Jack and Paul were on their annual golfing trip, so Linda and I made plans to go dancing at a club a few miles from home. The four of us have been there several times in the past. But dancing just isn’t our husband’s thing, and they prefer to sit back, drink, and people-watch while Linda and I get our groove on. I was excited to go out with Linda. We always have such a good time together. She is my other soulmate, and I love her dearly. I drove over to pick her up, she was waiting outside, and I must admit I got a little excited watching her tits bounce up and down as she walked toward the car. I leaned over, and we kissed. It lasted for a minute or two before we reluctantly backed away from each other. If we continued that steamy kiss, we would get tempted to go inside and party instead of going out.  It was a hot sultry night, so I had dressed casually. I wore a pale blue crop top, beige mid-thigh gym shorts, and strappy wedge sandals. Linda was dressed similarly, wearing a green crop top, black gym shorts, and sandals. It was about 9:00 pm when we arrived at the club. It was still quite early for a club, so not many people were there. We sat at a table drinking our wine, waiting for the DJ to start playing, and when he did, we were the first ones out on the dance floor. We enjoyed three or four fast dances, and when a slow one started playing, we returned to the table.  A few guys came over to ask us to dance, but we politely declined. After fifteen minutes or so, we got up to dance again. We were on our third fast dance when two gorgeous-looking black guys approached us and asked if they could cut in and dance with us.  “I would love that,” I said. Linda nodded her head in agreement. One of the guys took my hand, and we started dancing. “I’m Phil, and my friend dancing with your friend is Sam.” “I’m Sue, and my friend is Linda.”  Phil was an excellent dancer, and he was so good-looking. He was probably about six feet two tall and weighed around two hundred lbs. He wore a tight black T-shirt showing off his chiseled upper body and muscular arms.  Watching him move on the dance floor had my nipples hardening and my pussy wetting my panties. After a couple more fast dances, I was glad when a slow one started. Phil didn’t even hesitate and pulled me in close. I instantly melted into his strong arms as we danced. I felt my hard nipples rubbing up against his chest, and I could feel how wet my panties were. I didn’t object when he slowly moved his hands from the middle of my back to cup my asscheeks, gently squeezing and kneading them. I could feel Phil’s hard cock pushing up against my nether region. The club lights were low, and looking around, I saw other couples, including Linda and Sam, similarly engaged. Another slow song started right away, and as we danced, he steered me toward the side doorway that opened to the bathrooms.  Sure enough, that’s where we ended up. Once through the doorway, he took my hand, walking me past the men’s and ladies’ bathrooms. Phil eased me back against the wall just past the ladies’ bathroom and leaned in to kiss me. For a fleeting moment, I thought, what the hell was I doing, I had just met him, but he was one of the sexiest guys I had ever met. xnxx Just watching him dance had me in heat. And feeling his large cock rubbing up against me had me so horny I threw all reasoning out the window and kissed him back. He was a great kisser, aggressive but not overly so. I loved how his tongue dueled with mine. I loved his hands all over my ass and feeling his hard cock rub against my pubic area. I also slid my hands to his muscular backside, pulling him into me.  We continued to kiss for a while before he moved his hands onto my bare abdomen, sliding them up and under my crop top. I gasped in sheer pleasure as his big hands cupped my breasts. Phil began squeezing them and playing with my rock-hard nipples. I groaned into his mouth with pleasure. I love my nipples being pulled and twisted. I’m one of those women who can orgasm just from that alone. I pulled his shirt out of his shorts, ran my hands onto his skin, felt his rock-hard abs, and started playing with his nipples.  Then suddenly, he broke our kiss, lifted my top over my breasts, leaned down to suck my right nipple into his mouth, and covered my left one with one of his big hands. It was pretty dark at that end of the hallway, but I was nervous about what we were doing in a public place. But as his teeth gently bit down on my hard nipple and he pulled on it, any thought other than needing to cum quickly passed. Not pushing him away gave Phil the green light he was looking for. He quickly moved his other hand into my shorts. Phil’s large fingers slipped inside my panties and rubbed across my blood-engorged clit, making my entire body shudder. Curling his fingers up, he began to run them up and down my soaking wet vulva, using my juices as lube as he teased my clit. I was way past giving a fuck about anyone catching us now, so I unzipped his shorts and slipped my hand inside, wrapping my fingers around his cock. I had never been with a black guy before and had always wondered if the stories were true. Oh my fucking God, I thought he felt huge. I wanted to stroke it, but it was so long I couldn’t pull it through the opening of his boxer shorts.  I managed to unbuckle his belt, unbuttoned his shorts, and released it. It was by far the biggest, thickest cock I’ve ever seen.  Phil hadn’t let up on me at all and now had two of his big fingers inside my sodden pussy, curling them up against my G-spot and massaging it while stroking my clit with his thumb. I was moaning nonstop from the intense pleasure. When I announced that I was cumming he bit down on my nipple, and I convulsed in an explosive orgasm flooding his hand as I squirted over and over. I felt my legs giving way and probably would have fallen if not for the fingers inside my pussy holding me up. “My God, that was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had!” I said as I got my breath back. “I’ve never seen anyone cum that hard before. You squirted all over my hand. Your shorts are soaked through, and there’s a little puddle of your squirt on the floor. Let’s get out of here I want to fuck you so badly and have you squirt all over my cock.” He was right. From the waist down, I was wet. Even my sandals had my pussy juices on them.  “Look, Phil, I want to bakire porno fuck you so bad right now as well, but I can’t leave Linda here alone.” “Hey, no problem. I’m sure Linda and Sam would also be up for returning to my apartment.” We got ourselves as presentable as possible and went back inside the club. As we walked back to the table, I saw the familiar sight of Linda’s flushed face post-orgasm. I would later find out that he fingered her to multiple orgasms under the table while we were gone. She immediately agreed to go to Phil’s place.  We left the club; she rode in Sam’s car, and I drove Phil. Driving there, I thought about how bold we were going to a stranger’s home, but there hadn’t been any red flags so far. It’s something I haven’t done in a long time, and never without letting Jack know where I was. But with the thought of Phil’s huge cock running through my brain, making my pussy soaking wet, I just went with it. I parked the car in front of his building; it looked really lovely. The apartment was more like a townhouse with individual units attached. We had just started walking to the front door when Linda and Sam pulled up. We waited until they got out of his car, and the four of us walked arm and arm into his place. The décor had a masculine feel but was classy and appealing.  I thought that Phil would be all over me once inside, but instead asked if we wanted to use the bathroom to get freshened up while he went to get drinks for us. Such a gentleman, I thought. The bathroom was big and had two sinks and a large shower. I peeled off my shorts and panties, still soaked from cumming earlier. Linda did the same as hers were soaked as well. I told her about Phil fingering me in the hall by the bathrooms, making me cum, and she told me that Sam had fingered her at the table to several intense orgasms. She said that she had his cock out, stroking it under the table, and it was huge. I told her about Phil’s size, and I was super excited to fuck such a huge cock. We dried ourselves as best as we could, I kissed her, and we wished each other good luck for the rest of the evening. We decided to leave our clothes in the bathroom, having decided we were there to fuck and wouldn’t need them. We walked back into the living room together, naked. I could see the smiles on their faces as they stared at my red landing strip and Linda’s black landing strip. I walked over to Phil, climbed up on the couch, and knelt on either side of his legs. Leaning down, I kissed him. While we kissed, I reached down and pulled his T-shirt over his head. I sat back to admire his ripped body and ran my hands all over his pecs and abs, teasing his nipples. After a few minutes, I sat up and shoved my right tit into his mouth. He greedily began sucking my hard nipple. He took his hand and started to play with my other nipple. His actions were causing my pussy to start gushing profusely. Not wanting to wet his shorts, I undid his belt and the button on his shorts and pulled down the zipper.  I moved down onto the floor between his legs and reached up to grab his shorts. Phil lifted up, and I slowly pulled them off. No longer confined by the shorts, I saw a huge tent had bedava porno developed in his boxers. I reached up and grabbed them and slowly pulled them down his body. I gasped when his cock sprang free. I could think of a couple of one-word adjectives to describe it: massive, immense, gigantic, huge, girthy! It was even bigger than I felt when I stroked it at the club, and I didn’t think it was fully erect yet! I reached up and grabbed it with both hands around the base, and there must have still been five inches exposed. Besides the length, it was also really thick, my fingers not closing around it completely. I loved how veiny it was and how it throbbed in my hands. I slid my hands up its length to the huge bulbous head, rubbing the pre-cum all over it. Mesmerized by the sight I the biggest cock I had ever handled, I began to slowly stroke up and down the shaft. Sticking my tongue out, I licked the underside of the head. Keeping my hands around the thick shaft, I eased it into my mouth. I had to open wider than I ever had. I knew I could only take a little at a time, but I finally got close to six inches down my throat before I started to gag and choke.  I backed off a little and tried again, but I didn’t think I’d get it much deeper it was just too big. I proceeded to go up and down while stroking his shaft and playing with his balls! He was helping me by grabbing the top of my head and guiding it up and down his shaft.  It didn’t take long before I heard him start moaning with pleasure, and I could sense he was building to a climax. Then surprisingly, he lifted my head off of his cock, and said that he wanted to cum in another hole instead. That was music to my ears as I was very excited to feel his beautiful cock stretching my tight married pussy. I stood up, and so did he, and I looked over to see Linda was also sucking Sam’s huge cock. “We are going up to my bedroom. Do you two want to join us or use the spare room?” Phil said, looking over at Sam and Linda. Linda and I love fucking each other’s husbands on the same bed, so almost in unison, we both said, “Same room. We love watching each other fuck.” The four of us proceeded up the stairs into a very spacious master suite centered by a massive four-poster bed. It seemed wider than a king as the four of us lying side by side fit comfortably. Taking charge, Phil picked me up and deposited me on my back on the left side of the bed. He pulled a pillow down, and I lifted my hips. He placed it under my ass and then knelt between my legs. Phil grabbed my legs and spread them wide, pushing them up and back, exposing my open ginger cunt to his lustful gaze.  I squealed in delight as I saw the look of pure desire as he gazed at my gaping cunt. I could feel my cunt juice leaking out, running down to my tiny pink butthole. Phil began to tease me, rubbing his fingers along my labia while blowing on them, making my head roll from side to side. All I wanted was for him to cover my entire cunt with his large black lips and taste me. As if he had read my mind, his mouth engulfed my entire cunt as his tongue thrust deep inside me.  “Oh my fucking God, Yes. Suck my cunt, Phil, eat my slutty little hole.” Urged on by my open profanity, Phil quickly started to lick long strokes of his tongue from my asshole to my clit. I was in heaven, and my pussy was gushing heavily. Phil sucked and drank all my juices as they poured out of me, and I was quickly closing in on a massive climax.  

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