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We flew into Baltimore, Maryland on a 757, 3 rows of seats on each side of the plane with a half empty plane coming here. Michael sat near the window in row 19, I sat in the aisle beside him, it was a slow flight and long, too long for my tastes, 5 hours…my ass was sore.

I started to get hot thinking of this one blonde flight attendant who I eyed at the gate and happened to be on our flight, About an hour or so into the flight I started getting bored so I fired up my laptop and began reading stories, Michael had fallen asleep against the window but as I read on, I began to get hot and hotter. So, looking around I began to massage myself, the stews were in the back somewhere, so I hiked up my skirt and began to play with my lips, I got wet real quick and slid a finger up inside me, then I leaned over and traced that finger over Michaels lips, he awoke quick and looked at me then realized what I was doing and told me to stop.

I didn’t stop touching so I slipped my thong off my thighs and threw it to Michael, he shoved it into his pocket and brought his chair forward and turned so that his back was against the window facing me, I lifted up the middle armrest and spread out wide, still looking behind me no one was around so I went to town, I had about 10 minutes to myself and was so close to orgasm that I didn’t Onwin hear the blonde walk up behind me, before I could bring my thighs together she was in front of me, my hand still between my thighs with thighs parted, knowing I had been caught already, either I was going to get into trouble or be watched so I took my chance and continued masturbating, she stood there watching me, and watching and watching. I started to cum and it was so strong, I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, she was moving backwards towards first class but still watching me, it was wild.

I straightened out and kept my eyes on her, she went to the closet, fired up a movie, then walked back towards me, she smiled as she passed and disappeared again in back, I didn’t see her until the movie was over, this was about 2 hours later. Michael was asking me if I felt a little like fooling around and I figured he wanted a blowjob or a hand job so I had him cover us with a blanket and I began massaging his cock thru his pants. Since the 3rd seat next to us was vacant I dipped my head down and took the head of his cock into my mouth and sucked him some. I tongued the head while stroking him thru my fist.

When I felt his cock grow hard I knew he would be coming soon so I placed my face close to his cock and whispered to him that I Onwin Giriş wish he would fuck me in the seat in front of everyone. As I stayed on this scenario he began to moan low and I felt his shaft grow thicker. I wrapped my lips around his head and pumped his shaft. I felt his body tense and his precum flow from the head of his cock. I sucked the head hard then felt his sticky hot sperm filling my mouth. As I pumped his cock thru my hand he fed me more of his seed and I swallowed it all as I bobbed my head on his cock. I pumped his shaft squeezing as much of his delicious seed from him as I could. I sucked abit more till nothing else seeped from his head. I pulled my mouth off his cock and sat back up. He covered himself with the blanket as he slipped his cock back into his jeans. I savored his taste in my mouth as I have always found him to be sweet whenever I swallowed him.

As I looked around the plane I saw my sexy flight attendant walking back towards me. As she passed, she knelt down and asked if I wanted something to drink to remove the taste of my boyfriend from my mouth. I looked at her and declined the offer but said I would like her to be next in my mouth as she squeezed my thigh and stood up to walk back to her station. Michael then told me that she had walked past while I was sucking his Onwin Güncel Giriş cock but he was too far into his blowjob that he didn’t do anything to cover up. I said no problem and that it was good for her to see.

About an hour after that we started to descend, she came back up and took a seat up in front until we landed, when I passed her leaving the plane, she took my hand and looked into my eyes and said thank you, then we went down the ramp and she was out of sight.

She reminded me of my girlfriend Sarah, and that made me all hot and bothered again, we walked thru BWI making our way to the car rentals, after what seemed like miles of walking since they’re under construction we found Hertz, I signed up, showed my ID and was shown the map to retrieve our car, I waited for Michael to get his car and then we walked together. We found the area but had to walk a bit more to the car since they don’t bring it to you like other airports do. We checked it out and I followed Michael to the hotel in Laurel, MD.

It was about 20 miles from the airport but it was a short ride, we pulled into the parking lot and Michael went to go get a cart for our bags, he brought it back to me and I loaded my bags then he did the same. We went in and he checked in since he was staying there, not me. But he had made the reservation for one large king bed since I was only going to be there that first night and then again on Thursday and Friday nights.

Well, hopefully she’ll be on the return flight to SFO when we leave Maryland on Saturday, wishful thinking ya know!

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