Jade lay stomach down on her bed waiting nervously for Brett to return. Or maybe it was more anticipation because just thinking about sucking Brett’s cock and the amazing fucking he had given her had her pussy dripping wet with a stain spreading across the bed.

She remembered the hot bulbous, mushroom head smacking at her cheeks, the way his salty cum had tasted on her tongue. She wanted more! Was aching for it as one of her long fingers pushed into her mouth to start roughly sucking on it and the other hand creeped down to her hot, brother fucked cunt. She pushed two fingers in hard and then started pinching and pulling her erect clit. Then…BANG! Brett came through the bedroom door and shouted “What the hell do you think your doing? That’s my cunt! Mine!”

Then stopped and stared at the worried look on Jades beautiful face and said “Oh Baby!” He winced. He went over to the bed and pulled her to him for a cuddle. “I’m sorry. It’s just that I really don’t want you to do that. I can do it so much better and I want your complete response when altıparmak escort I do this…” as Brett’s hand went down and pulled at his clit and then turned her head to kiss her with enthusiasm. Pushing his tongue in deep and tracing her own tongue.

“I’m sorry Brett” Jade said. “I needed you and you weren’t here. But I just want you to know I wont do it anymore. All those years you were gone I waited for this. I knew you’d turn out big though” she grinned as he hand wafted down to his pants and unzipped them to grab his still soft cock and start fondling and pumping the big hairy cum sacks.

Brett thought about that for a second and that was all it took for his 8 inch monster to go so erect it was painful! “You mean Jade…you’ve always wanted this and now you want to belong to me?” The smile was enough as Jade was pushed down on the bed and Brett’s cock shoved quickly up her wet pussy. He pumped hard and then harder until 10 minutes later he said again “anything?”

Brett flipped her over, stuck bursa anal yapan escort 1 finger on her clit, the other on her little brown star and pushed. Breaking through the barrier and stretching her anus for his craving cock. He could tell she was uncomfortable but didn’t care much because she would like it eventually and he had always loved ass fucking. His last girlfriend had hated it but Brett pretty much demanded it. He replaced his finger with his cock and inched in until she had it all. He could see a little blood and she had screamed loudly but just getting in there almost had him cumming. He pinched Jades clit really hard then slammed into her red ass 2, 3, 4 more times before he pulled out stood in front of Jade and thrust his blood, shit and precum covered cock into her mouth.

Jade was trying desperately keep up with his mouth fucking but was still trying to deal with her sore anus. Two seconds later Brett blew deep in her throat which had her choking but Brett still squeezed every last bursa bayan escort drop out of his balls.

After they were finished her worked his way down her body, sucking her tit into his mouth on the way to her ass again. Jade mumbled…”Brett no…not again.”

Brett coaxed “Anything remember.” He knew she was sore so he gently opened her ass cheeks and stared at the brown flower(no red) which was still half open from his attack. He poke his tongue out and lathed around the area gently pushing into her hole every now and then.

“AHHHHH” Jade moaned.

Brett chuckled at Jades obvious love of rimming. He liked it himself because he got a taste of both her and himself without Jade thinking about it. As Jade was bucking wildly and her hand was swatting at her engorged clit he smacked her bum “Jade…HAND!” She quickly removed it but was gasping so loudly probably didn’t notice as Brett pulled up at the edge of the bed, pulled her firm cheeks further apart and pushed his newly erect prick into her ass. Only this time it sent Jade into an orgasm that lasted the full 10 minutes it took for Brett to spew forth his juice into her poo hole. But remembering his need to see her tummy large with his sperm he coated one hand with the juice already in her and the other with the coating on his satisfied rod and wiped it on her beautiful pussy. He looked up at her…She slept.

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