This story contains Alison from the short story ‘the secretary’.

* * *

Alison sat at her desk trying to concentrate on a report in front of her. So far the meaning of it had eluding her. She squirmed in her seat as she thought of the young secretary that had bought it in; Kia was her name. Alison was the head of a large company that specialized in beauty products and she was the sole owner of the successful business. She had gotten to the top through hard work and discipline and a strong desire to succeed, have authority of people; work her own hours and live a rich and upper class life style. Her only weakness in her character was her passionate sexual appetite for women, particularly young women; ripe and firm and there were plenty of young secretaries working for her company. Some she had already sampled.

Kia was new at the office; she had only been with the company a few weeks. She fitted in well, although she seemed very shy and self conscious; and not particularly confident in her work and had made a few errors. She blushed modestly when Alison was around; and Alison liked to think that Kia was blushing because she was attracted to her; but when she thought about it; she realized she was just a shy girl, barely twenty-one. Her modesty made Alison aroused; Kia was so timid and polite; but always trying hard to please and do well. Alison admired that; even though she had made a few mistakes in her first weeks.

Alison at the moment was fantasizing about spanking her softly on her ass for her mistakes. Kia had a fantastic body. A lot of her secretaries did; but Kia was different. She was beautiful, exotic; mysterious and well bred in an old fashioned sense. She was modest as a young woman should be; and she even turned her large and bright blue eyes downwards when spoken to. Kia had a perfect oval face and a semi full pair of lips; a dark tan and sensuous skin and a tight hourglass figure. Her breasts were medium sized and Alison imagined they were firm and perfectly shaped with a delicate pink nipple. Her round thighs looked heavenly and her ass was fantastic, shaped with two full orbs and pulled in tight around the thighs to give a perfect shape. Alison could only torture herself with what was between …

Alison snapped out of dream again and squirmed in her seat again. She couldn’t stop thinking about this incredible young woman. She loved her hair; which was long and straight and a woodland brown; and tied back neatly in a professional manner. She wore a small pair of dark rimmed glasses on her tiny little nose and always looked up shyly whenever Alison approached her for reports and inquires; which had been a lot lately.

Kia always wore professional business dress; usually a smart suit and pants which outlined her perfect figure well. She wore something different and stylish every day; which would give Alison a different fantasy every night when she went home. Tonight she would have to leave early, Kia was dominating her thoughts and she couldn’t keep her out of her mind.

Alison decided to go to the gym to let off some steam. In her late thirties she was in good shape and got a fair amount of attention from men and women; and it was wasn’t just the amount of wealth she had accumulated over the years. Alison prided herself on her appearance, figuring a lot of business was about image and she was certainly stunning to watch in a board meeting or in bed. She had dark hair and dark eyes and a very firm and voluptuous figure. Her thighs were large and round and her hips were wide and gave her a powerfully built body that was strong and sensuous. Her breast were large and full and jutted out proudly with an air of confidence that made her proud to be a woman; to have mastered her career and her body. Her lips were red and full; and her tongue was long and pointed, perfect for providing oral pleasure. Alison worked hard at the gym to keep her figure tight and trim; she wasn’t arrogant about her looks; but liked to ease her muscles by working them out hard and then having a long luxurious bath in special aroma therapy oils in her mansion. She had to keep her body relaxed and at ease; as long hours in the office would tire her out; so to compensate she would spend long hours treating herself to relaxation. She would have a facial once her week; and her skin was flawless, smooth and pure. Then she would have two massages a week, usually by a woman who would always comment on how young and perfect she looked for her age.

Alison arrived home and ran a bath. She could afford to build her own gym in her mansion but she liked the company down at the gym and she figured she would get lazy if she didn’t have another people around to motivate her. Her master bathroom was large and there was an on-suite bathroom next to it. The bathroom was made out of pure white marble and the bath itself was shaped in a large hexagon; like a spa and could certainly fit more than two people in it. It was a lover’s bath. Alison had been married and bursa escort bayan divorced years ago. The only sexual satisfaction she could find was from women. Alison loved oral sex and loved the taste of a woman’s vagina. Her thoughts again drifted to Kia and how wonderful it would be to taste the young woman, her mouth, her breasts, her skin, her ass and pussy. Alison wanted massage her with her tongue all day and all night.

There was fridge next to the bath and she poured herself a glass of sparkling apple cider. Alison didn’t like alcohol as it made her drowsy and dull witted; she liked to active, on the ball. Then she undressed out of her gym suit, happy to be naked and let her large breasts hang out naturally and her pussy to feel air on it. The bath was full and bubbling with sensuous oils. Alison stepped in, tingling with delight as the heat of the bath shot through her body and warmed her blood. Slowly she eased herself into the hot water and flinched when the water came up to her well-trimmed and yet hairy dark bush. Finally she eased the rest of her body into the water until her breasts were floating at her water level. Her nipples were hard and long, especially when aroused. Alison took one in her manicured hand and commenced relaxing and playing with the large perfect orbs of flesh. She kneaded and gently massaged the nipple until it got stiffer and stiffer, harder and harder. She thought of Kia while she was doing it. She thought of her exotic face, her large blue eyes and deeply tanned skin reaching out timidly to stroke the glorious breasts. Alison imagined herself relaxing in Kia’s arms in the bathtub, Kia delicate face on her shoulder; massaging her breasts from behind, playing with her nipples and sucking on her ear lobes.

Alison moaned softly, her eyes closed as she enjoyed her fantasy of Kia again. She raised one of her breast to her mouth and sucked delicately on her own nipple; her tongue massaging it rhythmically in her mouth and she pretended it was Kia doing it.

Alison’s moans got deeper and she couldn’t hold back any longer. She lowered her right hand into the tub and when straight for the hairy pussy between her legs. Alison kept it fairly trim; but she also liked to let it go a bit. She liked a little bit of hair around her vagina lips, she liked it on other women; it so soft and fresh; so different from hair on the head.

Alison’s pussy lips protruded a little and she loved it when her former girl lovers sucked on her pussy lips and then came back to got on her clit. Alison’s clit was now very hard and she started rubbing it in slow and deliberate circles, her timing perfect after years of practice. She moaned loudly; she had been waiting all day for it. Her pussy tingled in the water and her clit felt more sensitive with each delicate rub. She spread her pussy lips wide and then stuck a finger into her tight depths. She groaned again loudly; her pussy was well lubed from the water and her own juices that had been flowing constantly. She increased her rhythm, closing her eyes and tilting her head back in joy as she approached a wonderful orgasm that startled her in its intensity. She breathed hard, her muscles contracting violent around her finger and then gasped out loud in joy, squeezing her breasts with her free hand. For a few moments afterwards she continued to play with herself, still aroused and then relaxed and enjoyed the rest of her bath.

The next day Kia was put aside and Alison continued to get on with her work in peace, determined not to let her sexual appetite get in the way; but something happened to make her start fantasizing again. One of her secretaries who had been working on company reports said there was a lot of overtime to be done. The secretary, whose name was Alice; said that Kia had offered to stay back and work tonight and some of the girls would take the following nights. Alison felt an instant wetness in her loins at the mention of the sexy young women’s name and was back to square one. They would be alone together tonight in the office.

Alison tried to work and put it out of her mind the rest of the day; but those two pretty blue eyes invaded her mind. When it came to six thirty, Alison hadn’t left the office all day, she thought about seducing Kia but it seemed to complicated; even though it sent a such thrill of sexual excitement that she nearly came on the spot. Perhaps she should talk to her, she thought seriously. Maybe she could take her out for a drink as a show of appreciation for staying back. It wouldn’t be too obvious.

Alison picked up the phone, then with a moments thought; put it back down. I should see her in person if I going to ask her out for a drink. She stood up and stretched like a cat and then took a deep breath. The office was silence; but somewhere she could hear someone shuffling about. She knew it was Kia and walked around the large office towards her desk. And there she was. Sitting and reading a report. She was dressed in a bursa bayan escort tight black short shirt and stockings that showed her slender and shapely legs and disappeared into that wonderful firm ass that was constantly on Alison’s mind. She wore a silky crème blouse that hung softly around her delicate breasts, the fabric caressing her bra. Her beautiful straight brown hair was tied in a pony and her face was thoughtful, her legs crossed. Kia heard her approach and smiled shyly, showing a set of perfect white teeth through her moist and red lips.

‘Hi, how’s it going?’ said Alison feeling intimidated by the young woman beauty and marveled at it. Never had any girl had such an effect on her!

‘Good,’ Kia assured and nodded her head.

‘No problems?’

‘No everything fine, are you going home now?’ she asked.

‘Yes, but I thought I might offer you a drink,’ said Alison. ‘There’s a nice bar around the corner, they always reserve a table for me.’

‘Sure that’s be great,’ said Kia and they both stared at each other. A spark passed between them, Alison was sure. Kia’s eyes shined when she spoke and seemed to be in total worship of the successful woman. ‘But I don’t drink,’ she said.

‘Neither do I,’ said Alison. A rush of lust overwhelmed when she said the next line. ‘I have some non alcoholic wine in my office, would you like a glass?’

‘Okay,’ said Kia, she uncrossed her legs and stood up. Both of them stared at each other, until Kia looked away under the Alison’s powerful gaze. Alison, aware that she’d been staring; held out her arm, offering Kia to go first. Kia walked to her office in silence. Alison watch her sexy walk and noticed Kia was wearing a gstring, she could see the top of the thong outlined in the tight office mini shirt. Such a perfect ass, she thought; now wetter than ever.

Alison’s office was part office and part living room. It was adorned with expensive art and leather couches to make her business guests feel more comfortable. There was a fridge as well, so she could offer her guest drinks. Kia sat on the leather and crossed her legs, watching as Alison poured them both a glass of sparkling wine. She could think of nothing to say to the young woman, who was quiet and seemed uncomfortable in the presence of her boss. Alison smiled as she handed her the wine and sat next to her on the couch.

Kia accepted the glass gratefully and took a small sip, observing the splendor of the rich business woman’s office.

‘You have some beautiful artwork in here Miss Frazier,’ ‘Thank you, call me Alison,’ said Alison and touched her glass with hers. Kia blushed again and took another sip. ‘Do you like working here?’

‘Yes, I do,’ nodded Kia, ‘the staff here are so nice …’

‘Mmm,’ said Alison, not really listening and barely aware of what she was saying. She wanted to get to know the girl, but right now all she could think of was kissing pretty face. ‘You have beautiful hair Kia,’ she said without thinking.

Kia blushed again and looked at her shyly and admiringly. There was no mistaking it, Alison was sure that Kia was attracted to her. ‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘You real pretty too, your hair I mean,’ she added hurriedly and then turned bright red beneath her fine tan.

Kia turned away from Alison’s dominate gaze and pretended to be interested in the room but she could feel the gaze of the sexy older woman all over her.

‘I found it hard working her the first few weeks,’ Kia prattled on to break the silence, ‘it gets really busy sometimes. I think I might have made a few mistakes, but I’ve learnt quickly,’ she added, feeling stupid for talking about it.

‘A lot of people make mistakes in the there first weeks. Would you like to sit in my desk chair?’ Alison offered. ‘It could be you one day, if you work hard enough.’

‘Okay,’ said Kia and nervously got to her feet, aware that Alison gaze hadn’t left her. She walked over to Alison’s chair and set her glass on the desk with a trembling hand; as she set the glass down; she spilt some wine and then as she tried to stop it she upset the whole thing and it fell on the carpet. Alison didn’t care but then suddenly decided to be bitchy about it.

Kia was really embarrassed. ‘I’m sorry,’ she squeaked, blushing again and picked up the glass. She looked around. ‘Do you have any tissues? I’ll clean it up.’

‘Leave it,’ said Alison, her voice cold. ‘The cleaner will do it in the morning. A very clumsy mistake.’

Kia lowered her gaze at the sound of her voice, it was commanding and lacked the warmth that it had before. Alison heart beat faster as she proceeded with a desperate plan. Even though she felt mean, it would all come together soon.

‘I’m really sorry,’ said Kia, standing with her hand clasped behind her back in a girlish fashion.

‘You’ve made a lot of mistakes my secretaries told me,’ said Alison. ‘A lot of mistakes. This company only accepts hard bursa merkez escort working girls to run the office and so far you have been up to scratch. Is that why you were working late for me? To make up?’ ‘Yes,’ said Kia, her blue eyes lowered. She looked up through her long lashes, not liking the stern lecture from her boss. Alison pussy tingles as she stared at the young woman, who was a lot sexier when she was serious.

‘Do you want to keep your job here?’


‘How hard are you prepared to work?’

‘Very hard Miss Fraz – I mean Alison. Very hard.’ she said.

‘You get paid very highly to work for me don’t you?’


‘Working late doesn’t impress me. Good work done on time it what I like. Punctuality. Meeting deadlines.’


‘Look at me,’ said Alison, her voice going soft. Kia looked up, her large blue eyes were reluctant to meet Alison dark ones. Alison could sense that she was scared and hated putting her on; but she had to. She wanted her. ‘Do you want to sit in my chair?’ said Alison and nodded towards it.

‘Yes.’ ‘Alright then,’ said Alison. She stepped past the sexy young woman and sat in her luxury business reclined. ‘Proceed.’

Kia stood there awkwardly for long moments, confused. Alison held her breath.

‘I said proceed,’ said Alison sharply.

Kia looked more confused and then gave a little laugh. ‘But – you’re in it.’

‘Yes, I am,’ said Alison and leaned back with a sly smile. Her intention was out. She raised an eyebrow to the quivering young woman, who slowly began to realize what she meant. She came forward nervously, her hands were shaking. She looked at Alison and then quickly looked away. Alison couldn’t tell if she was scared out of her wits or plain excited.

Kia sat her lovely tush on Alison’s lap a little stiffly. Alison suppressed a moan of pleasure that tried to escape her lips as she felt the lovely weight of the young girl, the beautiful smell, the closeness of her tan skin and face; the texture of her hair. Alison reached out and stoked her long hair .’Now that’s not so bad is it?’ she asked. ‘Just relax.’

Kia shivered as Alison stroked her softly, like a cat. She didn’t know what to do, what to think.

‘Move closer,’ Alison said. ‘Right up on my lap. Come on, I want you right up on my lap.’

Without waiting, Alison grabbed Kia’s thigh and pulled her right up over her thighs. Kia breath became faster and she tensed up; but tried to look relaxed. Alison face was only an inch away from hers, her dark eyes stared into her blue ones; her moist and full lips looked warm and inviting, her breath smelled sweet and warm.

‘Do you like your boss Kia?’ Alison purred, feeling like she was about to orgasm just holding the girl. My panties must be soaked, she thought. Alison had never seduced or abused power this way; but it made her hot to know that she could do it to such a beautiful young woman; whom she was sure wanted her anyway; she just needed some encouragement.

‘Yes,’ said Kia softly, her eyes exploring Alison face. Alison casually stroked Kia’s thigh, all the way up to her hip and back. Kia’s breath sped up and she tried to act relaxed.

‘You do like me don’t you,’ said Alison. ‘You like me touching you, holding you. Do you think I’m attractive?’ ‘Yes,’ breathed Kia, looking away. Alison slowly raised a finger to Kia’s chin and turned her pretty head so she was looking into her eyes again.

‘What do you like about me? Tell me.’

‘Your so powerful, so good-looking, you have control over so many people. They all like you but you don’t seem to give them the time of the day. You could have anyone, your so beautiful,’ she repeated with passion.

‘What in particularly? Do you like my breasts? My thighs? Come on tell me,’ Alison continued stroking her thigh softly and now she moved from the outside to the inside, enjoying the fabric of her stockings. Kia breath became faster. ‘I like your breasts,’ she admitted shamefully and blushed, then looked away. Alison patiently turned her head back again.

‘That’s nothing to be ashamed of young woman, nothing at all. Don’t be shy. Tell me what you like about them.’

‘The size,’ Kia hesitated and stared at Alison wonderfully large breast that her arm was rubbing against. ‘There so big and womanly. So mature and so full.’ She blushed again and felt silly. Alison smiled. ‘Have you thought about holding them?’

‘Yes,’ said Kia guilty.

‘What about playing with my nipples, squeezing them?’


‘What about sucking them? Do you ever think about sucking on my breasts?’

Kia nodded and stared at them. Starting to feel relaxed under the powerful woman’s questioning. Alison made it out to be the most natural thing in the world. ‘Put your arm around my shoulders,’ Alison commanded, ‘then you’ll be closer to them.’

Kia did as she said there breasts mashed together. Alison’s nipples were rock hard and she could sense Kia’s were as well. They both relaxed for long moments, just enjoying the warmth of each other bodies.

Alison held Kia face by the chin. ‘You have a beautiful face Kia. One of the most beautiful I have ever seen on a woman; and body as well. You’re so beautiful you shy little kitten. Just beautiful.’

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