Note: In part one of this story, Dave’s friend James returned from Bangkok with a surprise, a potent herbal aphrodisiac. Though skeptical at first, Dave tried the powder on his wife, Karen and as it turned out, her friend Nancy. The result was an episode of incredible, unrestrained sex – the kind men dream about. The story continues from the next morning.

* * * * * *

Dave awoke the next morning with a smile that covered his whole head. It was literally a dream come true. Not only had his wife ravaged him beyond anything she’d ever done in the past, she’s even had sex with him and another woman – wild, uninhibited, cum-flying, ball-licking sex!

He held a key that obliterated a woman’s sexual inhibitions completely, causing her to desire sex more than air. My God, he thought, it could be worth mega-millions, but he knew of course it that he would never be able to market it, unless the FDA got really liberal.

For her part, Karen felt fine that morning, if a little confused. She remembered what had happened, but not with total clarity. More of a vague grasp of the details, with an overall image of a night of immense passion. One thing: how, she wondered, could she have been so incredibly loose, even participating in sex with another woman?

Perhaps David was right, we all have latent desires that are never acted upon until they build up and overtake us. After all, she hadn’t taken a survey of other people’s sexual habits. For all she knew, these things happened all the time. She was sure that she had enjoyed herself tremendously. She had loved being very naughty – it was something she secretly longed for – to fuck with reckless abandon. Karen had no regrets. On the contrary, she hoped it would happen again soon, somehow.

Dave called James at home to fill him in, only to get his answering machine. He finally reached James on his cell phone.

“James, where are you?”

“I’m getting the van worked on. What’s the good news?

“James, you da man!”

“No shit? I told you, brother. Give me the details.”

“Well, I put in on some pizza, and it melted right in.”

“Cool,” said James, “how long did it take till the fireworks began?”

“About fifteen, twenty minutes. But her friend Nancy walked in first.”

“Oh no,” James frowned.

“Oh yes,” beamed David. “Before I knew it, she ate a couple of a slices of the pizza and joined in the fun.”

“You mean, you got a twofer?”

David roared with laughter, “Actually it was a threefer. I did them, they did me, they did each other.”

“Oh, man,” James cried, “What I wouldn’t have given to see that. Did you film it?”

“No,” David reflected, “but that’s a good ideal for another time. Let me ask you a question. What effect does the powder have on us – the same as on a girl?”

“Not really, unfortunately.” James answered. “For some reason, it doesn’t have the same type of unrestricted arousal on the male system. Gives you some hard on and staying power, though. Like super Viagra.”

“Better than nothing,” David lamented. “What are you doing this weekend?”

“Actually not much. Diane is traveling to her parents’ house for the weekend, so I’m stag.”

“Excellent,” replied Dave, “keep Saturday open.”

On Friday night, David told Karen that they were going to look at some antiques in the countryside with James on Saturday. Karen, who loved antique shopping and their friend James, was happy to go. David told James to come over with the conversion van – they were going to the country. James knew something was up – Dave hated shopping – and he couldn’t wait to see what David had in mind. What a wild man, he thought, I love that guy.

The ride to the country was filled with pleasant chatter, and they actually stopped at a couple of shops and looked around. Karen looked simply wonderful in her shorts and halter-top. Her tall, toned physique and exotic good looks were eye catching. Stopping at a roadside stand so Karen could use the restroom, David bought three cokes.

“Get ready to party, dude” David smiled at James.

“I knew you had something like this in mind, you nut. You sure that you want to do this?”

“No problem,” said David, “you’re like family, and this can open up a whole new vista for all of us.”

“But how are you going to get it going, what are you going to . . .”

James stopped speaking as Karen approached the van in the afternoon heat. David handed her a coke, which she nearly drained, as they got in the van and left. James drove along the lovely rural roads, music from his favorite Grateful Dead CD, American Beauty filling the cabin. “Just a box of rain . . .” he sang along with Phil Lesh.

David kept one eye on his watch and the other on Karen. Again, it took no more than fifteen minutes. He could see her eyes look off and hear her breathing change. Her hands played with each other. Her legs crossed and uncrossed. She’s probably getting wet, he thought. Now is the time, I just need Cami Halısı to light the fuse.

“So, Karen,” David asked innocently, “do you want to tell James about Thursday night with Nancy?”

“What?” Karen replied, unsure of what he meant. She felt almost as though she’d had a cocktail. Not drunk, but very nice, very serene, her mind uncluttered and her natural inhibitions quickly stripping away. “What, baby?”

“I mean about the movie we watched?” He turned to James. ” Man, James, you should have seen it. It started out with the usual talking, blah blah. Eventually this gorgeous redhead with huge tits pulled the guys cock out of his pants and began sucking it. I mean she swirled her tongue around the head, then somehow sucked the whole thing down, right Karen?”

“Yes he did,” Karen replied enthusiastically, her voice becoming thicker with passion as she spoke, “and he returned the favor. He pulled off her underwear and went to town on her sweet shaved pussy, licking it over and over and sucking on her clit until she was squirming like a fish out of water. Then he put the head of his big cock – his big fat cock – right against the opening of her sopping pussy . . .”

Karen began to speak faster. “And his cock was huge. It was beautiful. I have the . . . and he put it in her magnificent pussy and pounded away just . . . slamming her. It must have felt . . .”

Karen’s own words were wreaking havoc on her libido. As she recounted the porno to James, the images flooded her mind. She felt her lower back get slightly moist, as if she were exerting herself. Her pubic area started to tingle, as blood began to pour into her pussy lips and clit, swelling them.

Although she knew that she was starting to somehow mysteriously lose control – there was no doubt of it – Karen did not care. She reveled in the sensations. She stuck her hand down her pants, looking around self-consciously at first, and began to massage her mound. David smiled at James and went on.

“Then Nancy began sucking my cock. It was great, James. She slid her tongue all over it and sucked on my balls. She inhaled me. I held both her big tits in my hands and played with the nipples until they become rock hard.”

Suddenly feeling warm, Nancy stripped out of her shorts and top, revealing a white lace thong and matching bra set, which David had carefully bought her for the trip.

“David,” Karen begged. “I’m feeling – you better not talk . . .”

“She poured her hot saliva all over my big, stiff cock until is was soaking wet. She stroked my cock hard as she licked my asshole . . .”

Karen was now on the verge of totally losing control. She was rubbing every part of her body and licking her lips, her breathing ragged. It took all of her powers of concentration to say “James, please pull over – please.”

As her pulled to car into a secluded tree filled area, Karen got out of her seat and opened her shirt wide, literally sticking her breasts out at James. She cupped them in her hands as she swayed back and forth, as if dancing to charming island music. They were beautiful – firm and round, nipples just a little bigger than a quarter. James noticed that her nipples were fully erect as well, fairly pulsating.

“Haven’t you always wanted to see my tits, James?” Karen said unashamedly, her voice slightly slurred. “Do you like them? Why don’t you touch them?”

James responded by looking at David, who nodded his approval. James reached out and caressed Karen’s breasts, holding them in his large hands. Karen shivered and let out a sigh.

“Oh, James’, she said, looking at him adoringly, “that feels so good, having you touch me that way. So good.” Karen shut her eyes. The full effect of the powder was just hitting her system. She was about to go into arousal overdrive.

James brought his face to Karen’s breasts and lightly licked around one swollen aureole, then the other, while he gently squeezed her raised nipples. One at a time, he pushed a nipple in, only to watch it snap back out – bringing Karen incredible pleasure. She held onto his head with both hands as the feeling set in.

“Yes, baby,” she said. “Suck them, squeeze them. I’m so horny right now, James. I’m going to do things to you, to both of you, that I’ve never done before. Would you like that baby – would you David?” Karen’s head was awash with erotic energy as she continued, “I’m going to fuck you both as hard as I can. I’m going to suck on your cocks – I can’t wait to suck your cocks.”

David was incredibly turned on, listening to his wife talk like a full blown slut to their friend and him. The small amount of powder he put in his and James’ drink was working as James had explained. Both men had rock solid hard-ons, which they were going to put to good use on David’s electrified wife.

While James kissed and fondled Karen’s glorious tits, David reached around her waist and, kissing her back, put his hand inside her thong underwear. Descending his hand Cami Halıları down over her mound, he found her clit and, with his index finger, made it stand at attention. Karen was going nuts.

“Oh David – James. I’m so hot, I want you both. I want to taste your cocks. I want to fuck you. Let’s get wild on each other.”

James figured, what the hell – this is David’s idea. He pulled his cock out of his pants and fed it to Karen.

“Here you go, Karen. Is this what you wanted? Is this what you wanted to see and taste? You want my big, fat cock between your pretty lips?”

Karen took James’ sizable cock in both hands and stroked it like it was her favorite toy. Looking into his eyes, she said in a wickedly sexy voice, “Oh yes it is James. It’s what I’ve wanted in my mouth for longer than I can tell you. I’ve always wanted to suck your cock – always wanted to fuck your brains out. I’m going to make your dreams come true.” James smiled at David and they both grinned at Karen’s uninhibited candor.

As Karen began to lick around the head of James’ engorged cock, David pulled her thong off and licked up and down the crack of her magnificent ass. Spreading her cheeks wide, he quickly found the entrance to her beautiful asshole and licked it softly. Karen sighed deeply and sucked further down James’ cock, using the flat of her tongue to contact as much area as possible. David proceeded to perform an extraordinary rim job on her, drenching her asshole with saliva.

Karen was bent over James, her seductively long legs spread to allow David’s tongue to tickle her asshole. With her full breasts hanging in front of him, James thought he might as well fondle them. Holding a breast in each hand, he used his thumbs to make circles around both aureoles, then pinched her nipples between his thumb and index finger. Each time his fingers made this journey, he squeezed her nipples a little harder, and shock waves surged through Karen’s body.

Still sucking James’ cock, she began to buck in orgasm. The intoxicating swells of pleasure coursing through her body encouraged her to suck even harder on it. Taking his shaft in both hands, she began to jerk James off. At first, she kept her mouth on the head of his cock, swirling her tongue around it rapidly. But finally, as the full extent of the orgasm hit her, she pulled his cock out of her mouth. Her gorgeous eyes seared into James’.

“Cum on my face, James,” she pleaded in a low, throaty voice, her body shaking recklessly and her hands furiously pumping his organ. “Cum on my face and tits – like in the movies. I want to see you cum. I know how much this turns you on, I can feel it – you have me so hot – so hot – I need to see the cum shooting out of this beautiful cock.”

Karen was right, James was incredibly turned on by the sight of this gorgeous brunette working intense magic on his cock. He grabbed her hair as he felt his load roaring up the shaft like a freight train. His mouth formed an unconscious grin as he shot thick streams of semen that hit Karen in the chin, neck and upper breasts.

“Oh, Karen,” he moaned, you suck my cock so damn good – you can suck it anytime.”

Karen rubbed James’ seed into her neck and tits, then turned to David, her eyes still brimming with passion. Pulling his shorts off, David positioned her wet slit just over his full erection and tried to slip just the head in. To his delight, her pussy was so wet and excited that the full length of his cock slid in effortlessly, so that he was balls deep in his wife’s pussy. Karen began to use her long, shapely legs to move up and down on his cock.

“Fill me up, honey,” she blurted, “pump my pussy. Again – again – again . . .” Karen chanted as she rode her husband’s cock like an energizer bunny. Up and down she went – each down stroke delivering the sensation of waves crashing on the beach.

As wonderful as it felt, she needed more, and both men knew it.

“Karen?” David asked, “do you want more honey – do you want to feel something you’ve never felt before? Do you want to fuck James and I at the same time? Can you handle that?”

“Yes – yes I can,” she cried breathlessly. ” James — James, help your friend out – I need you both. Yes, that’s right – I’m ready for both of you now. Can you do it, James? Will you join in? I want to feel both of you.” Karen wasn’t quite sure what to expect – nor did she fret. All she knew was that her body was on fire and sexual fulfillment was the only thing that could put it out.

James took his still rock hard tool and wet it with some of the juices flowing freely out of Karen’s pussy. Karen slowed down her pace of riding David’s cock to give him a perfect target. James took a moment to appreciate the beauty of her ass, the shape and perfect skin tone she was blessed with. The way her defined upper torso tapered in to meet the top of her ass, as her long legs met at the top. Her body glistening with a thin sheen of perspiration, accentuating the intoxicating smell of her perfume. The beauty of a woman’s body, when viewed from any angle, should never fail to be appreciated.

James spread her ass cheeks as wide apart as he could and moved his crown around the entrance to her hole, lubricating it further. Then he carefully inserted the tip of his cock inside her sphincter. At first impossibly tight, it soon began to accommodate him. He drove out and in again a few more times until it stayed open, ready to accept his full length.

Holding Karen’s shoulders, he pumped his entire cock into her asshole for the first time. She gasped.

Karen now had the exquisite sensation of a cock in her pussy, while another pounded her asshole. It was a first for her and she most certainly had never felt anything quite like it in her life. The fullness, the stimulation – it was almost unbearable. Sweat was now cascading down her lower back in streams, and she leaned forward on David as both men fucked her hard. She held her tits as they bounced uncontrollably from the force of both cocks hammering her.

When she could finally formulate words, they spilled out like sand pouring out of a slit bag.

“You – you two. You’re fuck – you’re fucking me – you’re fucking me to death. I’m dying the most – the most exquisite death – I feel like – I feel like I’m going to heaven – my whole body feels – Ohhh – Ohhh no . . . . Oh . . .yes . . .”

Karen’s orgasm literally started at her toes and traveled like shock therapy through her calves and thighs and all the way through her genitals. She felt as though she was having two orgasms at the same time – and indeed she was – one that started from her pelvic floor, where David’s cock was smashing, and another deep inside her anal canal, which James’ rod was stretching her. Together, they made her stomach feel warm and created a tingling sensation in her breasts. The sensation spread rapidly though her arms and shoulders, finally resting just below her jawbone. Her eyelids fluttered as her body was rocked hard, the orgasm ripping though her. She shivered, and her body was covered with goose bumps – her head thrust back and her mouth wide open.

“Woooww,’ she managed. “Oh – my – God – it’s – so – intense – wooah.” Her orgasm crashed into her like an automobile accident, then slowly subsided, leaving her wanting more.

David was astounded at the sexual energy the powder gave Karen. Without missing a beat, she dismounted him, and with James’ cock still buried in her ass, devoured David’s cock. “I – just – have to taste – your cock in my – mouth,” she mumbled between slurps. In a matter of just a minute or so, David was on the edge.

“I’m gonna cum, honey, I feel it building up . . . where do you want it?”

Karen didn’t reply, nor did she remove her mouth from David’s cock. She just looked him in the eyes and this was his answer. He shot his thick stream down Karen’s throat. Somehow, she was able to swallow blast after blast with her head still dancing up and down on him.

Still, neither man was spent and Karen, covered with sweat, was still frenzied with raw lust.

Karen dismounted James’ cock and turned her back to David, who was sitting in the van’s other captain’s chair, his stiff cock pointing toward the roof. She placed her asshole, still stretched open from James’ onslaught, over his pole. David pulled her onto him. His cock slid easily into her rectum.

“Oh my,” Karen shuddered, “such a sweet sensation, darling. Your glorious cock — filling my ass. It feels like it – like it is filling my whole body.”

David reveled in the feeling of his cock in Karen’s ass. The smooth feeling, the inexplicable wickedness of it. In their relationship, she had never really enjoyed the feeling of anal sex, but tolerated it. Now, however, she craved the feeling of a cock filling her anal passage more than anything.

James had now moved in front of Karen. She took his cock between her tits and began jerking him off with them, sweat beading on her forehead.

It was so quiet and peaceful in the country, it was a wonder that the three lovers didn’t hear the State Police cruiser pull up – though they were otherwise occupied.

Sgt. Paul Truman exited his vehicle to see what was going on in the new conversion van. He’d noticed it there by the trees for over a half-hour now, and was becoming suspicious. With two years on the force, the handsome young trouper felt ready to handle any situation. His training had prepared him well. He was strong and brave, and totally unprepared for what he saw when he looked inside the van.

Through the tinted windows he saw two men and one hot brunette engaging in what looked to be extraordinary sex. She had one fella’s dick between her tits and the other one was – was that her ass he was fucking? Good Lord, he thought.

Paul was somewhat unsophisticated, but far from stupid. He quickly sized up the situation as non-threatening. His only concern was whether it was consensual sex or not. He knocked on the window with his nightstick. The occupants jumped. James and Dave quickly dressed, while Karen covered herself with a blanket from the back of the van. James opened the window.

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