a month after this incident, I had my opportunity. Brad had stayed after from the normal practice time to run some extra laps. Though I had barely spoken a word to him ever, I felt courageous enough to ask him if I could run with him. I fought the wave of fatigue to run a few miles around the track with him, and I could barely keep up. When we finished, Brad said, “Man, you look really sweaty. We should hit the showers and cool off.” I swear I almost cried with joy. I had only caught glimpses of him in the locker room, and the showers were partitioned.

We walked into the locker room, and I grabbed my bag and pulled it down the bench towards his. He immediately pulled off his sweaty beater, showing off his tight chest and abs, and the tiny strands of blonde hair around his round, pink nipples. He then sat on the bench, and untied his sneakers and pulled them off. I followed suit, removing my shoes and shirt. Then, he stood up and pulled his tiny shorts off. The blue shorts fell beylikdüzü escort to the floor, revealing his tight and white ass. He was wearing a small jogger’s jock, with a thin waist strap and the y-back that delved into his hot ass. He turned around, and his package was barely contained by the jockstrap. Little tufts of hair stuck out from the sides, hinting at what was inside. Without trying to look, I could see the shape of his medium sized, hot cock through the material of the jockstrap. I could barely pull my shorts off, as I was in awe of his body, right next to mine. I pulled my shorts off, which revealed my Calvin Klein sports briefs. He stood for a minute, looking into a mirror, and brushing back his hair.

He looked down towards my package for a minute, and quickly said, “Nice underwear, I should get some of them.” Even though I don’t consider myself to be that good looking, I looked good that day. The briefs had a thin waist band, and were cut over the hip, so they covered a small amount of my ass, and really revealed my package. Without another word, Brad grabbed a towel from his bag, and pulled down his jockstrap, with his ass facing me. He wrapped the towel around him, and walked off towards the showers. I quickly did the same, and followed a half a minute later. With a small towel around my midsection, I passed by his shower stall. He was showering in one of the bigger sections, with four showerheads in it. I imagined he’d catch on to my thoughts if I went right next to him, so I moved to go to the next section. As soon as I passed by him, he turned just his head around, and said, “Hey, don’t be shy! Come right over here, there’s plenty of room.”

I couldn’t believe it, the sheer proximity between his cock and myself was less than a few feet, and I could barely contain myself from getting a full hard on. And so, I turned on the showerhead right next to his, and it was then that I could glimpse his dripping cock. He was semi-erect too, and his pubic hair was just touched with drops of water, making the whole part of his body shimmer and shine. He then said, “Hey, I cant ever help getting a little hard in these showers, I just don’t know what it is. You look like you are too.” My seven and a half inch cock was at least half-erect. The water was washing over my face and chest, dripping down my abdomen, following the tiny trail of hairs to my sizeable patch of trimmed pubic hair, to my circumcised cock. I couldn’t believe my luck, here I was next to him and yet I still thought he was just being friendly, I didn’t realize that he was just as curious as me, just as curious to explore his body with another man.

Suddenly, he dropped a bar of soap, and it slid right in front of me. He quickly bent down, and it brought his head within inches of my dripping cock. As he pulled his head back up, he placed his hand on my leg, running it up from my knee to my upper thigh. He then looked up at me, his blue eyes sparkling through the steam. He quickly drew back, and stepped away. My face must have looked terrified and I could feel myself blush.

He quickly stammered, “I just…I just thought that…” And with that, he turned to get out of the shower. I couldn’t believe it! How could I screw up the possibly best sexual encounter of my life! I quickly reached out, and grasped his muscular arm. He turned towards me and I leaned into him, and our lips met slowly. I slowly sucked his upper lip for a few seconds, and then we slipped our tongues to each other. I briefly opened my eyes, and his eyes were open. We stared into each other as we kissed passionately.

Our tongues rubbed together, and felt all around the mouth of the other person. I could feel his cock, hard and pulsing against my thigh. I gently pulled away, and glanced down to it. It was hard and throbbing, his foreskin mostly retracted, and his cock was pointing straight out from his body. It was just as it had been that night I had accidentally walked into the bathroom and seen him getting adana escort a blowjob, and I cold barely wait to get that cock in my mouth. I slowly began kissing his neck, while one of my hands caressed his chest and nipple, and the other reached down his lower back. I ran my tongue down from his neck, to his nipples, circling them. They perked at my tongue’s flickering touch. I then moved down, crouching to my knees. I licked down his abdomen, following the tiny trail of hair to his small bush.

I then teased my fingers down his abdomen, to his pubic hair. I gently moved my fingers through the hair, towards the base of his cock, and then pulled them away. I ran my hands down his inner thighs, and I could feel his cock throbbing from the tease. I ran my hands around his thighs and to his ass cheeks and they were firm and clenched. I rubbed his ass slowly for a few minutes, until he relaxed. I then slipped one finger slightly into the top of the crevice, pulling it down his ass, but not slipping into the hole. When my finger reached his hold, I rubbed the outside for a few seconds. His crevice had tiny hairs, and I could feel them being spread as my hands pulled at his ass. I then slipped a finger slowly into his ass, just probing the entrance into his tight ass. Then I pulled the finger out, and I danced my fingers along his perineum from his ass and through the hairy patch to his balls.

Then, still without having touched his throbbing cock, I caressed his balls, and I moved my mouth to suck them each individually. I licked them, and flicked my tongue over the grainy skin of his scrotum. I love the feel of slightly hairy balls in my palm, it makes my cock throb with excitement. Then, slowly, I moved one hand from his balls to the base of his cock. I began to pull at his cock, moving his foreskin over the head of his cock. I had never touched an uncircumcised man before, but I could only imagine the pleasure of that layer of skin moving over the glans. With the one hand, I slowly jerked him off for a few moments, until I then moved my other hand to his cock. With both hands, I held his thick cock at the base, and moved my mouth to the attack. I slid my wet lips over the head of his cock, and his entire body quivered with pleasure. I looked up to his face, to see his head thrown back and his arms at his waist, with one hand on the back of my dripping head.

I slowly pushed the cock into my mouth, reaching further and further each time. I am not really able to deep-throat a cock, but I can push it fairly far into my mouth. I pushed his cock deep into my mouth, and I could feel it’s blood surging. I sucked as hard as I could as I pushed my mouth over his cock, and I moved my tongue along the base of his cock as hard as I could. I sucked him for a few minutes like this, and then I relinquished my grip a little to move one hand to his ass. I slipped it between his legs, pushing his balls towards his cock, and allowing two of my fingers to push into his ass. I moved them in and out with the movement of my mouth, and I could feel his body tensing, preparing to cum. I kept on for another minute or two, and then I pushed myself to swallow his cock harder and faster, and I finger-fucked his ass as fast as I could. His hands were pushing my head hard onto his cock, and then he quietly murmured, “I’m gonna cum, oh god…”

And cum he did, the first spurts shot from his cock as the head of his cock was just barely pushed into my mouth. The warm spurts hit the back of my throat. He spurted into my mouth at least four or five times, and I could feel the cum dripping out of the corners of my mouth. I kept his cock inside of my mouth for another minute or two, until I felt it get limp, and then he pulled me by my arm to him. He looked me in the eye, and he kissed me with all his tongue and force, licking up the rest of the cum.

I knew then that it was my turn, my turn for the fun. He asked me if I was ready, and with a grin I said I was. He then started kissing me, much more quickly afyon escort than I had kissed him. He moved from my neck to my groin in a few seconds, with hard kisses along the way. His fingers pushed into my bush, with his thumbs pressing firmly onto my balls. My cock was in high salute, begging for attention. He used both hands to cup my balls and then he flicked his tongue over the head of my cock for a few seconds, and then he pushed his mouth over it, engulfing my cock in pleasure. He sucked me hard for a few minutes, pushing my cock deep into his mouth. While he sucked, he squeezed my balls gently with his free hand. He ran his hand down my hairy leg, making my leg twitch in pleasure.

Without any warning, He pulled me to the floor of the shower. There’s not much that can make me sit on a filthy locker room shower floor, but this is one time I would do so without hesitation. He laid me on my back, and he kneeled beneath my opened legs, and he continued to suck me off. It felt so good, the pressure of his lips and the suction in his mouth, and his fingers tugging at my balls. As my eyes were closed, I felt him stop. He told me to keep my eyes closed, and I could feel him maneuvering onto me. He pulled my knees up, and he hovered above my cock. It was pointing towards my face, but he grabbed it with one hand, and pulled it below his own limp cock and dangling balls, and sought his ass with it. And at that moment, I felt him slowly press himself down onto my cock, pushing it into his ass, little by little.

With barely open eyes, I could see him lowering himself on to my body, slowly fucking him. I could tell he began to feel comfortable, and he thrusted faster and harder. I began to push my cock into him myself, and we moved rhythmically. He moved his body up and down, and I pushed into him. His ass began to move faster and faster, slapping onto my legs and balls, making that hot noise of skin slapping on skin. I reached up with my two free hands, and ran them down his chest as far as I could reach as we fucked. My hands reached his flaccid cock, just a few inches long, bobbing on top of his large, hairy balls. I used my hands to grip the base of my cock as it pushed into him.

We fucked for a few minutes in the this manner, and I knew I couldn’t last long. Right as I was about to reach the point of no return, the path towards spurting cum, he pulled off of me. My cock lay slightly in the air above my navel, twitching with the desire for more. He then got onto all fours, and spread his ass cheeks before me. His ass cheeks were smooth, but in the crevice there were wet hairs, spread to the sides. I kneeled behind him, fixing my cock for entry. I pushed in, and he grunted in pleasure, and I fucked him. I pushed him harder and harder, and while I fucked him, I reached around his skinny legs to his cock, which was semi-erect by now. I pulled at his foreskin, moving it over his head, effectively jerking him off as I fucked him. He got hard fast, as my cock slapped against his ass, and my balls made contact with his ass and legs. I tugged at his cock as I fucked him harder and harder, and I knew I was about to explode. I could feel my balls and scrotum tighten to my cock, as it prepared for ejaculating. As I was tugging at his cock, I felt his body shudder and he grunted loudly.

He came again, thought I couldn’t see it, I could feel it in his body. At the same time, my cock’s tingling sensation put it over the top. In one hard last thrust, I came inside of his ass, shooting hard warm strings of cum. I stayed inside him for a moment, laying onto his back, with my hand still stroking his cock as it became flaccid. My cock, having gone soft, popped out of his tight ass, along with some oozing cum. We both laid back, with the stream of water landing onto our chests, and we leaned into each other, and made out slowly and softly.

We left each other with few words, but our moment had been shared. Brad fucked me harder than anyone ever has or probably ever will. I hope I gave him the best blowjob he’d ever received from any of his girls, but who knows. He transferred to another school some time later, but we never kept in touch. It was truly a one-time thing; we never really spoke to each other about it. It was the greatest fuck ever though, in my opinion.

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