I stepped out of my last lecture for the week and winced as the bright sunlight hit me. It had been a complete waste of time, as had all my other lectures, since meeting up with my mom last week. My ability to concentrate was permanently broken, and would be until I got home to see her again.

The thought of our conversation still made my skin prickle with anticipation. It was finally going to happen, she had started on the pill and I was going to get to fill my mom’s lusciously tight pussy with my come.

All week she had been driving me crazy, sending me text messages to tell me that she couldn’t wait to feel me filling her up with my seed. Things had escalated quickly and soon she was sending me pictures of her dressed in the new lingerie we had bought to commemorate the upcoming occasion. As the deadline neared the lingerie had been covering less and less of her. The most recent picture, sent only this morning, nearly made me spurt in my pants.

My mom had positioned herself on the floor in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom. Our bedroom. She was completely naked. Her huge breasts perched heavily on her chest and toned stomach. She had her thighs spread, her body front-on to the mirror. One handheld the camera up, angled down so that it did not obscure this vision of perfection. The other was between her legs, two of her fingers had burrowed into her soft folds and were spreading her tender, pink inner flesh open, inviting my gaze.

The attached message simply said, “I can’t wait for you to fill me up tonight…”

Before I even registered it I had pulled my cock out of my sleep shorts and was jerking myself off to a rapidly approaching climax. I was so transfixed by that picture I did not fully realize what I was doing until there was pre-come dripping down over my knuckles and my cock was pulsating on the verge of an eruption.

My mom looked so incredible. She always did, but this picture was such a beautiful contrast of the shy expression on her face and the lust-filled sexual confidence she had recently discovered in my arms.

It pained me to do it, but I had to force my fingers to pry themselves up off my aching cock. It spat an angry dollop of milky liquid onto my belly and twitched, as if it were trying to wriggle itself over the finish line.

But I forced myself to look at the picture on my phone again with fresh eyes. I wanted to save every drop of my come to pump into that tight cunt she was spreading for me. I had been dreaming about doing exactly that for years. I had been so close more times than I could count over the past few incredible months. Tonight was finally the night and I was going to fill her to bursting with my seed.

I felt the thrill rise in my throat as I considered this, dropping down the red brick stairs outside the lecture hall two at a time. It was a matter of hours now. I felt a pressure rising against the stiff fabric of my jeans. Just a few short hours.


The voice cried out somewhere off to my left. I was so wrapped in the thought of being equally wrapped up in my mother’s arms tonight I probably wouldn’t have even registered it if it hadn’t called out again.

“Chase! Hold up!”

I paused at the base of the stairs and half turned. I expected to see one of my buddies. They had been on my case a lot recently on account of me disappearing from the social scene. I think they suspected there was a woman in my life, but I could hardly tell them who it was. I looked around for a face I recognized. Perhaps I had forgotten something in the lecture hall? My mind was definitely distracted enough to do that.

Then I saw the figure standing beside the open door of a silver sports car. I felt blood rush to my face in a tide of warmth and my fists clenched tight before I could even fully process who it was.

Brian, my mom’s soon-to-be-ex-husband, was standing there waving at me with a huge grin on his shit-eating face. He was a good looking guy, I will give him that, with his excessively gelled hair, his expensive suit, and the dark ray-bans covering his eyes. He was closer to my age than to my mother’s and he looked it. If not for his business attire he might have passed for one of the students, now slowly filtering out of the building behind me in small chattering groups.

“Chase, my man!” Brian called, with a note of triumph now that he had gained my attention.

I stood and stared at him, torn between turning on my heel and walking away as if I hadn’t seen him, or walking up to him and knocking every tooth out of his enormous, white smile.

I had to quell my anger though, knowing that if the divorce my mom and I had been hatching were to go through smoothly, we would need to keep level heads.

“What do you want, Brian?” I responded, flatly. Suddenly I was very conscious of my phone in my pocket. It felt hot against my thigh, but perhaps that was because I knew it was loaded with photos of my mother, Brian’s wife, naked and spreading her delicious pussy for my hack forum eyes only.

“Hey, come on, man. I haven’t seen you in ages. Is that any way to greet your dad?”

“Brian, you are not my dad,” I unconsciously took a step forward, my voice coming out in an angry whisper, “You are lucky I don’t walk up to you and kick the shit out of you for ditching my mom and brother like that.” If only he knew that the sole reason I didn’t was that his fuck up had opened the door for the relationship my mom and I had started.

“Woah, Woah,” He held up his hands defensively, “Look, I get it, kid.”

Internally I flared even hotter at that. At no level in our relationship could I ever be considered “kid.” I had already started college when he met my mom. It was like he wanted me to punch him in the mouth.

Not sensing my growing displeasure he continued, “It looks bad, I can see that, but just give me five minutes. Let me just talk to you and then I will go away and you can think about what I have to say. Will you do me that service? I’m desperate here, man. Your mom won’t even take my calls anymore. I miss my wife. I want to see my son. I know I fucked up but I’m ready to come home now.

“Why weren’t you saying that 6 months ago?” I shot back when what I really wanted to say was, “They’re not your wife and son anymore.”

“I got scared, okay? I wasn’t ready to be a dad. I didn’t realize it would be that hard. No sleep. All the crying. And your mom, it was like she became a different person overnight. Suddenly it was all about the baby and old Brian could do nothing right. Jesus. You understand, right?”

“Yeah, Brian, I do, because who do you think was there to pick up the pieces when you just disappeared?”

“And I’m grateful, believe me. I’ll make it up to you, I swear.”

“Make it up to me?” I was incredulous.

“This place can’t be cheap,” he waved to the college buildings surrounding us, “I can help out. You know I make good money.” His hand came down to rest on the roof of his shimmering vehicle.

“Are you trying to buy your way back into our lives?”

“Kid, I just want a chance. Come on. You’ve only heard your mom’s side. I tried to make it up to her, I did. But you know how hard-headed Angie can be. I’m her husband and she won’t even listen to me anymore.” He paused a moment then continued, “It’s like she…” he gave me a conspiratorial look and asked, “She’s not seeing anyone, is she?”

“Jesus, Brian.”

Luckily he interpreted my response as exasperation rather than that he was getting a little too close to an uncomfortable truth.

“I know, I know,” he held up his hands defensively, “Who would want to date a woman with a newborn. Plus there’s the baby weight. I know I shouldn’t worry, but there is definitely something different about her.”

I wanted to yell in his face, “She’s different because she’s finally happy!”

I have no idea how my mom fell for him. He must have put up an impressive front. Maybe if I hadn’t been away at college I might have been able to protect my mom, as I had from so many of her other terrible suitors. In hindsight, I can see that she must have been very lonely to let a guy like Brian worm his way into her life. “She’s not lonely anymore,” I reminded myself, “and I am going to make sure she never feels that way again.”

I had had enough, I ghosted past him and spat out: “Fuck off, Brian and leave us alone.”

Brain called after me, “Chase!” I ignored him. He called out again, “Chase, I just want to see my son. You can’t keep me from seeing my son!”

When I did not acknowledge him his calm finally cracked and he yelled, “Fuck you and your stuck-up bitch of a mother then! He’s my son, you little asshole! I will find a way to see him again.”

I put my head down and walked. I knew if I stopped I would turn around, go back, and beat the shit out of Brian. I wanted to, more than anything, but I knew it would hurt my mom’s case when she filed for a divorce. No, we had to be beyond question until the papers were signed and that giant douchebag was out of our lives. Then, and only then, could I hunt him down and pound him into a greasy stain on the floor.

I got back to my dorm room and took a deep breath. I reminded myself of what was going to happen tonight. Closing my eyes, I saw again my mother’s spread legs, her pussy glistening with the dew of anticipation. An instant later I was rock hard and smiling. All the rage and conflict Brian had brought up had dissipated.

It only took me a couple of minutes to pack. I had been living a dual existence these last few months. My school attendance barely met the minimum requirements. Every other moment I had was spent in the arms of my gorgeous mother, or in playing family with her and my brother Ian.

I only had to throw a few books into a gym bag, deluding myself that I might get a moment to study for my upcoming midterms, some toiletries, and my favorite sweater. Then I was out the door and half-running to my car.

On the drive back I had to keep reminding myself to slow down. I kept thinking of my mom at home, waiting for me and my foot kept getting heavier on the pedal. I eventually had to take it right off and force myself to take a few deep breaths. I did not want a massive fine or an accident to potentially ruin the greatest night of my life.

My dick was rock hard the entire journey back.

Despite my efforts at caution, I still think I set a new record for the drive between school and home. I pulled into the drive just as the sun was setting. I turned the engine off and sat for a minute as it ticked away the heat. I felt giddy, my pulse racing, excitement gripping my throat. This was the final step.

A movement caught my eye and I glanced up. I glimpsed a figure flitting past the kitchen windows. The lights were on inside the house and from that barest hint of motion I could discern that it was my mother. Nobody moves with her grace.

We had been intimate for months now, but this felt like a first date. Sucking in a last sharp breath, I drummed out a short rat-a-tat-tat on the steering wheel, and then launched myself out of the car.

I strode with purpose up to the front door, clearing the steps in a single bound. I unlocked the door and slipped inside, shutting and locking it again behind me.

She was waiting for me when I found her, her back to the counter, a glass of wine in her hand and a look in her eyes with enough heat to kindle a campfire.

“Hi, Ch-” she began, but I did not let her finish. A single step and she was wrapped in my embrace, my lips pressed to hers. Her eyes widened and then, gradually, her heavy lashes closed and her mouth opened, growing soft and welcoming. I tasted the rich burnt caramel of the wine on her tongue. I smelled the scent she had put on just for me. I felt the silken fabric of the dress she wore, clinging to her hourglass figure.

I let out a moan as my hard cock rubbed against her thigh. She shivered in my arms. God, I wanted her so much.

Our kiss broke as a smile grew across her lips. Mine grew to match and then we were staring into each other’s eyes, grinning like idiots.

“I missed you, baby,” She purred, “Did you miss me too?” She gave a soft chuckle as her hand palmed the hardness in my pants, “I guess so.”

“You have no idea,” I moaned, looking up at the ceiling as she massaged my cock through the denim, while placing soft kisses on my neck. “God, you had better stop that,” I bleated, “Otherwise this will be over before it even begins.”

“Are you that excited?” She teased the top button of my jeans open.

“What about Ian?”

“Already asleep,” her mouth was at my ear, nibbling my lobe. She gestured towards the baby monitor which rested on the counter beside her. “You are so hard,” she sighed into my ear.

“I have been all week, thanks to you.”

“Poor baby,” she slipped a hand into my pants and I felt the heat of her naked palm on my shaft, “You haven’t touched yourself? Not even once? Even with all those pictures I sent you?”

“No,” I gasped, as she released my cock from my underwear, “It nearly killed me, but I’ve been saving every drop for you.”

She cooed appreciatively, snuggling her body closer as she cupped my balls. Her huge breasts molded themselves around my side.

“Fuck!” I hissed, as precome dribbled out of my tip and covered her knuckles. My mom giggled and, to my surprise and delight, she raised her hand to her mouth and lapped up the liquid like a kitten.

“You always get so hard for mommy. You’re always ready for me, aren’t you?”

“Day or night. Luckily you are with a younger man. Who else could keep up with your insatiable needs?” I raised a cocky eyebrow at her.

“Why don’t we get started then?” She teased, sliding her hips against me, “Apparently I am pretty insatiable.”

“Now?” I asked, unable to hide the surprise, “What about the build-up? The dinner? All this?” I nodded towards the kitchen counters where evidence of my mom’s preparations lay everywhere, and to the dining room where it had clearly been set up for a romantic dinner.

“Oh, fuck all that,” My mom waved her hand dismissively. It was shocking enough to hear her swear, but it was even more so when she let go of my cock and seductively bent herself over the kitchen counter. Her short dress rode high and, as she positioned herself, I could see the tops of her stockings where they connected to their straps.

“I know how long you’ve been waiting for this. You’ve been so good. Why wait any longer?”

I felt like I had stepped into one of my teenage wet dreams. It very nearly ended as abruptly and as messily as one of them right then and there. “But shouldn’t it be special?” I stumbled, cursing myself inwardly for being such a girl.

My mom looked at me through her long lashes as she began to hike up her dress over her ample backside and replied, “There will be plenty of time for special. We are going to be doing this a lot in the future. A lot. More than you dreamed possible.”

I gulped involuntarily as she rolled her dress all the way up to her garter. The perfect orbs of her plump ass were presented to me, clearly visible through the sheer fabric of her underwear.

“Jesus,” I groaned. My hands acted on their own, reaching out to seize the very pleasing broadness of her hips. My fingers automatically hooked into the elastic of her underwear. She arched her back as I peeled the material down, exposing the creamy expanse of her cheeks. As I sank with the lowering underwear I glimpsed her pussy through the narrow aperture between her thighs, a pussy that looked as tortured as my cock. It was already so dewed with desire that I could tell it was not just my urgent need we were trying to satisfy here.

“Take me hard,” she growled through gritted teeth, “I want to feel your come inside me. We can worry about making love later.”

I wanted to hesitate again, to be certain this was what she really wanted, but the need in her eyes brought that line of thought to a brutal halt. My belt buckle jangled as I fumbled to get my jeans and boxers down to mid-thigh. As I lined myself up, my mother shuffled her feet apart a little more, giving me a further invitation I did not really need at this point.

“We’re definitely protected?” My voice came out husky with need as I paused, my dick dripping into her panties, just millimeters from her entrance.

“I haven’t missed a pill all week. Now, stop torturing me. Give mommy your cock.”

That made any more hesitation impossible. The short distance I had to move forward felt like diving out of an airplane. My stomach rose into my throat with the thrill as I sank into her buttery warmth with a sigh. I was home in every way that a person could be. Her insides embraced me, folding around me. When I tried to withdraw for my first thrust her liquid heat sucked impatiently at my length.

“Fuck me, Chase,” she commanded, laying herself flat on the granite slab of the kitchen counter. Her huge breasts pancaked against the cold stone, pressing out to either side of her torso despite the constraints of her bra and dress.

I slammed into her, sending a quiver through the mass of her backside. “Oh God,” I gave a mournful cry as I did it again. Already I could feel the ache of my cruelly confined pleasure rattling its cage.

It was at this precise moment that the monitor made a click and static blasted through. I paused, balls deep inside my mother, her wonderfully mushy backside squashed up against my belly. A baby voice murmured. I swore inwardly.

“Don’t worry,” My mom soothed me, “He’s probably just talking in his sleep. He’ll settle in a moment.”

I gripped her hips and held her ass tight to me. It felt incredible just to be encased inside her. I took a moment to enjoy the incredible sight and sensation of my mother, bare assed and bent over her own kitchen counter with my cock inside her.

To my immense relief, she turned out to be right, a moment later the monitor clicked again and the static went silent. I ran my hand up her back and took hold of her shoulders. I had barely moved inside her and I was already trembling on the edge.

My mom, as ever, knew me better than I knew myself and gasped, “Don’t hold back. Fill me up, baby. I want to feel you flood my insides, don’t wait any longer. Mommy needs your come.”

She must have known the effect her words would have on me. Shamefully, on only the third or fourth thrust into her, I felt the cage burst open. I voiced a cry at the pleasure that boiled up out of me. Nothing had felt so good before. I spasmed hard and began to pour thick lashings of searing hot come deep into my mom’s greedy cunt.

“Ooh, that feels so good!” She panted as I pumped every painfully pent up drop of my come inside her.

“S-sorry,” I shuddered with my dying spasms. She was so full of my seed it seeped out of her even though I was still plugging her with my fat cock. “It was just too good.”

My mom giggled girlishly and waggled her bottom, “Don’t apologize, that felt amazing.” With me still buried inside her, she half turned and took hold of my t-shirt, pulling me down for a long, wet kiss. I felt myself stir inside her.

“See,” she grinned over her shoulder, “You’re already practically ready to go again.”

I collapsed on top of her, crushing her against the granite counter. I breathed in the scent of her honey-colored hair and sighed, “You’re going to kill me, mom.”

“But can you think of a better way to go?”

I shook my head with my face still buried in her silken tresses.

“Such a good boy,” she reached back a hand and patted my head. “Now, keep being a good boy and, when you pull out, pull my panties back up quickly. I want to feel your warm come inside me while I finish making our dinner.”

All I could manage was a whimper of agreement. What woman on Earth could compare to my mother? Carefully I drew back. My semi-hard cock slopped out of her and, despite my best efforts, a big blob of sticky white semen dripped out and ran down her inner thigh.

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