This is how Erika sees the follow up to Chapter 1 (you should read that chapter first before reading this) and is written in her own words. I’ve tweaked it slightly, mainly to add a few pieces of clarification from Callie’s perspective.


I smiled to myself as I left Claire panting in the bathroom.

I’d been watching her closely beforehand. She’d known that, too. I’d positioned myself in her eye line as she’d chatted to her girlfriend at the restaurant table. Her dark eyes had eventually begun to return the series of flirtatious glances I’d sent her way. When she headed to the restrooms—alone—I’d taken instant advantage.

She was truly sexy … wanton, a little restrained and almost blissfully unaware of the real potential of her untapped sexuality.

I had more plans to awaken her later.

As I walked back through the little corridor that separated the bathroom from the restaurant’s dining area, I heard the echo of my stilettos on the polished floor and I knew that it would reverberate back into Claire’s burning ears.

“Good,” I thought. “She’ll remember that for a long time to come.”

I paused briefly at the archway by the counter at the back of the restaurant, took a card out of my purse and scribbled a note on it. A final fluff of my hair, a quick glance into the thin mirror beside the bar, and I stalked past Claire’s girlfriend … but not before casually dropping the card onto the place setting in front of her.

I tried to imagine the look of shock on her face, but I didn’t look back as I breezed out into the warm summer afternoon.

“Wait …” her voice came after me.

I didn’t falter. I didn’t even blink. I simply smiled wickedly to myself as I strode confidently away.


I’d been texting the hotel reservation system on my iPhone while I waited for Claire to return from the bathroom. I swear, that girl has a bladder the size of a watermelon. Just then, I felt rather than saw, a presence glide by me like a shark in deep water.

A business card almost magically appeared on the table mat in front of me, and I looked up to see a stunningly dressed brunette walking away from me and towards the door.

I glanced back down at the card. It had the name ‘Erika’ calligraphically engraved on it, together with a telephone number underneath. I flipped it over in an automatic gesture, not really expecting anything…

“Your girlfriend is a whore.”

I had never really understood the saying, ‘Fear gripped my heart’. But at that exact moment I felt a hand inside me, carefully layering ice over the thing beating in my chest like a drum. Not five minutes ago, I’d been thinking only of what Claire and I were going to do together in the posh suite that neither of us could have afforded on our own.

And now I was trying to come to terms with … wait…

“WAIT,” I called after her…

This made no sense. I wanted to find out what was going on, but the woman was rapidly disappearing and I was torn between the need to find out what she meant and the desire to stay and talk to Claire about what was going on.

I sat back down on the chair and tried to compose myself, tried to make sense of this bolt out of nowhere that made a mockery of the girl I had fallen in love with two years previously.

A whore? What … what did that mean?

Did she know Claire? That was doubtful, we hadn’t been in the City for long and we’d been virtually inseparable during that time.

Had she caught Claire doing something in the restrooms? It wasn’t unknown for either of us to masturbate in a public place when the need overtook us. Heavens, we’d even gone down on the other from time to time, loving the danger that came with the threat of being caught in public.

Was that it? Had she heard Claire masturbating, or caught her in a stall when she hadn’t closed the door properly?

She had been in the bathroom longer than usual.

I had almost convinced myself that was the reason behind the card when it struck me that even if the woman had stumbled across such a scene; she had no way of knowing that Claire was at the restaurant with me. It didn’t make any sense.

At that exact moment, the love of my life walked out of the corridor at the back of the restaurant and smiled at me. She looked nervous and a little flushed, or was I imaging that? I returned the smile but a million thoughts were locked behind my eyes.

“You ready?” she whispered to me as she bent down and kissed my cheek.

Her hand delicately traced the back of my neck, idly toying with the tendrils of hair that lay there. A shudder of arousal raced through me. I decided that any questioning would have to wait until later, when I’d had the chance to think things through.

Walking out of the restaurant with her, I tried desperately not to think about the implications of the card now lying in my purse.


My office is on the seventeenth floor of a tower that faces others of its ilk, in a downtown core that is bursa escort positively packed with concrete. The only real pleasure is that in the late afternoon, sunlight streams in through a window that faces my desk, and that’s when I normally go and sit on the couch and let it wash over me.

It was two days after I had dropped the card onto the place setting in front of Claire’s girlfriend and I was lost in a reverie, thinking about the two women, when my cell phone rang.

“You can’t always get what you waaaant”

“You can’t always get what you waaant”

“You can’t…”

I clicked the little green telephone icon before Jagger could repeat himself.



It was a small voice with an ever-so-slightly affected accent.

“Who is this?”

“This is Callie Adams. You’re Erika, I presume? You dropped a card in front of me at that restaurant close to the convention centre? A couple of days ago?”

I sat back in the soft leather embrace of the couch and smiled deeply.

I could have told her that things had developed at pace. That Claire had telephoned me yesterday, when Callie was ill and we had met for lunch in the same restaurant. I could have confided that with just my big toe, I had made her girlfriend cum at the same table they had shared. That I had taken her back to my apartment afterwards and devoured her thoroughly. Made her mine.

Instead, I threw in a simple, “Well, she is.”

I simply adored theses games and what they led to. I felt rather than heard the shock in her voice as she tried to compose herself and pressed on, unwilling to let this opportunity pass by.

“Though, I’m not at all sure that she acts that way with you. I have a lot to tell you. Six o’clock. Empire Grill. I’ll be waiting.”

I pressed the red telephone icon and put the phone down on the couch next to me. I didn’t think she’d call back but waited a few moments just in case. Just as I thought, the phone was silent.

The odds were about fifty-fifty that she wouldn’t show up at all, but then curiosity killed the cat. She clearly hadn’t spoken to Claire about my message or she wouldn’t have been calling me. Nor did she have the faintest idea of what had transpired yesterday between her girlfriend and I. The recollections still made me wet.

That meant she wanted to work through this on her own and that she wouldn’t bring her lovely girlfriend to the meeting.

That suited me perfectly.


I watched Claire soap herself through the glass walls of the shower. The whole decadent suite was a blend of dark wood and chrome and flat surfaces; very different from the standard business rooms we’d been used to in the past. I could get used to this but the reality was that we’d shortly be returning home once the conference had finished.

I’m not sure what had made me contact Erika, other than being overwhelmed by the need to know the truth. I’d ruminated on the decision for two days before making the call. I know I should have talked to Claire first, but I stupidly couldn’t bring myself to ask her.

I had told myself a couple of times to simply throw away the card and forget about the message. But instinct told me there was more to this than met the eye. This woman was threatening my carefully built status quo, but she obviously something to say.

What? Why?

I could still see her in my mind’s eye even though I’d only managed a glimpse at her. She was much older than either Claire or I, in her mid forties, perhaps? A few strands of her dark hair sexily had fallen across her face and her dress had displayed almost as much of her long toned legs as it had her impressive cleavage.

Perhaps that was part of my nervousness? I knew she was exactly the type Claire would find attractive. She had always liked older, dominant women and the authoritative way Erika had spoken to me over the telephone confirmed she fit that description to a tee.

Turning back to the shower cubicle, I decided to forget about it until I’d heard what she had to say.

Claire was rinsing herself with the handheld unit and my nipples stiffened as her eyes locked onto mine. She gave me one of her smiles as she leaned back against the far wall and then I saw her eyes close as she brought the needle spray down between her legs.

I groaned softly as I saw her thighs part and her torso convulse slightly as the water cascaded over her, over the soft sweet labia that I suddenly wanted to kiss so much that it took my breath away.

“Claire…” I said under my breath.

And then the word ‘Whore’ came into my brain.

I stopped cold. It couldn’t be that the woman had actually touched her, could it? Kissed her? More? That was impossible. Claire was faithful and I was the one with the wandering eye. Still, the new thought was intriguing. What could they have done? My mind flooded with images of the two of them and I was both horrified and aroused beyond belief.

My Claire? A whore?

The thought stabbed bursa ucuz escort into my heart and all the way up into my sex. All of a sudden I couldn’t stop my fingers from wandering down my stomach.

“Whore,” I whispered to myself and I felt myself shake with the beginnings of a surreal lust. Ten seconds later, I was nude, and my hand was on the shower door.

“Let me help you with that,” I said, smiling as I entered…


I lay back on the couch, my heart racing. My fingers were damp from the invasion I’d just launched on my pussy. I had been thinking about the way I’d held Claire against the counter in the restaurant’s bathroom and gripped her hair, forcing her to look at herself as I took her from behind. She’d felt so good, so alive, so … lewd and willing.

It had barely taken a glance for her to give herself to an utter stranger.

I felt the arousal surging through me again as I replayed the scene in my mind, from my initial glimpse of her as she washed her face in the sink, to the way her wetness clung to my manicured fingertips after I’d essentially raped her.

“Whore,” I whispered to the air as my fingers lingered at the top of my clitoral hood.

“Slut,” I sighed, thinking about the way her mouth had subsequently felt when I’d brought her home and masturbated over her face.

“Bitch,” I continued, recalling the eager way she had licked me, without even a thought for her beautiful girlfriend.

“Harlot,” I thought, as I imagined Callie’s reaction if she had been able to watch as I had plunged my strap-on inside the delicious dark-haired dream again and again.

Each thought took me closer and then the orgasm burst with a ferocity that surpassed even my standards. As it shook me, I rested my head on the back of the couch and repeatedly fucked myself with two fingers.

Staccato, harsh, almost violent with my own need. And then soft and tender, stroking the wet pink flesh and dragging the moisture up and over my taut skin.


While I was in the shower, looking down at the way Claire knelt between my outstretched legs, I couldn’t get the forbidden images out of my mind. What if I was Erika? What if Claire was down between that woman’s legs the way she was with mine?

The thought was obliterated from my mind as her hands found purchase on my ass, pulling my whole lower body to her greedy mouth. Her tongue found me, and her eyes looked up at me as she licked me through an orgasm that had me grasping for something to hold onto.

As the hot water cascaded over both of us, I gripped a fistful of her wet crazy black mane and forced her mouth hard up against my sex.

“Lick me,” I rasped frantically. “Lick me LICK ME LICK ME!!!!”

I began to scream out the words as I felt her mouth fasten over my clit and her tongue rasped against it.

“Lick me … you WHORE!”

I said it unthinkingly and I felt her freeze under me, but just for a moment. I’d never said anything quite so crude to her in my life, and I was scared that she’d react badly. But she seemed to thrive on it instead. She renewed her assault on me and I felt her curl her middle finger up and press it against my tiny little puckered ass.

My eyes closed as she ever so gently applied a little pressure, her tongue a little buzz saw, her eyes dark pools of lust that threatened to swallow me whole.

That did it.

I shrieked and let myself go, the orgasm climbing up out of me like a butterfly ripping its cocoon. I closed my eyes fully and just like that, unbidden, I saw Erika in front of me, smiling as she watched the two of us in the shower. It was so real and so surreal that I didn’t know what to do or say, other than to allow myself to be swept along in the bliss.

A couple of minutes later, or maybe it was a couple of hours, I came back to my senses and opened my eyes. Claire was sitting on her haunches, her hands on my thighs, looking up at me with a sexy smile on her lips.

“Where did you go just then?” she breathed.

“I don’t know,” I said, bending down to kiss her.

It wasn’t true. I knew exactly where I’d been. And the thought frightened me.


I sat at the bar in the Empire Grill and tapped my fingernails impatiently on the long burnished mahogany counter, trying not to think about how disappointed I was at the absence of the blonde girl I had tried to provoke.

6:15 p.m.

6:20 p.m.

My anger was increasing.

6:25 p.m.

What a waste of time.

She called my bluff, I said to myself as I checked my cell phone one last time.

I swung myself to the left, my thighs revealed just a little too much to be called tasteful, and I looked down at the floor to make sure that I didn’t slip on the well-worn floorboards.

As I looked back up again, she was standing in front of me.

Concealing my sudden satisfaction, I cocked my head slightly to the left and arched an eyebrow.

“Is this what passes for bursa elit escort punctuality in England?” I murmured.

Before she could reply, I started to walk past her and looked down in distaste as her hand stopped me by gripping my forearm. I looked back up into her eyes and let the impassive gaze on my face do all the communication necessary.

“I’m sorry…” she blurted. “It’s just that Claire—”

I held my finger up to her mouth, placing it across her soft lips. I wanted her off-balance, unable to hold a truly coherent thought.

“That’s just an excuse. We both know that.”

I didn’t give her the luxury of responding and nodded at the bartender as I retook my seat.

“Sit,” I softly but firmly told her.

She hesitated briefly but then took the seat next to me. I silently stared in her eyes, waiting until the bartender poured two more martinis into the triangular glasses and placed the drinks beside us. I pushed one of the icy cold glasses towards her fingers and watched, a half-smile on my lips, as she sipped carefully.

“I can see why Claire isn’t a whore with you,” I murmured, keeping our gazes locked. “You’re not ready for that from her, are you?”

I saw the shock at my words displayed in her expression and waited for it to dissipate slightly before continuing. This beautiful girl in front of me was not at all prepared for me to rather blatant strip the facade off her girlfriend and it kept her off-guard.

“I can see why you love her, though,” I said, gently running my fingertip over the edge of the glass. “She’s quite something.”

I toyed with my drink, watching the evidence of her internal struggle in her wide eyes.

“I know you’d like me to tell you what happened,” I said wickedly, arching an eyebrow again.

I was relishing every second of the dual forces raging in the woman. When I rested my palm softly on her thigh, she gave a huge intake of breath. And yet, she made no attempt to move my hand away.

“But instead,” I said, moving close enough for her to feel my hot breath on her cool cheek. “I’m going to show you…”


I sat silently in the taxi next to Erika, wondering what lay ahead.

First thing this morning, I had made the excuse to Claire that I wanted to get away from the convention today and do some shopping instead. It was a viable pretext. The session was focusing on financials and that was neither my strength nor of any real interest to me.

That was Claire’s cup of tea.

Once she had headed off to the conference I had dressed hurriedly, throwing on a skirt and blouse and a pair of knee-high boots to give me just a little bit of extra height.

I still had no idea how to approach this with Erika, but the whole situation had been grating on my nerves for too long. The more I thought about her message the more confused I was becoming. Talking directly to her would clarify everything and then I could put this whole stupid misunderstanding behind us.

But if this woman was playing games with us, she needed a serious comeuppance and I was just the one to give it to her. I had made a point of being late, just as a way of showing her who was in control.

But everything had fallen apart in a matter of moments…

Seeing her there at the bar had made my heart beat faster. She was magnetic. Her hair was just a mass of sinful red flowing waves, her body was lush and full and ripe like a bursting peach. I had felt my mouth go dry as I took in the sum of the parts.

Then I began to panic as she had started to leave. All of my carefully sculpted words had drained out of me as I had hurried across to her.

And now, one drink later, I was no wiser and yet I was already dancing to her tune. I convinced myself that I had to follow this through. That it was Claire’s fault I was sitting in the taxi with this woman, not mine. She wasn’t willing to tell me what had happened between her and my girlfriend. If I was to find out, I had to let her show me instead!

Despite myself, the thought had my pulses racing with anticipation.


I didn’t say a word in the taxi as it took us to my apartment.

She wanted to know what had happened between me and her girlfriend and I was basking in the knowledge that she had accepted my terms. I’d told her that I wasn’t going to tell her. I was going to show her. That left no room for any misunderstanding but to reinforce the point I casually stroked the top of her thigh on the journey.

I could feel the heat of her rising, together with her shame.

It was a heady mix for me. The lust, the fact that I was seducing her from her girlfriend, the fact that I’d already HAD her girlfriend, the triple betrayal of adultery. I was absolutely drenched already, and the thought of showing her how Claire had been so eager and willing to cheat on her was making me breathless.

I waited until we were leaving the cab before speaking again.

“I didn’t even know her name when I was fucking her with my fingers,” I said casually, twisting the sexual knife.

Her whole body jerked, as if my words were a tangible object and I’d just struck her across the face with it. I tipped the driver well and then let her glimpse my cleavage as I bent to adjust the strap of the Gucci pump that adorned my foot.

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