You probably ought to read the 1st part of this story although I have tried to make it ‘stand-alone.’ Also having reread my story I think a lot of the dialogue is too open and honest. Maybe you should regard some of the conversation as what is going on in the characters head’s rather what is spoken.

I am using my husband’s account. I should have started my own but I only thought I was going to write one story, it’s too late now.

I wanted to write a story from a husband’s perspective. This is the culmination of a lot of sexy discussions I have had with my husband over the years. I hope I got the male response right. That’s as far as reality goes, the rest is fantasy.

“If you want 10” cocks, women who orgasm in 10 seconds flat, simultaneous orgasms or gallons of cum then I’m sorry, but this is not the right story for you. I like to write about ordinary people with ordinary sexual appetites in slightly out of the ordinary situations. I try to keep the plot lines as near to reality as I can.

I try to keep the sex as true to my own experience as possible. I love to write about kissing, stoking, how sex feels and sex as an encounter which involves all the senses. I do like to ‘get dirty’ but only in the height of my (and my character’s) arousal. All my stories have my own experience in them, but they are not autobiographical.

No one in this story is under the age of 18.

Constructive feedback welcome. I am from UK, so UK spelling applies. Thank you for reading my story.

Act 1 — post coitus

My son and wife lay side by side on our living room carpet. Their bodies were covered in a sheen, their hair matted with sweat, his cock glistened with the mixture of their bodily fluids, her pussy was still gaping open, seeping honey and semen into a puddle on the carpet. They smelt wonderful. They looked totally and utterly relaxed. Maddy was gently smiling and Harry grinning from ear to ear.

Nobody spoke, our eyes and faces said everything we needed to say. We had a threesome of glances.

Harry was 1st to move. Without speaking, he got up and started to get dressed. Maddy looked at me, a bit concerned. Had we gone too far? Had reality kicked in? Is he regretting what they did? Where is he going?

We needn’t have worried as he only put on underpants and shirt then he sat down on the sofa still grinning. Maybe he was just a bit self-conscious being naked in front of both parents.

Maddy followed his lead, putting on knickers and t-shirt. I noted she didn’t bother with her bra. She retook her place between the two of us. I fantasised that I was about to witness round 2.

Someone had to break the silence as it was deafening. Maddy obliged, “So Harry, how does it feel to lose your virginity?”

He was desperate to speak. He buzzed with excitement. “Oh, mum you have no idea. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel like a man. I can’t wait to start dating.”

Maddy replied. “That’s great Harry, but you have a lot to learn.”

Harry looked a little crestfallen. I feared Maddy was about to revert to mum and give him a lecture, so I intervened. “So, teach him, Maddy.”

Maddy’s eyes flashed daggers at me. “No Bob, I’m not about to start a love making school. Do this, don’t do that, put your hand here blah blah blah. That’s mummy, little boy stuff. Harry is a man; he will have to make his own way and find out himself.”

I replied. “That’s a shame.” I changed the subject, “so, tell us what you enjoyed about it.”

Her eyes softened and she looked at Harry. She had realised that her ‘lot to learn’ comment was a bit harsh. “I loved the semi planned nature of what we did, Harry. I loved the anticipation of being turned on by porn only inches away from you. I was so turned on by the unavoidable fact that you are my son, and this was wrong. I was excited by the knowledge that your testosterone levels were going through the roof. I loved it when your lust overcame your hesitancy, and your hand reached the soft skin of the top of my inner thigh. Electricity went through my brain as you gently stroked my pussy through my knickers. The world seemed to stand still while we kissed and played with each other.”

“The next thing I remember is guiding you into me. Oh, wow Harry, I remember thinking my son has a very hard cock. That phrase sent my head in a spin. This was my son fucking me. I wanted your cock in me. I loved the danger of it. I was really excited because what we were doing was just plain wrong. The more I thought about it being wrong, being dirty, the more I wanted it. Then I remembered I was unprotected.”

Harry interrupted. “Mum I am so sorry.” He looked over her shoulder to me and I shook my head. He stopped mid-sentence.

Maddy continued. “That’s sweet Harry but you didn’t know. I’m a grown up. I make my own decisions and take responsibility for them. The more I thought about letting you cum in me the more turned on I got. It just made the feelings of danger and naughtiness even kahramanmaraş escort more real to me. I wanted you to ejaculate in me. I wanted to feel your cock pulse in me. I wanted your seed as deep in me as you could get it. I can’t explain it. It was totally primeval.” By this time Maddy was slightly squirming in her seat. I knew she was very turned on. I could see Harry’s tent and I knew if I got the next move right were in for a fun night. I slowly leant forward as if to kiss her but at the last second diverted my mouth to her ear. “It’s always been your number one fantasy to have a threesome with two men. What are you waiting for?” I moved my head away, looked her in the eye and grinned.

“You shit. Oh, you think you know how to press my buttons don’t you Bob?” She said in a semi growl, she was not smiling. I caught a glimpse of Harry. He looked, rightly, confused. I held her gaze and raised my eyebrows, still grinning. Time stood still.

The next few minutes were a blur of action. She grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. She hooked her left knee over mine and her right over Harry’s. I accepted her invitation and slid my hand down her tummy. Her knickers were tight across her hip bones with gaps either side of her mount of venus. I slid my hand into her knickers and across her pubic hair. I gently rubbed two fingers over her labia, gathering honey, and then made my way up back up to her clitoris. There was a sharp intake of breath from her as I lightly massaged it with my fingertips. Her tongue pushed into my mouth. Our jaws and lips became very animated.

This was going well, I thought. Then she slightly froze. I felt mild panic and opened my eyes. Harry was touching her breasts. Not a problem in a threesome you might think but he was mauling them. Her breasts are very sensitive, she hates being mauled. Should I do something? Should I say something? She didn’t want this to be a mummy, little boy training session. I was relieved when she took control. In one continuous movement she stopped kissing me, put her hand on the back of my head and pushed me down. At the same time, she lifted her t-shirt which had the effect temporarily stopping Harry from mauling her. Then she pushed my head to the same breast, putting a stop to his mauling altogether. I felt her turn towards him slightly. She had pulled his head down and was now kissing him, washing his mouth with saliva. Next, she dropped a hand to his pants and started to massage his cock.

We continued like this for some time. Me, tenderly licking and sucking her nipple with my fingers working her pussy. Harry kissing her while she massaged his manhood. I felt her move again and turn. I had to sit up and disengage from her breast although I continued to play in her knickers. She turned to me and started to undo my shirt. Harry’s hands moved to her breasts. He had learnt that lesson. He was softly caressing them while lightly stroking her nipples. He was doing a good job as she was having difficulty concentrating on getting my clothes off. Getting them off while sitting was going to take too long, so I stood up.

I was stripping as fast as I could and watched Maddy turn back to Harry. They hurriedly removed each other’s clothes as I stripped. We all wanted sex and we wanted it now! Their lips re-engaged, her fingers closed around his cock, and he continued to pay attention to her breasts. I sat back down and stroked my wife’s back as she snogged our son. Her hand was again full of his cock. I stroked her bum, I was enjoying the feeling of her smooth skin while watching her pull his foreskin down to reveal his helmet.

I loved her being in control. We were there to serve her, and we knew it. She moved again, she disengaged from his lips and lowered her head to his crotch. His face was a picture. Full of surprise and wonder until she engulfed his cock in her mouth. His face changed, his eyes closed, and his mouth opened. All expression disappeared from his face. He had gone to heaven. I watched her head slowly bob up and down on him. In my opinion she gives the best blow jobs in the world. She is so smooth and languid. I love the way she uses her tongue on my helmet, ridge and foreskin. Harry was enjoying it too. I wanted to help her, so I moved up closer behind her in a sort of spoon position. I pushed her leg forward to give me access to her pussy. I resumed my gentle stroking up and down her labia. Harry put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her head further down his cock. ‘Not good Harry,’ I thought, ‘she doesn’t like that.’ She took his wrist and placed his hand on her breast. Another silent lesson for Harry.

She has a small mouth, so I knew her jaw was going to ache soon, especially given the size of Harry. She moved again. She got up and laid on her back with her head in my lap. She pulled her knees slightly up and to one side opening her pussy to Harry. I got a waft of the scent from her pussy as she opened kahramanmaraş escort bayan her legs. He started to move toward her, but she opened her fingers in a sort of ‘wait’ sign. Her fingers moved to her pussy, and she started to masturbate. I love it when she masturbates, especially when she brings herself to orgasm. She spat on her hand and used the palm of it to make big circles on her labia, causing her pussy to bloom like a rose in full view of her son. With the index finger of her other hand, she strummed her clitoris. Her hips were slowly moving up and down. Her eyes were closed, and she was gently gasping. Harry’s eyes wandered all over her body. Another lesson for Harry I thought.

Her eyes slowly opened, and she met Harry’s gaze. Her hands continued to work her pussy as a sexy flirty smile spread across her face. She looked down to her pussy and Harry’s gaze followed. We were all transfixed by her hand movements. Her hands were slick with sticky mess and were making wet sounds as they moved across her pussy. She was enjoying being watched as spread her legs and manipulated her pussy like a nymphomaniac slut.

Although she loves spreading her legs and playing with herself to an audience, I guessed she would not want a solo orgasm. Especially as she had two willing accomplices. She held up her hands to Harry in a motion inviting him to join hands. He took that as a sign that she wanted his cock in her and started to manoeuvre himself. Just as his head was level with her pelvis, she took hold of his head and pushed it down. I nearly laughed at his puzzled expression. He quickly realised that he was supposed to eat his mother’s pussy. His expression said ‘I’m not sure I’m up for this’ and I nearly giggled again. I thought ‘tough shit son, it’s your job and anyway I think you will like it.’ After slight hesitation he got into it. Maddy guided his head and gave him slight moans of encouragement when he hit the right spot. Maybe he got the idea from her slobbery kisses, but he was soaking her pussy with his saliva. His face quickly became sticky and wet. Her undulating hips told me she loved it. All this time I was gently stoking her breasts.

She kept us guessing as, after a while, without saying a word, she pushed Harry’s head away and got off the sofa. Slowly and deliberately, she knelt, doggy style, on the floor with her bum facing us. We could both see her pussy like a blossomed dew coated rose, ready and willing. She looked around at us as if to say ‘who is going to fuck me then.’ Harry moved to get up but then sat back down. He looked over to me and smiled. His testosterone was driving him, he wanted to fuck her, but he wanted permission. I nodded my head towards Maddy as if to say, ‘go on son, fuck her.’ He got up and took up position behind her. He was learning fast. He didn’t need to be guided in and he entered her carefully. He still gave her his full length, but her head hardly jerked at all as his cock head reached her cervix. So here we were again, my son with his ample cock buried deep in my wife. As his instinct forced him to move it was different than last time. More loving, just as strong and deep but not so violent. It allowed them to build a sympathetic rhythm together. They were making love. It wasn’t just him slowly moving in and out, she was able to reciprocate the movement. His cock glistened with her juice and his spit. Her pussy squelched with his spit and his cum. She sighed and he stroked her back, moving his hands back until he held her hips.

The smell of their lovemaking grew again and wafted into my nostrils. The gentle rhythmic slap of their bodies interspersed by almost silent sighs, grunts and ‘mmms’ was hypnotising me. I was loving every minute. I caught Maddy’s eye, she smiled. Her facial expression said, ‘fuck I’m enjoying this, his cock is marvellous.’ Her smile disappeared and her eyes widened every time he bottomed out as her eroticism reached a new height, but came back again as he withdrew. They made slow and steady love for some time, enjoying the consideration they were giving each other. The soft sounds of their lovemaking were intoxicating and the way they did everything slowly so they enjoyed every second of each other ensured they truly were lovers.

Maddy continued to hold my gaze and then ran her tongue slowly over her top lip as if to say, ‘what are you doing up there, come down here.’ I did what I think she wanted me to do and took up position at her head. I held my cock, and she engulfed the head. Moving her lips over the ridge of my helmet. I pulled my foreskin back as an invitation to lick and suck the bell end of my cock. Harry had stopped moving. Maddy was rocking gently but purposefully backwards and forwards on our cocks. Alternating being filled in her pussy and then mouth. I stroked her shoulders; Harry stroked her bum. We both watched the other’s cock move in and out of her. It was hypnotic.

I have a favourite position with escort kahramanmaraş Maddy, and I wanted Harry to experience it. I pushed her shoulders back towards him. At first, she resisted, trying to keep me in her mouth, but then I think she realised what I was trying to do. She moved back into Harry forcing him to sit on his heels. She then proceeded to move backwards and forwards. She was fucking him while he remained still. When she does this to me, I always feel every rib and bump of my shaft in her pussy. I think it is because she has to use all of her pelvic muscles to move, which cause the muscles in love canal to tighten. Whatever it is I love it. She does too; it puts her in control and always makes her wetter.

They made love like this for a few minutes, Harry staring at his cock moving in and out of his mother, Maddy working on her sons cock. Her sweat matted hair hung over her face. She was grunting every time she took his full length. I noticed she was getting a little more animated and a little rougher. She was transitioning from smooth lovemaking to fucking. Harry looked like he was enjoying this position as much as I do, I guess his cock was hardening. Then the giveaway, he started to echo her grunts. Maddy responded to him and moved faster and harder on him. She wanted to help him to cum again. She was moving hard on him now, her long brown hair swaying backwards and forwards. Her sweat covered breasts swayed deliciously under her. Her body sheened with sweat and her smell (pussy and sweat) was becoming very powerful.

I thought maybe their coupling would remain a picture of beautiful but forbidden love making until he finally ejaculated in her, staring into her eyes and sharing a tender kiss, but it was turning animal again. Maddy’s filthy mouth started again. The smile had disappeared from her face and she spoke in short grunty sentences as she moved back on his cock, staring into my eyes like she wanted me to feel every emotion in her voice. “Your cock is so hard Harry. I can feel every part of it. I am so full of your rock-hard prick. Cum in me. Please cum in me. I want to fuck you until I feel your cock pulse your seed in me.” I held her gaze, whilst watching them both it was so erotic; they were becoming more like rutting dogs by the second.

Then Harry spoke. Maddy didn’t often talk dirty, but I never guessed Harry would. He looked up and, as he spoke, held my gaze. It seemed to me he wanted me to feel the mountain of lust he had for my wife, his mum; I was so involved. “My prick is deep in you, and you love it. You know this is wrong, mum, but you are so fucking dirty. You should not want you son’s fertile cum in you unprotected pussy. But you want it, don’t you?”

“mmm” was all she could manage at that time. She worked herself on him forcing him deeper into her. Harder, faster her tits were violently swaying under her. She pushed back and sat up on his cock. Her movement became now more up and down. Bouncing on his hard cock. His hands instinctively cupped her breasts. Her hands moved to her crotch. She split the fingers of one hand and moved them up and down her labia either side of the monster cock that was pistoning in and out of her. Her other hand was tucked behind with her fingers strumming her clit. It didn’t need lubrication. She was already dribbling a combination of honey from this fucking and cum from the last one onto the carpet. Her tits bounced up and down and her sweat matted hair was now stuck to her face. Her mouth was wide opening catching her breath, her eyes wide open looking at me but focused on infinity. “yes, yes, yes” was all she could say.

Harry spoke again. “I’m close. Your cunt aches for it. Tell me what do, tell me what you want, beg me.”

“Please, Harry, I want your cum. I want your seed. I’m going to fuck hard you until you fill me. I want you. You are a dog and I’m your bitch. I’m your dirty bitch, smell my pussy, lick me, taste my sweat, it’s for you.” He lowered his head to her neck and started to lick her sweat. He had some difficulty as her bouncing motion was getting very strong. She was still staring at me though, her eyes were saying ‘look at me, I’m a rutting animal, I’m a bitch on heat, I’m so full of lust I want to make a baby with my own son, what do you think of that?’

Harry spat the words out in her ear between attempts to lick her neck. “You want my baby, don’t you?”

“Yes, don’t hold back, I want your baby now, cum in me. Cum.”

“Not yet. Whose baby do you want? Who do you want to cum in you?”

“You. My son. My own baby. Harry please cum deep in me. I can feel you pushing my cervix. Spew your spunk deep in me.”

“Yesssss. I’m going to make you pregnant, so fuck me harder, mum. Fuck your son so hard he sprays seed in deep your cervix. Slide your cunt up and down my hard cock, you stink like a filthy bitch. Fuck me like the bitch you are.”

“yes I am your bitch… please……please, fuck your bitch, yes.” She was a stinking fountain of sweat and spit. Her breasts constantly on the move as she bounced. Her face plastered with her wet hair as she fucked her son as deep as she could.

“You are my bitch mother, you stink of sweat and my cum, you are a bitch on heat. You are such an animal you want a baby with your own son. I came out of this soaking pussy and it is full of me again. Tell me what you want, beg for it.”

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