Lori’s Submission

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“Sergeant Lori Parker?”

I snap forward in my seat. The voice is the first sound I’ve heard while sitting alone in the waiting room.

Fidgeting with a sealed folder in my hands, I look up at the nurse standing over me. She’s an older woman with graying hair and a sour demeanor. I can practically feel her gaze burning holes into my skull – she’s scrutinizing me from the top of from my ear-length black hair, all the way down to my combat boots.

“Yes ma’am,” I respond, not sure what to expect.

“Stand up when you talk to me!” the nurse snaps.

“Y-yes ma’am!” I stutter, leaping out of my chair clumsily, almost dropping the folder.

She snatches the folder out of my hands and glares at me for a moment before speaking again.

“Follow me.”

She leads me out the door into a dark, seemingly endless hallway. The place looks deserted, probably because it’s a Saturday – just makes everything that much creepier. I follow her into another room filled with people. I see some technicians setting up machines around an examination table. I recognize one of them – Samantha cross, a pretty woman in her mid-twenties. I look at her, but she doesn’t look back.

I wonder why Sam didn’t acknowledge me. She’s always been kind to me. Even when we first met – I had been taking some night classes at the state university, and it was some pretty grueling shit. I could barely even keep my eyes open – maybe that’s why one evening I walked straight into Dr. Sam, knocking her papers everywhere . I stooped down on a knee to help her pick them up, begging for her forgiveness. But she said not to worry about it and introduced herself. She always remembered me after that.

Did she have something to do with me being selected for this test today? When I insisted that I be chosen for this assignment instead of that other female soldier in my unit – was Sam the one who backed me up?

An older woman in a lab coat smiles and extends her hand to me.

“Hello Lori, I’m Dr. Manyard,” she says to me. “How are you feeling?”

“Uh, I’m doing okay,” I answer, feeling my nervousness subside a little at her warm greeting.

“Do you know what is happening today?” the doctor asks.

“Yes… I think so,” I nod. I had been briefed before I came here, but still feel confused and uncertain. The nurse hands the doctor my folder.

“We are testing a new interrogation technique that I devised from my research here,” Dr. Manyard explains. “Completely humane, no torture, but 100% effective. I’m hoping that I have found a method for the military to gather information from prisoners without any ethical dilemma or chance of error.”

I nod anxiously.

“Do you remember the pin code you were given?” Dr. Manyard asks.

“Yes ma’am,” I answer.

“Alright, the goal of the interrogation will be to get you to surrender the pin code,” the doctor says. “We have no way of knowing what the correct answer is until the exercise is over and we believe we have the truth.”

I look at her, dread rising up in me.

“If you successfully withhold the code or fool us with a false code, you win,” she continues. “If we get the correct code… we win.”

I gulp.

“Also remember, as I’m sure your commanding officer told you – there is no backing out. You’ve signed the consent forms and the nondisclosure agreement. You have to go through with this up until I say its over.”

Dr. Manyard sees me trembling, and puts her hand on my arm reassuringly.

“Are you nervous?” she asks.

“Yes ma’am,” I stutter.

“Don’t worry, you’re not being graded,” she says. “Just use your training, and act like you would if you were really taken prisoner.”

I remember being offered this assignment. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise, really. I have always been the best soldier and the best squad leader in my platoon – I always knew the others are jealous of me, especially the girls. One of the junior soldiers in my squad, Corporal Tasha Lewis, never could get over the fact that I was put in charge of her. But I am the most squared away female troop out of the whole lot of them, especially Lewis. That dumb bitch got a DUI while on leave – and she has the nerve to complain I got promoted before her?

It all started when I began taking classes at the state college. Normally its pretty hard to take classes and work in the Army, but the company commander, Capt. Williams, gave me some leeway with my work hours so I would be able to get to class on time. I’m sure that made the others jealous. Lewis always scowled when she had to work late mopping the building while I got to change out of my uniform and go to class.

A few weeks later Lewis let slip that she had been chosen for an assignment as a testee in a new interrogation program. She said it was similar to the Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape (SERE) course, only even more prestigious, and a guaranteed career move.

I couldn’t let her have this victory over me. I decided right there that I would be chosen for this, not her. I went straight to Capt. Williams and told him I Escort Bayan was a much stronger candidate than Lewis – I made extra sure to remind him of her DUI record. He seemed hesitant, but told me Samantha Cross was a representative for the group conducting the interrogation program.

I found Sam at school and asked her about the program. She told me that the doctor was gunning for a contract for the military, and needed volunteers – dedicated volunteers. Of course I was interested, and Sam promised she would mention me to her boss, and suggest to Capt. Williams that Lewis be replaced with me.

Just a few days later the captain called me into his office and told me I had been accepted.

Capt. Williams had warned me that once I had been chosen, there was no turning back. My participation to the end of the program was absolutely mandatory, and if I tried to get out I would face disciplinary action. He asked me to rethink the wisdom of volunteering.

Despite the warning, I remember how confidence I was when I volunteered. I remember how bold and brave I knew I was going to be when I went into this.

The best part of getting this assignment was seeing Lewis turn red with frustration when she found out I replaced her. God, that was such a glorious moment!

I feel better now, and ready for the challenge ahead of me. Whatever they throw at me, I can handle it!

“Now, are you ready to begin?” Dr. Manyard asks.

“Yes ma’am,” I answer.

“Good,” she says. “You have been captured, and are unable to escape or fight back. All you can do is stand firm and not crack under our procedure.”

The door opens and several more people walk in. My heart skips a beat – they’re soldiers – my commanding officer Capt. Williams, a gray haired full-bird colonel I don’t recognize… behind him, a dark-skinned girl with piercing eyes walks in.

It’s Lewis!

Got to keep my cool… I wasn’t expecting them to be watching me, but that doesn’t change anything. Though I cannot for the life of me understand why that bitch Lewis has to be here too – I was chosen for this! Not her!

The nurse approaches me, I step back reflexively – I can’t help but be scared of her.

“The test begins… now!” Dr. Manyard says.

A timer perched on the counter beeps as the doctor activates it, and walks back towards her equipment. Out of the corner of my eye I see two of the technicians setting up a camera on a tripod.

The shit is about to hit the fan, so to speak. I’m ready for it.

“Approach the table!” the nurse commands me.

Two male technicians come up behind me, but its not them I’m afraid of. I timidly step toward the nurse, stopping about a foot from the metal examination table. I shudder – it looks so cold and clinical.


Its okay, I knew they would probably do embarrassing stuff to me. At least they’re not sugar-coating things. God knows terrorists aren’t polite and sensitive to their captives!

I unzip my uniform jacket and neatly fold it.

Suddenly the nurse bats the jacket out of my hands and grabs me by the hair.

“Hurry the fuck up and strip!” she snarls in my face.

My eyes widen with fear and I hastily tear off my boots and trousers, tossing them to the floor in a disorderly pile. I’m in my underwear and t-shirt now. I look up at the nurse hopefully. She’s still glaring at me – she wants me to keep undressing? I glance at Sam too, she’s watching, but doesn’t say anything.

The soldiers are unmoved too, but Lewis has a smug grin on her face. Fuck that bitch. It should be her being forced to strip, not me. No, I can’t think like that. I have to keep my eyes on the finish line. Once I have this test under my belt, I’ll be on top of the world.

Okay… I take a deep breath and take off my shirt.

All I have left is my panties and sports bra. I look up at the nurse again, praying that’s all she wants.

“Naked, bitch!”

Ah fuck.

I hesitate. When I volunteered for this I didn’t think there would be nudity involved.

Thwack! My cheek smarts when the nurse slaps me across the face.

She takes me by my hair again and pulls me close. I can’t hide the pure fear in my eyes as she hisses at me.

“Look cunt, you have a choice. You can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Your call.”

She pushes me away. I desperately want someone to intervene, but no one does. I guess its all part of the test.

Like Capt. Williams had warned me, there’s no turning back. Shit.

Terrified, I pull the sports bra over my head. My small pink nipples immediately perk up as the cool air hits them. Trying my best to block out all of the watching people, I slide my panties down to my ankles, and throw them into the clothing pile. Thank God I shaved yesterday, at least my pubic hair is neatly trimmed into a neat little strip. But I definitely wasn’t planning on anyone seeing it!

“Hands up,” the nurse barks at me.

I obey, placing my hands behind my head. God, my nipples are rock hard – I’m not sure if its because it’s cold in here or I’m just scared. I shake as the nurse puts her cold hand on my chest and rips away my dog tags. We make eye contact for a moment – I try my best to hide how afraid I am of her, but I quickly turn my gaze back down on the floor.

I shiver as the nurse puts her cold gloved hand on my chest and rips away my dog tags. I’m stark naked, all I have left is my belly button ring. Lewis looks at it and smirks. Piercings like that are generally frowned upon in the military, but who was going to see it? But now, it is the last shred of my identity that hasn’t been torn away from me.

“We’re going to talk about that piercing later,” Capt. Williams says sternly.

“Y-yes sir,” I mumble, blushing with embarrassment.

Sam touches my shoulder with a quick look of sympathy.

“Sam…” I whisper.

“Shut up,” she says, turning me around.

I fight back tears as Sam zip-ties my wrists behind my back. I feel more vulnerable than ever. Sam forces me to sit down on the table. She circles around behind me and grabs my arms, pinning me in place.

The nurse brings over a handful of red pills and a cup of water. She sets the water down on the table.

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue,” she says.

As I open up the nurse grabs me by the cheeks and places the pills on my tongue.

“Put your tongue in but keep your mouth open.”

She puts the cup to my lips.

“Drink and swallow.”

I feel the large pills go down my throat as I gulp down the water.

“What are those?” Capt. Williams asks.

“A powerful aphrodisiac,” Dr. Manyard answers. “You should start noticing a change in a few minutes.

An aphrodisiac? What the hell? What are they going to do to me? I’m starting to get really scared now.

“Now relax,” Dr. Manyard says, approaching me with a stethoscope.

My mind keeps going back to the pills. Is there really such a thing?

“Breathe in,” the doctor commands. “Now out.”

I comply, too scared by now to even think of being uncooperative. Dr. Manyard listens to my breathing intently, moving the stethoscope to various places on my chest and stomach.

My breaths are getting ragged. Maybe I’m just nervous, but also… a bit excited too.There’s a building tension in my core. What is that? Is it the pills taking effect?

Satisfied, she puts the tool down and starts prodding me with her gloved hands. I keep my head up and my shoulders back, looking at her defiantly. But on the inside, I’m getting agitated. What the hell is happening to me?

I tremble as Dr. Manyard examines my breasts, gently cupping and prodding them, making the tension in me flare up even more. There’s warm moistness building between my closed thighs.

Jesus, is this turning me on a little?

She tweaks my nipples. I don’t make a sound but the doctor catches the fleeting pleasure in my face.

“The prisoner is responsive to nipple stimulation,” she says.

Nipple stimulation? What the hell does that have to do with anything? To my relief she moves on from my breasts, but a tiny piece of me wishes she didn’t stop. I shouldn’t be enjoying this, but I am.

Dr. Manyard dips her finger into my belly button and examines my piercing. I sputter a little – it tickles! She looks at me strangely for a moment, then lightly runs her hands down my ribs. I squirm, trying to hold back the giggles. Her eyes furrough and she tickles my tummy with her fingertips. I squeal and try to pull away, but the nurse grips my arms tighter.

“The prisoner is ticklish,” she says.

That was embarrassing. I feel like a school girl.

Dr. Manyard opens my legs and starts poking and prodding my lower stomach. As she moves down, her touch gets lighter and gentler. Her fingertips graze over my small patch of pubic hair, sending a tingle up my spine.

I sneak a glance at the other people in the room. Their expressions are blank… except for Lewis of course, who looks like she’s having the time of her life.

No one thinks this is strange?

As the doctor’s strokes get softer my breathing gets heavier. Each time her fingertips graze my skin I feel the moist tension rising up between my legs.

I can’t believe it. Is this really turning me on? No… I’m just getting flustered. That must be it.

Without warning Dr. Manyard’s hand brushes over my pussy. – I barely keep my composure as spasms of arousal shoot into me.

“Mmmmmfff!” I stifle a gasp.

“The prisoner experiences moderate sexual pleasure to vaginal stimulation and is vocalizing” the doctor says.

I flush with embarrassment. Really? She thinks I’m enjoying this? This is fucking bullshit! But what if I am enjoying it a little? No, no, it can’t be. Okay just breathe. I just need to pull myself together.

Dr. Manyard puts her stethoscope back on my chest.

“Ms. Cross, continue to stimulate the prisoner while I monitor her,” she says to Sam.

My hair stands up on end as I feel Sam’s breath on my neck. She reaches around and cups one of my breasts, tracing ever-tightening circles around my nipples. I feel Sam’s gloved fingers glide up in between my pussy lips, further inflaming my building desire. She finds my clit and starts gently massaging it, sending ripples of ecstasy down my body. I try my best to resist, but I can’t take it anymore.

“Oh… Oh God… Oh fuck! Oooooohhh…” I moan.

Dr. Manyard keeps measuring my breathing with the stethoscope as Sam slides her fingers into my soaked pussy lips.

“Doctor, look at this,” Sam says.

Dr. Manyard leans over and gently opens my drenched lips.

“Oh God… oh…” I gasp.

“Hmm, I figured as much,” Dr. Manyard says.

“I think she is getting excited too quickly,” Sam says, putting her hands back on my arms.

“I agree,” the doctor replies. “I am going to induce an orgasm.”

What? I can’t even believe my ears. She can’t be seriously.

Dr. Manyard reaches between my legs and vigorously strokes my clit. Spikes of pleasure shoot up my stomach. I try to stay composed, but I quickly melt into Sam’s arms, moaning uncontrollably. I look into the doctor’s eyes, but she is showing no emotion whatsoever. She just waits for my body to surrender to her, and and strokes my clit even faster.

As I get close to the edge, I beg for mercy.

“Oh… please… ma’am, please!” I gasp. “Please don’t… Oh, Oohh!… please… ooohhhh!… I beg you…

The doctor ignores my pleas and keeps massaging my pussy. I hear my moans get louder with each stroke. I realize I’m about to come any second. I try to break free but Sam tightens her grip. I’m completely helpless, all I can do is look into Dr. Manyard’s eyes as she forces me over the edge.

“Oh! Oh! O-oh! Ooooooh! Oh God! God!, Oh God Oh God Oh God! Oh Goooooooood…”

My orgasm washes over me like a tidal wave.

Sam tenderly lays me down on the table. As the overwhelming pleasure subsides… I feel shame. The most terrible, horrible shame of my life.

I spent days mentally preparing myself for this – out of all the problems I imagined I never thought getting horny would be one of them! Out of all of my training about combat, and the possibility of falling into enemy hands, I was taught I might be beaten, tortured, or even raped… but never, ever, did I think I would be forced to have an orgasm!

Dr. Manyard turns to the colonel.

“I just induced an orgasm on the prisoner,” she says. “Now she will be relaxed enough for us to start the interrogation procedure.”

It’s strange and awful hearing these people talking about me like a lab rat, a test subject, a specimen. A sexual object. But at the same time, strangely exciting.

“That was a little easy, wasn’t it?” Lewis snickers.

“Well, I have a lot of experience with this,” Dr. Manyard says. “But its true, she is very easy to sexually stimulate, even if we hadn’t given her the aphrodisiac.”

My cheeks turn crimson red.

“It really depends on the sexual experience of the prisoner. In this case, she is a virgin.”

Everyone goes silent. I’m astonished. How could she possibly figure that out?

“How… how do you know?” Capt. Williams finally asks.

“The prisoner has an intact hymen,” Dr. Manyard replies. “This is probably the first sexual experience she’s ever had.”

“I… I had no idea!” Capt William stammers.

“No worries,” the doctor says. “We can still complete the procedure.”

Capt. Williams is lost for words.

“It’s not a big deal,” the doctor assures him. “This won’t affect the test, not at all. We’ve learned she is a virgin who is easy to sexually stimulate, and is very ticklish.”

“Ma’am…” I whimper, sitting myself up as best I can with my hands still tied.

“Yes, what is it?” Dr. Manyard asks.

“I… I… I need to pee,” I say.

“Excellent,” she replies. “We need a urine sample from you anyways.”

I’ve had to take urine tests in the past, I hate them. I have to go to the bathroom and pee in a cup. Great. But it can’t be as humiliating as what just happened to me.

The nurse opens a cabinet and pulls out a disposable urine collector. Its a funny-looking plastic jar with a handle and a long neck ending with a wide mouth. She places it on the table beside me.

“Sit up on the edge of the table and spread your legs,” the nurse orders me.

My heart jumps up into my throat. I’m going to have to do it here? In front of everyone?

Sam grabs me again.

“Oh God…” I sob, sniffling back tears.

“Shhh, its okay, just do it quick, and it’ll be over,” Sam whispers in my ear.

“Remember to wipe away her orgasm fluid so it doesn’t contaminate the urine sample,” Dr. Manyard says.

I meekly open my legs for the nurse. She seizes me by the throat and pushes my head back. I feel her wiping away my cum with a cotton swab. She places the mouth of the jar up against my pussy.

Everyone is watching me! I can’t pee like this!

“Come on, bitch!” the nurse growls, tightening her grip around my throat.

I finally relax enough to let it out. My pee dribbles down the mouth of the jar, pooling at the bottom. It only takes a few seconds, but feels like an eternity.

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