A Fantasy Adventure Ch. 1

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It started as an online lark. Jennifer was into playing and I enjoyed how detailed and stimulating she was, making it impossible not get hard just seeing HotwetnReady was online.

My infatuation started with her picture. She was like a wet dream, blonde, long erotic legs and perfect tits that would make any man stare no matter where or when you saw her. Each time we enjoyed each other she’d send me a new picture, showing just a little more. First her naked breast, nipples erect as she pinched them. Then Jennifer sent a photo of herself on her knees with just a glimpse of her tits and beautiful ass. She looked so coy and seductive and she’d attached a note “a picture of me wishing you were here to fill all my needs.” I knew our relationship was more than an online fantasy when she finally sent a picture of her shaved pussy filled with a massive dildo with the note, “I have to find something to fill my emptiness, wish you were here.”

The fantasies started to get more intense and we progressed to enjoying phone sex. I couldn’t believe how her voice effected me the first time I heard her whisper how much she wanted me on the phone. Her voice could nearly make you cum, especially when Jennifer would say “Please baby fuck my hot tight pussy, I’m so wet, I just want you inside me, please fuck me hard Jason.” Jennifer always got me off and she would make it so so real when we role-played our fantasies.

Jennifer confided in me that she was involved in a lifestyle I might not believe and although she wouldn’t tell me any details my curiosity began to drive me crazy. From time to time she’d ask me if I had ever enjoyed group sex or ever considered being with another couple. It occurred to me that maybe our little games were tame compared to Jennifer’s real lifestyle.

We role-played with another couple online once, really just fucking together in the same chat room, the other couple was almost as detailed and descriptive of their sex play as Jennifer and I had become, even though we never really engaged in anything like group sex, but I think I’m getting ahead of the story.

We’d discussed meeting for real a few times. Since I traveled to LA occasionally we role played turning our fantasies into a reality – I actually had a trip coming up and for the first time I was seriously considering making her my first real-time exploration with an online partner.

When I finally got up the courage to tell her I wanted to spend a weekend with her she told me it could only happen on one condition – I had to agree to join her for an adventure in a no holes barred fantasy weekend – totally committed to doing whatever was required. I didn’t think with anything but my cock and curiosity, which had me so hooked I agreed almost immediately – I had no idea… That’s where this story begins…

My plane arrived in the early afternoon and I was prepared to find a shuttle to the hotel when I noticed a limo driver with a sign “Jason Miller” I did a double take. I’ve walked by those guys a 100 times, but never had one looking for me. She actually recognized me and took my bags while I was still in shock. She introduced herself as Linda diyarbakır escort and lead me to a stretch limo “Get in and relax. From now just relax everything you desire will be done for you.” With that she got me my favorite drink and then after giving me a delicious view of her tight ass closed the back door and got into drive.

My mind started to spin as she drove, and I began to wonder what Jennifer had in mind. For the first time I began to get butterflies and sweaty palms wondering what I had gotten into. I had the impression that Jennifer had money, but this fantasy felt like it belonged to a world I’d only read about. Even Linda’s tone, when she said, “everything you desire” had an envious to it as if she knew what sexual adventures awaited me. I enjoyed my drink and tried to relax.

Linda, parked in a private underground parking garage and lead me into a very upscale spa, I was greeted by a man who had to be a model – perfect body, perfect face, he was incredible. I mean this guy – even other guys would be jealous of him – he was so sexy. He was dressed in a long loose robe. Stephen, who informed me that this was to prepare me for this evening and said “This is going to be an afternoon, Jason, you’ll remember for the rest of your life.” Even his voice was sultry and I was surprised how sexy I found it. I was beginning to wonder when I’d actually meet Jennifer, but I went along. Stephen lead me into a private dressing room and “You will not need your clothing any longer.” I’m not a prude, but this made me wonder. Stephen started to undress me and I wasn’t prepared for that. He assured me “This is part of the service and just relax and let myself be pampered”. I now began to wonder why everyone was telling me to relax.

I started to stutter an objection and for a moment Stephen looked me in the eye and said “You shouldn’t forget you agreed to ‘do whatever was required.” I thought, “how bad could it be?” – although after his quote of a private e-mail conversation, I was wondering if Stephen was part of this fantasy weekend, in some way Jennifer and I had never explored. If you’re a guy and you’ve never been undressed by another guy before, I can’t describe quite how it felt. Lets just say it was a lot more surprising than getting picked up by a limo at the airport. I have to say just being this close to Stephen even clothed was some how sexually charged. You should know I consider myself straight and have had some bi-curious fantasies before, especially in my teens.

Then it happened, as he took down my boxers and his hand brushed my semi-hard cock causing a shiver to go up my spine and I felt my body responding in a way I’d never even imagined. But it was when Stephen gave me truly lustful smile I knew I was in for something way beyond my comfort zone. Leading me with a guiding hand on my low back to a private steam room “Now just relax and enjoy”. There was that relax again. Before he left me alone he fussed over me to make sure the steam was right.

I’ve never had any sexual experience with another guy but the sexual tension I was experiencing had given me a fierce erection, it brought edirne escort back a swarm of butterflies in a way I hadn’t experienced since my first kiss with girl. He left and I decided I’d been making more out of this than it was. I’d been to spa before I could enjoy a steam and a massage. I had nearly fallen asleep thinking of all the fantasies Jennifer and I had explored and I reassured myself this was going to be the weekend of a lifetime. Stephen came back and I had definitely relaxed, but my fantasies about Jennifer had kept me as rigid as when he left… Before I was fully aware, he’d taken me to a small massage room with soft babbling water sounds and a candle for light. I laid on the table face down and I was completely relaxed.

Then Stephen began my massage. His hands were incredible, I’ve had massages, but this was something else – it felt incredible what he was doing with his hands was relaxing, but very sensual and erotic. The oil he was using was intoxicating, his hands glided over me, he was relaxing me using more than just his hands, my skin was tingling with new sexual tension. I notice my breathing was actually getting heavier and I opened my eyes – I was not prepared for what I saw! Stephen no longer had a robe on and, well, I wasn’t the only one enjoying the massage.

He noticed my attention. Stephen spoke in a low whisper “Jason you may not have ever had a full body massage like this before, as you noticed I use my whole body in my massages so we both have to be disrobed.” I was stunned, I’d been thinking about Jennifer and enjoying my increased arousal thinking what might be coming tonight, but I was now confronted by a very erotic situation and I was as hot as any foreplay has ever gotten me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off his rigid 10 inch cock, I’ve never been aroused by looking at another mans cock, but his throbbing cock was as perfect as the rest of his body. The swarm of butterflies had turned into waves of desire. I closed my eyes and realized somewhere in our sex play Jennifer must have divined something I’d never even known about myself, I would have never imagined feeling this way with another guy.

He started to massage me lower, working my gluts and thighs leaning in with his chest against my low back, it pressed my throbbing cock against the table and my stomach – I was almost painfully hard. For a moment his hands brushed over my balls. Stephen continued rubbing down to my calves then my feet. I felt him use more oil on me and I could swear I felt him rub my feet and legs with his cock and it was then he began rubbing my inner thighs and I heard a moan come from me like it was from someone else. He instructed me to role over and I felt my cock spring free and as I opened my eyes thinking I should say something, I felt his strong hand surround my shaft. I felt like screaming, all that came out was a deep sigh of pleasure. “Just relax Jason if you need to imagine I’m Jennifer to just enjoy this feel free”. I’ve been stroked off by my girlfriends before, but I’d never felt this kind of raw sexual desire for a mere hand job, my cock was twitching in his hand as he stroked me elazığ escort and Jennifer was not what I was thinking about.

He rubbed behind my balls, then my thighs, hips and then up my stomach his finger tips did things to my nipples that I’d never felt. As he began to massage my head and face I realized for the first time I wanted Stephen to do whatever he wanted to me. I wanted more than just a massage.

I opened my eyes and his cock was only a couple inches from my face he moved around me and I couldn’t help my eyes following his cock, mesmerized by the throbbing veins standing out in contrast on his very thick shaft. I’ve never been sexually drawn to another man, but the way he was stroking me and seeing his cock, I was losing all control. All I could think about was what it would be like to taste his delicious looking cock.

As I watched with lust and desire Stephen began to stroke my cock again. I closed my eyes and felt his well oiled hands moving up and down my rigid shaft – I don’t have a monster 10 inch cock, but it is a respectable 8″ cut shaft and Stephens hand had to cover most of it. I began to moan almost uncontrollably and then I felt his warm mouth engulf my cock head, and I nearly came immediately. Stephen realized how close I was and gripped the base of my cock “relax Jason, I can tell this is your first time with a guy, so I’ll take it slow.” He swallowed almost my entire cock in seconds. I moaned and felt my hips greeting each of his strokes as I fucked into his face, lost wave after wave of pleasure as he took my whole cock down his throat and still tongued and suck me harder than I’d ever been blown by any woman.

As I was getting closer, Stephen kept pinching my cock off before I could cum and then waiting until I was under control. Without meaning to he was filling my vision with his massive erection and I couldn’t resist my lust any longer I reached out and took Stephens cock in my hand and brought it to my lips. I tasted his precum as his cock head slid between my virgin lips. Stroking him as I sucked on the first cock, “Yes, that’s nice, suck me Jason, lick my hard cock” I needed no more invitation licking down the underside of his cock and sucking softly on his balls. Then as his cock head pressed between my lips I reached around to put my hands on his well-muscled ass and pulled Stephen deep into my mouth, sucking and pumping his shaft. At the same time I felt myself begin to pump into Stephens mouth faster and harder.

He greeted my hard thrusts by taking me all the way as my balls slapped against his chin and he began to pump his cock hard into my mouth at the same time. He was fucking my mouth as hard as I was his. I exploded. He moaned and I felt his hot jism pumping into my mouth. I swallowed again and again it still flowed out the corners of my mouth and down my cheeks. As his cock left my mouth and I tasted his cum for the first time I realized it was sweeter and tangier than mine, yes I’ve tasted my own cum – my one and only point of reference. Before I could think I felt Stephen kissing me, his tongue on mine our hot cum mixing together, our tongue fuck lasted forever. It was the most sensual and erotic experience I’ve ever had.

“You’ve passed the test, you’ll be able to take whatever happens in the weekend that has been planned for you.” Stephen directed me to the showers and told me to put on a robe for my final preparation.

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