The loud alarm awoke Stephen from his deep sleep where he had been dreaming of his encounter with Darcy the night before. It was a mild, yet cooler, Friday morning and Stephen could not stop thinking about her. It was just 5:30, but Stephen had a busy day ahead of him. Walking towards the bedroom window to catch a glimpse of the breaking of a new day, Stephen headed to the bathroom to take a long and much-anticipated shower. He undressed as he stepped into the shower to enjoy the warmth of the water on his skin and his growing erection.

Stephen tried to muffle his moans as he stroked his swollen cock, remembering Darcy’s tight pussy from the night before, wishing she were there with him now. Stephen’s mind wandered, imagining his head buried deep between Darcy’s legs while she rested on the edge of the tub with the water cascading over her swollen clit. Using the hand shower, Stephen directed the warm spray directly onto her swollen clit while his tongue started to explore her glorious, velvety smooth pussy. He then proceeded to stick his thick finger, into her tight fuck hole, which made him moan even louder. Fortunately, Alexia was already in the kitchen getting ready for her day so his sounds went unnoticed. Finally, with one last stroke of his cock, he released his hot creamy cum as Darcy reached orgasm, her body quivering uncontrollably from the touch of his tongue and lips. Back to reality, Stephen finished his shower and knew if he did not see Darcy soon, it would drive him insane.

Stephen picked out his usual Valentino suit and matching dress shoes as well as his navy blue and black tie as he dressed for the day. He made his way downstairs and grabbed a quick bite to eat along with his coffee before heading out the door. He had already choreographed a plan to get Darcy back in his home where, the two of them would fuck for hours. Stephen hopped into his navy blue Range Rover Sport, and headed to work for an important meeting with a merger client. He glanced at his Rolex, and saw it was 9 am; throwing caution to the wind, he gave Darcy a call.

Darcy awoke to thoughts of Stephen tonguing her shaved, silky pussy the day before. She was beginning to get aroused at the idea of meeting him again so they could continue where they had left off. Darcy was startled back into reality when her phone rang. Answering it, she heard Stephen’s voice.

“Darcy; Hi, its Stephen. I didn’t wake you, did I?”

“No, no. I am just laying in bed,” she replied with a smile on her face.

Stephen had about an hour to kill, so he decided to take the long route to work. His plan was to extend his conversation with Darcy with the hopes of making her cum.

“Perfect, how long have you been awake?”

“About an hour and to be honest, I woke up feeling extremely horny.”

“Oh yeah? Hmm, well I think I could most certainly help you with that.”

“Is that so, well Sir, do tell, how exactly you are going to make me cum this morning,” Darcy replied.

“Good gaziantep ateşli escort bayan girl, I want you to take off your thong, right now,” he said demandingly.

Darcy did as she was told. She loved seeing a new, dominant side of Stephen that she had not seen before.

“It is off Sir. Now what do you want me to do?” she asked innocently.

“Mmm, that a girl. Now take your fingers and place them on the outside of your silky smooth pussy lips for me. Start caressing your pussy, and make yourself squirm, imagining me doing those things to you right now,” he said, in a seductive tone.

Darcy obeyed his command, and began sliding her fingers along the outside of her now swollen pussy lips. She then began to slowly slide her index and middle fingers into her pussy. She could feel how hot and wet she was getting for him.

“Mmm, oh fuck baby, my pussy feels so good,” she said.

“That’s it baby; now fuck your pussy for me. Oh god, you sound so fucking hot, you’re making my cock rock hard with your moans,” he said seductively.

“Oh Yes, Oh Yes, mmmm fuck, ugh yes, Oh baby, I’m going to cum. Ohhhh Yesss, mmmm fuck,” she said, as she collapsed into her bed.

“Mmm babe, if you keep moaning like that I’ll ditch work and come fuck your tight little pussy for hours,” Stephen said with excitement.

Darcy had just had the best orgasm ever, and she didn’t even have to use her one of her many toys; just the powerful voice of Stephen Hazelwood had done the trick.

“Oh baby, that was so amazing, it felt so powerful and intense,” she replied happily.

“I want you to do me a favor,” he said demandingly.

Darcy answered with anticipation in her voice, “Sure, whatever you want, Sir.”

“Dress yourself like you’re going to the beach, and wear your sluttiest bikini for me. Bring a change of clothes, so nothing looks suspicious with the kids, and drive over to my house at 3 o’clock; I’ll meet you there.”

“Three it is; see you then, Stephen.”

Just as Stephen had asked, Darcy found her sluttiest bikini – a maroon Victoria’s Secret bikini, which flaunted her perky 38D tits quite nicely and accentuated her tight, athletic body. After putting it on, Darcy examined her impressive figure in a full-length mirror. She finished preparing herself for Stephen by putting her hair into two braids and donning a modest cover-up so her parents wouldn’t question her as she left the house. Darcy grabbed her keys and she was out the door. Stopping by In-N-Out to grab some lunch, she headed over to Stephen’s place. Before she knew it, it was already 2:45, so she had to hurry. Darcy pulled into the driveway and noticed Stephen’s Range Rover was already parked in the driveway.

“Shit,” she thought to herself, “he must be wondering what the hell is taking me so long.”

Darcy made her way, to the front of the door, rang the doorbell and waited very anxiously for bakımlı escort gaziantep Stephen to appear.

“Darcy!” he said very excitingly and happily as he reached out to give her a full body hug.

“Stephen!” she replied happily.

This man was drop dead gorgeous. His crystal blue eyes could instantly make any girl weak in the knees. Not to mention, his wavy, short blonde hair and amazing smile.

“Come in, gorgeous.” Stephen said. Darcy blushed and entered the house. He held her hand and proceeded to show her the outdoor pool in the backyard.

“Oh my god, your pool is absolutely stunning,” Darcy exclaimed, “May I?” she asked with a mischievous smirk on her face as she pointed to the pool.

“By all means, babe,” Stephen replied, “Jump right in.”

Darcy removed her cover up ever so slowly to tease Stephen, finally revealing her tight body, before she stepped into the slightly warm water.

“Come on in, the water feels amazing!” she shouted.

“Oh babe, you know I will,” Stephen responded as he removed his shirt to reveal his light blue Ralph Lauren swim trunks.

Stephen slowly entered the pool, and swam up next to Darcy. He started to kiss her passionately and whispered into her ear, “I love your swimsuit, babe.”

“Why thank you, Sir;” Darcy said playfully, “I picked it out especially for you.” Darcy’s moved closer to Stephen and began to kiss him passionately while slowly sliding her hand under his swim trunks to pull out his already rock hard cock.

Stephen, not wanting to fall behind, unclasped Darcy’s swimsuit top, to reveal her beautiful breasts. Her nipples, already swollen and hard, were practically begging for his mouth to be around them. Stephen’s placed his strong hands on her juicy melons guiding one of them into his mouth. He began to suck slowly, taking time to swirl his tongue around her rock hard nipples, making her moan ever so slightly. Stephen increased his intensity as he sucked Darcy’s nipples harder and faster while his fingers slowly slipped off the rest of her bikini. Stephen guided Darcy to the edge of the pool, gently sitting her on to the top pool step so his head was level with her wet pussy. He let Darcy rest here as he slowly began to licking her pussy, swirling his tongue all over her swollen and soaking wet clit. Stephen’s tongue darted in and out of Darcy’s pussy, faster and deeper into her tight fuck hole, until Darcy body began to quiver, and as her she experienced her second orgasm of the day. Her hot pussy juices flowed into Stephen’s mouth and dribbled down his chin as he licked Darcy clean.

“Oh baby, you know exactly how to tongue fuck my pussy,” she said excitingly.

“Mmm, you taste so delicious, Darcy. I’ve been waiting to taste your pussy all day,” Stephen replied.

Stephen then slipped off his swim trunks and his rock hard cock sprang up towards Darcy’s dripping wet cunt. He pulled Darcy gaziantep bayan escort towards him as his 9-inch shaft disappeared inch by inch into her soaking wet pussy. Darcy began to moan even louder than before; her soaking wet pussy extremely tight, just the way Stephen liked it. He increased his rhythm, fucking Darcy harder and faster. Darcy was on the verge of another orgasm until Stephen stopped and pulled his cock from her pussy. Giving Darcy a reassuring smile, Stephen gently lifted her up, turned her around so her knees were on the top step with

her elbows on the pool edge, and began to pound her tight pussy from behind. Darcy held on to the edge of the pool, as Stephen pounded her tight cunt with his thick cock deeper and faster. Stephen was close to reaching an orgasm. Stephen screamed, “I’m cumming, babe,” as he released his load of hot and creamy cum deep inside Darcy’s pussy. Feeling Stephens cock get even larger at the point of his orgasm sent Darcy’s body into a spasm that ended in another tremendous orgasm for her as well. Stephen held onto Darcy’s hips as he pulled back slightly to allow his cock to be spit out by her tight pussy, followed by his oozing cum which dripped down the back of Darcy’s legs. Darcy gave Stephen a devilish look, turned around, and kissed him hard on his lips. Stephen grabbed her ass, and in the process, squeezed it hard.

Stephen and Darcy both got out of the pool, and she grabbed her towel and proceeded to get dressed. Stephen grabbed his swim trunks and his towel and started to dry himself off. The two of them headed back inside and Stephen headed upstairs to take his shower. Darcy glanced at her Tag Heuer watch, and realized it was almost 4 o’clock!

Darcy, quickly hopped into the guest bathroom and took a body shower to rinse off the chlorine and Stephen’s cum from her body. She didn’t want Alexia to notice the familiar smell of Stephen’s sex on her and get suspicious. After changing clothes, Darcy walked downstairs to make the boys an early dinner. Today she decided to make them a BLT with French fries. Darcy heard the two boys racing from the front door and into the kitchen. Both Ethan and Cody greeted Darcy and their father who was right behind them to swoop them off their little feet to give them each a kiss on their foreheads. Darcy and Stephen both gave each other a reassuring, yet mischievous look.

Darcy served the boys their dinner and sat down next to them while Stephen was infatuated with Darcy’s beauty once again. Her dark brunette hair and her captivating hazel green eyes, made him melt almost instantaneously. Her soft and supple olive complexion, gave her an almost goddess like appearance. Stephen always had a love for Iranian women. Their dark hair and dark features, not to mention their ravishing beauty that he adored which is why he was particularly excited for Darcy to become his children’s nanny. It was almost a dream come true for Stephen. When Darcy was hired, he knew he could fuck her for days on end, behind his wife’s back, and she would be completely clueless about it. Alexia was always tired after the long shifts in the ER and when they did have sex, it was quick, only to let Stephen cum inside her to fulfill her wifely deed. The romance and excitement was absent in their sex lives and Stephen knew he had found a special person whom he was going to make passionate love to for a long time.

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