The Tattooist and the Submissive

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Part of my job is causing people pain. Pain they don’t like sometimes and pain that a very few people actually enjoy. As close to the sensation of ecstasy as possible without any form of sexual act at all, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an intimate process. As a Dominant, when it comes to dishing out pain and pleasure in equal measures, I’m very good at it. Much like tattooing, the pain of getting the tattoo and the pleasure you have afterwards. You see, when tattooing, nobody will ever touch that person like I do, feel that skin on skin feeling the way I provide, nobody will ever be as intimate with you as I will be, without being sexual… Until she walked in… And my separate worlds collided.

My friend Dave called me about a Harley Quinn tattoo that he wanted. He was going through a rough time with women and his ideal woman is Harley… 2 parts crazy, 1 part insane, all parts beautiful… I can relate to that. He came to the studio one evening and brought 2 friends, both were thinking of getting tattoos in future. Matt and Georgia. A couple without being a couple… Fuck buddies, whatever, he was a lucky son of a bitch. He was punching waaaayyy above his weight and he knew it. Who could blame him for being so proud. As conversation went on, and Harley was inked into Daves forearm, Georgia was talking about having her first tattoo to be placed on her ribs, underneath her very impressive tits, according to me anyway, but I didn’t say anything. Impressed with her decision, I told her for her first, it was going to hurt but she just smiled and said she liked pain. Then went on to say her “fella” wasn’t rough enough. I made a joke about him being vanilla, she got it, the others didn’t. The tattoo on Dave was outlined and they left.

We kept in touch, myself and Georgia, to discuss her tattoo further and arranged to meet up one day for a coffee and a chat. Sitting down inside a coffee shop on a cold winters day, the coffee was hot and so was she. Her long blonde hair fell about the sides of her face obscuring her green eyes. She looked radiant. Her tight jumper couldn’t keep the cold away and it was obvious due to her nipples straining against the fabric. As we were talking she looked at me and smiled.

“Can I ask you a question?” She said a bit nervously … I told her she could ask me anything.

“What would sex with you be like?” There was no sheepish tone in her voice. Just genuine curiosity.

“Well that depends on what you’re looking for to be honest, if you’re just looking for normal straight sex, it can be ok, but, if you can stretch your imagination to something more, then it could be the most intense sexual experience of your life” I said while looking into her eyes.

She bit her lip and leaned forward. “I would love to experience that” she whispered.

I explained the roles of Dom and Sub. That a Dom needs to be needed and a Sub needs to be wanted. Together they cannot function without one another, but she would need to give herself to me unconditionally and freely. I would, in turn, devote myself to her and ensure she will never be in danger. She agreed and then I asked the question. What about Matt. She said that they weren’t together as in boyfriend and girlfriend, but he was just not rough enough. And anyway, if it wasn’t all that with me, then she could just carry on with him. I guess that was fair enough. I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes and I definitely didn’t want to break anyone’s relationship up. That’s not what I’m about. She assured me it was fine and that she would tell Matt. Now if I was Matt, I’d be understandably pissed, this girl is gorgeous but I agreed. We arranged for the first session to be the following Friday at her place. I said I would be there at 8pm precisely and that she should be ready for me, wearing white underwear, high heels and a white cotton dress.

Friday comes and I arrive at exactly the time we arranged. 8pm on the dot. I knocked on the door and she answered wearing what I asked her to. Meanwhile I was wearing a black suit, with black shirt and black tie carrying a black case. In contrast to her innocence. We spoke for a few moments about what was going to happen, and that we agreed on a safe word. I explained that she would be rewarded when she pleased me and punished when disobedient. That what I told her to do, she would do. Like a chain of command, I say it, she does it, end of chain! She asked about a collar as she’d read about them. I told her it would be a long time before she earned my collar, with that I sat back in my chair and told her to kneel with her back straight, hands, palms up with her eyes to be kept closed until otherwise instructed. Georgia did as instructed.

While on her knees and her eyes closed, I asked about what type of things she was curious about, what she would consider and what was just a plain out and out “NO”. The answer surprised me. She said she was open to anything and I could use and abuse her all I liked. She was going to be my slut and try her best to please me. I went to my bag and removed its contents. Cuffs, rope, ball-gag, clamps, cane, paddle, whip, Escort bayan blindfold, butt plug, vibrator, wand, and lube. I displayed them on the chair in front of her. Telling her to open her eyes, she did. A mixture of excitement and uncertainty on her face. Telling her to stand and take off the dress. She did so revealing her perfect body. Looking virginal in white, my cock getting hard at the sight of her. Taking the cuffs, I unclasped them in the centre and cuffed just one of her wrists before taking off my jacket and tie, I told her to come to me. I walked around her, looking at her body. Her long legs. Her perfect ass, her tits, her long blonde hair flowing freely. When I had done a full 360, I kissed her deeply and told her we would begin.

I told her to remove her bra but to leave her panties on, then to walk over to the arm of the sofa and bend over it. She did as instructed. Bent over the sofa, her ass in the air, I could see the softness and pink of her ass while her pussy nestled nicely into the fabric. Sliding my hand between her legs, I could feel the slight wetness and heat that her body was giving off.

“Tell me what you want,” I said, picking up the whip.

“I don’t know myself” she joked.

WHAP, I brought the whip down on her left buttock and it instantly pinked. She let out a startled moan but it wasn’t one of pain, this was one of enjoyment.

“You address me as Sir!” With that I brought the whip down again in the same spot.

“That feels great Sir, can I have more of that please?”

Standing behind her, I kicked her legs further apart and positioned myself between them. Taking my tie and wrapping it around her neck, I tightened it, pulling her hair roughly back towards me with the same hand. With my other hand still holding onto the whip, I slapped it down on her ass a few more times turning it a nice pink/red colour. She moaned with pleasure as the pain seared through her ass and her juice started to fill her pussy.

Unzipping my pants and taking my cock out from behind so she couldn’t see… only feel it, I rubbed the tip of my shaft off her pussy through her panties. She moaned and started backing into my cock. WHAP, WHAP… “Did I say you could have that yet” I said as I pulled her hair towards my face. She stayed silent. “Answer me slut!” I said as I put my cock away.

“No Sir, you didn’t. Please may I have your cock inside me… Please?” She begged.

“You are going to earn that. You should think of it this way, I own you, for the time being and for as long as you want me. While we are together, you’re like a puppy in training. Rewards for being good and pleasing me, punishment for not doing as you’re told. Oh, and one more thing… should you need to cum, if you do not ask permission, you will receive punishment for thinking that you have control over that as well. Now get on your knees.”

She got on her knees and I picked up the blindfold. Placing it on her head, I then told her to get on all fours. Tying my tie around her neck, I told her to follow me as she was, on all fours, and led her to the bedroom taking my bag of toys with me.

Georgia tried to make a good impression regarding the bedroom. There was candles softly flickering on the dressing table, Silk sheets on the bed and rose petals adorned the sheets. I suppose it was a nice touch if romance was involved but I didn’t give a shit about the room personally, but those candles would come in handy. Leading her by my tie, she crawled into the room and stopped at the foot of the bed.

“Get into position, The one I told you to when I first arrived”… Georgia did as instructed… knelt with her back straight, hands, palms up. She was already blindfolded so I didn’t need to check if her eyes were closed. “This position you will assume every time we are together or you are waiting on me to arrive, regardless of how long it takes. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Sir, I understand”… there was no nervousness in her voice, just a tone to relate compliance. Now… normally me being me, I would have pushed her to the limit of her sexual experience and taken her beyond, but seeing as this was her first time doing anything like this, I decided to go a little easy… but not too easy, after all, she took the caning pretty well and enjoyed that. I was curious to see what her gag reflex was like… but first, some rope play.

I decided I would tell her what I was going to do with certain elements of what I had brought. I mean, the butt plug, lube, vibrator etc were all self explanatory, but I wasn’t sure is she had used a ball-gag or rope in her own previous sexual experiences. I guessed not, but I’m not all bad… so, telling her what I was going to do with the rope, she was genuinely excited, which in turn, got me excited. Telling her to stand with her hands behind her back, I started to tie an Extended Double Column.

The idea of this knot is to bind to things that either cannot be place closely together, like a person’s elbows, or ankles, but I was just concentrating on her elbows for now. Now I don’t recommend anyone Bayan escort to just jump into rope play, it can be a little dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, so we just started with elbows. It meant her entire arms would be immobile… and that was just what I wanted. Leading her to the side of the bed by my tie, which was still around her neck, I laid her down on her back, lying on her arms so her head was overhanging the edge of the bed a little. Taking in full view of what laid before me, I wanted nothing more than to rip her panties off and fuck her as hard as I could… which I would do soon.

Walking around to where Georgia’s head was positioned, I took off the blindfold for a moment, just so she could see me get undressed. Now… I’m not the fittest guy in the world, I don’t have a six pack or glutes of steel. I am trim without being defined with muscles. She seemed to approve as I took my shirt off as she was staring at me with a wry smile. Tattoos visible, shaved head, stocky but I’m only 5 foot 7. I don’t look bad… I don’t look great, but I don’t look bad. Then standing over her face, I slowly unzipped my trousers. I never wear boxers or briefs so when my cock sprang out of my trousers, her face lit up. That is one thing I DO have… a decent sized cock… and it was going to see how far down her throat it could go… but first…

Standing naked over her, she looked at me with pleading eyes. “Please can I taste your cock Sir?” Nodding slowly, she opened her mouth and I traced my cock around her lips. Teasing her mouth, denying her what she wanted for the moment, she tried to lift her head and take me into her mouth. This was met by me slapping my cock across her right cheek. She gasped a little and got the idea pretty quick. She lay there with her mouth opened, waiting to receive me. Tracing her lips again, this time I placed the tip of my shaft into her watering mouth. As I slowly started to fuck her mouth, she could feel me growing hard. Her mouth felt great around prick. Pushing further down her throat, her eyes started to water but she was enjoying herself. She was trying to take more and more of me and it was apparent she didn’t have a gag reflex… but I didn’t want to carry on with this for too long, otherwise I was going to shoot my load down her throat. So withdrawing my shaft from her mouth, her saliva still attached to the head, I put the blindfold back on her and walked to the other side of the room.

There were 6 white candles on the dressing table and my bag of toys were sitting on the floor next to it. Reaching in and taking out the wand, I placed that on the bed next to Georgia. Pausing for a moment to take in her body… her nipples hard and pale pink, her white panties betrayed her wet pussy and her slender but shapely legs. Her heels still on. Well…this just simply wouldn’t do. Although she looked radiant, she had entirely too much clothing on for my liking. Taking her shoes off and putting them on the floor in the corner, I slowly slid my hands up the inside of her legs. Her back arched a little from my touch. Soft moans escaping from her lips as I pulled her panties from her hips, down her thighs and slid them off, throwing them into the corner so she was now as naked as I was.

With her elbows tied, it’s easy to move or flip someone, but I wanted her as she was for now, on her back. Moving her to the centre of the bed wasn’t a problem, and tying her ankles to each bedpost wasn’t a problem either. So now, blindfolded, naked, hands tied behind her back, ankles to each bedpost… a funny thought flashed into my head for a split second… to leave her ass there and go home but there was no way I was walking out on this beauty. I was going to possess her entire body and make it my personal playground for as long as she could take.

I decided to start with some light foreplay… light by my standards don’t forget… so walking to my bag of toys and taking the cane, I walked to the right side of the bed and ran the tip of the cane from her ankle to the inside of her right thigh. Georgia held her breath as she was expecting me to whack it but instead I gave her a gentle tap. Her body juddered as the unexpected light touch hit her skin before taping her left inside thigh. Tracing the cane to the curve of her hips, up her body. stopping at her left breast. I traced the curve of her nipple. It hardened as I tapped it gently. Looking at her face, she was biting her lip. I loved it when she did that. Got me so excited… the one thing that really does it for me is when I’m with a woman, not even in a sexual way, is when they bite their lip. It just works for me… so when Georgia was doing this, it filled me with more lust than I could take. Putting the cane down I grabbed her by the throat, not hard, just forcefully. Her head raised and she gasped at the sudden touch of my hand. Bringing my lips to hers, I kissed her deeply. My tongue tasting hers.

While still kissing her, My hand slid down her navel to her pelvis, stopping just before her clit. She tried to push herself up to meet my hand but with her Escort legs being tied, she couldn’t quite manage it.

“Please Sir…” she begged… “Please…”

Taking off the blindfold so she could see me, I looked into her green eyes and flashed a slight smile and with that, my fingers parted the folds of her lips and slid into her wet wanting pussy. She gasped as my thumb played with her clit while finger fucking her. Her orgasm built up quickly and she came all over my hand. I immediately stopped and she looked at me with wanting eyes. With a smile I looked deep into her eyes…

“You didn’t ask permission to cum did you… so your punishment is coming.”

She just smiled at me knowing that whatever I did she would enjoy it. Untying her ankles, I roughly grabbed her still tied arm and flipped her over so she was lying on her tummy. Still holding onto the rope I told her to pull her knees under her as if she was in the foetal position. She did as instructed. Holding onto her hair, I brought my hand down on her left ass cheek hard 10 times leaving a red hand print. Georgia seemed to enjoy it but it stung more as it was ongoing. Telling her to stay put, I went over to the dressing table and took one of the candles. Blowing out the flickering light, I walked around to where I was stood on the left side of the bed and poured a small bit of hot wax on the red handprint that was now apparent on her left buttock. Georgia made an audible gasp as her ass clenched and she rocked forward slightly as the hot wax dripped down towards her thigh, cooling on her skin as it went. Pouring a little more on her skin, the same thing happened.

Beads of hardened candle wax now splattered and cooled all over her perfect ass. I could imagine it to be streams of my cum as I sprayed my load all over her… but that will happen later… for now, I’m just enjoying this too much to rush it. Like I said, I want to use her whole body as my personal playground. And she was willing to let me try as many… rides as I’d like.

With her still bent over in the same position, I went and got the vibrating wand. Whispering into her ear what was about to happen, Georgia was looking forward to what was about to happen although this part was going to test her a bit. I told her that I was going to put the wand between her legs and it was her job to keep it balanced there, while at the same time she was going to be sucking my cock. And if she didn’t ask permission is time round to orgasm, then I was going to give her severe punishment. The paddle would come into play and that hits a lot harder than my hand. It would instantly welt her up. She nodded in agreement. So with that, I helped her to a kneeling position, placed the wand between her ankles so the tip would touch her clit, turned it on and lay on the bed. My hard cock waiting for her mouth.

As she bent over, the wand still between her ankles, making a low humming noise, her mouth found my hard cock but as she did, the wand found its place on her clit which was already swollen and she was yearning to cum. She tried as best she could to balance herself as her arms were still tied, but too far back and the wand vibrated more onto her wet pussy, too far forward and I she would be throat fucked. She could tell from the smile on my face that this was the idea all along, so with a determined look in her eye, she tried to focus her attention on my cock… Yeah, that wasn’t going to work for long… Before she knew it, she started moaning as the vibrations from the wand filled her pussy, making her clit ache, her orgasm ached to be unleashed.

“Please Sir may I cum?” She said.

Because she asked, I knew she could take more so I told her no. She would be denied until she begged me.

The vibrations got more and more intense, and she tried to keep my cock in her mouth, but her head rested on my pelvis as she moaned and writhed to try keep her orgasm in check.

Looking at me she begged “Please Sir… “

No was the response again. She could take a little more, but not much.

Her body twitching… Damn near spasming… Gasps escaped her mouth. She looked at me with pleading tears in her eyes… She wasn’t going to hold out much longer at all. She could hardly muster any words. She just looked at me.

“P-p-pleeeeeaaaasssseeeeeee… Ssssiiiiirrrr… “

“Now you can babe”

Almost as I said the first words, her body shuddered. Her back arched as much as the rope would allow. Her orgasm flooded her pussy. Squirting all over herself and my legs, she struggled to speak. All she could muster was noises and the odd “Oh my fuckin God” as wave after wave of sheer release racked every fibre of her being right to the core from pure satisfaction of being denied an orgasm for as long as she could. Her face was buried into my hip, my cock hard against her cheek as her juices flowed freely from her throbbing pussy. The wand still hummed against her pussy as the orgasm subsided. With a firefly look of satisfaction in her eyes, she closed her mouth against my shaft. I could feel her tongue against the underside of my cock as she took it deeper and deeper like she was looking for some payback. The only thing was, the wand still hummed against her clit and the more she tried to concentrate on taking as much of me in her mouth, the faster another orgasm built up.

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