My Father the Ob/Gyn: My Daughter the Pregnant Slut

Part 1: The very next morning

Both Dr. Smith and his daughter Victoria awaken from the most erotic dream either of them have ever had.

I cannot believe it was all a dream. It felt so real, so life-like, and so… good. What am I saying? It was a dream about my father and I fucking while he was suppose to be examining me. I must be sick to have such wicked dreams. Oh God, and today we have to go down there to the clinic. If I was nervous last night, then now after that dream, I am terrified. How will I face him, and how can I go through with the examination with that dream in my head? I don’t know. But I need to get in that shower and get ready.

Have I gone crazy? I’m dreaming about violating and taking advantage of my little girl, when she most needs me. I need to get that dream out of my head and quick. God, how am I going to make it through the examination? I won’t be able to resist her sweet young cunt exposed to my eyes and my touch. NO, NO, you sick bastard. That’s your daughter, and you need to get over it. Damn, I need to take a crap. I hope nobody is in the restroom.

Damn someone is taking a shower. KNOCK, KNOCK

“Hold on I’m in here taking a shower.”

“Victoria its me daddy, listen I need to come and use the restroom. It is an emergency,” I hastily reply trying to hold it in.

“Oh, ok daddy, come in.” I say nervously after getting images of last night’s dream upon hearing his voice. “I’ll stay inside the shower till you finish.”

“Ok thanks sweetie,” I reply to my daughter as I bolt to the toilet and take care of business. “I’ll try to not be long sweetie.”

“Ok daddy, take your time.”

Wow, she is right behind that curtain, only feet from me, fully naked all wet and lathered up in soap. I wonder if her body looks as delicious and tempting as it did in my dream. I wonder if she shaves her cunt like she had in my dream. Yah baby, wash your body for daddy. Wash your dirty cunt so daddy can examine it. Oh man that dream is getting to me. I am such a pervert. But I can’t help it. Here I am with my pants down and her naked body behind that curtain. I can’t help it but I need to stop.

“Victoria please take your time. It’s going to be longer than I thought,” I shout to her over the cascading shower as I start rubbing my hard cock to the slight silhouette of my naked daughter’s body. “I should not of ate those chili dogs last night,” I tell her as an excuse.

“Its ok daddy take your time,” I shout back to him over the cascading shower still not being able to remove the dream from my head. I better clean myself really good. I would not want my daddy to examine a dirty smelly cunt. Gosh there he is right on the other side of this curtain. I wonder if I am going to be able to stop from getting aroused when I open up for daddy. I am so scared, and yet so turned on. Mmmmm this soap towel feels so good on my cunt. Ohhh so do my fingers. Mmmm yes, just like daddy fingered me last night in my dream. Oh yes two fingers, mmmmmm. Yes, three fingers, OH GOD yes. It feels so good. I wish you could see me daddy, I wish you would rip that curtain off and see me finger fucking my cunt right in front of you.

Oh man I’m such a pervert. Here I am stroking my cock in the same room with my daughter. I don’t know if I can make it today. What if I get a hard on, what if I cannot resist when I stick my fingers in her cunt. Ooooo, this feels good. I wish you could see me Victoria, I wish you would sneak around that curtain and see daddy stroking his cock right in front of you. I wish you would then come out here and kneel before daddy and take my cock into your cute, small, delicious mouth. Mmmmmm

Oh God yes, this feels so good. I never knew masturbating in the same room as my dad would turn me on so much. Ohhhhhhhh yes.

Oh God yes, I can’t stop from stroking it. She is right in front of me and I am masturbating right in front of her. Ooooooo God yeah.

Yeesssss, Yeessss daddy your fingers feel so good inside me. Yeessss, Yeessss, daddy examine my pussy deeper, harder, faster. I let out a soft moan as I release.

Mmmm yeah, Mmmmm yeah, I am going to spurt all over your face Victoria. I am going to make you my little cum slut. Oohhhhhh shit, Oohhhhhh, yeah AAHhhhhhh. I let out a soft grunt as I release.

Oh man what am I doing. I just finger fucked myself in the same room as my dad. I can’t take it anymore. It’s getting to me, I wont be able to control myself at his clinic. Maybe I should just tell him. Maybe I should just tell him about my dream and how I’ve been so turned on ever since. How I just masturbated, practically in front of him. How I want him to fuck his little girl. NO, NO stop it. I need to stop it. It was a dream and nothing more. He would kill me and disown me if he heard me talking like this.

Damn look at this mess. Cum everywhere. bursa eskort I am really going to hell for this one. Stroking my cock and cumming everywhere while my 18 year-old daughter is in the room. If I did this, I know I won’t be able to contain myself at the clinic. You pervert you need to get that dream out of your head. It will never happen. She would hate me forever if she discovered what I’ve been thinking, and doing, God I’m so ashamed. I need to get out of here.

“Victoria I am done, I’ll be waiting for you at the breakfast table,” I tell her as I exit the bathroom.

“Oh ok daddy, I’ll meet you there,” I reply to him. “Save me some orange juice,” I tell him as I finish wiping my cunt, wondering how I am going to look at him in the eyes at the breakfast table.

Part II: At the breakfast table

“Ah hi daddy, did you save some orange juice for me.” I blurt upon entering the kitchen, trying to avoid direct eye contact. “Where is mom, I heard her waking me up. Is she gone already?”

“Yes Victoria, she has already left. Look, I think that everything going on with the pregnancy and college is going to take time to get used to,” I ramble as she eats her eggs with her head down as to avoid eye contact with me. She wears a low cut blouse that exposes her beautiful, luscious, and succulent breasts as she bends over to eat her eggs. She also wears a short skirt as she often does. I almost get lost and forget what I am saying until I snap out of it.

“I love you a lot and I know that within time everything will be back on schedule with college. Even though your having a baby, you will still attend ok?”

“Yes I understand,” I reply as I bravely pick my head up to meet his eyes. I think my face might have flushed with red from embarrassment about being pregnant, going to my daddy for a physical, and worst of all, the dream that I had the previous night.

“Thank you daddy, that really means a lot to me. I knew you would be there for me,” I tell him graciously, upset with myself with all my nasty thoughts, and not to mention masturbating in front of him. Here my dad is helping me out, pouring his heart out to me and in return all I can do is have erotic thoughts about him. I have sunk so low that I have even put on a low cut blouse and short skirt in an attempt to turn him on. I am so ashamed. I should go change and put something less revealing.

“Daddy, will you excuse me,” I say as I get up from the table.

“Where are you going Victoria? Did I upset you? Was it something I said?”

“Oh no, not at all daddy, I just decided that I should change outfits”.

“But why, I like that outfit, you look perfect,” I complement her, secretly begging that she not change her outfit. She looks adorable and slutty at the same time as she stands there in front of me.
“Besides, we need to get going.”

“Oh ok daddy, if you insist,” I reply surprisingly. Never before did he approve of these types of outfits until now. Maybe it did work, maybe he is turned on by me. Maybe the dream will come true. What am I thinking? Only in my dreams.

What a coincidence. She is wearing the same type of slutty outfit she had in my dream. Maybe she wants daddy to see her as a slut. Hey maybe, just maybe my dream will come true. Yeah right. Only in my dreams.

Part III: The car ride

I see her closing and locking the front door as I wait for her in the car. God she is beautiful. I never before had seen my daughter in this light until now. Maybe it was the fact she was having sex, or maybe that I was about to take her to my office, and have her lying naked on a table in front of me, or maybe it was the dream. I don’t know but something had changed. She dropped the keys. MMMM she is bending down to pick them up. Oh God, I can see her white cotton panties, and her sexy full ass trying to escape them. Here she comes walking towards the car. Her tits bounce slightly with every step she takes in an attempt to escape her low cut blouse. Oh, man I can’t control myself. She is getting in the car. First she puts in her bare leg enticing me, tempting me. Her tits flop as she sits. She closes the door and smiles at me.

“You lock up Victoria?” I say to her quickly.

“Yes daddy, all locked up. Hope I did not take long.”

“Not at all,” I reply to her trying to pick up my leg a bit to conceal my raging hard on.

I noticed he was trying to conceal his hard-on as we drove off. I could not believe how big the bulge was, and most importantly how did it get there. Was he just as turned on as I was about our visit to the clinic? Maybe the outfit is working. What if I raise my skirt up a bit?

“Victoria I know that our visit to the clinic is a bit awkward,” I mention as I glance over and notice that her skirt has scrunched up her thigh. God her leg looks so irresistibly young and tender, just like in my dream. I place my hand on bursa merkez escort her thigh as I nervously say, “What goes on in there is strictly between doctor and patient alright.”

“I am going to be seeing you and performing some tests that might be a little uncomfortable because of the fact that I’m your father.”

“Well, I must admit I have been a bit nervous,” I admit to him as the touch of his hand makes my thigh tingle with excitement. I knew that no man could resist me, not even my father. I grab his hand, pick it up, kiss it and put it back on my thigh a little higher.
“I did not now what to expect.” I say as I slide his hand even higher on my thigh inches away from my pulsating cunt.

Mmmmmm her soft thigh feels so good. It feels so tender, soft, and looks young and tasty.

“Well, ah thanks for telling me your concerns Victoria. I figured you might be a little nervous. Are there any questions that I can answer to ease your mind?” I remark as I rub her thigh up and down in the most innocent and discreet way. God it feels so wonderful. I want to go further until my hand is on her. I want to examine her right here, right now.
And she keeps on inching my hand up her thigh. Maybe she wants me to touch her, maybe she wants daddy to finger her tiny cunt right here, right now.

“Only question I have is, how long is it going to take.” I unconsciously reply, only paying attention to his hand so close to my cunt. God I am so hot and horny. I know I want my dream to come true. Please daddy, please don’t remove your hand. Please touch me, molest me, show me what you’re going to do to me at the clinic. Oh God I am so wet.

“Well it all depends on you,” I tell her as I ease even further up her thigh. “If you’re a good girl we’ll be done in about an hour.” God, my hand is so close to her. I can feel her panties. Yes, I can feel her cotton panties on my finger. Did she just part her legs? She has her hand on top of mine, as if she doesn’t want me to remove it. Maybe she wants me to touch right here, right now.

“Daddy?” I speak.

“Yes sweetie?” I nervously reply as I feel her rubbing my hand with her as if to direct it upwards.

“Are you going to, ah, ah put your finger in me?” I ask with a red face.

“Ah, well, ah, I wouldn’t put it in those words but yeah something like that,” I reply shocked and embarrassed with her question.

“But wont it be weird touching me in my private because you’re my father.” I ask him, feeling his hand so close to my cunt, caressing it as to encourage it to move upwards. His hand on me, and the conversation has me totally lost in sexual bliss and lust, to the point of no control. My cunt starts to release its sweet love juice, wetting my cotton panties.

“Ah, no, Victoria, ah no, no it wont be ah weird because, because I am a doctor,” I stutter, shocked and paralyzed to the fact that I can slightly feel her panties. I can’t believe this. What’s that smell? Is it her? Yes, it is. It smells like sex. It smells like her sex. Is she wet? Is that moisture I feel on my hand? Yes, oh my God it is. Her cunt juice is flowing to my hand. She wants me to finger her. She wants to be a slut for daddy, Oh God, is my dream coming true?

“I’ve examined many women baby, and I am used to it,” I proclaim as I subconsciously and in full bliss and lust raise my hand towards her cunt and resting two of my fingers on her wet panties. Trying to maintain my concentration on the road I sinfully, and lightly run my finger across her wet protruding cunt through her cotton panties.

His hand is on me. His hand is on my cunt. Oh I can’t resist it. I can’t resist my daddy’s fingers. They feel so good!!

“Daddy?” “Your ah, your ah finger is ah, oh God, its touching me on my, ah,” I try to say but cant because of my lustful, blissful state. I grab his hand as to give him permission to violate me. Urging him to molest me.

“Here daddy, here daddy show me what your going to do to me so I won’t be so nervous,” I nervously ask with a scratchy, scared voice as I pull my white cotton panties to the side and part my legs a bit, and take his fingers and direct them over my wet, juicy cunt hole.

“But, but, Victoria, what are you doing, not here, not now, this is not right, I’m your father, you’re my daughter,” I warn her, petrified, not being able to stop her as she runs my fingers over her soft, young cunt, spreading her wetness. My cock exploding with heat, and my mind confused trying to drive and dealing with the fact that my hand is on my little girls cunt.

“Mmmmm, but your not my daddy remember. You said you’re my doctor mmmmm, so it shouldn’t be a problem,” I insist as I lose myself in pure bliss and ecstasy, helping his hands maneuver around my cunt. OH God I can’t believe this is happening, my dream is coming true, my dream is coming true!!

Oh God I can’t believe what she bursa sınırsız escort is doing to me. She wants me to finger her. God she is such a slut, such a dirty slut. But oh this feels so good, I have to do it, I can’t resist her, she makes me so hard. I stick two fingers in her tiny cunt, making her moan loud.

Mmmmm yeah that’s right moan like a slut baby, moan like a slut. My dream is coming true, my dream is coming true!!

“Oh gosh daddy, is that what your going to do to me at the clinic,” I ask him while he has two fingers inside me while still driving. That’s not scary at all, it didn’t hurt either, and actually it feels so good. Don’t stop daddy aahhhhhhh, show me more show me more” I insist as I spread wide for him, putting one leg on his lap, and the other up high on the dashboard. God I’m such a slut.

I try to keep some of my attention on the road. I continue to finger fuck my daughter’s cunt. I glance over and there she is with her skirt all the way on her waist, her leg on my lap, and the other spread wide on the dashboard. Her face has an orgasmic, painful look. Her eyes are closed, she is biting her lip, and her head is tilted backwards. With one hand she pulls to the side her cum drenched white cotton panties. I keep my eyes on the road while I stab her faster and harder.

“Ohhh yes daddy, I mean Dr., yes don’t stop, keep going, don’t stop yesssss,” I plead to him as I lose myself.

“Oh Victoria, oh Victoria, what am I doing? We cant, we cant do this. Your so, your so soft, so wet, so, Oh God!”

“Mmmmmm yes put another one in me, put three fingers in me Dr. Please, please, don’t stop,” I beg my father as I meet the thrusts of his three fingers sliding in and out my wet tiny cunt. I hear his words of disagreement, but feel his actions of total agreement.

“Oh God Victoria, oh I can’t wait to lay you down on that examining table. Your such a slut baby, your such a dirty slut. I can’t believe I’m ramming three fingers into your cunt, my 18-year old daughter, my own flesh and blood. God this is wrong, this is wrong Victoria!!!!”

“Yes daddy, it is wrong, but I know you want me, I can see your hot bulge trying to escape your pants, the way you’ve been fixating your eyes on my tits, my ass, my ooooooo daddy, yes don’t stop!!!”

We arrive at my office. I take my fingers out of my daughter’s cunt to turn off the ignition.

“Daddy no, why did you stop?” I ask him as I feel the car stop. “Please daddy put them back in me, please!!”

“Oh Victoria!” I gasp as I jump to the passenger’s seat on top of her between her legs and kiss her deep and passionately. “Yes baby, yes I do want you, I want to fuck my little girl, I’ve been sinfully looking at your ass, your tits, all morning long,” I confess as I kiss her on her neck as she runs her hands through my hair.

“Oh yes daddy, I knew it, I knew you wanted me, I knew you were turned on by bringing me over here. I knew you wanted to examine me so you could touch me. So you could touch my breasts, my cunt,” I gasp faintly as I wrap my legs around his waist and feel his cock pressing on my wet cunt through his pants.

“And I’ve been looking forward to it too daddy, yes, I’ve been looking forward to daddy putting his hands all over my naked body. I even finger fucked my cunt while you were in the restroom with me this morning!”

A surge of heat surges through my body when I realize she was fingering herself while I was jacking off to her. I grab her blouse with my two hands and I rip it down the middle.
“Your not gonna believe this baby but while your were finger fucking your cunt I was jacking off to the thought of your naked body,” I proclaim as I pull her bra up off her firm, round, tits, and lose my thoughts as I lower my mouth to her hard, puffy nipples.

“Oh God, yes daddy, suck my tits, suck them like a little baby,” I gasp as I arch my back and push my breasts upwards for him.

“Make my dreams come true daddy, I had a dream last night that we made love, and now its coming true. Your making it come true!”

“What, a dream?” I ask shockingly, as I continue to smother her breasts and bite on her nipples.

“I had the same dream.”

“Let’s make our dreams come true daddy.” I beg him, while feeling the painful pleasure from my nipples in his mouth. “I’ve been dreaming of you all night, I’ve been horny all day for you, and now I know, now I know you want me too.”

“Yes Victoria, yes baby I want you,” I confess as I open her door while still feasting on her succulent puffy nipples. “I even fucked your mom this morning and pretended it was you baby.” We slowly crawl out the car and fall out onto the driveway with my mouth still attached to her 18-year old breasts. I begin getting up from the ground moving my mouth to her neck, as she wraps her hands around my neck, and her legs around my waist. I sink my tongue deep in her mouth as she holds on to my body. I manage to make it to my feet with her clinging on to me. I close the car door with one hand as I hold her by the waist with the other. Her skirt is around her waist, her panties are soaked, her blouse is torn down the middle, and she clings to me with my tongue exploring her mouth. I start walking towards the door.

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