A short for me, I needed a break from the long stories. Hope you enjoy.


Ava sat nervously on the couch as the music blared and the people yelled. This was her first party. She was now in college but never was a part of the popular crowd in high school.

She sipped the bitter drink as she took in her surroundings. It took all her courage to come here tonight. She was happy that no one noticed her. The last thing she wanted to do was embarrass herself.

Ava was a curvy brunette, she wore her hair in a messy bun as her oversized flannel kept her warm but also matched her grungy look. She watched as guys chugged their drinks, others played beer pong, some made out on the couches around her.

She eyed the group of stoners, she knew she was never much of a drinker but the smoke coming from their smiles intrigued her. She wanted to be that happy and chill.

Ava scanned the room taking everything in and settled on the stoners again she noticed a girl who she had biology with. She always thought she was attractive. The way she smiled at everyone, her freckles and green eyes, her C bust on display in a low cut crop. Ava starred until she snapped out of it as she saw those green eyes staring back at her.

She panicked, blushing as she tucked some loose strands behind her ear and looked away. She readjusted her position on the couch as she took another sip hating the taste. She needed to calm herself, she got up in search of a bathroom.

Closing the door behind herself she poured her drink out, leaning against the counter she calmed her breathing. Turning the faucet on she ran her hands under the cold water then placing them on her hot cheeks.

The door opened quickly as a woman came in, shutting and locking it behind her. She turned around to Ava who looked back at her with equal surprise. It was her.

“Hey, sorry, just need to pee.” She said as she started unfastening her pants going to the toilet. Ava continued washing her hands.

“We have bio together.. right?” She asked.

Ava nodded in the mirror looking at her. She fixed her hair. The woman got up and stood next to her as she washed her hands.

“You’re Alex right?” She asked.


“Ava.” She smiled. “Even better. I’m Kim. Are you here with anyone?”

“No, decided last minute to come.”

“Gotcha, well do you smoke?”

“Socially.” Ava lied.

Kim laughed. “Are you in the social spirit?”

Ava smiled.

“Come on.” Kim said, taking hold of Ava’s hand and leading her out.

“Guys this is Ava!” Kim said as she pulled Ava in front of her to display to her friends.

Ava smiled nervously. They all greeted her as they sat down. She sat quietly as they all talked. Kim held the blunt as she laughed and talked with everyone. She took a hit as she held it in then the smoke came out as she started talking again.

Ava was sure to watch so she didn’t mess up when it was her turn. The guy next to her leaned over.

“How long have you been here?”

“This will be my second year.” Ava said quietly.

“Shit mine too! Why haven’t we seen you at other parties?” He asked.

“I don’t party much.”

He nodded understanding as he took hold of a bong from another. He lit and hit it as Ava watched. He blew out the smoke. Looking at her he offered it asking if she ever hit one.

“I haven’t.”

He explained how to use it. Ava sat with the bong and lighter in hand. She worked up the courage to hit it. She put her mouth to the glass as she sparked the lighter as her lungs filled with smoke. She started to panic as she wasn’t confident as to how to stop it.

Kim took hold of the bong as she hit the rest of it pulling the piece to put out the embers. Ava held her breath as she tried her hardest not to cough. The smoke left her as she coughed her eyes watering.

The guy laughed as Ava laughed with him. He took the blunt knowing she needed a minute.

“That was a huge hit.” He said as he exhaled his smoke handing it to the next person.

Ava sat as she watched everyone laugh and carry on. Kim nudged her as she smiled. “You good?” She asked as Ava nodded with a big smile feeling the high setting in. She felt like she was floating, she was happy, she felt she could laugh at anything.

“Just enjoying it.” Ava said, her eyes squinting.

“Good.” Kim smiled. She noticed Ava was still coughing here and there.

“Where is your drink?” She asked.

“I left it in the bathroom.” Ava laughed.

Kim laughed as she got up.

“Come on let’s get you another.” She said, holding out her hand.

Both standing Kim led her around the group. The guy Ava had been sitting next to yelled to them “Have fun you two.”

The pair made their way to the kitchen as Kim handed her a cup she poured her drink as Ava went over to the sink to fill hers. She drank about half of it as Kim smiled at her from behind her cup.

“What?” Ava asked.

“Nothing. You’re just very pretty.”

Ava blushed smiling down at her cup. “I always thought you were beautiful.” bursa escort She said. Her nerves were gone, she wasn’t anxious anymore.

“Ah so you’ve been checking me out?” Kim teased arching her eyebrow.

Ava smirked as she nodded.

“Well Ava..between you and me.” She drew near now standing close enough to whisper in her ear. “I’ve been checking you out since the day I first saw you. I’ve wanted to kiss youre beautiful lips.” She pulled back as she pushed some loose strands behind her ear.

Kim smiled at her as she drew even closer now slightly pressing her body against Ava’s.

“Would it be okay if I did?” She asked quietly.

Ava nodded. Kim smiled at her sweetly, she gently held her cheek in her hand as she embraced her delectable lips with her own. Ava could feel her warmth as she let her lips meet hers. Her head was spinning.

Kim stepped back to look Ava in the eyes. She smiled. “First time kissing a girl?” She asked gently.

“First kiss ever.” Ava said shyly.

Kim arched her brows surprised. “Really?”

Ava nodded.

“Was it okay? Like as your first?” She asked.

Ava smiled as she nodded.

“Come on let’s go talk.” Kim smiled as she turned to lead the way.

Ava followed, they settled in a cozy room. Kim sat on the foot end of the queen bed. She crossed her legs as she patted the bed. Ava sat leaning against the headboard.

“Okay so that was your first kiss…are you into women or was this a kind of in the moment type of kiss?”

“I have always liked women..I just never fully experienced it, not that I didn’t want to… I just never found anyone. I never really have been attracted to guys but when I saw you something just clicked.”

“So you haven’t done anything then?”

Ava sipped her water shaking her head. “I’ve done stuff to others but never kissed anyone.” Ava explained. Kim smiled.

“Do you want to do anything?” Kim asked.

Ava furrowed her brows. “What do you mean?” Her heart was pounding. With that question it felt like Ava’s high left her. Was her crush really asking her what she thought she was??

“Tonight?” Kim asked. “With me?”

Ava blushed. “I don’t really know what to do.”

“That’s okay. That’s all part of it, you have to learn what each other likes and what makes them feel good.” She said. She moved to sit next to Ava.

“Okay…what do you like?” Ava asked nervously.

“Well I’ve figured out that I really like having my breasts played with. Someone else or myself.” Kim smiled.

Ava fidgeted with her shoe laces. She untied them and took her shoes off, she readjusted on the bed. “I have experienced someone else sucking on my nipples which I did like…, I have gone down on two friends which I really like doing…but I never felt comfortable with anything more than my breasts being touched.”

Kim smirked. “Ah you like to be in charge then?”

Ava nodded.

Kim smiled.

“What?” Ava asked.

“Nothing.” She smiled. “Well I’m open to try anything you want. If you want anything to stop or you don’t like anything you tell me okay?” Kim reassured.

Ava nodded.

“Is it okay if I shut the door?” Kim asks.

Ava nodded again. She watched as Kim closed the door she turned around and smiled at Ava. She took her shoes off. She unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off. Leaving her lace cheeky underwear on, she laid down on the bed as she propped herself up on her arm facing Ava.

She smiled down at Kim as she removed her flannel. Ava reached down to her pants and hesitated. She unbuttoned them. Kim gently laid her hand on hers.

“Just lay back. It’s okay. We don’t need to rush.” She said gently.

Ava laid down as she faced Kim.

“I’m going to kiss you again okay?” Kim said.

Ava nodded as she smiled. Their lips met, they slightly pulled away and met again. She liked how soft Kim was and how gentle. Kim settled her hand on Ava’s hip and she started allowing it to roam.

Kim’s hand made its way up to her breasts. “Is this okay?” She asked. Ava nodded. “Do you want me to touch you?” She asked. Ava smiled and nodded again.

“Lay on your back.” Kim said as she was about to throw her leg over to straddle Ava. Kim’s leg froze in the air as Ava’s tight grip on her ankle stopped her.

Kim looked down at her questioning. “Sorry.” Ava said as she let go. “I um ..can I be on top?” She asked shyly.

“Yeah..of course.” Kim said as she laid back and Ava straddled her. Ava’s body hummed with excitement. She never got to straddle anything other than her pillow while trying to get off.

Kim ran her hands over Ava’s hips as she gasped. “It’s okay you’re okay. Are you sure you’re okay with me touching you? And I can always stop.”

Ava nodded as she came close kissing Kim again. Each kiss brought a new sensation to Ava’s attention. The heat, her mind racing, wanting to get off, Kim’s heart beat, her own heart beat, and to her surprise her clit aching.

Kim ran her hands up Ava’s body, along her exposed flesh and to bursa escort bayan her crop top, her fingers danced near her breasts. She froze when Ava pulled away. But smiled once she took her shirt off. She unclasped her bra as she allowed her breasts to fall free. Kim smiled up at her.

Ava sat still just looking down as her. “What is it?” Kim asked. “What is it about neck kisses that turns people on?” She asked shyly.

“Come here and I’ll show you.” Kim smirked.

Ava smiled as she came close. She felt Kim nuzzle into her neck and kiss her gently. She still didn’t understand, they were just kisses. Kim ran over a sensitive part which made Ava shiver.

Kim laughed lightly against her. “There it is.” She said quietly as her kisses grew tender she went over the area again. Ava gasped, she found Kim’s hand, leading it to her exposed breasts.

Ava felt Kim smile against her, she felt her warm wet tongue probing the sensitive nerve. And Kim’s gentle hand toying lightly with her nipple. She thought she would fall over.

Kim could feel Ava pressing and grinding her hips into her gently most likely unaware that she was doing it. She reached her hand down and gently cupped Ava through her pants, she could hear her gasp.

Ava nearly moaned when she felt Kim’s hand between her thighs. She wanted to rip her pants off so she could grind harder into her. She reached down and unbuttoned her pants.

Kim pulled her hand away thinking Ava wanted her to stop until she felt Ava’s tight grip pulling her into her pants. Ava gasped just at the thought of Kim touching her. She knew she was wet and she could feel it.

“Take them off beautiful.” Kim whispered as she squeezed Ava’s mound. Ava let out a little whimper as she pulled away.

Her face was flushed as she got up and jumped around taking her pants off. She turned back to the bed to see Kim had taken her shirt and bra off her C’s overflowing her chest and spilling over. She starred.

Kim smiled up at her. “Sorry.” Ava said snapping out of it. “I just always imagined how you’d look topless and you’re even more stunning.” Kim smiled sweetly at her.

“I am indeed topless now that you have left.” She smirked.

Ava smiled so big.

“Now we are going to take care of you, how fast or slow is your choice…but after…I want you to have your way with me… Just know that the thought of you doing anything to me has got me so wet…. I’ve always wanted you. Now come join me again.” Kim tasted her words as she looked seductively at Ava standing there in just her underwear. She watched as she turned around and locked the door.

She climbed back onto the bed and straddled Kim as she smiled up at her. “Suck my nipples.” Ava almost ordered. Kim and Ava moved in opposite ways as she felt Kim’s warm mouth engulf her nipple.

Kim rolled the other with her hand. She heard Ava gasp at the attention. She reached down to cup Ava through her satin hipsters. She squeezed as she regripped and repeated. Ava moaned, all these sensations filling her head.

“Finger me.” Ava ordered. “I want to gush all over you.” Ava gasped as Kim nipped at her. She slid her hand inside her underwear to be met by a river of wetness. She felt Ava grind her hips against her hand. She ran her finger along until she felt it give. She eased her finger inside Ava as she moaned.

“I need two.” Ava gasped with her head buried in the pillows close to Kim.

Ava groaned as Kim stretched her. She began to ride her fingers.

“Curl them.” Ava ordered as she sped up her movements.

Kim curled her fingers as she felt Ava moving around them, the way she would clench. Her wetness began dripping.

“Fuck..” she groaned. She threw her hips harder against Kim’s fingers. Ava shook as she somehow kept going. She groaned as her walls collapsed and her juices flowed. Kim loved the feeling of it dripping all over her.

Kim pulled her mouth away. “Do you want to sit on my face?”

Ava looked down at her. “You sure?” She asked.

“I’d really like to taste you.” Kim smiled shyly up at her.

Ava smiled, she shifted sliding her panties down to one knee she hovered above Kim’s face. Looking down she hesitated.

“Fuck youre so hot… you look so delicious.” Kim said as she starred hungry at Ava slit. Sliding her hands up Ava’s thighs she stopped at her hips. “Aves you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Kim said gently.

“I do…just I’ve never felt this before…what if I hate it?” Ava asked nervously.

“It’s okay if you do..then we do something else to get you off.” Kim said reassuring her.

Ava finally lowered herself down, she could feel her wetness slipping all over Kim’s face. Ava’s eyes grew big as she felt Kim’s tongue probe inside her. She gasped as she swirled her tongue.

Her heart was pounding, Kim’s tongue made its way through her folds, Ava could feel her clit twitching. Finally Kim’s tongue brushed her hood, Ava shook at the sensation and gasped.

“Kim…” Ava gasped.

“Mm.” She bursa merkez escort answered against her folds.

“I usually get off..oh fuck ….that feels so good..I grind against a pillow while i finger myself…shit keep going…but I grind really hard I dont want to hurt you.” Ava gasped and moaned.

Kim pulled away. “Call me Kimmy…Aves grind as hard as you want against me I just want to hear you moan.” She said quickly before lapping at Ava.

Ava’s head felt heavy. She took hold of the headboard as she rolled her hips. Kim stuck her tongue out as Ava ground her clit against her feverishly. Ava let out a low groan. She couldn’t believe that this soon she felt like she was going to cum.

She leaned forward as she made her strokes longer as she moaned. “Fuck I’m close.”

She pulled her nipple as she nearly fell over as she shook. She held herself up, her arm muscles burning as she felt Kim’s tongue working her through her orgasmic waves. Ava’s mouth hung open as she moaned.

Her hips bucked then she sunk lifelessly down onto Kim as her walls clentched and she dripped. Ava gasped as she tried to calm herself she could feel Kim’s tongue lapping at her juices.

She moved as she fell down onto the bed. She opened her eyes to stare up at the ceiling, Kim came close as she cuddled up to her laying on her chest.

“That was amazing. It’s a whole different experience when someone else is doing all the work. That and you turn me on so much I came so quickly!” Ava said, still catching her breath.

Kim smiled up at her. “I’m happy that you had a good first time.”

“What else do you like?” Ava asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You like your breasts being played with… what else?”

“Circles around my clit.”

Ava looked over at Kim.

“What?” Kim asked.

Ava straddled Kim again. “My turn.” She smirked before kissing her tenderly.

She continued as she would graze her teeth along her bottom lip. Ava moved her leg between Kim’s and pushed her knee against her lace clad lips.

Ava sank down to kiss her neck. She left tender kisses on every inch of her skin. Ava ran her tongue over the nerve as she lightly nipped. Kim gasped as she rolled her hips against Ava’s thigh.

A hand found its way to Kim’s breast, Ava tightened her grip as she rolled her nipple causing Kim’s back to arch. Ava kissed her collar bone as she left a trail of kisses down to her breasts.

She kissed both of her nipples as she eyed Kim, they both smiled at each other. Ava kissed her nipple again, she kissed and sucked gently. She pulled back to see the little nub waking up. She kissed her way down her stomach.

Ava ran her tongue along Kim’s lace. She nipped her way back up to her other nipple and she sucked gently. She swirled her tongue as Kim quietly moaned. She ran her fingers through Ava’s hair.

Kim arched her back as Ava nipped, her hips rose as she felt her hand between her thighs. She ground herself into her hand. Ava kissed her way down again, she ran her tongue along her skin.

Ava kissed Kim’s thighs she kissed down to her knees and took her time kissing her way back up along her inner thigh. She allowed her mouth to press against Kim through her lace. She reached up and looped her fingers through the sides along her hips.

Kim lifted herself as her underwear left her, pulling her wetness with them. She blushed looking down knowing she had strings. Ava smiled at her glistening lips wanting her mouth.

Ava spread her lips with her fingers as she lapped at her juices. “Fuck Kimmy… you taste so good.” She said before diving in. Her nose squished against her as she slowly worked her clit.

She knew to swirl her tongue as Kim said earlier. Kim moaned as she arched her back. She gripped the back of Ava’s head. “Oh god.” She moaned.

Ava slowly sped her motions up as Kim grew more vocal. Kim slapped her hand on the bed as she gripped the sheets. Ava worked without slowing or breaking her rhythm. Kim began to shake. “Fuck don’t stop.” She gasped.

Her wetness seeped out all over Ava’s chin as she moaned her orgasm rolling through her. She held her face close to her as she twitched through the aftermath.

Ava licked her clean before coming up and laying next to her. “You really know what you’re doing.” Kim said, smiling contently at her.

“Practice.” Ava smiled.

Kim snuggled up to her again, they lay there enjoying the calmness of their post orgasm relaxation.


Kim jumped awake to her phone ringing. An hour had gone by, Ava sat up remembering what happened, she smiled to herself.

Kim kissed her before getting up and starting to get dressed. “Come on we will drop you off.”

Ava was dressed and in the back of Ava’s friend’s car. He drove to Ava’s apartment that she shared. She got out as Kim rolled down the window. “See you at the next party.. you better be there.” She smiled, her eyes roaming Ava’s body. She smiled back at her.

As she watched them drive away she was mad at herself for not asking for her number. Ava unlocked the door as she made her way through to her room she heard the moans of her roommate. Ava smiled to herself happy that they both were taken care of tonight. She laid in bed, she closed her eyes imagining she was with Kim. She imagined the sensations of Kim’s tongue against her clit.

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