I was not looking forward to working out at all. I wanted to get into shape, but working out was going to be painful mainly because it had been a few months since I had stepped into the gym. I was so right, the first week I was so damn sore, but going into the second week, I was feeling much better. I am usually in a zone of my own when I go into the gym. I just want to get my workout done, go into the steam room, and then take a shower before going home. I do not usually really pay attention to the people around me, because then it becomes a distraction, but when I came in today, I could not help but notice this damn hot trainer across from me. He was helping one of the women get set up on the treadmill. He was tall, with dark hair, and a killer body. As I got onto the treadmill, I was really trying to keep my eyes down and not pay attention to what was going on across from me but it was not easy, and then there he was standing in front of me. “How is everything going?” he asked. I nearly tripped over my feet when I looked up, “Um, fine,” I stammered. “Well if you need anything my name is Brian,” he said as he was walking away. Dammit, I did not usually have a hard time speaking to men but for some reason he made me nervous. It has been a while since I had flirted with a man. The next couple of weeks were not easy for me, but I would get in early enough to get my workout done before Brian came in, which was both good and bad. It was good because I got my workout done and it was bad because I was not able to watch Brian do his thing in the gym while he helped the other women. The women loved Brian and he did his job well. He was a great trainer from what I could see. Watching him, work with the other women was kind of a turn on because he was very assertive with them, which I found quite sexy, not to mention he has an amazing body. I was watching him one day with zenci gaziantep escort one of his regular appointments and every time he held the woman’s waist as she went down into a squat, I imagined it was his hands on my waist. I did not think that he noticed me watching him until he made eye contact with me in the mirror, and he gave me a smile. I was slightly embarrassed, so I just continued my workout and thought, “I got a smile from him that’s a start.” I made the decision that I was going to stop watching him with his hands on other women and I was going to find a way to get his hands on me. I had been working out now for a few weeks and felt that I had lost some weight and I was feeling good about the way that I looked. It may have been a while since I flirted but I knew I had it in me, in addition the idea of flirting with Brian sent electricity through me. The next day I made sure to wear an outfit that would get me noticed. I put on a red shirt with a V-neck that showed off just enough cleavage to get his attention, and a pair of black workout pants that hugged my ass, which has always been one of my best assets so to speak. Walking into the gym, I took a deep breath and made my way to the weights, grabbing two 15-pound free-weights and started working my arms, along with a couple of lunges too. I made it through the first set before I saw Brian in the mirror standing behind me. I smiled at him as I went into my next set and as I started into a lunge. I lost my footing sending me off balance. He managed to get his hands around my hips, helping to brace me so that I did not fall over. “Are you okay?” he asked while holding me steady.  “Um, yeah,” I squeaked out. While inside my head I am screaming, “Hah, his hands are on me.” Now I just needed to find a way to have this happen more often. gaziantep zenci escort bayan “May I make a couple of suggestions on your form?” he asked.  As if I am going to say no to his offer to help, considering this is what I had been looking forward to. I had butterflies as I stood there staring at him behind me awaiting my answer. I did my best not to sound too excited as I turned around. “Yes, please I can use some pointers.” I smiled as I answered him. “Turn and face the mirror and bring the weight slightly back making it even with your hip and then raise your wrist up.” He instructed me to do this five times. Watching him behind me as he counted for me was both exhilarating and distracting. I could feel the burning in my arm as I slide it back and then released it as I went forward again. I knew I was going to feel it later when I got home, but I did not care right then. I was enjoying having Brian tell me what to do, he was quite confident as an instructor. He came closer and put his hand on the small of my back sending shockwaves up my spine. I could feel my stomach tighten as he glided his hand slowly up my back. It had been a while since a man had touched me. I closed my eyes and tried to remember to breathe. “If you straighten your back just slightly you will get a better arch on your wrist and you will be able to bring the weight back a little further,” he informed me, bringing me back to the present. “Oh thank you,” I replied as I took a deep breath. Fuck, the thoughts that were going through my head right then. I could feel the excitement between my legs and I had to shift my body in order to stop them from being too evident to Brian. “Do you have room for another client?” I asked with secret hope deep inside. “I need to check my schedule and see what is available, but gaziantep zenci escort I am sure I can fit you in. If you want to come with me I can take a look right now,” he said as he walked towards his office. All I could think was, “Ah, yes, I’d like to come with you and have you come for me too.” I got a wicked smile on my face as I followed him to his office. Damn he had a nice ass. Watching Brian behind his desk was quite sexy and I had no idea why, but it just was. I looked around the room, it was spacious with a nice brown leather couch against the wall. The walls were pretty bare except for a few framed pictures of sports teams and one with just a black and white silhouette of a woman’s torso in amazing shape. The one thing that caught my eye was, he had his own private bathroom and as I backed up a little, I could see that there was a decent size shower in there. I made a mental note and then started to wonder if he had ever done any of his clients in that shower. Oh, what I would like to do to him in that shower. Again, I could feel the stirring in my stomach. “Would evenings work for you?” he asked springing me out of my daydream. “Yes!” I said with a little too much enthusiasm. Damn am I looking forward to being worked out by him. “I can sometimes be a little lazy when I work out, so I expect you to whip my ass if I start to slack of,” I said with a wink and smirk. “Oh you can count on it, especially now that you have given me permission to whip your ass.” He looked up from his desk with a twinkle in his eye. “I will be here tomorrow night at seven sharp ready to work my ass off,” I said walking toward the door. I turned to look back and caught him staring at my ass. “Uh yes, I’ll see you tomorrow,” he stammered looking up quickly. I just smiled and walked out the door. I was so excited to get to the gym. That was all I had been thinking about at work. The fantasies I was having at work made it very difficult to concentrate on my work, but I made it through the day with a wicked smile on my face. I got to the gym a little early so I could change and stretch a little, so not to be too sore after I worked out. I was in the middle of stretching with my hands around my ankles, when I saw a pair of muscular legs standing behind me.

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