Dedicated to a special guy, in Cleveland…

This is another true story… At least, it was totally real for Todd. Bet you wish you could work with him, too? Huh?

I started at Piper and Associates in July. I loved my previous job at Mulligan, where the salary and conditions were superior and so I was nearly devastated when my position was eliminated in a series of cost cutting measures. I could not imagine that my new position at Piper would ever match the benefits I had previously had at Mulligan.

I met nearly everyone the first week on the job and was really impressed with the friendliness of everyone at Piper. I was soon assigned to the Northeast Division with Jack, Martin, Joe and Todd. Martina Smith was our project coordinator. All were real prime lookers, but Todd had a certain something extra that captured my attention. It might be his real deep voice? It made me fantasize about what he would sound like with his tongue buried, deep between my legs. Yummy. He made my insides jiggle every time he said anything. Sex, pure sexual arousal radiated from every pore in his extra lean body.

Maybe what intrigued me was his chocolate brown eyes or his chocolate brown hair with the bit of gray at the temples? He had a wonderful head of dark brown hair (the kind of hair you yearned to run your fingers through, thick but very soft).Yeah, maybe that was what excited me so much.

Todd was kind of on the thin side (physique wise), but tall and broad shouldered, and he had a wonderfully dry sense of humor. Yeah, maybe that was what excited me so much. The image, in my mind, of his equally thin, but very long cock hiding in his trousers. Was it bullet shaped? Or did he have a thick shaft and a bulbous helmet on top? Ah, the possibilities that filled my head knowing his cubicle was only fifteen feet away from my own.

Darn and drat! It was just too bad that we had to work together because even at Piper interoffice dating was frowned upon although NOT a prerequisite of termination. But he is sooooooooooo gorgeous and Todd figured prominently in my bedtime masturbation rituals. I wondered what he wore to bed? What part of my body he would kiss first, once I got him between the sheets. Was he a breast and tits man? Did he like to give oral pleasures?? Or was he one of these guys who wasn’t into oral, but rather liked to slip their well lubed cocks right inside and then proceed to slowly (ever so slowly) slide their battering ram in and out for a long ten, twenty, forty minutes until your pussy was dredged in wetness. I did not know what Todd’s particular sexual style was, but Boy, was I game to find out.

Of course, as I was inevitably to find out, Todd did not lead the exciting kind of life that I imagined (well, with that body I could imagine the girls throwing themselves at his luscious bod). He was, in fact, a bit of a homebody. A single father of teenagers and totally devoted to his brood, his life was a social pretzel that involved car pools, baseball practices, soccer games, and a confusing schedule of pickups from after school jobs and deliveries to orthodontic appointments. Todd’s desk and vocabulary were liberally sprinkled with the events of his children’s lives. He never mentioned the status of a wife, I only know there wasn’t one handy.

The one thing I was completely sure of. There was no time left in Todd’s busy life for dating or relationships. It seems to me that Todd did not even recognize the loss in his life. I wondered if he spent his evenings with the ol’ one-handed masseuse. Or maybe he was celibate by choice, being one of those dudes with an especially low sex drive? I wondered if he would just love for me to sneak into his bedroom, crawl up from the bottom of his bed, under the top sheet and slide up between his legs to the heart of his arousal. I would love to grasp his flaccid shaft and lick it, and rub my wet lips around the head of his dick until it filled and stiffened and I heard him moan in his dreams. Yummy, I know I would love to suck on his lollipop until I reached the juicy center. Oh, I would love to try out that sweet Todd. I bet he does taste yummy. I sure wished I could squeeze some time into his affections, somewhere.

By September, I was all settled in and very comfortable at Piper and Associates and being groomed to assume more responsibilities. When our project manager Mr. Shauffner suggested that I was ready to make a ‘road trip’, that is, a sales trip to visit and reassure our clients that Piper was doing everything in our power to uphold their interests and to bring them increased revenues. Normally, Martina and Joe were assigned to make the majority of our client meetings, but it was time for me to assume some of that workload. And, Boy, was I ever ready to.

From the beginning, my assigned partner in training was Jack (yeah, slothly Jack with the mental maturity of a fourteen-year-old boy and the toilet bowl sense of humor). But Jack did not really care to travel and, incidentally, he had escort antep a difficult time keeping up with our client’s demands (that is, he didn’t smile very well when they made outrageous suggestions). At the last minute, Mr. Shauffner drafted Todd to join me on the business trip to Boston. I was thrilled. First, I knew Todd could handle it better than Jack. But, secondly, I was already thinking this might be an opportunity for Todd and I to get to know each other a whole lot better. Yeah, this was going to be a really great opportunity.

We arrived at the hotel an hour after our plane landed in Boston. The hotel was a quaint, very old fashioned brick hotel that had been erected in the last century. But there were not very many choices of lodgings available in Boston that weekend; as the big computer tech convention had been scheduled the same weekend as Harvard and MIT had their perspective students introduction to entice parents to enroll their babes in their prestigious programs.

When we arrived at the Dalton Inn and found our reservations completely screwed up (and I do mean royally screwed up) and that the hotel had booked Todd and I into the same room. Well, that might be because I do have a boy’s first name and they may have thought we were two business ‘men’ traveling, rather than a business man and woman. But there was no alternative they could offer us, since every single room was booked in their establishment as well as all the hotels in the immediate area of our client’s offices. I stood paralyzed, wondering what I would do? But Todd reassured the concierge that we were adults and could handle being roommates for the weekend and that we had no problem with this snafu, whatsoever.

Well, I was not so sure I had no problem rooming with Todd, but it incensed me that he had no problem. He, obviously, figured there could be no sexual indiscretions with ME!! Well, I was just so insulted by his easy dismissal of my erotic possibilities. The nerve of that man!

After quickly stowing our luggage in ‘our’ room. We decided dinner (and a glass of wine or two for me) was clearly in order before we climbed into our beds. Todd changes into skin hugging blank slacks and a tight black turtleneck sweater. God, he looked so sexy with his lean physique. I could not help noticing his muscular chest and shoulders under the knit of his sweater. And, wowzers, below the belt! It sure looked like he managed a nice arousal in the elevator on the way down to the ground floor. If not, he had some kind of wonderful private equipment hiding ( but not hiding very well) behind his zipper.

What was his private name for his member? I knew every man had a personal name for his penis. Just like that appendage was a separate individual with a separate personality and a separate mind of its own. I guess it is a guy thang? And, indeed, I have met a few cocks that bore little resemblance to the man processed them! I wondered if this was the case with Todd? His personality seemed reserved. I had already seen that his cock seemed quite animated. I was really beginning to speculate on the coming ‘evening’.

We headed for the restaurant that the concierge recommended called Oleana, which turned be one of the best-regarded Italian restaurants in Boston. It was a small, romantic café with a wonderful Mediterranean atmosphere. The romance may not have been lost on Todd, as his demeanor softened and he seemed to hang on every word that I said during dinner.

Dinner was wonderful and we chatted comfortably like old friends who had known each other for years. This totally amazed me, as I did not think we had anything in common. Todd was totally relaxed, but attentive. He laughed at my jokes, what a turn on that always is. I thought he was a darling, so good-looking he made my insides quiver. I suspected his body was perfect, smooth and graceful and admirably proportioned. I couldn’t help wondering what his cock and balls were like, the texture of his scrotum, and the shape of his glans. Oh dear, thinking about him was exciting the daylights out of me. My panties were damp imagining every naked inch of his body. Too bad we were in a restaurant.

We walked companionably back to our hotel, to turn in. The wine had left me feeling very drowsy inside. Todd took my hand and slipped it around his elbow and hugged his arm and my hand, close to his body.

He didn’t talk on the way back (and that was comfortable, too) and when we entered the elevator he didn’t attempt to steal a kiss. I thought he might have done so because his arousal was clearly back in his pants (bigger and better than ever, it appeared to me). Yummy, he was one fine looking male body! And I longed to run my hands all over it.

Todd made no move to approach me or touch me, in the elevator, nor back in out room. Darn and drat. My horniness quotient was nearing the red zone. I was really..really..really ready.

Todd immediately grabbed his small shaving escort araban kit and with a backwards, “ I’ll take the bathroom, first”, he disappeared inside.

Left in the silence of his wake, I got busy gathering up a night gown, robe, cleanser and moisturizers: my normal evening ritual. I also gathered up my favorite scented body oil (well, ya never know? He might be interested later?)

Todd emerged and bowed me into the bathroom. I could not help noticing that he wore no pajamas or robe, but was still in his street clothes.

He saw the question in my eyes and chose to satisfy my curiosity, “ I sleep in the nude”, he informed me, shrugged his shoulders, “ I had planned to sleep alone so I didn’t even bring any PJs. Hope you don’t mind too much?”

My body and my mind, running on automatic pilot, skipped (No, I am evidently not too old to skip, I found out) into the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind me. My heart beating at a furious pace, my head spinning. Naked? Oh, yeah, Baby! I liked it. I like it like wowzers. I changed, brushed, combed, slathered and rinsed in record time. Then slipped quickly back into the bedroom suite we shared.

The lights were muted. Todd was already in bed (what bad luck there) and seemed to be settled in for the night. I frowned to myself and scurried between the sheets of my bed. I lay there for a few minutes before Todd rolled over and clicked off the light switch.

Laying in the bed, in the dark and fantasizing about the naked hunk in the bed next to me. I couldn’t help it. My own body betrayed me. By now my body was screaming for attention, my baser lusts demanding some hands on physical satisfaction. My left hand slipped beneath the covers (is that why Catholic girls were admonished to keep both hands above the cover?) and pulled down my flimsy panties. Then, reached two fingers between my labia, separating the lips to find my pussy already wet and soaked with the juices of my imagination. I rubbed and frigged the clit till I could not resist a moment more, the electricity reaching though every nerve ending in my body. My self-induced orgasm overtook me and finally a soft moan escaped my mouth.

Wow! I was so turned on. So Hot. All the while that I was masturbating myself, I was imagining Todd’s hard, aroused body pressed into mine. And in my mind, he felt soooooo good. So good, in fact, that a mini orgasm burst through my senses. Followed by a long sigh. Wow! I wondered if I had made as much noise as it had seemed to my ears. I wondered if Todd heard the gasp of my release? What in the world would he think of me? And my wanton and slutty behavior? Sheesh……

I heard the other bed creek and the covers rustle and felt a breeze the heralded Todd’s trip to the bathroom. I had an elusive whiff of his masculine, citrus scented aftershave. Whatever brand he used, it smelled delicious.

I HAD to do something to get my mind off THIS!!! I grabbed the television remote control and hit the power-ON button. Clicked it furiously several times. And? Nothing. No sound, nor any motion on the screen (not even that annoying white dot in the middle of the screen) . Nada.

Oh, well, I thought to myself, ‘Nice try, girl’.

Ugh! My body radiated frustration. Sexual frustration. Just then I heard the toilet flush and then the bathroom door open and close in the dark and heard the shuffles as Todd returned to his bed. My eyes followed in the gloom, where I imagined his fine, nude form must be. I could tell he was near, between our two beds.

***Ping** **Ping** **Ping***

We both froze as the TV chose that moment to come instantly to life, bathing the entire room in a 20-watt glow. Catching Todd, like a deer caught in the headlights, mid-stride, but short of the sanctuary of his bed sheets.

I glanced up at Todd (still as a statue) right beside me, his navel right at my eye level. My eyes were drawn to his flat belly, with its thin line of dark hair leading down to his curly nest of dark groin hair framing (as it were) his wonderfully long, smooth bullet shaped cock. A nicely engorged cock, I must say.

I knew I should say something but what? I should at least meet his eyes, but with his best asset, like a feast before my starved eyes, I could not take my gaze from the prize I had long fantasized about, hidden until now under his pressed Dockers. Wow! What an exceptional tool he had kept from me. It was absolutely fantastic. Yummy yum yum.

I must have smacked my lips because Todd asked me, “Ya wanna sucker, little girl?” I didn’t move my head but I did finally glance up at him. I was thinking he meant his remark to be kind of cute, but there was no humor in his eyes. Nor did he show any embarrassment what so ever that I was gapping intimately at his nearly full arousal (but after all, he had NOTHING to be embarrassed about, did he?).

“Yeah?” I asked him, finally reminded of his question.

“Oh, yeah, Baby”, he replied, gaziantep arap escort bayan anticipation clouding his eyes.

I could no longer resist, and eyed the long, shiny cock before me. I reached for the thickening shaft. My fingers carefully explored the head of his penis and the contours of his shaft; I did not reach lower, YET. Todd did not know what to think anymore, but there was no way he could hide his thickening erection from my close scrutiny. It smelled clean and musky. So I rubbed the smooth glans against my cheeks and around the soft skin under my chin. A deep moan escaped Todd’s lips and a fierce fire ignited in my belly.

I licked my lips and stretched them over the head, wetting him with my moist warmth. I licked around the head a bit, gently sliding the tip of my tongue into his wide cum clit. I then sucked the thick glans for a few moments, loving the taste and the feel of Todd’s hot skin. Oh, he was much better that I had imagined. Todd rested his hands on my shoulders and gently played with my hair, slowly rocked his hips into the pleasure I was giving him with my mouth.

I moved my tongue around his head, grazing my teeth very lightly around the indentation where the helmet ballooned, though he slowed the rocking of his hips. I darted the tip of my tongue into the slit on his cock, slightly penetrating the inner, ultra-sensitive passage. He was obviously enjoying himself. I know I sure was. His cock swelled a bit more than I even thought was possible, the head heating the inside of my mouth. He felt so terrific.

“More,” I asked him?

“Uh, hah. Yeah, whatever you want”, he whispered.

So I started sucking, up and down, on his dark plum. Then I did something I didn’t know if he would like at all? I fondled his balls, rolling them very gently together and then separating the two spheres in his hairy sacs. More moaning, from both of us, and he was massaging my hair and scalp with his right hand. I was so turning him on. But I really wanted Todd to soar. So I reached back, behind his balls, rubbing and massaging the hard skin back there. Running my nail over the hard ridge of tissue between his balls and his ass. A deeper moan escaped Todd’s lips, I could feel arousal escalating throughout his body.

I could not resist anymore. Todd deserved the full treatment. I just somehow knew he would love it, too. I kept rubbing closer and closer, until my index finger rubbed right over his puckered anus. The ass hole was tight and hot, Todd groaned loudly but his rocking hips froze (in shock, I imagined), but he did not pull away. Indeed, he squatted slightly, giving me even better access.

So, I massaged more vigorously, pushing into his anus, but pushing in and pulling out in the same rhythm as my mouth was sucking on his cock. It was totally hot and his loud gasping told me how much he was getting into this.

I continued the rhythm, pumping my small little finger into his ass a little bit deeper and more vigorously with each stroke. The soft inner muscles clinched at my finger every time I made to withdraw it from his body. He very much wanted me there.

Then, his fist tugged on my hair, his breathing gasping against his lips.

“Please… let’s wait.” He was fearful I would make him come in my mouth; he wanted to be deep inside my body when his cum burst out of his body. Todd really wanted this to last longer. And I knew he desperately wanted to kiss me, sweetly and also with the hot passion that burned in him.

I gave his penis a final, affectionate squeeze and pulled away from him.

Todd pushed me back, full length, onto my rumpled bed and back against the big stack of pillows. Then he followed me down, covering my whole body with his naked, and still fully aroused body. My thin, barely there pink nightgown still separated us, but it was obvious Todd would not be dissuaded by its slight barrier.

Todd propped himself over me, waiting for some imaginary start-gun to go off, stared deep into my eyes. I wondered if he would kiss me, on the lips? Many men would not risk the taste of their own cocks on a woman’s lips. Would Todd be so reticent?

In another moment, his body lowered and his mouth covered mine. As I had imagined, sweet, but oh, so passionate. And hot. He had the hottest mouth I had ever kissed. Lips. Tongue. His hot breathe sweeping over the skin of my face, eyes and my chin. He was the most arousing smoocher I had ever had, slow and methodical. He licked my eyelids and rubbed his thin beard against my ears.

Then he moved lower, it was inevitable. Touching and suckling on each nipple, with his lips and very gently with his teeth, tugging erotically on each tip in turn while his hands plumped the sides, squeezing gently.

Then moving lower and he began rubbing his chin in the valley of my navel and even slobbering his wet tongue around my belly. What a marvelous lover, not boring or sedate and definitely NOT out of practice. Even better that I had hoped for.

Until, his patience at an end, and his large palms lifting my ass checks; he lowered his sweet mouth to the core of my lust and arousal. Yes!! Vagina. Nuzzling his mouth between my own engorged libs. Oh, I was moaning to bring the house down, and Todd’s ragged breathing told me he was at least as turned on as I was.

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