Mika Gets Caught

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Mika exhaled and let her shoulders drop as she leaned forward against the tall window. She had the perfect vantage point for watching the Joffrey Ballet rehearse. Their studio was on the same floor in the building directly across the street. Both buildings had floor to ceiling windows, giving her an unobstructed view of the dancers warming up. From her hiding place on the 3rd floor of Marshall Field’s she was able to surreptitiously enjoy their beautiful bodies in motion. The glass felt cool against her palms and wrists as Mika stared out the window. The silence of the room was in stark contrast to the fluid movement of the dancers and bustle of the busy street below. Several years ago, when she was a sales girl in the jewelry section, a co-worker had shown her this little hideaway in the store. She would sneak away over her lunch hour to read her book without the noisy downtown distractions of Chicago. Now she was back in town as the lead photographer for a Calvin Klein underwear shoot that day. She had given the crew a 15 minute coffee break and had wanted to see if the room was still the way she’d remembered it. It had been a warm September and the cool of the glass was a welcomed sensation. She let her forehead rest against the window while she watched the dancers work up a sweat. The little side room was once a security office with a two-way mirror that looked in on an even smaller room that they used for holding shoplifters until the cops arrived to pick them up. Both were now apparently being used to store decorations and props for the different holidays and events. As she opened the door to head back to the shoot, she literally ran into an old work friend.

“I’m so sorry…here, let me get that.” she heard a familiar voice say, as a well dressed man reached to retrieve her Olga Tokarczuk novel from the marble floor.

Joseph was her supervisor back in the day and they hugged the moment they looked up and saw each other.

“It’s so good to see you!” he said.

“You too!”

“What are you doing back in Chicago?”

“I’m a photographer now…I’m shooting the Calvin Klein promotion here today.”

“That’s fantastic!” he exclaimed.

“I’m only in town for the day myself. They made me regional manager two years ago and all I do, it seems now, is travel.”

They laughed about old times for a couple of minutes before Mika saw the time.

“Damn! I’ve got to get back to the shoot but let’s grab coffee before the day’s out…or better yet, why don’t you stop by the set? We’ll be shooting all day back behind what use to be Home Furnishings on 8.”

“Sound great! See you soon.”

When Mika got back on set she was surrounded by beautiful, half naked people. Everywhere she looked she saw the muscular arms, pecs, abs…and sexy smiles of gorgeous models from all over the world. Women and girls with beautiful breasts, long legs and the tightest of asses. Men and women that demanded top dollar in their field!

‘Not a bad way to pay the rent’, she thought to herself.

She noticed two of the models who had been talking and laughing all morning were now exchanging sheepish glances and keeping dangerously close to one another.

‘On-set chemistry. This should be fun to watch’, she thought as a mischievous smile crossed her face. The next batch of shots called for two models to be intimately close. Just for fun she asked Finn, the male model that had been flirting all morning with the tall Italian girl, to pose with another woman. You should have seen the look the Italian girl gave Mika.

“No, I need you two closer.” directed Mika.

“I need you two intertwined.”

“…That’s it.”

“…Just like that.”

“Now kiss her.” Mika directed.

The Italian model pouted in the corner but didn’t dare raise a fuss. She was getting paid too much to make waves.

Mika played puppet master for the next 20 minutes, getting the Italian model perhaps a little too worked up. Just as the fun was coming to a close Mika looked up and noticed Joseph sitting against the far wall with an amused look on his face.

‘Good’ Mika thought.

This might be an interesting way to get herself a date for the evening. Mika hated sleeping alone when she traveled.

When she worked she usually had on jeans and a comfortable t-shirt but had thought to pack a cute little sun dress that was cut just above the knees. She wanted something fun to wear on this shoot just in case she ran into anyone she knew from Chicago…or felt like trying to seduce an underwear model back up to her hotel room. With Joseph sitting on the floor and the models strewn on the ground it gave her a chance to get some desired attention. Mika sat on a short stool and aimed the camera at the models on the floor. She moved her lense back and forth as the camera clicked away. She slowly opened her legs revealing more and more of her upper thighs. She turn slightly on the stool which caused her dress to ride up giving Joseph a clear view of her carefully chosen Jean Yu panties. She could see out Escort bayan of the corner of her eye that it had the desired effect.

‘Damn, I love this job!’ she thought and smiled to herself.

The models too, were taking notice and it seemed as though the sexual tension in the room had shot through the roof. She decided to milk it and fuel the fire. She pretended to be intensely focused on getting the right shot; meanwhile, she let her legs open slightly more revealing the dimples at the top of her legs. Joseph was nearly drooling on himself by this point and the models suddenly kissed with more passion than they had at anytime during the entire morning session. Things were heating up and she soaked up the energy in the room. Just then the door slammed! The Italian model had left the room in a huff. Finn quickly jumped to his feet and chased after her.

“Okay folks, we’d better take five.” Mika directed with a smirk.

Mika and Joseph had a good laugh at the models’ drama and made plans to meet later for a drink. Mika had always had a bit of a crush on Joseph but could never quite read him. Even when she did flirt, he often remained reserved.

‘He’s a quiet one, that’s for sure.’ she thought to herself.

‘I wonder what’s going on in that head of his?’

After almost 30 minutes they were still waiting on the models to return.

“Alright folks…let’s take a lunch break and we’ll start shooting again at 1 sharp! If you see our ‘friends’ tell them that they’re costing us time that we’ll have to make up at the end of our day.”

The entire cast moaned in unison and suddenly the two AWOL models were on everyone’s shit list.

On her way down to the Walnut room Mika lost herself in the floors of Marshall Fields; exploring the changes to the store since she had moved. The rich smell of antique wood, marble and old money wafted from floor to floor. She found herself back at her old hideout and decided some quite time might be just what she needed. The ballet dancers were still hard at work. Somethings about the store never seemed to change. This room brought back a flood of memories. Thoughts of working the fine jewelry counter at Marshall Field’s always reminded her of the innocence and recklessness of her youth. Mika was lost in a daydream staring out the window when she heard a door slam. She turned quickly but it had come from next door. The tiny adjacent room’s light flickered on and two figures were illuminated. It was the two lovers quarrelling and she had a ringside seat behind the two-way mirror.

‘Well, this ought to be entertaining’ she thought.

“I knew you two were sleeping together!” the Italian girl screamed.

“That was almost two years. It’s over! We haven’t even spoken in months.”

“Ah ha! You see? I knew you were still talking to her!”

Mika watched as the debate raged on for another two minutes. Then suddenly,


The Italian model caught him a good one across the cheek. Both models stopped and stared at each other. For a moment neither one moved nor even blinked. Then suddenly things turned…the girl quickly moved to close to distance between her and the boy. She cupped her hands around his face and kissed him deeply. Within seconds they were entwined and kissing madly; their hands exploring each other’s bodies. Frantically they pulled at each other’s clothes. Already half naked, the models quickly ripped each other’s clothes off, stripping away their briefs and panties. Her Calvin Klein bra had barely hit the floor when she reached to grab Finn’s firm dick. Her round, naked ass was being pressed and played with by the palm of the his strong hand.

“Damn! I wish I had popcorn for this shit.” she said out loud.

Two perfectly gorgeous bodies entangled in lust! The sight was thrilling. Finn had the Italian girl against the far wall and was kissing her breasts. The Italian model’s nipples now erect and beautiful, shined in the sunlight streaming through the window pane. She stared up at the ceiling with her lips open gasping in passion. He sucked her nipple until it ‘popped’ from his mouth leaving it even more erect than before. Mika slid to the door and locked it. She did not want to get caught watching.

‘Model make-up sex. This is almost too good to be true.’ she thought to herself.

With the door securely locked she slipped the straps to her sun dress down over her shoulders and ran a hand down the top of her dress. Freeing her creamy white tits she caressed them gently while she took in the show. The two models french kissed and fondled their way back across the tiny room. Finn raised the Italian girl’s arms above her head and pressed her up against the two-way mirror. He kissed her neck and worked his way back to her nipples as she reached down and began sliding her delicate fingers over his stiff cock. Both models let out a deep moan as Mika let her hand slip under her dress. She slid her panties to one side and began stroking the length of her moist slit. Two hot bodies embroiled Bayan escort in the heat of passionate make-up sex. The thought of watching them…of being so fucking close to their naked bodies without them knowing, was exciting her! As she watched, she rubbed her clit and purred to herself. Finn’s hands explored every inch of the Italian girl’s bare ass as he sucked hard on her nipples. Mika stroked her slippery love button faster and faster, all the time taking in their naughty escapades. Exhilarated, she listened as the Italian girl moaned with lust. The voyeurism was thrilling. She worked herself up into a lather before sliding a finger deep inside her hot pocket. Mika gasped quietly to herself at the pleasure the penetration gave her. Her breathing quickly accelerated and her cheeks heated to a flush as Mika let out a barely audible moan. Suddenly, from behind her, she heard a deep voice say,

“So you like to watch, do you?”

Mika turned with a surprised twist to find Joseph standing in the corner perfectly still.

‘He must have been there the whole time.’ she thought. She managed to stammer something of an answer before he told her to

“Turn around.”

She did as she was told without thinking. She was caught and this was not the kind of thing she wanted getting out.

“What do you want?” she finally said.

“Your obedience.” Joseph said firmly.

Mika inhaled sharply, not knowing what to expect.

“Bend over the desk…”

Mika did as she was told. She moved to an old school desk that had surely been a ‘back-to-school’ prop at one time.

“…Press your palms against the mirror.”

She was staring through the two-way mirror with her dress riding up her thighs and her hands pressed against the two-way mirror.

“Open your legs.”

Mika slid her flats apart as she was told.

“Look at them.” Joseph said.

“Do they please you?”

“Yes.” she said in a hushed tone.

She was watching as the girl stroked the model’s throbbing cock before whispering something in his ear.

“I’m sorry, baby.” Mika heard an Italian accent say.

“You know how I get when I see you kissing another woman.”

She took his tongue in her mouth and they started to kiss again.

“Does it excite you to watch?”

“Yes.” she said quietly but in a voice that was now clearly more animated.

“Are you ready to follow my instructions?”

“Yes”. Mika replied.

“Lift you dress up.”

She followed his orders.

“Now pull your panties down…”

“…just to your knees.”

Mika reached behind her and pulled her panties down as she was told. She felt vulnerable now…exposed. Her heart raced. She could feel Joseph move in closer. She felt his hand on the back of her leg. He ran his hand up the inside of her thigh and over her tight ass.

“You’ve been a naughty little girl haven’t you?” He said.


“Haven’t you?!”

“Yes!” she said, realizing too late how loud her response had been.

“You need to be punished, don’t you?”

“Yes.” she said. This time in a more hushed voice.


Mika reeled with pleasure as Joseph’s hand spanked her firm ass.

“You been a very naughty girl…”

“…does it make you wet watching them fuck?”

“Yes!” she said with certainty.

“Smack! ………Smack!

With each slap, his hand left a red print upon her beautiful, round bottom.

A mixture of pleasure and pain coursed through her body as she felt her nipples stand erect. She felt them graze the cool desk. The sensation was making her delirious with anticipation. Joseph went to his knees and delivered a well placed kiss between her legs. Mika gasped with delight.

“Tell me what she is doing to him right now.” Joseph commanded.

“She is…”

“Yes?” He waited.

“She is playing with his cock while they french kiss.” Mika told him. Joseph’s tongue traced the line of Mika’s pussy as she gave him the ‘play by play’.

“She’s on her knees now and is licking the tip of his…” Joe’s tongue suddenly dipped inside Mika’s wet slit.

“Ohhhhh God!” she moaned.

“Licking the tip of his what?” Joe demanded to know as he went back to work between Mika’s legs.

“Licking the tip of his cock.” Mika finally managed to get out. The intensity of having a man taste her pussy while watching the models ravage each other’s gorgeous bodies was almost too much stimulation. Her body was absolutely pulsing with electricity.

“What is she doing now?”

“She’s licking his dick…Her tongue is running up and down his shaft. She’s spitting on it and stroking him with her hands.”

Joseph had resumed his teasing of Mika. His middle finger now moistened and stroking her clit, he kissed her ass and let his tongue gently explore her cunt. Mika moaned with pleasure but tried to continue with her account of their naughty neighbors.

“She’s taking him in her mouth. She sucking him…oh god. she’s sucking his Escort cock right now.” Mika could feel a wave of heat pass through her body and her cheeks became flushed. Just then Joseph’s finger slid inside her.

“Oh, god. Oh. god!” She tried to stay quiet as Joe fingered her wet twat. Her legs stiffened and a pulse jolted through her body as she watched the girl swallow the model’s shaft over and over again. Mika’s body quivered with each orgasmic tremor. When she had finished Joseph was waiting with more instructions.

“Strip for me.” he said.

Mika’s nipples stood at full attention as she stripped her clothes off for her audience of one.

“Good.” he said with a devious smile.

Joseph never took his eyes off of her as he slowly removed his tie.

“Now turn around.”

Mika turned to face the two-way mirror.

“Put your hands behind your back.” he said.

Mika did as he asked. She could feel the smooth silk against her wrists as Joseph bound her wrists behind her back with his tie and told her to…

“Get on your knees.”

Joseph moved in front of her with his back against the mirror. He unbuttoned his dress shirt and removed his linen pants. Mika could see his raging cock pressing against the front of his boxers desperately trying to break free. As he slid them down his member sprang forward to greet her.

“I want to watch you suck my cock.” he said.

Mika moved forward and licked the length of his shaft. Joseph let out a low moan and leaned back against the mirror. Mika licked and teased Joseph’s dick to his great delight. The feeling of having her hands restrained and being told what to do was a new excitement for Mika. She let her tongue play, teasing the head of his cock, licking his shaft up and down. Joseph moaned with pleasure as his dick became even more engorged. As she teased him with her tongue his rigid cock twitched with delight. Finally she gave him what he wanted and took his full cock in her mouth. She sucked his cock getting him hard and wet. Joseph began telling Mika what the two lovers were doing next door.

“He’s on his knees with his head buried between her legs.”

“Mmmmm” Joseph groaned as Mika took his balls in her mouth giving them the attention they craved.

Breathing heavier now Joseph started again:

“She has her back against the outside window with her head tossed back…she’s moaning, her body quivering with pleasure.”

At this, Mika could feel her pussy heat up. She let his cock slide back in her mouth, sucking him with even more determination.

After a moment of this, Joseph instructed her to stand up.

“I want you to bend over the desk for me. Show me your sexy ass again.” With her hands still tied behind her back, Mika bent over the desk.

“Tell me…” He asked

“Do you like watching him pleasure her?”


“Do you think she likes having his tongue in her cunt?”

“Yes!” Mika gasped.

Joseph fell to his knees and licked Mika’s waiting slit. His tongue darting in and out of her wet quim. Watching Finn lick the Italian girl’s pussy while Joseph pleasured her was thrilling and intense.

‘God, watching them was such a turn on’. She thought to herself as she began bucking her ass back against Joseph’s tongue and mouth. Just as she was approaching another climax Joseph suddenly stopped and rose to his feet. Her body tingling, Mika wanted whatever was coming next! His hands gripped her tight ass as the tip of his cock pressed against her wet twat. He began teasing her pussy, letting just the head of his enormous cock penetrate her. In and out he teased. Mika’s breathing quickly accelerated and her heart raced with anticipation.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“I want you to fuck me!” she breathed.

“You’ll get what you want when the girl gets what she wants.” he said.

Mika watched as the Italian girl reeled with pleasure; her back against the window as her lover devoured her pussy.

All the time Mika was getting teased between her legs with the promise of more. Finally, Finn stood up and turned the girl to face the street. He guided his beautiful cock between her legs and began fucking her from behind. Just then Mika felt Joseph’s thick cock penetrate her fully. She felt her body shudder with pleasure and she released a moan of delight. Joseph pulled the end of the knot on the silk tie and released Mika’s hands. He grabbed her wrists and pulled her back against his huge cock driving hard into her pussy with each thrust. Mika watched as the two models gasped for air and moaned in lust. Joseph’s cock pounding her from behind while she watched the lustful acts of these two gorgeous bodies was driving her crazy. Her legs began to twitch and her body surged with pleasure as a second orgasm began to pulse through her body. Her muscles stiffened and pulse raced. Writhing with pleasure she tried to stifle her moans of ecstasy as her juices flooded her pussy.

“God! I’m so wet!” she said out loud.

“Good. Now you can give me what I want.”

Joseph threw a quilted blanket from a picnic display over the desk and directed her into a 69 position on top of the desk.

“Tell me what they’re doing now” He said.

“Finn is pulling the Italian girl to the floor…”

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