I was 18 years old and had just recently graduated high school. I had already been accepted and given a full scholarship to a college that was within driving distance from home. After much discussion between my mother and me, I decided to remain at home and just commute to college. Mom had been particularly happy to keep me at home, though she had discussed with me the benefits of college life if I had lived in a dorm. She never tried to stack the deck against me living on campus but had just discussed the pros and cons of either option. I could tell she wanted me to stay home but was leaving the decision up to me. When I had finally decided to remain at home, mom had beamed at me and seemed particularly determined to keep me happy with the idea.

I am 6′ 175lbs, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Running track and swimming had toned my body into the practically iconic swimmer’s physique. Mom is 38 years old and had kept in shape as best she could as a single mother. She had received a rather substantial hush-money payment from my father just before was born. My birth was the result of a year-long love affair that had ended with my mom becoming pregnant and my father coming clean that he was married and had children. Apparently mom had been crushed by the news and had been completely unaware of my dad’s double life. My mom had the good sense to see through my cheating father’s promises and had insisted on a completely airtight child support agreement in exchange for the NDA that my father was demanding. The result has been that my mother and I were financially secure. My mom had in fact impressed her lawyer so much, that she had been offered a job at the law firm which had allowed mom to earn enough money that she was able to save all of the child support money.

I had never been interested in meeting my dad and after hearing about how he had treated my mom, I certainly felt no family bonds with the man. Throughout my life, I had taken it upon myself to never insinuate or hint at wanting to meet the man and had made it a point of never referring to him at all. Mom and I had always had a close relationship and were very protective of each other. I have never seen her dating anyone and certainly never heard her talking about wanting to date. I had thought that she just felt uncomfortable discussing the topic with me or bringing a date home with her, due to our mutual feelings of disgust for my father. I had begun to feel bad for my mom always being alone and had wondered if she was lonely. In respect to her, I never brought a girl home and made it a point to never discuss relationships with her. I just figured we were both private people who preferred to keep our romantic lives separate from our home lives in respect to each other’s feelings.

It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I found out that mom hadn’t dated at all or had a romantic partner since my dad. She had admitted that she had thrown all of her attention and energy into raising me and keeping her job. By the time I was old enough and she had realized that she could begin dating again, she couldn’t make herself want to date anyone. Hearing mom admit to being celibate, I tried to suggest that she should date and not spend her life alone. Mom had simply smiled and shrugged, saying that she had a successful career and a loving son and was perfectly content with her life.

I had felt both happy and ashamed that mom was willing to sacrifice her own happiness just to raise me. I had made it a point of always helping out when I could and had become even more independent than I had been. I went out of my way to help mom in any way I could. By the end of my senior year of high school, mom and I were practically joined at the hip. We had always been very affectionate towards each other, but never in any taboo sense. It wasn’t until my mom blushed fiercely at my comment about staying with her in our home rather than moving out for college that I came to realize that I wanted my mother sexually.

Mom was very attractive. She had blonde hair and blue eyes like me. Her figure was perfect in my opinion, with DD breasts and a large ass that swayed erotically when she walked. She had the perfect smile that showed off her cute dimples and I made it a point to make her smile as much as possible. She seemed happiest when we would cuddle on the couch and would melt into my body as I would wrap my arms around her and hold her close.

With my active running and swimming schedule and her long hours at work, we had both come to enjoy giving and receiving massages from each other. We had actually purchased massage oils and had perfected our techniques on each other. Whoever was receiving the massage would be naked and laying on a towel on mom’s bed, with another towel covering their ass. During one such massage, I had observed mom spread her legs as she lay on her stomach, giving me an obvious view of her shaved pussy and puckered asshole. Without touching either of her delectable-looking otele gelen gaziantep escort holes, I had still massaged her inner thighs and ass cheeks, earning soft moans of pleasure from mom. I could clearly see pussy juices collecting on mom’s pussy lips and desperately wanted to drop my head and sample her on my tongue.

Not knowing if her arousal was simply due to the oil massage or if my mother wanted me sexually like I wanted her, I began to tease her pussy and asshole by massaging all around them but never actually touching either hole. Mom continued to moan softly and even spread her legs further. Fighting my urge to kiss and lick her holes, I continued to tease all around them until I watched a drop of pussy juice drip from mom’s pussy. Acting fast, I quickly caught the drop with my finger before it could touch the towel underneath her. Smiling deviously, I licked the drop off my finger and moaned quietly as I tasted mom’s juice.

After that, I told mom that I was finished with her back and instructed her to turn over. Mom turned over onto her back as I laid another towel over let luscious breasts, but not before I observed how hard her nipples were. As I continued to massage her body, I began massaging the undersides of her breasts, causing more moans from mom and causing her to squirm under my touch. Wanting to give my mother an escape route if she was in any way uncomfortable, I asked, “Is this ok, mom?”

Mom nodded her head and whispered out, “Yes, honey. It feels amazing. Please don’t stop.”

Smiling at mom’s pleas, I returned my attention to her and began massaging all of her luscious DD breasts. Mom moaned softly and continued to squirm her lower body so much that the towel covering her pussy slid off her body. Neither of us indicated that we noticed and mom continued to move her lower body sensually as she spread her legs more. Taking a chance, I grazed my thumbs over her rock-hard nipples causing mom to moan loudly and her hips to jerk upward. I continued to grope her large breasts as I teased her nipples making mom continue to erotically roll her hips and moan in pleasure.

Feeling more adventurous, I slid one hand down her body and slowly groped her ass cheek. Mom moaned and seemed to grind her ass into my hand as I squeezed her ass cheek. Going further, I began placing tender kisses along her stomach and up her naked breast. Mom gasped in pleasure as I latched my lips around her rock-hard nipple and began to suck and flick my tongue over the hard nub. I felt her hand trail through my hair as she held my face to her breast. Taking this as a clear sign to keep going, I continued to suck her nipple as I massaged her other breast and nipple with my other hand. Wanting to up my stimulation, I slowly slid my hand from her ass to her inner thigh. Allowing mom the opportunity to stop me, I slowly massaged and teased her inner thighs. Mom ground her hips into my hand and spread her legs further apart for me.

Taking this as a clear invitation, I began gently trailing my fingers around her pussy. Mom moaned and pressed herself into my touch. I then trailed my fingers between her very wet pussy lips and up to her clit, causing mom to gasp loudly and buck her hips against my fingers. Without penetrating mom’s pussy, I began teasing her pussy lips and rubbing her clit. Mom moaned louder and pulled my head harder against her breast. Smiling around her nipple, I grazed my teeth across her sensitive nub causing mom to moan loudly and grip my hair tightly in her hand.

Deciding to stop playing around, I kissed my way over her breast, up her chest and neck, and captured her lips in a passionate kiss. We both moaned into the kiss and mom tightened her grip on my hair as she pulled my face harder into her. Mom began trailing her hands over my body until she reached my shirt. She then quickly pulled my shirt over my head before pulling my face back to hers to continue our kiss. Mom then forcefully shoved my pants and boxers down and pulled me on top of her. Neither of us were speaking as I kicked off my pants and climbed on top of my naked mother. I eased my hard cock into her wet pussy as mom moaned and wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my sides. I latched my lips back on hers so we could continue to kiss passionately as I began the slow thrusts of my very hard cock into my mother’s wet pussy. Mom and I moaned into the kiss as we clung to each other’s bodies.

Feeling mom begin to grind her hips into my thrusts, I took this as a sign to add more speed and force to my thrusts. As I began fucking mom harder and faster, she moaned louder and clung to me tighter. Neither of us had spoken a word as our passions had us practically in heat for each other. Mom was grinding her pussy harder into my thrusts as my hard cock battered away at her wet pussy. I had one hand on her luscious ass cheek and my other on the back of her head gaziantep otele gelen escort as we continued to kiss passionately. Mom quickly began to moan louder and faster into the kiss as I felt her pussy practically flood with hot juices. Mom’s hands clung to me desperately as she bucked and ground her hips into my thrusts. Breaking the kiss, I trailed kisses to her ear and whispered huskily into her ear, “Cum for me, mom. I want to feel your pussy come unglued around my hard cock when you orgasm.”

Mom moaned louder than ever and shook underneath me as her orgasm crashed over her. She clung to my body and pressed her face into my neck as she gasped for breath. Feeling my mother’s pussy spasming around my hard cock felt amazing but I wanted to hold off on my first orgasm with her. As I slowed my thrusts, mom began kissing her way along my jawline until she captured my lips for a lazy kiss.

Feeling her begin to press herself against my hard cock told me she wanted more, so I rolled us over until she was on top. I then trailed my hands from her ass cheeks to her breasts as she sat up on my hard cock and moaned at the depth I reached inside her pussy. She began to move her hips to work my hard cock inside her. Mom moaned and sighed at the stimulation my hard Vick was giving her pussy and my hands were giving her breasts.

Smiling as I looked up at her blissful face and closed eyes, I lifted my head and captured a nipple between my lips to suck. Mom sighed again as she felt my gentle suction and tongue flicking over her nipple. She braced her hands on my chest and began working her wet pussy up and down my hard cock as she moaned in pleasure. I trailed my hands back down to her ass cheeks and began kneading them in my hands. Mom was quickly working us both toward orgasm as she continued to moan in pleasure.

Her moans took on a desperate tone as her need to orgasm increased. I moaned around her nipple as I felt my lust increase. I then moved my mouth to her other nipple and continued to suck. Mom was working herself into a frenzy as she smashed her pussy on my hard cock. Her moans were faster and growing in volume as her orgasm built. Knowing we would both orgasm soon, I began to graze my teeth over her nipple again.

Mom’s reaction was monumental as she slammed her pussy down hard onto my cock and cried out in orgasm. Feeling her pussy trembling around my hard cock again sent me over the edge and I let her nipple fall from my mouth as I moaned in pleasure. My hard cock swelled and then burst as I unloaded a flood of hot cum deep inside mom’s pussy. Mom moaned in pleasure as she felt my cum spraying into her pussy.

Mom then collapsed onto my chest and snuggled against me as she sighed contentedly. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close as she relaxed in my arms. I felt her whole body relax on top of me as she began to succumb to her exhaustion. I smiled as I remembered that this was the first time she had sex in years and wasn’t used to two orgasms so close together. I smirked as I thought that I would enjoy working on her stamina.

The next morning, mom woke up first and quickly disentangled herself from me before crawling out of bed and practically running into her bathroom. Fearing that she now regretted last night’s frivolity, I left the room and went to my bathroom. Deciding to give her some space, I went through my morning routine and joined her in the kitchen for breakfast. Mom refused to look at me for a long time and seemed overly embarrassed at last night’s fun.

I let her keep to herself for several hours, though I tried to begin several conversations as she kept her remarks to the bare minimum. Finally deciding to end this situation, I walked up to her and hugged her body to me. Mom at first began to melt into my embrace, but soon tried to push me away. Holding her close, I asked, “Mom, talk to me. What’s wrong?”

Mom shook her head as she whispered, “Last night shouldn’t have happened. I was just too needy and worked up. I’m sorry, honey. I shouldn’t have put you in that position. It was wrong of me to do that to you.”

I shook my head as I continued to hold her to me as I rubbed her back soothingly. Mom seemed to relax a little as I tried explaining that we hadn’t done anything wrong and that we were consenting adults. I told her that we had both enjoyed ourselves and neither of us had anything to feel sorry for. But mom shook her head as she looked up at me with tears in her eyes as she said, “But it’s incest.”

I held her tightly as I asked sternly, “If you can look me in the eyes and tell me you didn’t enjoy it, I will drop the subject and never speak of it again.”

Mom shook her head and refused to meet my eyes. She again tried to pull away, but I held her firmly in my arms as I said, “I’m not letting this go, mom. You enjoyed yourself and orgasmed twice. You needed this and I was happy to give it gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan to you. I enjoyed myself too. I’d be happy to prove how much I enjoyed myself again, right now, mom.”

Mom squeaked as she caught my meaning and tried to pull away again, but I still refused to let her go as I backed her against the wall and began trailing kisses down her neck as I whispered huskily, “If you want me to stop, just say so, mom. Tell me to stop. Tell me you don’t want this.”

Mom was unable to speak as I continued to kiss her neck. She moaned in pleasure as she began to grip my arms. I slid my hands down to grope her ass cheeks as I whispered into her ear, “You orgasmed twice on my hard cock last night, mom. Why didn’t you tell me to stop? You wanted me as much as I wanted you. You needed me and I was more than happy to give you what you needed. I’m still happy to give you what you need.”

Mom moaned softly at my words, the feeling of my hands groping her ass cheeks, and my body pressed against hers. She looked up at me with wide and needful eyes, as I continued, “I took it easy on you last night, mom. I was still hard when you fell asleep with my cock inside you. I could have kept going. Can you imagine how many times you would have orgasmed if I had kept going?”

Mom let out a needy whine as she gripped my arms tighter and pressed herself into me. I smiled down at her as I took her hand and guided it to my hard cock, as I said, “I’m rock hard for you, mom. Can you feel that? Can you imagine how amazing it would feel to have my hard cock slide into your pussy? I bet your pussy is soaking wet right now. Maybe I should check….”

I slid one hand down into her panties and trailed my fingers tenderly between her pussy lips, causing mom to moan and grind her pussy against my fingers. I smiled as I teased her pussy and said, “You’re soaking wet, mom. Are you this wet for me, your only son? Do you want me to stop, mom? But I can feel how wet your pussy is, mom. And I know what you really want.”

With that, I dropped to my knees and trailed my hands down mom’s body until I reached her pants. Gripping the top of her pants, I looked up and asked, “Do you want me to stop, mom?”

Mom shook her head no as I kept eye contact with her and began to pull her pants and panties down. I pulled her pants down to her ankles and she quickly stepped out of them as I trailed my hands back up her thighs. Keeping eye contact, I placed a gentle kiss on her shaved pubic bone making mom gasp. I smiled up at her as I smelled her arousal and said, “I’m going to make you orgasm now, mom. If you want me to stop, say so now.”

Mom remained silent as I trailed my tongue from her clit to between her very wet pussy lips. Mom threw her head back, grabbed the back of my head, and moaned in pleasure. I began trailing my tongue up and down between her wet folds as she continued to moan in pleasure. I moaned as I sucked each pussy lip into my mouth and enjoyed her juices. Looking up at mom’s heaving chest as she continued to hold her head back, I smiled as I let my tongue begin to probe her pussy.

Mom immediately bucked her hips as my tongue entered her pussy. I watched as she brought her head down to stare into my eyes with an overwhelmed smile. I began swiping my tongue deep into her pussy as I gauged her reactions. Mom bit her lower lip as she moaned in desire and ground her pussy against my face. I smiled against her pussy as I gripped her ass cheeks to hold her in place. I started to tongue fuck her wet pussy and aimed as deeply as I could making mom moan deeply.

I noticed my nose was pressed firmly against mom’s clit, so I started to give her more stimulation by rubbing and circling her clit with my nose as I continued to tongue fuck her pussy. Mom’s mouth dropped open and her lips trembled as she let out a long-winded moan of pleasure. She began nodding her head as if begging me to continue as I focused on bringing her to orgasm. Mom stopped grinding her pussy against my face as she began to press her back against the wall for support. I smiled as I watched her legs begin to shake as her chest heaved.

Looking up, I watched her eyes slide shut as she continued to moan in pleasure. My licking tongue was hitting her pussy amazingly well as I continued to stimulate her clit with my nose. Considering her reactions to me going down on her, I wondered how she would react to what else I had planned for her. I smiled against her pussy as I tightened my grip on her ass cheeks. I watched mom’s facial expression with rapt anticipation as I continued to work her pussy and clit. Mom was moaning louder and her grip on my head tightened as I felt her pussy tremble around my tongue.

Mom’s face then scrunched up and she held her eyes tightly shut as her moans grew louder. With a final cry of ecstasy, mom bucked her hips against my face as her orgasm crashed over her. I continued to lick deep into her pussy as I licked out all of her delicious juices. Mom rode out her orgasm against my face and seemed to come down with a satisfied sigh.

Smiling up at her I slowly withdrew my tongue from her pussy and smiled up at her, as I asked, “Does incest still feel wrong, mom? Would you like me to stop making you orgasm? I enjoyed making you cum on my tongue. You have a very tasty pussy. Maybe I should lick you more often. You certainly seem more relaxed now.”

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