This is the ninth part of the Mrs. Wentworth saga. It comes after “Mrs. Wentworth and Stephen.” It moves slowly and I like it that way. I always appreciate comments and suggestions and thoughts and I reply to every feedback that has a reply email in it. Enjoy.


The last week had been a whirlwind of emotions for me. I started annoyed at my Mom. She hardly even noticed I was alive but when she went away for some sort of work trip she made me stay with Mrs. Wentworth who had been my teacher when I was younger. I tried to resent her but I found out I liked her a lot. I started to discover how sexy she was. She had started out teaching me about dating but then I sort of fell for her. In fact last night after the opera was amazing. We had a very erotic night and then this morning it went much further. We actually slept together. It was the most amazing night of my life and not just because I had sex but that was a big part of it.

Now we were back home, at Mrs. Wentworth’s house that is. I was going to bed and found my sheets were being washed. When I told Mrs. Wentworth, she said “Stephen you might as well climb into bed with me for tonight and we’ll worry about the rest in the morning.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I quickly stripped down to my shorts, coincidentally they were boxer shorts she had bought for me. I climbed between the sheets she had held back for me and onto the spot on the satin sheets she was patting with her hand. The satin sheets felt very nice on my almost naked body. I loved the slippery feeling and there’s something just plain sexy about satin.

Mrs. Wentworth pulled the sheets up and then she rolled over to turn out the only light left on. After she turned it out she rolled back over and pulled me closer to her. “There. This should be more comfortable than sleeping in the spare room without any sheets on the bed. Besides, I bet you have never slept on satin before. Do you like the way it feels soft against you? I think it’s very sensual.”

“No, Mrs. W- I mean Lana. I’ve never slept on satin. It really does feel nice.”

While I was talking she reached over and took one of my hands and rubbed it on her thigh so I could tell she was wearing a satin nightgown. She kept moving my hand across her thigh, then her stomach, then up to her breasts. When she let go, I just kept massaging her.

“Yes, Stephen the softness of silk and the way it gently rubs against us is very erotic. The way two lovers feels completely surrounded by and encased in silk. The way, OH yesssssss.”

The last part was because I suddenly decided to take her nipples, hard and excited nipples, and pinch them gently but a little firmly. She obviously liked it so I kept doing it. I started to massage her breasts briefly and then pinch her nipples. It made her squirm in the bed and she was no longer talking. She made noises but none of them were words.

After a few minutes she grabbed my head and pulled me to her, pressing it down to find her nipples. She was moving in every direction on the bed but pulling my head to her nipple, holding it there and watching to see my tongue poke at the bumps in her nightgown. Then I decided to suck on her nipple through the nightgown. She moved her head back and started at the ceiling.

I reached up and moved her gown strap off her shoulder and peeled the top of the nightgown back to expose her breast. Then I attacked it with my tongue, swirling around her nipple, touching it with my teeth and finally sucking on it with lips and tongue together. She responded by crying out, almost screaming, and arching her back like a cat.

The whole scene was thrilling and made me want it to continue. I paused for a minute and she pulled on my head pulling it up and started to kiss me. She was out of breath and excited. While she kissed me she reached down and I felt her grabbing on my cock bulging in the shorts. I don’t have to tell you I was already very hard. Then I felt her hands exploring and pushing down on the shorts until they were shoved off and out of the way, almost down to my knees.

She moved and I moved until we settled into the right position but our lips never broke their lock. Finally with her legs on either side of my body and her hand tugging her nightgown higher and higher, she broke our kiss and whispered out of breath, “fuck me, my darling.”

I moved slowly as she guided the tip just inside her. I would have gone slower but she was hungry and moaning and thrust her hips up to push onto me. I didn’t need much more encouragement and started pushing in and out faster and faster. Underneath me she was controlling the pace and squirming almost out of control.

The noises coming out of her were strange and wonderful. She was loud and soon I felt her pushing upward on my chest until I was almost sitting up. Her legs soon locked behind my back and she was arched and bent backward a little, her arms spread out to either side. I was trying really hard to last while she gyrated every way you can think of.

Finally, she stopped gaziantep escort ilanları moving and her body got real tense and her face froze in a position, mouth open. It was like someone had stopped time but only for a second or so and then she screamed louder than anything I’d heard and her body started shaking over and over and over again.

Within seconds of this fireworks starting, I couldn’t hold on and I let go and came inside her holding her twitching body tightly against me.

It was amazing. After a few more seconds, without moving her legs from their locked behind me position she sat up a little and grabbed my shoulder and pulled on me until I went down and lay on top of her with our heads next to each other.

I was a little out of breath but she was still gasping for air but also very happy. We lay like that for a very long time with no need to speak or do anything but feel our warm bodies next to each other and feel our hearts beating a little fast.

I almost fell asleep like that but sometime later, maybe an hour maybe it was less, she sighed and squirmed a little. “I have to go freshen up, dear.”

I got off her and carefully pulled out, half hard by now. As I slid it out she used the silk of her gown to wipe it off and then rolled out of the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. I lay there naked now and thought about getting up and finding pajamas somewhere.

When Mrs. Wentworth came back, she was wearing a different nightgown but also satin. She climbed in and told me to stay naked. Then we went to sleep next to each other, my naked body cocooned by the satin sheets and my lover.

I woke up in the morning after a great night’s sleep. Mrs. Wentworth was looking at me and said “Good morning, sleepy.” I just smiled.

She said “I can’t believe you’re both up,” and giggled. I felt her hand on my morning hardness which was making an embarrassing tent in the satin sheets. I was about to say something when she turned and kissed the tip of the sheet tent. Then I felt her mouth close on it, still sheathed by the satin sheet.

She pushed a hand away and started giving me a satin sheet blowjob. With her hands rubbing the satin sheet where it came in contact with my balls, I knew I wouldn’t last long. She paused and said “don’t hold back.” I didn’t need any extra encouragement.

Within thirty seconds my first orgasm of the day was on me and my cock released itself surrounded by sheet and mouth. She sat up again and smiled. “I should have saved some for my morning coffee.” And then she laughed a naughty little laugh.

I looked down and could see a mess in the sheets now.

She got up and started to dress. “Be a dear, after your shower, bring the sheets for the washer.”

Other than that and the fact that we had now had sex twice and shared a bed and morning blowjobs were now normal, it was a morning like most other ones.

We had a slow breakfast on the patio and enjoyed the day.

I said out loud, “I wish this would never end.”

She looked at me very intensely and said only, “it doesn’t have to.”

I wouldn’t have minded if we spent the whole day alone but Mrs. Wentworth had put off her friends yesterday and today was their normal day for tea or lunch. So they were scheduled to come over at 2:00.

Mrs. Wentworth said, “maybe we should call your mom before we get started?”

I just shrugged and said, “not today.” She had a mysterious smile on her face.

We went upstairs to get ready, together, in the same room. I didn’t mind when she picked out my clothes. Since it was tea, she wanted me to serve again and laid out the tight shorts to hold me in. “I don’t know if our friend can get hard again but you know how you can be,” she said playfully. Then she watched carefully as I put them on and stood there waiting.

Actually I liked the feel of the tight shorts, like biking shorts but softer, almost silky like a combination of spandex and satin. Mrs. Wentworth had bought them to keep my erections from surprising people last time I acted as a waiter for her.

Today she smiled and said, “I like that.” She reached down and gently manipulated me, my erection getting harder while she groped me, and moved my cock so it was firm in the slightly looser pocket just down the right leg for it.

Then she stopped. “I don’t want you to make a mess.”

I waited while she took off all her clothes and put others on. She started with a pair of black satin panties which were very tight on her. “Originally, I thought they were a size too small but I like them, don’t you?”

“I like them a lot,” I said. And I meant it. I stared while she didn’t put anything else on. She had her back to me and kept bending over and down looking for stud on the floor. Every time she did, her beautiful butt looked gorgeous encased in tight black satin.

She kept doing it then she crawled across the floor to a dresser across the room. I finally figured out she was partly doing gaziantep escort kadın it to tease me and it worked. I then watched her put on a matching bra which she asked me to help her hook. “Be a dear and fix me up, honey,” she said.

Then she put on stockings and garter belts. That is a very sexy look and it drove me crazy. I watched each garter strap as she put a leg up and hooked it, her crooked leg drawing it tight. She got a dress out of the closet but announced it needed to be ironed. She thought she’d just put it in the dryer for a few minutes instead so she handed it to me to hold. Then she put on nice but not flashy black heels and walked ahead of me downstairs. I followed her as she put it in the dryer and she stayed like that in her underwear.

I thought it was super sexy and realized that actually I only had my tight shorts on. She intended to stay dressed like that but she had me run back up and put my shirt and pants on. “They’re on the bed in the spare room,” she said.

I dressed quickly and came back down. She was in the kitchen checking last minute on a lot of the food and showing me where everything is. “Wait a second, honey, let me look at you and make sure you’re okay.” She looked, walked around me, paused in the back, ran a hand over my butt cheeks which were prominent because the pants were cut real tight in the back, and then said “yes, that will be fine.”

She was still just in her underwear which was fine with me. She took her dress from the dryer and put it on a hanger but didn’t put it on yet. “I want to be careful of wrinkles.” She finally put it on a minute or two before the doorbell rang. I had just finished helping her zip it up when the bell rang. Walking around in her underwear had managed to keep me hard for the last 45 minutes. I wasn’t poking out but remember that these pants were a little tighter in spots and didn’t exactly hide it.

I answered the door and it was her friend Janine. She swept in and said, “oh hello darling, it’s just me and Kimmie today, I hope that’s enough women for you.” With that she kissed me on the cheek and swatted my butt and walked in. Kim was behind her and was politer but also hugged me.

Mrs. Wentworth welcomed them in and we all went straight to the dining room. Janine got things started by saying, “Stevie, darling, I know you’re happy to see me.” She looked down at the visible outline of my erection and winked while I blushed a lot. “But let’s not waste time today. Open the wine and skip the tea.”

I went to the kitchen to get the wine and they kept talking. “Doris, I love this piece of man flesh you have staying here. And I know Kimmie was staring at the bulge he has for us, weren’t you Kimmie?”

Kim giggled and I could just hear her say “stop that Janine.” I expected Mrs. Wentworth to say something but she didn’t.

I came in and did my best waiter impression and served. Janine completely ignored me while I poured but her hand, out of sight below table level, reached over and squeezed my bulge while I poured. Kim didn’t ignore me and didn’t touch me either but she was friendly. Mrs. Wentworth was talking to Janine but paused to say, “thank you, dear” and give my bulge a couple pats.

I wasn’t sure who knew what or what they could see or what Mrs. Wentworth was expecting but I didn’t think about it while I got the lunch plates together and out on the table before sitting down myself. Right before I sat down, I tried to sound like a very official servant. “Lunch is served.”

Like most of the times they’ve gotten together, the ladies talked a lot about a lot of things that I didn’t really know about. They talked about old times and mutual friends. After a bit, Mrs. Wentworth asked me to get another bottle of wine. I did and started serving it.

I started with Mrs. Wentworth who said, “I could get used to being waited on.” She smiled and patted my bulge again, this time giving it a couple of squeezes just so it didn’t get soft I guess. I’m sure she knew all her friends could see the outline, after all she noticed the last time we did this (see “Staying with Mrs. Wentworth, Part three.”). But she still wanted to keep me nice and hard, like she was showing off.

When I filled Janine’s glass, I noticed her blouse was practically half unbuttoned and she was almost showing herself off. While I poured, she kept stroking me the whole time and said “I have to get one of these.” The other ladies thought she meant a servant which I was pretending to be today but from where I was standing she might have meant something else.

Kim was last and said less but asked me a couple questions about the wine and about lunch and about how I was enjoying myself. She would ask a question that needed a long answer every time I stopped talking. It kept me there. She didn’t make eye contact and just stared the whole time at my bulge. It made me nervous but it was also kind of arousing.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Mrs. Wentworth watching. gaziantep escort kızlar She wasn’t obvious and she wasn’t mad. As I finally finished and found my seat again, Mrs. Wentworth asked with a smile, “Is everything okay, Kim?”

Kim blushed and muttered something.

The rest of the lunch nothing much happened.

That was okay though. I was just having fun being around three women. They were all very nice. Kim was very nice and it was cool that she kept staring at my bulge. I kind of liked that. Janine was like a wolf and had this really hungry look. I don’t know if she really wanted me bad or she was just teasing Mrs. Wentworth. I guess it didn’t matter only Mrs. Wentworth didn’t get upset at all today. In fact she touched me more when people weren’t looking than any of the other women did.

When it was time to leave I got the door and was there to help if anyone needed anything. Kim kissed me on the cheek and was very nice. Janine kissed me on the lips and kissed pretty good actually with her body pressed against my bulge. She whispered in my ear “next time maybe I can have that for lunch” and then licked my ear.

Mrs. Wentworth surprised me and them by saying “don’t I get a kiss from the waiter too?” Then she grabbed me and kissed me more strongly than Janine did, had both hands on my ass pulling me into her and made me throb inside the tight pants while her friends just stared.

Finally she let go and turned to them. “Thanks for coming girls. Have a good night.”

They left and were talking the whole way out to the car.

Mrs. Wentworth giggled a little. “I think maybe that was bad but I liked it.”

I laughed and said “they’re going to think it was bad.”

She turned and said, “oh no. It was very naughty. I think you bring out the worst in Lana, darling. Do you think Lana was a very naughty girl?”

I laughed and played along. “It’s okay. Yes, Lana was naughty but I don’t mind.”

She got a funny look on her face. “No, I know the rules. I’m not supposed to be naughty. I know that Lana must be punished.” And then she took my hand and led me into the family room and closed the curtains.

Then she had me sit on the couch and got on her knees in front of me. “I’m so sorry Stephen. I’ve been very bad and I know you must be firm. I know that Lana deserves a spanking.”

Then she stood up and laid herself across my knees, holding one leg. It happened to by the leg with my cock hard in my pants and she seemed to squeeze me a lot while she did it. She smoothed her legs out. She had kept her heels on and her dress this time. But I could see the outline of her garters while she lay there smoothing her dress tight against herself. Then she reached out and placed my hand on her ass.

I gave her two quick smacks. They weren’t real hard but they made noise and I know she felt them good. It was also different from the first time I spanked her (see “Staying with Mrs. Wentworth, Day 2”). That day I was confused and surprised. Today I knew her and I knew I was going to enjoy it. I also knew she seemed to enjoy a spanking too. I had never thought of spanking as an erotic thing but somehow with Mrs. Wentworth it was.

I smacked her butt just hard enough but not too hard. After each one I smoothed her skirt again. I liked watching it get nice and tight across her butt, the lines of her panties and the bumps from her garters were all visible. I liked that.

After four smacks, she stood up. “No, Stephen, this won’t do. This is supposed to be a punishment for a very bad girl, that’s what I am. As I lay here on you, I can feel that you’re being punished too. Go ahead and remove the tight underwear I made you wear. I don’t want you to be restricted like that. She waited while I turned and took off my pants and the biker shorts style underwear. I didn’t want to take the time so I just slipped the pants back on without underwear. There was a lot of room and I felt a lot better.

“Now undo me please, sir.” She turned and obviously wanted her zipper released. I did that and she took down her dress before walking back and settling in my lap. “A naughty girl doesn’t get to wear her dress for the spanking.”

No she laid back down and squirmed. I stared at the tight, shiny satin stretched across her and remembered how she said they were probably a size too small. I like the way a size too small looks and I took a few seconds to just caress the shiny butt across my lap. Her squirming was making me hard but I just focused on her. Then I started spanking again. Smack.

I paused between smacks and listened to her breathe, felt her squirm, and enjoyed the noises she made. I knew I wasn’t hurting her much so the groans were different. Smack. Pause. And again and again and again. I did twelve and was going to stop but she suggested more.

In a very breathy voice like she was trying to hold on and gasping for air she said “I think I’ve been naughtier than that, sir.”

I didn’t disagree because I loved it. I smacked her butt another eight times total. By that time, my cock was throbbing in the pants and leaking a lot. She was moaning each time and squirming a lot. When I stopped she lay there for a minute and I sat back and just stared at her. I watched her shaking slightly and still squirming in my lap. I stared at the way the panties were so tight across her butt. My cock was twitching and she bumped it a few times with parts of her body.

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