I can honestly say that I cannot remember the last time I wasn’t woken up on my birthday by my girlfriend giving me head. As soon as she’d wake up, Jessica would dive under the covers, pull my penis out, and give me my first birthday present.

But not this year apparently, I thought.

I started waking up slowly, knowing that it was my birthday. I smiled to myself figuring Jess had slept in and as soon as she’d hear me starting to stir, she’d wake up in a panic. But my rustling went unanswered. I rolled onto my side towards Jess’ side of the bed, only to find the bed empty. She never got out of bed before me, I thought, no matter what day it was.

My cock ached as it rubbed into the mattress. The thought of getting head had given me decent morning wood. I looked under the covers at myself, snaking my hand under my boxer briefs and grabbing myself. I stroked my thick wood and said, “Sorry buddy.”

Though the thought of getting myself off excited me, I figured the better idea would be to walk into the kitchen and show Jessica what she had left behind.

With my raging hard on, going to the bathroom wasn’t an option yet, so I went downstairs and straight to the kitchen.

“Babe, someone wants to say….” I began while entering the kitchen, but I was talking to myself. The kitchen was empty as was the entire house. I quickly noticed a present wrapped with a blue bow sitting on the kitchen island with a folded card sitting on top of it.

“Happy birthday sweetie, sorry I had to run out. I’ll be back late morning. Enjoy this present for now, you’ll get to unwrap your others later. Love J.” I read the card a second time before tearing open my gift. My mind kept going back to Jessica’s card. Dirty thoughts kept playing on her “you’ll get to unwrap your others later” words. Plural presents, could it mean possibly undressing some girls later? My crotch stiffened with excitement.

Under the wrapping paper I found a DVD case labeled “FIRE & ICE”. The CD itself had the title hand written on it. I took it to the living room immediately, my brain running all the possibilities of what a homemade DVD from Jessica could be.

Before the DVD could boot up, there was a knock at the door. Shirt less but with shorts on, I went to answer, comfortable in my appearance with whoever was knocking, but forgetting it was the middle of winter outside.. Pulling open the door, Jessica’s sister Lois stood on the other side smiling at me when she saw me. My nipples hardened instantly with the touch of cold.

“Happy birthday Tony,” Lois said looking up at me as she gave my naked torso a hug. My first thoughts were of her breasts pressing against my body and the way they felt. Lois was a nice mix of her two sisters, Jessica and Cara. Though she and Cara were technically twins, her body structure was more similar to Jess’ but with Cara’s large breasts. Lois was a pretty girl with jet black hair.

I kept an arm around her as I invited her in. “Jess isn’t actually home. She had to go somewhere this morning.” I figured Lois would leave as soon as I told her, but she kept walking to the couch.

“Oh, that’s okay. If you don’t mind, I’ll just wait here for her,” she said looking at me. “My house is empty so I needed to get out.”

“No that’s fine by me. Want some coffee?” Lois nodded her head while walking towards the kitchen. I watched her ass sway in front of me, enjoying the natural bounce of her cheeks. I say natural because I knew she wasn’t giving me extra wiggle, Lois wasn’t that type of girl. She probably wasn’t even thinking about me watching her.

Lois was wearing a pair of snug fitting low cut jeans and a red sweater that formed nicely around her breasts. She was impossible not to stare at. She sat at the kitchen island while I poured the coffee. She smiled at me when I handed her a cup. “Thanks.”

I sat around the corner from her thinking once more about putting on a shirt. “So what have you been up to?” I asked.

“Oh not much, works been busy with a new account. Sean’s been traveling a lot, in fact,” she stopped to take a sip. “He’s in Houston right now for work.” I nodded my head knowing Sean was an IT guy for some company.

“That must be weird not having him around,” I replied.

“You get used to it and just enjoy it more when he is home.”

“Excited for Christmas? Should be fun at your dad’s this weekend,” I said while setting down my mug. I looked up fast enough to catch Lois looking at my chest. Her eyes perked up after realizing she’d gotten caught.

“I’m sorry,” she said flustered, her face flushed.

“Don’t be, it’s not like we haven’t seen more, right?” I said. She laughed sharply, surprising herself with her response.

“You’re very right,” Lois said leaning into the island so her breasts rested on the top. She looked at me with her innocent eyes and said, “I haven’t forgotten.”

In that second the sexual tension rolled in like a thick fog. I had thoughts of making a move but thought better of it. Sure Porno she’d let me go down on her at her sister’s insistence, but I didn’t know how she’d react to my advances. I wanted to reach over and caress her breasts, to ravish her like her husband probably never did.

“By your silence I assume you haven’t either,” Lois said bringing her mug to her lips. She looked at me over the top of her mug, waiting for my response.

I grinned devilishly and said, “You’re kind of hard to forget. You’re the only person who had made me cum without actually touching me.” She had the largest, most pronounced clit I’d ever seen. “Sean must enjoy it.”

“HA! I wish, that’s why I can’t forget,” she said. “You’re the first and only person to have ever done that to me.” My cock rose to the news while my throat went dry and my tongue flopped around trying to make out words.

“I’m glad I could do that for you, even if it was set up by your sister,” I smiled back. “She’s full of surprises.”

“I almost fell over when Jessica suggested that I let you go down on me. At first I thought she was joking,” Lois said, her breasts rose and fell with her breathing. “But she made it very clear that she was offering you to me.” Lois put her hand on mine and began rubbing it; she looked at me waiting for my reaction.

I wanted to get more comfortable and sitting in the kitchen wasn’t doing it. I knew what Lois wanted and I found myself wanting the same thing. I stood up knowing my semi-hard cock would be noticeable against my shorts, but I enjoyed the thought of Lois staring at it.

“I was just about to watch this DVD I got from Jess for my birthday. Come on.” When I was around to her side, I watched as her eyes drifted down my body and stopped at my crotch. Lois came along easily as I pulled her to the living room. We sat one cushion away on the couch; she got comfortable while I pushed play on the remote and sat back, waiting.

It took a few seconds for the player to warm up and read the CD. I sat down on the couch directly in front of the TV and waited. FIRE & ICE appeared on the screen before disappearing and replaced with the draw dropping images of Jessica and her sister Cara dressed in very sexy lingerie.

I sat stunned as my girlfriend spoke to me. “Happy birthday my sexy stud.”

“Happy birthday, baby,” said Cara.

“We thought you’d like to watch a couple of big breasted sisters fuck…”

A few things happened all at once. First thing I remember was Lois’ gasp after seeing her sisters on TV half naked. Second, was my cock getting fully hard at the sight of my girlfriend and Cara half naked and the thought that they’d made a sex tape for me. Finally, after all that, my brain reminded me that Lois was sitting beside me and that I should probably stop the DVD. My finger found the stop button, sending the screen black as I turned to Lois.

We looked at each other with shock on both of our faces. And then she laughed. “Wow!! I did not expect to see anything like that.”

Flustered I said, “Yeah, I had no idea what was going to be on that disc. Wow is right.”

We sat in silence for a second while I stared straight ahead. Part of me wanted to continue to watch, to see what Cara and Jessica had in store for me. I looked over to see how Lois was doing, only to catch her staring at the pitch in my shorts. When her eyes rose to mine, her face flushed and she gave a weak smile.

“It is your birthday, if you want to keep watching you can,” she said. “I’m kind of intrigued to see what my naughty sisters are up to.” Lois moved in closer to me slightly, her eyes didn’t leave my cock until I restarted the video.

Against my better judgment I pushed play. “Say hi Aunt Janet,” Jessica was saying on TV.

“Hi Tony, happy birthday babe.” The voice of the girls’ aunt Janet made my head turn to Lois. She looked at me with the shock of their aunt working the camera for a sex tape, it was mind blowing. It only intrigued me more. Jessica had called in the one person she could trust the most with such a sensitive thing. She and her sister were about to have sex, not just anybody could be brought in to record it.

I knew Lois was aware of my relationship with her aunt and sister. “I can’t believe she got Aunt Janet to do this,” Lois said, her eyes back on the TV screen.

All I could muster was “yeah” as I watched Cara and Jessica kiss passionately on our bed. I was mesmerized seeing their breasts pressed together as their kiss lingered. Cara’s breasts were humongous and Jess’ were big, it was just a lot of boob pressed together.

Watching porn, it was only instinctual that I started to play with myself, totally forgetting that there was someone beside me. I rubbed myself through my shorts at first while watching Cara kiss Jessica’s breasts. I was hard and teasing my cockhead, rubbing up the head and then down the backside with the palm of my hand.

“No wonder you love these things so much Tony,” Jessica said. “They’re Altyazılı Porno really fun to play with.” I watched as Jess pulled down the front of Cara’s lingerie, exposing her breast. My hand went into my shorts and I started jacking off, the girls on TV were making me so fucking hard. Jessica had Cara’s tits in her hands and was squeezing them and juggling them.

“I know you want to tittie fuck these breasts, baby. Thumper would love that. Sliding between these mountains, mmmmmmm,” Jessica purred.

My mouth watered at the thought of my cock sliding in the valley between Cara’s giant tits. Without thinking, I pulled the front of my shorts down with my left hand and pulled my cock out with the right. Once I was free, Lois gave an audible gasp beside me. I turned my head as my hand continued to stroke myself, Lois was looking at my dick with lust in her eyes.

“Your sisters are too much, I couldn’t help it,” I smiled before turning back to the TV. I concentrated on the two girls on the screen while I continued to masturbate. I watched intently as Cara licked one of her own nipples before taking off her sister’s bra and sucking on one of Jessica’s.

“I’m making her wet, Tony,” Cara said while she rubbed her sister’s panty covered pussy.

I had just rubbed my cock head, dropping my hand down my full length, and was about to come back up when my hand was stopped by something in its way. I looked down at the same time I felt a new hand on my cock. When I saw Lois wrap her hand around my penis, I looked at her and watched as she took in the new sensation.

Her breathing came in short bursts as she stared at the combination of her hand and my penis. “God it’s huge,” Lois said lustily. She started stroking my cock slowly; her grip was tight as her little hands held me. If she squeezed me tighter her thumb and middle finger might have touched.

“That’s what they tell me,” I said stupidly. I was getting jacked off by someone I had never thought possible. I tried turning back to the TV, but was more interested in Lois’ face as she stroked me. Her eyes hadn’t left my cock and I could see the lust that was slowly coming to the surface.

“Look what I’m doing to your girlfriend, Tony,” Cara said on TV. Her voice made me turn away from Lois. I watched Cara begin to lick her sister’s pussy; my cock felt like it was going to burst. My hips instinctually rose up to meet Lois’ movement. I needed her to stroke me faster, but I didn’t want to boss her around. Not yet at least, I laughed to myself.

“All you girls are so fucking hot,” I said to Lois. “Keep going babe, you’re driving me crazy.” The encouragement seemed to give Lois confidence. For the first time since she grasped me, she turned her head to the TV to watch her sisters.

“Stroke Thumper while Cara eats his home baby. I wish I could suck on him while she’s down there,” Jessica panted on TV.

Lois giggled. “I guess she didn’t know I’d be the one stroking Thumper while you watched them.”

I laughed while I stretched out my arm to explore her breasts. Awkwardly, with my arm crossing over top of hers, my hand found her left breast and gave it a gentle squeeze. The soft, supple flesh felt amazing even through her sweater and bra. They would be very close in size to her sisters’. My fingers found the nipple, brushing over it and then sort of pinching it.

The sensation made moan ever so slightly as a gasp escaped her lips. “Am I doing alright?”

I nodded. “Yes. You’re doing great. You’re going to make me cum. Can we take off your shirt?” At this point I didn’t know how far Lois was willing to go or if it would just be a hand job and a thank you.

She almost whimpered as she removed her hand from my cock. But when she did so, I quickly kicked off my shorts and boxer briefs while pulling at the bottom of her sweater and lifting it over her head. When her bra covered breasts were exposed, she looked at me nervously gauging my reaction. Her mounds were awe inspiring, perfect looking and I told her so.

“They’re perfect,” I said as her hand found me and picked up where she left off. I leaned into her wanting to push the envelope and began kissing the sensitive place on her neck, sucking at it softly. Used as a distraction, my right arm snaked around her and unclasped her bra with one hand. Lois moaned lightly with my kisses. Her bra fell loosely down her shoulders as I helped remove it the rest of the way. Her large breasts held firm with young age, they were perkier than Cara’s, with little pink nipples. I squeezed one breast and pulled at the nipple, causing Lois to stroke me faster as her skin began to get clammy.

“Mmmm, aha that feels good,” Lois said. “You are a dangerous man, Tony.”

“I’ve just gotten started.” With her breasts free, I was in a massive breasted triangle of haze. Cara’s breasts were the biggest by far; their volume made them the bounciest. Jessica had the longest nipples by far, and Lois’ were the perkiest. All three Brazzers were C’s or better, I guessed Lois would be a 36D.

My cock had started to leak precum as my balls started to boil. Lois started using it as lube making her hand slicker, the slippery sensation making my balls tighten up. Every time some precum would appear, she hungrily swept around my cock tip to collect it. I wished she’d do it with her tongue and the thought only drove me crazier.

On the screen Aunt Janet was kissing Cara, tasting Cara’s work from Jessica’s pussy. The sister’s were switching spots as we watched Cara crawl up the bed and Jessica position herself between her sister’s legs.

Lois’ hand stopped to focus on my cockhead, inadvertently or on purpose, I wasn’t sure if she had enough experience to know, but she was hitting the right spot at the right time. “You’re going to make me cum, baby. Get ready.” I kind of hoped my cry would bring her mouth down on me to catch my load, but she wasn’t moving. Instead she began stroking me at a faster speed, pulling me towards her with each stroke.

“Like this?” she asked. I nodded my head as I searched for a breast to squeeze. I rolled her nipple and pulled lightly. I wanted them in my mouth but I didn’t want to disrupt what was about to happen. Her hand caught the bottom of my sensitive cockhead making me jump.

Her concentration was solely on my cock like she didn’t want to miss the finale. Lois’ breasts were jiggling in response to her arms motion, they looked so inviting. I closed my eyes and moaned as she squeezed me a little tighter on her down stroke. I felt the sensation that’s comes right before a load erupts, I opened my eyes praying that when I did cum that Lois wouldn’t inadvertently stop stroking me with the shock of my eruption.

“Whatever you do, don’t stop pumping me after I start cumming,” I said almost pleadingly. “Your tits are making so fucking hot. I’m about to blow.”

Lois nodded her head like an obedient school girl with increased absorption into her job. My first shot of cum made her jump. Her hand had just been around my cockhead and on its way down, when my cock erupted with a string of cum that went pretty high. I thrust my hips and threw my head back as my orgasm started. To Lois’ credit, she listened and didn’t stop jacking me even with shot after shot came out of me. A decent size pool began forming around the seal her hand created around my dick.

“Oh God, baby, mmmmmmm,” I grunted giving Lois words of encouragement. As my cum leaked down, Lois started using it as lube. I could tell she hadn’t done this very much before because she seemed in awe, curious with my load.

She kept stroking me long after I was finished. Every time her hand hit my now very sensitive cockhead, I would flinch noticeably. At first she giggled, but then she stopped, concerned. “Am I hurting you?”

I wanted to hug, kiss, and fuck the shit out of this innocent woman. I shook my head, her hand still on my cock. “Not at all. It’s just after I cum, my cock head becomes very sensitive to the touch.” I watched her look at her hand, her fingers unable to wrap around my still hard cock. I knew I’d be going soft any time now, but I still felt pride with the thought of having a round two so quickly after round one.

“You can try my cum,” I said softly. “All the girls like it.”

Lois took her hand off me, comically looking at her cum covered hand. She looked hesitant, scared or disgusted by the thoughts of tasting me, I wasn’t sure. But with her lack of experience, I thought I’d give her a helping hand.

Now, I don’t do it often, more like rarely, but I will taste my cum if I absolutely have too. Sometimes the girls get horny enough that they want to kiss you after they’d just blown you, as a gentleman you don’t say no after what they’ve just done for you. You stick your tongue as far as you can down their throat in thanks. So obviously you ended up tasting a little bit of yourself. Or, I’ve blown loads inside the girls only to want to eat them out right after. Naturally they’re leaking you out so you get a tongue full, but it drives the girls wild. Not really that big of a deal in my book.

Anyways, I took Lois’ hand in mine, bringing it up to my mouth. “Trust me,” I said softly. My tongue jutted out, teasing the palm of her hand while I scooped up some of my load. The salty taste hits first, but I quickly forget about what’s in my mouth as I turn my focus onto Lois. I slowly moved towards her mouth as my hand falls to one of her knees and stops.

When just our lips met, Lois’ eyes close as mine stay open to watch. Her mouth began to slowly open as I eased my tongue in, ready to give her her first taste of male cum. I watched her as she got that taste and then surprised as she processed the new taste and then the sudden desire of wanting more. She attacked my tongue and mouth eagerly, my tongue quickly void of cum.

My hand had slowly crept up from her knee and was now rubbing the front of her jeans. I unbuckled her pants while we continued to kiss. Her hips rose as I pulled the pants from around her butt. When I had them down far enough, which they didn’t make it past her thighs, my hand was on her panty cover pussy, one layer away from where I wanted to be.

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