“Ben, get your ass in here,” my sister Kim called through our shared bathroom door to me.

I lurched forward in my leather swivel chair, startled, almost knocking the water bottle with my university logo on it off my desk.

“BE RIGHT THERE,” I hollered, the pounding of my heart amplifying the ecstasy my sister had fed me 20 minutes earlier, the spike of adrenaline triggering a wave of euphoria.

I caught the edge of my desk, the drug making it feel infinitely more solid, more there. This desk, I thought, I love this desk. I looked up at my computer screen. This is the best computer ever made. This thing is amazing, and I built it. Pride swelled in my chest.

On my screen, through her webcam, I saw my sister rise from the bed. I grabbed my dub kit and my bowl and got up as she opened the door. I killed the application.

“Jesus, it’s bright in here!” Kim moved to the window. Her silhouette burned into my retinas as she drew the blinds and closed the drapes. My room darkened.

My sister stepped close to me, pushing both hands through her hair, sighing as she looked up at me. One hand was on the small of my back, pressing down, her other hand slid beneath the waistband of my jeans, pushing toward my cock. Time stopped, then started again with a detonation of ecstatic pleasure. My jaw tightened, and my back arched, her breasts pressing hard against my midsection.

She bit my right nipple hard. I drew a sharp breath and as I tried to pull away, I felt her finger push down toward my asshole. My hips reflexively bucked away, and suddenly she had my cock by the root, squeezing. She gave me short, rhythmic strokes.

“Where are my panties?” she whispered into my ear. Her breath was wet and her tone was urgent.

English, my brain was telling me. She’s speaking English.

I gripped her lower back, pulling her towards me, my sense of touch dominating my sensorium. The spandex of her top stretched and clung to my sister’s back as I pulled it up so I could shove my fingers into the back of her shorts. Her skin was smooth, flawless, cool as I slid my hand down her buttocks, spreading open her hot core.

“Not down here,” I said, as my finger slipped from the tight pucker of her little butthole to the the hot liquid mouth of her sex.

The strokes of her hand on the base of my cock faltered as I lifted her off her feet and fingered her pussy underneath her tight spandex shorts. Her mound was pressed hard against my abs, her hands clutching at my sides, then my neck, then curling through my hair as she drew my mouth to hers.

Her mouth claimed mine, wet and open and panting. We seemed to meld as our kiss deepened. She bit my lower lip and sucked it into her mouth. I groaned into her mouth and opened us up, driving my tongue into hers, sucking on her upper lip, then lower….she captured my tongue and sucked it into her mouth.

I lifted her with both of my hands, spreading her open, my cock trapped in my jeans, her mound grinding on my stomach. I clenched my abs as another wave of ecstasy rolled up and over through me.

“UHHNNN OHHHHH GOD……” she said as I galloped her hips against me, the fingers of my right hand exploring her tight, moist pussy from behind as I spread her ass with my left and circled my middle finger around her tiny puckered butthole. Her hips lurched from the clitoral pleasure at the apex of her ride to my fingers fucking her from below, panting wetly into my neck, tiny squeaks of escalating pleasure rising from her flushed chest.

“I want you to come on my face,” I whispered hard into her ear, pressing my finger into her asshole as I spread her further with three fingers of my other hand.

She came, trying to stifle it, but failing, squealing desperately as her hips rode it out, her orgasm spreading wetly up and down my abs, a slick of come lubricating us.

“OHMYGOD” she chanted, “OHMYFUCKINGGOD.” My middle finger insisted at her rear, slipping in now, then popping back out as she ground her clit against my abdomen, my three fingers reaching up to stuff her full again.

Her teeth caught my earlobe and I saw stars. The pain tightened my nipples just before both of her hands encircled them and gently caressed, then squeezed firmly. Her panting reached a crescendo and her hips bucked almost up to my solar plexus, her body bent forward almost in two as her orgasm took her.

“UHHhhhhhhhhh…..” she said, as she collapsed against me, her breath still shallow and rapid, her upper chest and face red and flushed. Her hands fluttered at my lower back now, he mouth muttering something unintelligible, her lips nipping sporadically at my neck and shoulder.

I had her cupped against me, her body still writhing. She lay still for a second after it subsided, then wriggled free, tossing her hair.

“You need to ditch those jeans. We’re all in pajamas, get comfortable!” she said.

“But…” I protested, by cock straining at my fly, my heart racing and eyes fluttering.

“What?” my sister asked, her eyes teasing me.

I looked down meaningfully.

“Miles to go before you sleep, big brother,” she said. “Did Porno you pack that bowl?”

“Of course,” I said.

“Well c’mon then!” she said. I wriggled out of my jeans as fast as I could, my cock springing free of my boxers. I grabbed a pair of pajama pants from my dresser and hopped into them, one foot at a time, then grabbed my bowl and joined her.

The music enveloped us as we stepped into her darkened room, a languorous bass throbbing. Molly and Jenn were dancing very close together, their eyes closed, soft hands sliding over each others’ identical body.

“Is that not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, Ben?” my sister said from a cozy spot on her bed.

Mutely, I nodded and joined her. My body was putting off heat like a furnace, the coolness of her satin-y comforter feeling delicious on my skin. I propped myself up on an elbow next to her, handing her my pipe. She traded me a bottle of water, condensation beading and dripping onto my pajama pants.

“Thanks,” we said in unison, then laughed, the moment feeling perfect, as though the universe had conspired for eternity to give us this moment. She was beautiful beyond comprehension, her eyes looking dreamily around the room, resting lovingly on Molly and Jenn as they danced, oblivious of us, oblivious to anyone but each other. A tidal wave of an emotion I’d never felt before surged over and through me, rolling my head back, sending waves of pleasure through my body, up into my chest and head, cresting in my scalp and hair, another wave crashing down into my lower belly and groin, then into my balls, tightening my ass, then releasing into my legs. I trembled and let a shuddering breath go.

I sipped the water. It was the most refreshing and pure drink I’d ever taken. Greedily, I drank about half the bottle, sighing with satisfaction.

“Stay hydrated,” she said.

I felt my sister’s hand caress my abdomen and my hips responded. I reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She sighed with pleasure. My hand, as if on its own, played absently with her hair, massaging her scalp and neck.

“Oh God that feels so good,” she said, “How are you feeling?”

“Amazing,” I said. “This is incredible. And Molly and Jenn….” the words tumbled out.

“I know,” she said, “Have you ever seen anything so gorgeous and so perfect?”

“Yes,” I said, looking directly at her. “I have.”

She looked up at me, smiling as I kissed her.

“But how?” I asked quietly, looking at Molly and Jenn. They were hard up against each other, Jenn riding Molly’s thigh gently to the beat of the music, her hand sliding up Molly’s shirt to thumb her nipple and squeeze her breast. Molly’s face was pressed into Jenn, kissing and sucking and licking her neck and shoulder.

“This is all new to me,” my sister said. “I always had my suspicions–“

“You mean fantasies?” I said.

My sister kicked me playfully and laughed. She sparked her lighter and took a giant hit from the bowl I’d packed. She inhaled deeply, then passed it to me, holding her hit in, then gripped the back of my head, pulled me to her and kissed me, shotgunning the hit into my lungs.

“Swallow,” she said, her free hand slipping assertively into my pants to grip my cock with her firm hand. The smoke expanded into my lungs, sweet and slightly harsh. A cough tried to escape my chest, but I caught it in my upper throat and exhaled a tower of smoke.

My sister nodded approvingly. I propped myself up higher on a pillow. First my mouth, then my lungs tasted the greenness of the hit. This could never in a million years be called “weed.” This bud, my brain told me, is the pinnacle of a thousand generations of breeding.

The roll in my system welcomed the fresh hit of THC and rewarded me with an entirely new level of pleasure and empathy.

I slipped my hand under my sister’s shirt as we kissed, hands and tongues feeding on each other, speaking an ancient language of closeness, of togetherness. Our caresses were a conversation, then a challenge, then our touch sang, our tongues responding urgently in the only universal language.

Lazy smoke curled in the bright white and blue LED Christmas lights my sister had strung around the tops of her walls. Molly and Jenn seemed to snap out of their trance as the smell of high grade reefer filled the room, both of them looking at us.

My hand was up my sister’s shirt, cupping her pert breast. I flushed, but didn’t stop fondling Kim.

“I want some,” Jenn said, looking directly into my eyes. Jenn did a thing with her makeup that Molly didn’t, she did this very slight Egyptian thing with her eye makeup, sometimes with a curlicue flourish on the edge of her right eye. She’d done it today, its presence mesmerizing me. She moved catlike to me, slinking, predatory. I instinctively backed away from her on my sister’s bed, but she anticipated me with a quick shuffle of feet and suddenly I was on my back, Jenn straddling me.

I lifted off the bed, my cock yearning for satisfaction. Jenn laughed and wriggled down, planting herself firmly on my throbbing cock. I could feel everything, Altyazılı porno her hard clit, the spreading of her labia, and the wet opening of her hole pressing down against the base of my cock.

“Kim told me you like to sniff panties,” she breathed in my ear.

I shuddered and moaned a little. “Yes–” I said.

“You little pervert,” her hot breath said in my ear, “Have you ever smelled mine?”

“What?” I said. “Um,” I stammered.

Jenn’s wet tongue probed my ear, sending shockwaves of carnal pleasure thundering through my head, then down through my chest into my pelvis, building there.

“I’ve smelled your sister’s panties. Molly’s too,” she said into my ear. “I can’t help it.”

Jenn humped my thigh, inching up to my crotch, bending down to suck my neck and talk dirty into my ear.

“I like to peek on Molly and your sister, then when they’re passed out or doing whatever, I steal their panties.”

I was dumbfounded, speechless.

“Uhh…they’re both very pretty girls,” I said stupidly.

“I like to masturbate into a pair and smell another one. Then later I like to smell myself mixed with my sister…or your sister and get off again,” she said, her whisper conjuring images of her hand frigging her clit while she peeked on our sisters, sniffing a pair of dirty panties.

I shoved my hand up the back of her neck, rising to kiss her open mouth hard. Normally, the feeling of her labia pressing hard, sliding up and down my rigid cock would have made me come instantly, but the drug in my system allowed me to savor the delicious feeling of Jenn’s sex spreading and seeking the head of my cock and grinding on me without losing control and ejaculating wildly. The feeling reached a crescendo, then another one, then another one. Our kiss and sex were one, as I strained futilely to penetrate her sopping sex.

Jenn’s hips fucked me back, her sex gripping my cock through stretchy yoga pants, the flannel of my pajamas stroking me softly. I could feel the drug gathering my arousal and amplifying it, storing it in incandescent balls of light in the base of my cock, pulsing brightly in my prostate.

My mind reeled. How could my fantasies have taken control of my world? What was happening?

Jenn’s yoga pants inched down with every stroke of her grinding hips. I could see her labia split rudely by her pink thong, a dark patch of pubic hair peeking out of the top of her waistband. I stuffed my fingers down the back of her stretchy pants, massaging each lobe of her firm ass, squeezing and spreading her. With my left hand I spread her ass, with my right I rubbed the pucker of her asshole gently, dipping into the slick of her hot, open sex, fucking her fervently with my middle finger, then spreading her wetness up the back of her crack, working it into her rectum.

She gasped. Suddenly she was pressed tight up against me, her pubic bone grinding in concert with her hot panting breath on my neck and chest. Her perfect breasts pressed into me, her tummy squirming. I pushed her pants down over her ass.

Jenn arched her butt up and pulled her pants all the way down and off, her panties clinging to her crotch. Breathing hard, I propped myself up on one elbow, then flipped her over on her back, my cock pressing smoothly up her crease. I rested the base of my cock at the apex of her sex, pressing down onto her clit, waiting for the impending ejaculate to back down.

She looked up at me, her eyes dilated, face flushed. Her lips were parted slightly, and I could tell the drug was overpowering her. I kissed her mouth hungrily, then her neck, then her collarbone. She smelled sweet from her shower, a slight powdery floral scent. Impatient, she pushed down on my head, shoving me down, her hips arching up at me.

I wasted no time, hunching down to her waiting sex. Her pink thong was soaked, her pink labia protruding on either side. I kissed her midriff, nipped around her belly button, then licked her hipbone, sliding my tongue down to her upper thigh. Jenn moaned with mindless impatient pleasure. I inhaled deeply, smelling her arousal. It was infinitely sweeter than her panties from earlier, clean, honeyed, and fresh. I slid a finger under her panties and pulled them to the side.

Jenn’s pussy was shaved from around her asshole up to her lower belly, her pubis adorned with a neat patch of dark hair. I buried my nose in her trim bush and inhaled deeply, smelling her excitement trapped in her pubic hair. The roll surged up through my chest, into my head, rolling my eyes back and thundering waves of pleasure crashing through my loins and thighs.

I exhaled. Jenn moaned as my hot breath washed over her open, sopping sex, then squealed loudly when I nipped the hood of her clit and sucked it up into my mouth, then lapped down the length of her labia with my broad tongue. Her thighs clenched around my head and I dug in, holding her buttocks, lifting her vagina to me like a chalice.

In the background I heard my sister whisper something to Molly but I was lost in Jenn’s pussy, my tongue delving deep into her slippery velvet hole, Brazzers then sliding around and around her inner lips. Jenn’s pussy was very delicately shaped, her lips very small, her clit poking slightly out of the top of her mound. With my thumbs underneath her I spread her open, gasping for air, then shoved my tongue into her sloppily, her juices flowing now, coating my face. She was all I could see, her private smell filling my nose, my mouth, covering my face, dominating my world.

Jenn writhed and squirmed under my mouth, her hips urging me on, her hands fumbling with the back of my head, now fondling her breasts, now spreading herself open for my ravenous mouth.


Someone gently tugged my pajama pants down over my ass. I felt a cool breath blow on me, my ass, my balls. My cock throbbed hard. Delicious tingles radiated from the touch of two hands on my ass, pushing me forward.

“Ben, you want another roll? Jenn?”

I picked my mouth up from sucking Jenn’s clit, “UM in a minuteMMMMmmmm” I went back to eating Jenn. Her pussy tasted sweeter than I’d ever imagined, and I’d spent many many hours imagining this exact thing.

“Just relax,” my sister said. Whatever, I thought.

Lips kissed my back, my right buttock, then my left.

My sister spat.

I gasped as her hot saliva ran down my crack into my ass, tickling my balls as it dripped off. I felt a thumb part me, then suddenly a tongue was probing at my rectum. I flinched involuntarily but my sister was waiting and caught my hips, pulling my asshole inexorably to her soft, darting tongue.

No one had ever licked me back there before. In fact, my sex life had been utterly vanilla up to this point, a bit of missionary fumbling with the few girls I’d been with. I think I could count the times I’d fucked with the lights on on one hand. Her tongue felt incredible, soft, slightly ticklish, but so horny, so naughty and arousing. She licked around my pucker, then used her whole mouth to suck it, circled it quickly with her tongue, then kissed it firmly with both lips. She began to fuck my ass with her tongue, getting into it with her jaw, moaning and grunting with exertion. I could feel my butt open up, wanting her tongue deeper. She was way past the rim, her tongue long and firm, slippery and hot inside me.

My sister’s attention to my ass drove me over the edge. I attacked Jenn’s sex with renewed fervor opening her, a thumb pressed up against her rectum, one in the opening of her pussy, while I sucked hard and rhythmically on her clit. Her moans were reaching a crescendo.

My mind went blank, white hotness washing out my vision and obliterating every sense, the world receding at lightning speed.


Just as her orgasm wracked her body, my sister shoved two fingers up my ass. I reared away toward the bed, fearful, but her firm hot hand caught my cock, stroking me, and I was helpless.

“Relax, Ben. I just pushed a roll up there, you’ll love this…and I want you to return the favor.”

I couldn’t think. Couldn’t speak. The shock of being penetrated had worn off, and now with her hot, assertive hand stroking my cock it began to feel….good. Shame washed over me, followed by a heightened explosion of anticipation and pleasure throughout my whole body. I could feel the roll on the tip of her finger as she ground it into my ass. My face was still buried in Jenn’s crotch, but I was barely able to keep up a rhythm, sporadically nipping her lips, dipping into her honey, licking her clit.

Jenn began to inch down beneath me, suddenly between my legs. Her wet mouth enveloped me, and all sense other than my sister probing my ass and Jenn’s slow cocksucking left me. Jenn’s tongue was molten hot, tight, wet and suddenly very lively. Her hand encircled the base of my shaft, taking me deep into her mouth, almost gagging as my cock hit the back of her throat.

Suddenly Molly was in front of me, caressing my face, kissing my neck and running her hands through my hair, the roll sweeping over my scalp, chemical euphoria rushing down into my groin, tightening my balls.

“Think you can manage one for me?” she said.

“UHHHNN… what?” I gasped feebly.

“Slip a roll up my ass, silly,” she said, her eyes dancing. She pressed a pill into my hand.

Not waiting for a response, she flipped over, pulling her shorts down, exposing a pale ass with a bright pink pucker waiting for me, her sex waiting wetly just below.

I went nose first, nuzzling up into her waiting ass, sniffing and snuffling, savoring her forbidden scent. I reached out with my tongue and lapped slowly around her rim, down to her pussy, her scent and taste so like her sisters, yet so different. Her flavor a bit stronger, bolder. She wriggled into my kiss. I got one hand up and pulled her ass apart, her little butthole winking at me. I wormed my tongue into her hole, her taste slightly bitter, yet sweet at the same time. Something overtook me then. I savagely sucked and licked her asshole, shoving my tongue in as far as it would go into her tight little rectum, my spit flowed down into her pussy. She reached up underneath herself to frig her clit while I feverishly ate her asshole. Her sphincter opened slightly, then contracted hard when I sucked at it and rimmed her cautiously opening hole.

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