New Vietnamese Neighbors Ch. 03

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Today started out really well. Gwen asked her worker Jill to take care of Don for the rest of the week. Jill is another Vietnamese hotty short around 5 foot (I like them short) and a spinner for sure. Shortly after Jill started to work for Gwen her husband Jon was talking with me at the shop. He said how Jill biggest fantasy is if a group of bikers kidnap her and she becomes a party favor.

To speed things up, the week of her birthday I had one of my brothers get her and yes, she was raped that night over and over. That was 3 years ago and each year we give her the gift. She is always blindfolded so never knowing who it is.

In the 3 years she has gone from a “A” cup to “DD” cup. Plus, even though Jon and Gwen know about her being a party favor, Jill never has said a word about it to anyone.

It was around 8:30 when Don was gone and at 9 Gwen walks over to Kathy’s. An hour later the door opens, Gwen walks in with a naked slave. She must have had left the collar on all night well lol for the few hours ago because it is already on and Gwen told me it was on when she arrived

At the door is a pair of black high heels with straps that cross up the café. Ass gook doesn’t have to be told for she just puts them on. As she starts to walk, I yell, “Cunt in this house until I tell you crawl and kneel unless we tell you.”

Kneeling she crawls my way taking my limp cock in her mouth. I love the feeling as it grown in her mouth suckling on it.

Gwen comes in the kitchen with black leather halter top, leather short skirt, white thigh high and bright pink heels. She clips a leash to the collar jerking her off my cock. “Master I am sorry, but we have an appointment to make.” Little laugh “and this afternoon you will be busy anyways.”

Pulling the leash ass gook is lead into the garage then in the car. They drive off going straight to the tattoo parlor. During the ride Gwen called me via video. This way I can enjoy watching my new slave squirm. Gwen would always seem to hit every red light in the lane closest to the sidewalk, I guess bad luck lol. I can hear a few guys whistling and shouting out crude things.

Gwen parks in the farthest spot to the door and allows ass gook to walk with the leash on just behind her. The bus stop is right in front of the shop and mothers are trying to hide their children’s eyes. Once in the shop Tom takes the leash pulling my slave to the back. After all, if the cops come you don’t want a ticket lol.

Tom asks why the M and P? Mistress tells him “Master Patrick” as the soldering of the nipple rings shut is done. Even though it takes seconds it hurt like hell from the heat of the solder. Ass gook screams so loudly Gwen has to take a ball gage from her purse and strap it around her head to hold it in.

Now for the tattoo ass gook is bent over the table. The ball gage still in and spit running around it to the floor. All the while I am watching it via video chat. I must say that ass looks really good that way.

Once done Tom tells ass gook that will be a grand. She looks at Gwen with pleading eyes as to what should happen. Gwen just tell Tom, “Her asshole is Master’s but cumming in the mouth and cunt good enough?”

Rubbing his chin, “Mouth and cunt?”

“Yes, that is two loads equaling a grand.”

Still rubbing, “It is a deal. I will start with the cunt.”

Whipping his cock out he keeps ass gook face down plowing away. Throw the gage you hear her huffing and puffing, “CCCUUMM ppplasesss cuuuuummmpaaa.” Tom cums filling her up. Pushing her to the floor removing the ball gage we hear “Please Mistress please let me cum.”

Gwen doesn’t say anything as Tom pushes his cum soaked cock in her mouth. He is half hard but hardens quickly for it seem this gook is a good cock sucker. After about 5 more minute his second load is blown.

Leash clipped back on and out the door they go again. As they are driving home Gwen pulls up her skirt demanding to be licked as she drives. She makes sure that the new tattoo is pressed Onwin against the passenger window. (After all it is good advertising.)

By the time they get home it is 1:30. Gwen explains to my slave that she will go home bath and clean that cunt out. Dress up conservative with a padded bra but no panty. While home pack up the rest of your cloths bring them over leaving them outside on the back porch. Like last night wait tell tiny whip goes to bed and come over.

Fifteen minutes later my other new slave arrives. Once naked Mimi walks to the sound of porn in the master bedroom. Inside the room she sees herself butt plug in and squirting while watching porn.

That is not so much of the shock, but to see Gwen dressed the way she is. “TT come in I need to talk to you about steeling.”

“Mrs. Smith I am so sorry.” Trying to cover up with her hands and arms.

“Bullshit cunt put those fucken hands down kneel like a dog and crawl to me.”

Mimi does as she is told head down during the shot crawl. Gwen takes her right foot putting it under her chin and pushing up, so she has to look up. What she sees is the heel, white thigh highs a bald cunt peeking from under the skirt. That is where the heel under the chin stops.

“I named you Tiny Tits for you are as flat as a board. I have enjoy watching your porn movies. However, it is not nice to NOT ask to wear someone’s heels. Do you like my heels tiny?”

“Aaaa yes mam.”

“Yes, mam what?”

“Yes, mam I love your heels.”

Extending her right foot close to TT’s mouth she demands, “Show me.”

Not thinking Mimi starts licking the pink high heel. Gwen pushes the toe in her mouth and then slips the heel in her mouth pushing it in and out like a very slim cock. It happens for about five minutes.

“Tit’s are you hungry for a taco?”

First a look of what until the skirt goes up. No words are said as she dives in licking away. I walk in the room from the kitchen as I was making sure that ass gook was doing as she was told. I see a slim bitch licking away of my Alpha gook.

I strip for TT is a smaller young version of my number one bitch. I love the look very much. I know Gwen saw me, but I know TT didn’t.

As I kneel quietly Gwen takes a hand full of slicky black hair holding that mouth so it can’t leave the cunt. I reach the slit before me. I slide my finger up and down it. TT tries to pull away but cannot, so she just keeps licking.

Gwen and I talk as if we are alone in the room. I ask her if I should fuck TT’s asshole first or take her cunt virginity? As I say asshole my finger is in the ass and when cunt my finger is in it. We debate over this question trying to make deals.

In the end we decided she needs to lose that virginity completely first while licking Gwen’s cunt and if TT cannot make Gwen cum when I do, she will be spanked with the biggest butt plug in. But if she does make her cum then Gwen will fuck TT with a strap on that has a replica cock of mine and the smallest butt plug in.

I kneel behind first rubbing the head up and down the slit which is so wet and sticky. Now ready I push in, it doesn’t go in at first until I push a little harder which makes the hem break, so I can go in freely.

The complete time Mimi’s hair is held tight for she does instinctually tries to pull away and brace herself for this hard fucking. But after a few strokes we develop a retheme.

I let TT know I am getting close to cumming for my thumb goes in her ass. This gives her, an idea and her middle finger goes in Gwen’s ass. Looking in my favorites gooks eyes I start to cum. Lucky she starts to cum. To our pleasure we knew TT wants to cum but held off. Later Gwen tells me TT was lucky because she was not really ready to cum. But TT turned her finger so through the ass membrane she pushes hard on her g-spot.

After a short rest I lube the small butt plug and in it goes. As I am doing it Gwen puts the strap on, on. As Gwen takes the short legs of Mimi putting Onwin Giriş them on her shoulder TT hears the “I am Mistress speech.”

As those two short skinny slaves are fucking I am by TT’s ear asking questions about how much she loves it, if she wishes to cum, do you wish to be a slave for life? Things like that with allot of heavy breathing trying to control her desires she answers all questions with a yes Master.

Now I lay my half hard cock on her face telling her to cum. She screams leaning back to get my cock in her mouth. I am kissing my number one as she fucks TT and I fuck her mouth also. We both keep fucking her until I cum and during that 15-minute period TT keeps cumming over and over.

Laying like a rag doll I hold her down by the shoulders, Mistress takes the two new needles and piercing the nipple like the other slave.

Now it is getting close tell she normally goes home. Mistress puts two band aids over the freshly pierce nipples, then taking her by the hair, “Tomorrow you will get the nipple rings soldered shut and Tiny Tit’s will be tattooed on your ass. TT in twenty minutes you will be getting a call. Pretend it is Julie for I know your parents like her. You will beg them to be able to sleep over at her home. Say Julie’s parents are going out for the night and she is afraid to be alone.”

“Yes, Mistress I will make them let me sleep over. May I please ask one thing?”

“What cunt?”

Looking at the floor, “Mistress I am still so very horny can Master fuck me once more?”

“Which hole TT?”

“Any hole you want Mistress for I am just a gook that has three holes to be used. I am a fuck toy nothing more.”

Smiling, “OK cunt it will be your ass for he enjoyed the other two holes.”

What a crazy last few days. I must write now just to take a break lol. It is good that TT did convince her parents that she was going to sleep over at a friend’s.

She arrives at our home, stripped at the door before entering and as she is crawling to us my number one puts on a collar, clipping a leash to lead her to the bedroom for makeup to prepare her for me.

As TT was getting ready with smokey eyes and really bright red lips she told her Mistress she hopes we are not too rough with her after the last 48 hours.

Being a good Mistress Gwen asked where she hurt. It is not long tell red lipstick writing is on TT’s body. “Tits” across the chest because of the pierced nipples, “Cunt” with an arrow pointing down because of the loss of virginity and lastly “Asshole” on the back with another arrow because of the virgin anal fucking.

Once done Mistress told her it is good at least one hole didn’t hurt. So, she put a ring gage behind the bright red lips strapping it to the back of the head. Then taking the lipstick again writing “Wh” on the left cheek and “re on the left. Plus, on the forehead reads Tiny Tits.

Stepping back to look over her work she sees two things need to be done to improve this fuck toy. First the waist chain to give a little definition and strapping the arms behind her back because it is obvious TT doesn’t know what to do with her arms.

Once done I hear “Master.” As I walk into the room, I see Gwen’s work as she walks up to me kneeling to start to suck my cock. I smile saying to myself this is why Gwen is my number one gook.

Feeling a bit sore I decide I need a massage, so I lay face down on my massage table. Gwen first leads TT to under the table where there is a hole my cock slips in to hanging under the table. TT just points her head up trying to put the cock in the ring gage mouth. Not being able to wrap her lips around the cock all she does is lick it and pushes her face on upon it.

Gwen is very good at massaging I must say. While this is going on gook ass told me how she picked a fight with tiny whimp, so he would go to bed early.

While waiting to hear his bedroom door shut, she went to her bedroom. She told me how she would run her finger up and down the cunt Onwin Güncel Giriş slit always making sure to hit the clit also.

Now I am pleased she is honest when she told me whenever she was close to cumming she would pull on the nipple rings making them hurt like hell, so she is not thinking of cumming. But the hurt of the nipples seems to excite the clit so back to touching it again wanting to cum. Pull ouch hurt zip tingling to the clit touch orgasm please, pull and it starts all over again.

I know ass gook was happy when she heard the door shut for, she ran over quickly. Taking off her clothes she folds them getting ready to set them down she sees other cloths. She knows they are not hers and she thinks she knows who they belong to but prays she is wrong.

Once in the house on the knees crawling to the master bedroom where she is sure I am at. I am just laying eyes closed enjoying the massage and licking. Mistress starts by saying how happy she is to see ass gook here.

TT never looks out from under the table because she is embarrassed that she accepted she is a slave and not knowing who this other person is that is until Mistress demanded that TT peak your head out for a second to meet your new sister slave.

Reluctantly Mimi sticks her head out from under the table. The look on both of their faces was priceless. TT stuck her head again under the table trying to hide.

I look down as I see her do that, so I demanded, “If you are going back under the table start licking again tit’s.”

With the helpless feeling she has she goes back to licking. Now ass gook first is mad it is true she does know whose cloths are at the door. But as she is looking at her daughter still seeing only her chin pointing out, tits pushed out with pierced nipples like herself, knees bent close to the chest, legs open showing off a very wet bald cunt like herself also. She accepted like mother, like daughter.

A snap of the finger brings ass gook to the present. Mistress points to my ass, ass gook doesn’t need any words to know she is to lick my hair asshole.

As she does open my ass with her hands then dives in licking away, my number one gook goes to my head rubbing my shoulders whispering in my ear how nice it looks by keeping it in the family. She also asks if I would be willing to lick her cunt for, she is very horny herself.

After the massage plus yes, I do cum in TT’s mouth we have them both kneel together. Myself and my number one gook tells both how they are alike and not alike, what we expect from both and that they will do as we demand or not only the one that disobeys get punish but the other one will also.

Mistress then ties ass gooks arms back like tiny tit’s. Once tied she demands for them to show us just how happy they are no longer mother and daughter but sister slaves.

They start out by kissing and soon it leads to TT starting to suck on ass gook’s tits. TT while sucking tells her sister how much she missed suckling the nipples she hasn’t suckled for years. Ass gook told TT how good it feels and wants to suckle like she is being suckled. She also is saying how she is sorry for not giving TT the jean to have big tits like herself.

Gwen has a video recorder in hand to get closeup shoot of what is happening. As they go into a 69 I let them both know they can cum at will. I hear both thanking me just before they both dives back in sucking. TT cums first as ass gook nibbles on the clit.

It is not long tell both start licking each other’s ass. Mistress puts a small dildo into TT’s mouth not saying where it should go. But I am pleased when she pushed it in ass gooks asshole.

Later when asked why she pushed it in ass gooks ass she said, “Well with a tattoo that read Ass gook I figured she likes it in the ass.

Throughout the entire night I decided not to touch either one. I just wished to rest and enjoy the view. Now my number one had both make her cum but I just want to enjoy the show.

By morning ass gook is begging not to send her home. She doesn’t want to ever see tiny whimp’s face again for it makes her sick knowing he was not a man when they married and still not a man after 19 years.

Now I am going riding one of my Harleys because it is a nice day.

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