They let go of each other and sat up, finding their shirts and quickly going into the house and taking them off again on the way to the bathroom, snickering as they hung them on the top corner of the door, and got into the tub, looking at each other, and then they both raised their eyebrows questioningly. His sister said softly:

“Yeah, I want to, … want you to: ‘all over’.”

When Martha nodded slightly, she dropped to her knees, waiting expectantly, staring at Martha’s pussy, snorting as she saw her stream start and splash on her thighs. She glanced up at Martha and then back at her stream and leaned forward, holding her thighs, and put her face in it and then turned her mouth up to catch it, moving closer to its source as it started to die down, finally kissing Martha’s hair, who snorted and murmured:

“You’re just as raunchy as I am,” and sank down as his sister stood up, looking down at her with a nod and smile, and then closed her eyes for a moment as she spread her knees slightly, and then watched Martha do what she had done, smiling slightly with a snort, that moved her stream for a moment. And then Martha was kissing her, holding her hips, and then pressing down on them as she stood up again, snorting, herself, as she looked at her with a wry smile, and then turned and started adjusting the water as she snorted again and asked:

“Why do we want to do that, … like to do that?”

“I don’t know, but we do,” she replied as she closed the shower curtain.

Martha nodded and turned on the shower. And then were quickly washing each other again, snickering as they washed each other’s pussy – more than just washing them. And then they were drying themselves, looking at each other, in each other’s eyes, and at each other’s aroused breasts, smiling slightly, and then going to his bedroom without brushing their hair.

His sister let Martha precede her to the bed, watching her lie down and turn to her, waiting. They smiled at each other, and then she knelt down at the side of the bed and leaned over and found Martha’s breast with her mouth, sucking and licking her aroused nipple as she held her other breast, and Martha moved closer, holding her head to her with a sigh and murmured:

“You can’t do that to him. Well, … it’s a lot better, doing it to you.”

She nodded and then released her breast and replied as she moved towards Martha’s face:

“And to you,” and then they kissed, now better than before on the deck as she squeezed Martha’s breast, and Martha’s hand found hers as their tongues eagerly moved on each other. Martha’s other hand found his sister’s hand on her breast, holding it for a moment, and then sliding it down to her pussy, and she nodded as her fingers quickly slipped down between Martha’s thighs, that opened as her hips rolled up, letting her fingers slip between her lips and arouse her.

“Un-unnn!” Martha responded as her pelvis rocked up again as his sister sucked and caressed her tongue. Martha’s hand encouraged hers, and her other hand slid down from her breast and found her pussy, her finger sliding under the curve of her pussy and then holding it and pressing up, urging her to rise. She nodded slightly and did, their mouths separating as she followed the urging of the hand on her pussy, moving down over Martha, letting her hand guide her hips up towards Martha’s head as hers moved down Martha’s body as she raised a knee onto the bed and let Martha help support her as she drew her other one up, and Martha guided her hips over her head, her leg moving over her as her head moved down towards Martha’s now spread thighs, and her hand left her pussy as her mouth found Martha’s hair. Her hand slid around Martha’s hip as she rolled over her with her head on her thigh as her hand urged Martha to roll towards her, and she did, as each of them drew her thigh up under the other’s head, raising her other thigh, as they drew each other’s hips to them and buried their faces deep between the other’s thighs.

It was like before, in the morning, but even more direct this time as their fingers found their assholes and their tongues, their clitorises. But after this first intensive impulse, their tongues explored further, and when they both explored past the other’s opening, they both curled their hips up, and their tongues explored further, immediately replacing their fingers and moving on each other as they moaned and responded, and relaxed and let each other probe and then tightened with the same reflex, relaxing again as their tongues wanted to probe again, and then their hips rocked back, and their tongues slid back and found their other hole as their fingers returned to probe, and their tongues and fingers were probing, now deeper.

They let them, and then like in the morning, their tongues were moving, finding a common rhythm. Both of them chuckled slightly with a nod as they continued, not upsetting the pattern they had found, their tongues now moving in perfect unison, continuing on and on as they sighed and moaned softly, one and the other varying the pattern slightly, but then returning to it, and bursa escort their fingers were also moving gently in unison, and their moans became more aroused, but they still continued, not letting their arousal upset the controlled rhythm that their tongues were following.

Their thighs began to quiver, and their moans became sharper, but they still continued, even as they started to come, their faces all wet from each other as they continued, spurting with desperate sounding moans, that then subsided for a moment, but then resumed, sounding even more desperate as their thighs twitched and quivered as they continued and spurted again, their controlled pattern now lost as they buried their noses in each other’s wet cunt and sucked and nibbled and licked each other’s aroused clitoris with whimpering moans and quick gasps as their bodies jerked and their thighs clutched and quivered on each other’s head.

Finally, they relaxed, their bodies limp, just extending their upper thighs as they lay gasping with long moans. Slowly their breathing returned to normal, but they still lay there in silence for a minute two longer.

Martha slid her hand up from her hip and found her breast, and she did the same, their nipples all soft in each other’s palm. Then Martha removed her hand from her and found hers and drew it up to her face, and then murmured:

“I want to,” and with her eyes closed drew his sister’s finger to her mouth.

“You do?!” she asked softly, and Martha nodded.

“Did you do it with him?” she asked again, and Martha nodded again and slipped her finger into her mouth.

“Oh, …” and then she took Martha’s hand and drew it towards her, her eyes still closed as she drew towards her mouth and put her finger in it, and then murmuring again:

“Oh, … you did, … we did. We are raunchy.”

And then she put Martha’s hand back on her breast and found Martha’s again with hers. For a moment they fondled each other without arousing their nipples, and then his sister murmured:

“God, that was good! God, we do that good!!” Martha nodded and squeezed her breast as she continued:

“I was just wanting to do it to you, … like you did, but thank you, that you did. It was just so good!”

Martha nodded again and replied:

“I wanted to, again. Before was just for you, … like I said, … Hm-mmm! … an extra one, for you, … thank you! But I wanted to, … to do it again. … We both know how good that is, too.”

“It sure was! Even better than this morning. We really know how to do it good, together. That’s wonderful, knowing, feeling exactly what it was like, what I was doing, … just too good that way to stop.”

Martha nodded and agreed:

“Um-hmm, I didn’t want to either, wanted us to just keep on like that, it was so good, together, like that.”

“He can’t do that, … it can’t be like that with him. And we sure did! I didn’t think I would have come like that, … just doing that, but it was so arousing, trying to control it, trying not to give in to the urge to just try to make you come, thinking you were wanting to as much as I was, but then we did, and so good!”

“Um-hmm, … just like that, … that’s the way I was feeling, too, a little afraid that you would … give in to the urge. But you didn’t, … we didn’t.”

His sister nodded in response, and Martha continued after a moment:

“Yes, … raunchy. We don’t have to do that again, … but I just wanted to. … Funny? … But if I did, …?”

“Maybe … we’ll want to again?”

“Something like that …”

“Hm-hmm! … What did our mothers say?”

They both snickered and turned their faces down and looked at each other, smirking. Then they sat up, feeling how wet the bed was, and smirking again as his sister asked:

“Do you think he’ll be able to tell that we’ve been here, … smell us?”

“I don’t know, at least, if he can, I hope no one else can.”

They smirked again, and then Martha said:

“I think we deserve another beer now. We haven’t just been good, we’ve been better …”

” ‘Cause we’ve been so bad, … so good and bad.”

“Yeah, as you say, real good and bad, … and that much better. Oh, it was better!”

“It sure was! Who wants to be just good, when she knows how to be better?”

By now they had gotten up, and grinned at each other as they went to the kitchen, silently washing their hands together. They dried their hands and got two beers from the refrigerator and went to the living room.

“Books or puzzle?” his sister asked.

“Puzzle. I think I’ve had enough sun,” and she snickered and added:

“And Marjorie just did it … too, so I don’t think she’ll mind if I let her cool off.”

They both snickered and sat down at the table, opening their beers and skaaling each other, and then they returned to working on the puzzle. By now, it was beginning to take shape: the edges completed with some areas filled in, and groups of joined pieces waiting for a piece or two to connect them to the edge or another group. They made good progress, bursa escort bayan and by the time they had finished their beers, the picture was well filled in.

They leaned back on their chairs, looking at each other, taking in each other’s nakedness with their eyes, smiling a little as they both snorted slightly, and then again as they saw each other’s nipples stand out.

“What should I make for supper,” Martha asked.

“Something to use the ground meat, like Mother said. Can you really make meatloaf?”

“I did for your brother, using your mother’s ‘Joy of Cooking’. We thought it was pretty good.”

“Oh, that would be nice, and we could have the rest tomorrow, and if there is still some left over, the next day.”

“I’ll try, then.”

They smiled and got up and went to the kitchen. His sister helped Martha find the things she need, and she was pleased to find the package of ground meat was the same amount that she had used the week before. She peeled an onion and told her that she could start mixing the bread crumbs and eggs with the meat, while she chopped the onion, then adding it to bowl, telling her to stop mixing, and added salt and pepper from the pepper mill.

“More,” his sister suggested:

“… I like it spicy. Oh, and Mother adds some spice.”

“Oh, yes, that was in the recipe, too. Where are they?”

“In the cupboard over the stove. Oh, shouldn’t we have been heating up the oven?”

“Oh, yes, I forgot that.”

Martha turned the oven on and then looked at the spices:

“Allspice? Or oregano? I think it was allspice. That sounds like you can use it on anything.”

“Or everything. Try it, … and the oregano, too. I like it. Maybe it will be a little different, but that will be good, too.”

“Um-hmm, me too – like oregano. I don’t think we ever use it in Norway.”

She added the spices, and his sister dug her hands back into the bowl while Martha put away the spices and took the baking dish and started to grease it.

“Is this good enough,” his sister asked, starting to scrape the sticky mass off her hands.

“Um-hmm, looks good, put it in the form, and try to avoid bubbles, and press it down. Oh, you’ve probably seen your mother do it.”

His sister nodded and followed Martha’s instructions and then glanced at her.

“Um-hmm, that looks right. Oh, in the book, it said you could cover it with bacon strips. Do we have any?”

They both looked in the refrigerator and did find a packet of bacon, pleased with their success, and as Martha opened it and put strips on the meatloaf, she remarked:

“That was nice of Mother – you know, Jews and pork – but she knows I like it for breakfast.” “She tries to think kosher, but we really aren’t. That’s a nuisance. You’ve got to have two sets of everything – if you’re strictly orthodox – to avoid using the same stuff – pots and pans and plates – for meat and fish. At least, I think it’s for meat and fish. Oh, I guess we have enough – yeah, two sets of china – But Dad’s not so keen about it, and likes ham. His family isn’t orthodox at all.”

Martha just nodded with a smile and replied:

“A really orthodox family probably wouldn’t have an au pair from Norway, a Christian.”

“I guess not. … Does you family go to church? You know we don’t go to Temple every week.

“We don’t go every week, but more often than most families in Norway, maybe ’cause my mother’s father was a pastor … a minister. Hmm! In Norway, ‘ministers’ are in the government, in the cabinet, you know, like the Secretaries in Washington: … of State, of Defence, of … Justice.”

His sister nodded as Martha continued:

“We’re going to have to wait till the oven gets hot. Oh, …hmm! … two things. … But we – Mother – always says … grace before meals, and the first evening with your brother, no … the next day, Monday, when I had made dinner for us, I suddenly had the urge to do so. It was sort of formal, sitting in the dining room, and with candles, and he held my chair – that was nice – and I just felt like it belonged, like at home.”

“And did you? Or what happened?”

“Oh, I told him, and he thought it nice that I felt that way, and … well, I translated the little children’s grace I know, and he thought it was nice that I had. I like that he had wanted me to. … That was real nice. I really liked him for that. Oh, I already liked him …Hm-mmm! … having slept together – and so good – but that was different, liking him for something else.”

They both snorted and nodded with a smile.

“I like that, that … you really like him. … And the other? You said: ‘two things’?”

Martha snorted and chuckled with a grin and replied:

“That was more about the other way of liking him. We were waiting for the meatloaf to bake, in my bed,” and she snickered:

“… and … well, … I was going to do it to him, … and maybe him to me, but I had started, and wanted it to take a long time and wasn’t hurrying, and then we just sort of fell asleep.”

“Like that?! … You must escort bursa have done it whole lot, if that could happen!”

“Um-hmm, I guess so, but we decided that it was nice that we … that neither of us felt like we had to, that it was just nice to be together, that we could be like that and not have to. Of course, we did later.”

“Hmmm! I can imagine! But … yeah, … I guess that sort of … demonstrated that you like each other not just for …”

“Um-hmm, … ‘not just for … ‘.”

“Yeah. … No, … you should really like him, … but … that can help make you like him, … if he is that good to you.”

” ‘Making love’?” Martha suggested.

“Yeah, we talked about that. You, too? The expression says it.”

“Um-hmm, … pretty well. And you’re right, I guess for you too, … maybe not good, but not bad, if you think like that.”

“Hmm, thanks, I think so. I told him I that it was especially nice that my first time wasn’t with someone who just disappeared from my life.”

Martha nodded and suggested:

“Or you might want to forget, regretting that it happened like it might have.”

“Hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right, if were like that. It wasn’t!”

She smiled, and Martha smiled with a nod, then asking:

“When will the oven be hot?”

“Oh, I think a light goes on, … or goes off? Yeah, when it’s reached the temperature, the light goes off when the thermostat turns it off. Set the timer for ten minutes, and we can check Here, I’ll do it.”

She did, and they returned to the puzzle.

When it rang, they went back to the kitchen, and the light was off, and Martha put the meatloaf in the over and reset the timer, and then suggested that they should prepare the rest of the meal, finding potatoes and a cucumber, and they agreed that they didn’t need a green vegetable if Martha made a cucumber salad. When his sister wanted to peel the potatoes, Martha suggested that they could eat them with the peels, since they were smooth young potatoes, that she just needed to clean them under the tap with the brush. She did so, while Martha sliced the cucumber in a bowl and added a little oil and vinegar and sugar and salt and pepper, and then found dill among the herbs and added that and stirred up the salad, tasting it, and then adding more salt as his sister asked how long the potatoes needed, that she had put in a pan with water.

“I don’t know. Add salt to the water. Let’s wait and started them later.”

They went back to the puzzle for a while, and then Martha said that she would put the potatoes on, and went and did so. When she returned, they continued to work on the puzzle and almost finished it when the timer rang.

His sister set the table while Martha drained the potatoes and got the meatloaf and brought them to the table, and they both went back to the kitchen.

“Beer?” she asked Martha, and when she nodded, got two cans from the refrigerator as Martha took the salad to the table, calling back:

“And glasses,” so she got two and joined Martha.

“Looks good, … and smells good,” she remarked as they sat down and opened and poured their beers.

“Um-hmm,” Martha agreed with a pleased smile and started to cut into the meatloaf while she helped herself to potatoes and salad. Martha served her a slice of the meatloaf and then served herself. They said skaal to each other and ate, both agreeing that the meatloaf had turned out well, and his sister liked Martha’s cucumber salad, saying it was different from anything her mother made, and liked the potatoes in their skin, remarking that at home they were always peeled. They had a second helping and talked about what they wanted to do the next day, deciding that they should go to the beach – “tomorrow” – smirking a little at each other. His sister then smirked again and asked:

“And if we meet some boys? What will we do then?”

“You think we will? I don’t know. … Hmm?! … That depends on them.”

“Oh, just the two of us together, some will talk to us. … But maybe someone I know.”

“Anyone … special?”

“Oh, no, just someone who recognizes me, … from school or the City.”

“We’ll just have to wait and see,” Martha replied and took another bite.

“Um-hmm,” she agreed, and did so, herself, and then they were soon finished.

They cleaned up the kitchen and went back to the puzzle with what was left of their beers and soon completed it – and finished their beers.

The sun was starting to set, and they decided to go out on the deck, having to go back and get their shirts in the bathroom. As they put them on, Martha suggested that they could go down on the beach. She agreed, and Martha said:

“Then we’d better put something on underneath.” She nodded in agreement, and they went to their rooms, returning immediately with their bikini bottoms. Then they went out on the deck and down onto the beach, where there were still quite a few people strolling along at the water’s edge.

They joined them, walking towards the setting sun. Once, Martha waded out in the water and then returned, remarking that she had thought the water would be warmer and telling that in Norway, even though it is so far north, the water seemed less cold, from the Gulf Stream, she explained, and then they just walked along in silence.

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