For Women

Author’s note: I am sorry for the delay; I mentally lost the threat of this story for a while and was unable to produce anything I felt worthy of submitting. Hopefully this will make up for the delay. I won’t be giving up, but please understand that chapters won’t be appearing quickly, I am not as prolific as some here. I also self-edit, and am admittedly not the best so I apologize in advance for that.

Mom lay on the bed, thoroughly and completely fucked out. I had used her and verbally debased her in ways that I had never thought of before today. While it wasn’t something I wanted to make a usual part of our productions or our sex life, I was willing to do it just because I knew it turned Mom on.

The shoot had lasted for hours, the extra time required to move around cameras significantly adding to our production time. I decided then that our shooting clips with a storyline wasn’t going to be our norm. At the end of editing, I had a clip coming in well over an hour and a half, including a fair bit of ‘story’. Not bad for an amateur production, I was quite pleased with the end result.

As I showered Mom eventually joined me, her hands sensuously washing me, though it never got to the point of being erotic in nature. We were both too sated to continue. Done with our cleaning, we pulled on some robes and walked into the kitchen.

Mom put on a pot of coffee and started puttering, making us a light meal. I ate and did the dishes while she sat and enjoyed her coffee. Done, I poured myself another cup and joined her at the table.

“So, I was thinking Mom, if I am dealing with Veil, I think you should take over answering fan mail. How does that sound to you?”

Mom was surprised, but I could see that she liked the idea. It would fill a lot of hours of her day, something both of us needed to do now that we didn’t work anymore. Life would get very boring with nothing to do and we couldn’t fuck all day. Even her time in the greenhouse wouldn’t take up a whole lot of hours once she had things started.

“I would love to Mike. We are getting behind on answering them, aren’t we?”

I had been skimming them each time I had signed in, and while none of the fans were getting rude about our lack of replies, some had gotten the impression that we wouldn’t be answering. I got the feeling that it was common for the performers to not to. I hoped it would boost our popularity even more if Mom did.

“A little, yeah. Oh, and we need to pick the first commission as well.”

Mom had a little smile on her face and I got the feeling that she had already decided on what we would be doing for a commission. I wasn’t worried though, I knew whatever she wanted would be a very fun time for me.

Mom headed out to the greenhouse after a bit and I went upstairs after putting in another workout. I really enjoyed my little hideaway. After a few hours I turned off my stuff and went downstairs. Mom was already in bed and I carefully joined her as I could hear her snoring softly. Feeling the warmth of her naked body against mine brought me a sense of peace and I drifted off to sweet dreams.


“Hi Amanda, how are things?” I answered the phone, having been up for several hours already.

“Good Mike. What are you up to today?”

“Not a lot really, life is pretty slow now that I have a new job and all,” I chuckled.

“Speaking of which, are you shooting today?”

“Nope. We have been making too many videos recently. Don’t want to have our fans get bored of us, and Veil has already said he is going to post ours twice a week.”

“Oh wow. You guys must really be pumping them out.”

“Nothing too crazy, not near what you and your sis have on the site already, but we do want to stay as fresh as we can for a bit.”

“So would today be a good day for me to come and check out your new place?”

“Sure, bring a suit if you want to go swimming.”

“You have a pool?!?”

I could tell she was quite excited by that fact. “I do. This place is amazing. Got a hell of a deal on it.”

“Ok then, I’ll be leaving here in about half an hour.”

“Great. Just buzz when you get here.”

I went outside to the greenhouse and found Mom, and told her that Amanda was on her way out to visit us.

“Oh good. I was hoping she would be stopping by soon. Should I have lunch ready?”

“Sure, if you aren’t too busy Mom. If you are, I can make something for everyone.”

“No, I’ll do it. I can still ‘mom’ my baby boy.” She said with a wink.

I laughed and left her to her work. She came into the house a little while later and started to whip up a light lunch for us. Amanda buzzed and I pressed the button for the gate, watching on the monitor to make sure the gate swung closed. I met her on the front steps and gave her a hug, which turned into a nice kiss.

“This place is gorgeous!”

“It is, isn’t it? Wait until you see the inside.”

I took Amanda on a tour of the house; she was wide eyed as she took everything in. I loved seeing the wonder in her beautiful brown ofise gelen gaziantep escort eyes. The place was still new to me but it was as if I was seeing it again through her eyes.

“Have you guys shot here already?”

I was a little unsure of myself as I answered, almost expecting a trap. “Yeah, we have.”

“Cool. Is it posted already? I’d love to see it. There are so many possibilities here!”

I relaxed as Amanda seemed to be completely at ease knowing Mom and I had fucked and already posted the video. I brought her into the kitchen, where the three of us sat down and had a light lunch and chatted.

Mom shooed me away from the dishes and Amanda and I walked outside so I could show off the yard. She was excited about the pool and loved the greenhouse. The yard itself didn’t cover the entire acreage, but there were numerous trails throughout the property that she was excited to explore.

“Damn, and Veil helped you guys buy this place?”

“Yeah, he did.”

“I have to see your clips. They must be fucking amazing for him to go to these lengths.”

“I don’t think they are anything special. But I’m more than willing to let you access our account for the site. Should probably only do it here though with my laptop. I don’t know if Veil would be happy knowing you have access if he hasn’t given it to you.”

“Ok, mind if we sit outside while we check it out?”


I went inside and opened the laptop, signing in to the site under my credentials, then brought the laptop out with me. Amanda had already sat down near the pool in one of the deck chairs. I handed over the laptop and pulled my chair closer to hers. Together we surfed the site for a bit. She was very impressed with the professional layout of the site, this being the first time she had seen it.

We started with her clips, just watching some of her favorite shoots before she tracked down Mom and I. Amanda’s eyes were wide as she watched our clips, the first being when Mom jerked me off onto her face. She couldn’t believe just how much cum I coated Mom with. She skipped over a few and played the video of my thick cock spreading Mom’s ass wide, gaping her before I filled her with my seed. Without rhyme or reason Amanda played the clips, skipping out of order as she watched them.

“Holy shit Mike! I get why Veil wanted to keep you guys around. Your Mom is fucking hot! Not to mention amazing for taking what you have. And your cock is fucking beautiful! You fuck like a god damn Champ!”

I blushed at the compliment. I saw Amanda’s eyes flit down quickly to my crotch where I had grown a little bit. Watching her clips and then my own had definitely turned me on slightly. Amanda’s lips turned up in a smile before she closed up the laptop.

“Let’s swim.”

I agreed and turned to head into the house to change. I turned back when Amanda called out.

“I didn’t bring a suit. I hope you don’t mind?”

Amanda pulled her top over her head, freeing her girls. High and perky on her chest, capped with hard little nipples, Amanda’s breasts swayed as she moved. They were smaller than Mom’s by a large margin, but still a very nice size. Her shorts quickly followed and I found out she was commando. Her ass flexed intriguingly as she dove into the pool stark naked. Shrugging to myself, I stripped down and dove in after her.

We swam around in the pool for a bit, laughing and playing, getting touchy and feely with each other, turning both of us on. I pulled Amanda in close and she wrapped her arms around my neck, then her legs around my waist. I walked us over to the edge of the pool and we kissed. Just little probing kisses, testing the waters so to speak even though we were both naked. My cock was hard and resting against her cleft, even in the water I could feel the heat radiating from her.

It would only take the slightest change in angle for me to slide up inside her, but I decided then that waiting would be for the best. Having my needs met on a very regular basis kept my head surprisingly clear.

I could tell Amanda was excited and she rubbed herself along my length repeatedly. If it hadn’t been for the water we stood in I’m sure I would have been soaked by her. I had seen just how wet this girl could get. Our kisses amped up in passion as I held her and her hands worked the muscles in my back. I felt Amanda’s hands clench on my ass, tightening almost painfully as she pulled me into her and she shuttered. She had just orgasmed by grinding on me!

I chuckled as her face colored in embarrassment, kissing her nose softly while smiling wide. She looked at me before she bent down, kissing me tenderly for a moment before breaking it.

“I’m sorry for that.”

“Please, don’t apologize. I am honored.”

Amanda looked quite vulnerable as she stared back at me. She had a cute blush to her cheeks. I reached up and pushed some of the wet hair from her face before following in with a kiss. We just stood there gaziantep ofise gelen bayan escort for a bit, the silence between us comforting rather than awkward. I released her and she did the same. My cock was still hard in the water between us.

Amanda swam a few feet away to where she could easily reach the bottom of the pool and tapped the edge, asking me to sit. I pushed myself up onto the edge and could feel the warm concrete under my bare ass cheeks. Amanda’s eyes slowly worked their way down my body to finally rest where I stood at full mast. I could see her nervousness as she took in my size.

Reaching down I cupped her face and brought her eyes back up to mine.

“You don’t need to.”

Amanda’s eyes flared in challenge and she moved closer, running her tongue along the flesh of my swollen cock. With her eyes still on mine, she took the large head of my cock into her mouth, her tongue swirling around it. I watched as she slowly sucked me deeper into her warm mouth.

She gagged as she hit the back of her throat and try as she might, she was unable to get me any deeper. Amanda’s hand wrapped around what was left and she stroked me as she sucked on me. I leaned back with my hands on the warm concrete, still staring into her eyes and let her do as she would. Her free hand came up and she lightly caressed my heavy sack with the tips of her fingers.

The play in the water and her orgasm on me had Amanda’s work mostly done, the excellent job she was doing with her mouth soon had me rushing towards my own release. Amanda could see the effect she was having and began to stroke me harder and faster while sucking intently on my flesh. Too much, I came. The first blast caused her to choke; my cum ran down her chin in thick rivulets as she gagged slightly. She quickly regained control as my orgasm didn’t let up despite her discomfort, pulse after pulse of my seed flooded her mouth. Amanda swallowed what I gave her as quickly as she could.

Amanda milked every drop from me and once I became overly sensitive took me from her mouth, though she still ran her tongue softly up and down my length.

Smiling up at me a little embarrassed, she stopped and said, “Fuck, you surprised me with the force of that first one Mike. I very nearly lost it.”

We had a nice chuckle from her admission. I slipped back into the water and pulled Amanda close, she once more wrapped herself around me. We kissed and pet each other, though it wasn’t sexual so much as sensual. We climbed from the pool and sat in the chairs, chatting and flirting, naked in the sun. There weren’t going to be a lot more days that this would be possible.

A few hours later Mom called to us from the house, letting us know dinner was ready. Amanda’s face turned deep red as she quickly got up and dressed. I think it had slipped her mind that Mom was here. I dressed a little more sedately, and we walked to the house hand in hand.

Dinner was great, Mom had quickly put Amanda at ease by keeping the topic mundane. The two laughed as Mom regaled Amanda with stories of my childhood, much to my embarrassment. While the two traded stories, I could see that Mom was in her glory. She had been waiting years to share these stories with a girl I had brought home. I could also tell she was on a slow burn, very subtly flirting with Amanda. I wasn’t sure what her exact gameplan was, but I was willing to wait to find out.

A couple of hours after dinner I walked Amanda out to her car and handed her a spare fob for the gate that I had found in a cabinet inside the garage. I knew she would be out here for visits a lot more frequently in the future. I watched as she drove her car down the paved driveway and out of sight.

Inside I found Mom sitting on the couch in the grand room, laptop open and running. Sitting beside her I could see she had gone through a lot of the messages already, setting up folders within the messaging program to organize them. I could only assume she had replied to at least some of them.

She turned to me and I could see she was quite aroused.

“I saw you two in the pool. Did you have sex?”

“No Mom. She just ground herself on me.”

Mom’s eyes sparkled and a grin appeared, “She came from just that?”

I nodded and I could see the blush of arousal on her face.

“You aren’t jealous?”

This cooled Mom’s jets a little, but I could tell she was giving serious thought as to how she was going to answer.

“No baby.” She hesitated, then continued. “There is something I need to explain to you. Try not to get upset with me please.”

I could see whatever she was going to say made her nervous, so I reached out and held her hand to comfort her. She smiled in appreciation at the gesture.

“You know that your father had sex with other women, right?”

I could feel the anger’s sudden spark to life in me, but surprisingly not as much as it used to. “Yes.”

Mom nodded, seeing my reaction. “Well, it gaziantep ofise gelen escort wasn’t the cheating that caused him to leave. See, I liked it.”

“What?” I was so confused by her admission.

“I liked him fucking other women. It turned me on. He had my full permission to do it. Afterward I would attack him when he came home.”

I couldn’t wrap my head around this, “Then why did he fuck off?”

“Because he is a coward, and a liar. I was cool with it, with certain rules. He had to be safe. Especially after the first woman he knocked up. You were just a couple of years old at the time. And he swore to me it would never happen again. I found out later that he was lying the entire time. Luckily for me he never brought anything home. But this last time he knocked a woman up was the final straw. He chose to lie then run instead of facing the music.

“But that isn’t important right now. Right now, we are discussing us. I completely and full heartedly approve of you and Amanda, I get the impression that she feels the same about us. I want to be a Gramma one day and my first impressions of her is that she will make a wonderful daughter in law someday.”

She laughed at the look on my face.

“Calm down, I’m not planning any weddings yet. But a mom has to look to the future. Anyhow, as for the two of you being intimate, you have no worries about jealousy on my part. In fact, just the opposite. It is such a turn on for me to know you are with other women. Seeing it like I did today? My panties are absolutely soaked right now, and I’ve already changed them twice.”

I had seen just how wet her panties could get and the thought of hers in that shape right now started to get the blood flowing.

“So, you are a cuckquean?”

“A what?”

“A cuckquean. A woman who gets sexual satisfaction from her partner having sex with another.”

“That sounds about right. Add in my other quirks, and my fantasies about it are quite vivid. You and Amanda are turning me on baby. You have nothing to worry about. In fact…”

Mom stood and kneeled before me, staring up into my eyes and she reached into my waistband. I lifted my butt and she pulled my joggers down and off of me. I was fully hard by now and Mom quickly took me into her mouth. Her technique was different than usual, this wasn’t about pleasuring me. I was soon soaked in her saliva and she stood, dropped her pants to her knees and knelt on the couch, her massive chest resting on the back of it.

“Take me hard son. I’m ready for it.”

I stood behind her and pulling her panties to the side I lined my swollen cock up with her wetness. I barely pressed against her before I was sliding effortlessly into her juicy, tight hole. I gave her a quick couple of seconds to adjust to my penetration before I began to fuck her hard and fast. She was her usual vocal self, if a lot louder now that we no longer had neighbors to worry about.

“Fuck yeah! Fuck Mommy good baby! Pound my slutty cunt! Take me like the whore I am! Fuck, I can’t believe I’m such a slut for my little boy!”

Grabbing her hips, I pulled her back as I drove hard into her, soon her words turned to gibberish and before long she was soaking me with her first orgasmic release. I was in the zone, loving the feel of her wrapped around my manhood, watching her lips unwillingness to let go as I pulled back before easily taking me back inside.

I pounded Mom hard over the couch through several more of her intense orgasms, her scent was thick from her fluids covering the couch, the floor and myself. I could actually feel a soreness in my balls from the violent impact of my scrotum against her bare, wet lips. Her large ass shook with every forceful impact. With one final powerful thrust, I buried myself deep inside Mom and my cum burst free inside her.

Mom shrieked as I pulsed deep inside her. I unceremoniously collapsed, drained from the vigorous plumbing of Mom’s depths, pulling out with an audible pop before dropping to the couch next to her. She reached back with a shaky hand and adjusted her panties back to some semblance of order before standing on wobbly legs to pull up her pants.

Clothing adjusted, Mom lay on the couch between my legs and took me deeply into her mouth. With a gentle tongue she cleansed my flesh before just laying with her head in my lap and my softening cock between her lips. I lay back, enjoying the sensations as I caught my breath. The thought of taking her one more time briefly crossed my mind before I decided against it. I would save the next one for our fans.


We settled into a nice easy routine over the next few weeks. Mom would spend a few hours in the mornings answering fan mail, something that increased dramatically once word got out that she was actually replying. It actually helped our sales as well, with one clip getting a hundred percent buy score, every single member having purchased it.

We continued to deliver regular clips to Veil, making sure to have a wide assortment of sexual acts. From her answering the member’s fan mail, Mom knew some didn’t care for our anal or the rough, degrading sex videos, so we produced a variety. I for one was happy about that as well; I didn’t want to treat Mom like a whore every time regardless of how exciting she found it to be. Luckily the site allowed us to have tags on our videos to make it easy to let the fans know what they would be buying in advance. We made good use of them.

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