My friend Alana had just spilled her guts, and then some. She confessed one thing I secretly already knew: that she was into women now. Then she described in vivid, exciting detail her first time making love to a woman. After the story, she went to explain that she was using our trip to Vegas—which we were still en route to via a red-eye commercial flight—to discover if she was, in fact, a lesbian, bi-sexual, or, as she put it, “just going through a phase”.

She was 26, and I was 20. We had always been close despite our age differences. Her mom was a close family friend, and she left Alana in my parents’ care when she died from cancer when Alana was just 13. Then, when my parents died in a car accident when I was 16, they left me to Alana. By that time we were more brother and sister than anything, and rather than Alana looking after me, we just looked after each other.

I’d been close to Alana for my whole life, and I was still shocked to hear her talk about these things so freely. We never talked much about sex before, and I found it particularly surprising that she confided in me her plans to use this vacation as a sexual experiment.

While I appreciated her openness and drooled over her sexy story, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated. Obviously, since it was only the two of us on this trip, it was going to be an awkward few days for me if all Alana was going to do was pick up guys. I would have to constantly find things to do by myself whenever Alana started picking up men, or if she got picked up.

And even though we had a room with two beds reserved, I knew it would be too awkward for me to be in the room if she was having sex. I’d either have to wander through the night, or hope that she stayed in her would-be one-night-stand’s room. Either way I’d be alone. Most people might not have a problem being alone in a crazy town like Las Vegas, but at 20, I wasn’t old enough to drink or gamble. And with the various women I had waiting for me back home, I wasn’t willing to empty my wallet for strippers.

My other problem was more serious, to say the least. While Alana had revealed her secret of bi-sexuality, I had a secret of my own. A much bigger secret that I planned to keep: I was growing increasingly attracted to her. It had started at the same time I found out she was having sex with women; I had spied her through the neighbor’s window, in a 69 with my unattainable crush, Autumn. Since that day, Alana had been sneaking into my sexual thoughts and fantasies more and more until finally I had to admit to myself that I was crushing on her, too.

When Alana told me the story of her first lesbian encounter, she couldn’t have had any idea what a turn on that was for me. But the thought of her spending all weekend with other men…It would make me both jealous AND horny. Even now, sitting at the rear of the nearly empty passenger jet, my erection was threatening to punch a hole through the fuselage.

Next to me, taking a sip of a Jack and Coke, Alana was fortunately too buzzed or too excited about the state of things to notice my bulge. Her nipples jutted out from her full, D-cup tits, straining against the fabric of her tight, red, low-cut shirt. Her face was slightly flushed, and the smile she wore gave no sign of fading any time soon. Apparently her story had gotten her quite aroused as well.

I jumped when she turned to me, hoping she didn’t catch me eyeing her cleavage. But she didn’t appear to notice, and simply placed her drink on my tray.

“I’m going to the bathroom,” she said, putting up her tray and unbuckling her seat belt. She pointed to the empty cup that she had stuffed in the magazine pouch . “If the guy comes by again, order me another one.” She smiled brightly.

I nodded, smiled back, and watched as she wiggled her ass out of our row and into the aisle. My God, I thought. How could I have been ignorant to that beautiful body for so long? How could I not have noticed her maddeningly cute face, her infectious smile, her perfect teeth and skin? She was 5’10, athletic, with flowing blonde hair and the kind of legs a guy prays to feel wrapped around him.

I’m not picky when it comes to women. There is no type of girl that I covet more than another. Blonde, brunette, tall, short; it’s all good with me. But even still, if I were just another guy and not the kid she was raised with, I would have been jerking off to thoughts of Alana years ago. So why had I only started noticing now?

Of course, I had noticed before. I wasn’t blind. The difference was that before she was just Alana, whom I loved dearly, but never lusted after. But after seeing her have sex with our neighbor, I became aware of a new side of her. A side that was just as alien to me as if she were a complete stranger. That day Alana became sexy Alana, and that image was impossible to erase.

Unconsciously, I grabbed my hard-on through my jeans, gave it a few quick strokes, hesitated, then gave myself a few more. Finally I stopped and readjusted myself, hoping to calm down.

“You really want her, huh?”

The bursa sınırsız escort voice came from behind, and I jumped in my seat with surprise. I turned and looked over the back of my seat. There was no one there. As I said, the jet was nearly empty, and we sat to the rear, away from all the other passengers. Even the stewards were up front, chatting quietly with an old lady.

But I hadn’t imagined that voice, so I raised myself in my seat and strained my neck for a better look. And there she was. A fellow passenger, female, was sitting directly behind me. I hadn’t seen her because she was so short; barely over 5 feet. I knew she wasn’t there when I picked these seats, though, so how did she get past? And then it struck me. The bathroom at the back of the jet. She must have been in the bathroom when we boarded, then inadvertently snuck up on us after we were seated.

Settling with that explanation, I turned back to what she had said: That I “really want her”. My heart jumped into my throat.

She must have seen me stroke my cock through the space between the seats. But even more alarming than that was the simple fact that, sitting so close, she must have heard Alana’s entire story.

“If you want my advice,” she continued, “I’d say go for it. Because she’s into you, too.”

Of course this possibility—that Alana was into me—was something I already suspected. Long story short, I had heard her call out my name during a drunken sex session with her girlfriend. But I tired not to rest my fantasies on that weak detail. I kept this to myself, and played dumb for the passenger.

“What do you mean?” I stammered.

“Are you kidding? That story even got me hot! No one tells a story like that to just anyone. She wanted to turn you on. If not on purpose, than subconsciously. So I say if you want to go to the next level, if you want to be more than friends, the ball is in your court. Or balls, I guess.” She laughed.

I was shocked by her boldness, but it felt good to have someone to talk to about this. She was, after all, a stranger who I would probably never see again after this flight, and the fact that she referred to Alana and I as “friends” reaffirmed my suspicion that she didn’t know we were much closer. I unclasped my seat belt, put my knees on my seat, and turned to face her.

While she was very short and her body was tiny, there would have been no mistaking her for a juvenile. She had the beauty of a pageant queen, with facial features that made her look not like a high school student, but like a spunky young soccer mom. Her blonde hair was much lighter and shorter than Alana’s, and it was loosely pulled back in a ponytail. And while her breasts were so small that I couldn’t even see their bulges beneath her sweatshirt, the woman’s gray eyes gave her an irresistibly sexy, mysterious quality. I guessed her to be Alana’s age, mid-twenties or so—but when I turned to face her, she looked as excited as a schoolgirl.

“Hey,” she smiled. “Don’t let her catch you talking to me. You might blow it.”

I smiled back. “I wouldn’t worry about that. You really think she’s into me?”

The woman had been holding a paperback, but she set it aside and leaned forward to answer. “Let me put it this way. If I told you that story, then said I was going to Vegas to find some dick, wouldn’t you hit on me relentlessly until the end of the flight?”

“Hell, I’d probably follow you to your hotel,” I joked.

She laughed. “And do you think I could blame you for hitting on me?”

“I guess not.”

“Exactly. She wants you to be the guy, Gavin. That’s your name, right? I thought I heard her say it.”

“Yeah. Gavin.” I offered my hand. She shook it with her small, delicate hand, which had a surprisingly firm grip.

“I’m Melanie. And I’m married.” She smiled, then turned her hand to show me the wedding band. Before I could come up with a response, she said, “So forget all about me, and concentrate on her. But remember what I said. Oh, and sorry about eavesdropping. I’m such a jerk.”

We both slumped back into our chairs as we heard the bathroom door creak open just five rows behind. Melanie stuck her nose back in her book, and I fumbled with my seatbelt and my erection that had yet to go away.

Alana returned to her seat, completely composed—though with her stiff movements, she was almost too composed. Then she slowly leaned toward me, eyes facing forward, and whispered.

“Someone is sitting behind us.”

I pretended to be surprised.

Alana continued, talking quietly out of the corner of her mouth. “Has she been there the whole time?”

“Well, she didn’t board mid-flight, if that’s what you mean.”

Alana shot me a look and a sarcastic smile. “Then she heard—”


“Everything. Oh my God.”

I could tell Alana didn’t know what to do, but I couldn’t tell if she really wanted to do anything. Surely she knew it was harmless for this stranger to know her secret—a secret that would eventually come out, anyway. bursa üniversiteli escort Embarrassing, yes. But harmless. Yet there was a very awkward silence as I waited for her to say something.

Instead of speaking, and perhaps out of curiosity, Alana gave a quick glance between the seats for another look at the eavesdropper. But at that same moment, Melanie had been peering over her book at Alana, and their eyes met. Alana spun around, speechless, but Melanie apparently felt she had no choice but to respond to the situation directly. She stood up and entered the aisle, standing over Alana.

“Look, I’m really sorry. I know none of that was meant for my ears, but you have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Alana couldn’t take her eyes off the floor, her head hung in humiliation. “It’s not your fault. I should have looked around more. Or just kept my mouth shut.” I noticed she was smiling, on the verge of laughter, it seemed, so at least she was taking this with a positive spin.

Melanie squatted down, coming closer to eye level with Alana, who still wouldn’t look up.

“I know what you’re going through, Alana, and don’t think I’m going to judge you or anything,” Melanie said in the sweetest, most soothing voice. She put a hand on Alana’s knee and rubbed it. “In fact, I’m kind of on your team.”

What the Hell?

Not wanting Alana to know that Melanie and I had already become acquainted, I hid my surprise at hearing this.

“You’re gay?” Alana asked.

“Actually I’m bi.”

I saw Alana glance at the wedding band on Melanie’s finger and she smiled wide.

“What’s your husband think about that?”

“Oh, he doesn’t. Well, he probably fantasizes about it like most guys, but he thinks I’m as straight as an arrow. I told him I was going to Vegas to visit my sister. I’m sure he’d have begged to come along if he knew I was actually going to Vegas to eat some out-of-town pussy. “

“He has no idea you like women?” Alana laughed. “You must be an ace at keeping secrets. Obviously I’m not.”

“I’ll tell him some day. Probably the day after he comes clean about fucking that waitress every chance he gets.” She sighed and looked off into space, grinning. “He’s probably doing her right now.”

“You’re not mad?” I asked, baffled.

She shrugged. “Let him have his fun. It frees me up to have mine. But enough about me. You two are much more interesting.”

Melanie stood up and motioned to the empty seat between Alana and I.

“May I?”

Before she had finished the word, Alana was happily nodding and shifting into the middle seat, freeing the aisle seat for our new friend.

“What makes us so interesting?” Alana asked.

Melanie shot a look to the front of the cabin, making sure the stewards were still occupied, then unfastened her pants. Next, she took Alana’s hand and guided it to her crotch, slipping Alana’s hand into her pants, beneath a pair of purple panties. Alana gasped, but she didn’t resist. In fact, at that moment she almost seemed to have a mini orgasm. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she sunk into her seat.

“You feel that?” Melaine said.

Alana licked her lips. “Yeah…”

“You feel how wet I am?”

Alana just nodded, still licking her lips.

“That’s how hot your story made me.”

Alana opened her eyes and stared lustfully at Melanie. It was as if I had simply disappeared. But I was eager to see where this would lead, so I stayed quiet.

“Can I…” Alana asked, cutting herself off.

I saw Melanie suddenly tense up, then close her eyes and sink into her chair like Alana just had. I knew then what had happened. Alana had pushed at least one finger into Melanie’s cunt, possibly more. Melanie moaned softly, then opened her eyes and stared dreamily at Alana. As if in a trance, Alana leaned forward and kissed Melanie softly on the lips. Melanie kissed her right back, the two of them getting more intense with each passing second.

I knew Alana was buzzing hard from the drinks, but I was still surprised that she was doing this in front of me. Maybe Melanie was right. Maybe she really was trying to turn me on.

Alana broke the kiss and began slowly licking her way down Melanie’s neck. I expected at least for Melanie to look at me and show me that she still remembered I was there, but her eyes stayed shut.

Alana licked at Melanie’s neck a while longer, and rubbed her inner thigh with her free hand, slowly working her way to Melanie’s crotch. The hand already at her cunt disappeared further beneath the panties, and Melanie shifted in her seat so she could spread her legs further. I watched, unblinking, as the fabric of the pants at Melanie’s crotch pulsed as Alana worked her fingers inside.

“We should probably try to control ourselves,” Alana said softly between kisses. She stifled a giggle. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

All Melanie did to reply was moan weakly.

Alana moved back to Melanie’s face, and they bursa anal yapan escort kissed passionately again. Their tongues went wild, lustfully twirling around each other, then lapping at each others lips and faces. Melanie caught Alana’s earlobe between her teeth, bit gently, then licked and sucked her way to the top. Alana’s free hand, meanwhile, was moving past Melanie’s crotch, and dipping beneath her sweater.

“I thought you wanted cock.” Melanie said, fighting for breath.

“I do…”

“But I can only give you pussy.”

“I want your pussy.”

To hear Alana talk like this, in a soft, lustful voice, was difficult to handle. On one hand I was immensely turned on. But Alana knew I was here, and, not knowing her true feelings for me, or her intentions for doing this here and now in front of me, I couldn’t be sure if she wanted me to be turned on. Did she expect me to watch? Did she expect me to leave?

But as Alana’s hand crept up beneath Melanie’s sweatshirt and cupped her small breasts, I decided that I wasn’t leaving until I was given the direct order. Like Hell if I was gonna miss this.

From the movements at the bustline of Melanie’s sweatshirt, I could tell Alana was massaging the young woman’s breasts, going from one to the other and back again. Surely she was pinching her nipples, as well, though it was difficult to tell for sure.

“You know you can’t eat me,” Melanie whispered as they made out. “Not here.”

Alana didn’t miss a beat. “But I can taste you.” And she pulled her hand out of Melanie’s panties, then brought two fingers to her mouth and sucked them between her lips.

Melanie and I watched hungrily, but it was Melanie who couldn’t hold back. I felt my dick swell noticeably as Melanie rushed forth, wildly kissing Alana with the fingers still in her mouth. Alana was quick to share her cum-coated digits, and slipped them into Melanie’s mouth. Melanie sucked hard, so hard that she made a tight slurping sound that I feared that everyone in the jet could have heard, though I saw no indication that they did.

Quickly, Alana pulled her fingers back, though Melanie fought to keep them between her lips by sucking harder. Once Alana prevailed, she dipped her fingers back under Melanie’s panties, fingered her for a few strokes, then brought her hand back out and fed them to the tiny blonde.

Melanie bobbed on the fingers excitedly, as if they were a cock. Alana pulled them out again after a moment, offering her tongue to Melanie instead. As their tongues wrestled, Alana once again fucked her new friend’s pussy with those wet fingers, and Melanie began gently bucking against her hand.

I desperately wanted to stroke my cock, if not directly, then through my pants, like before. But I didn’t want to do anything that might alarm Alana. I was so confused, so turned-on. All I could do was watch, which was more than enough, but not nearly what I wanted.

The girls continued making out passionately. Alana fingered Melanie and faster and more forcefully with each passing second. She continued to knead her small tits under her shirt. Both of them were moaning softly.

“I taste really good,” Melanie gasped, as if surprised. “Can I taste my pussy again?”

Alana said nothing, but quickly pulled her hand out from Melanie’s pants and offered her fingers again. Melanie sucked eagerly, with more intensity then before. Then she grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it up just far enough to reveal her tiny, braless, breasts. She was quite flat-chested, but her nipples were fat and long, and Alana’s other hand plucked them, encouraging them to grow longer.

“Lick me,” Melanie whispered, while continuing to suck Alana’s fingers.

But Alana was a step ahead. She had moved her head in position, and was already lapping forcefully at Melanie’s right tit. She pummeled the hard, thick nipple with her tongue, then sucked it between her lips. Melanie arched her back and gasped.

“Ohhh….that feels so good, Alana…” Melanie said. If she was in Heaven before, she seemed to be somewhere beyond now. “I love having my nipples sucked. I can come just from that.”

I had to crane my neck a bit to get a good view of Alana sucking Melanie’s tits, so I didn’t notice right away that Melanie was looking at me. I was shocked when our eyes met, and even more so when she didn’t look away. But I also got the feeling that she wasn’t looking at me so much as through me with those glazed over eyes.

I watched as Melanie slipped her own left hand beneath her panties and played with her cunt. Then she pulled her hand out and reached over Alana, pointing a glistening finger at me. I didn’t need a verbal order to act on this opportunity, so I leaned forward to suck her finger, tasting her sweet cum.

“Oh, Alana. Oh, Alana, Alana, Alana,” Melanie said. She closed her eyes and threw her head back. When I tried to pull back from her finger, she just pushed it back towards me. I sucked on it again.

“I’m going to…to…oh, don’t stop, Alana.”

As I sucked Melanie’s finger, I watched Alana working her hands and tongue over Melanie’s exposed tits. She was licking furiously, nipping at the flesh and squeezing the tiny mounds to make tight but shallow cleavage. Melanie’s chest had flushed deep red, a sure sign of her high state of arousal. She thrust her chest forward and threw her head back.

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