Marriage Transformation Ch. 04

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Finally the day arrived. Chris graduated from college. He started his job and settled into learning everything he could from the senior partners and just about everyone else. The stress of the new job made him think more about his work than his wife. Elizabeth had plenty of time in the mornings and managed to get herself off with the dildo quite often. They had engaged in very little oral sex and she was wondering if the left over aversion that Chris might have felt to her squirting during her climax might be the reason. For now her frequent squirting was done after a special time with her dildo.

After a few months on the job, Chris was more settled and more approachable. She chanced coming on to him again and he readily accepted. She gave him her best blow job, but did not make him cum. Instead she got him near his climax and then had him penetrate her vagina. He, as usual, did not last much longer. After he came, she kissed and caressed him. She rubbed his body and his limp cock. “It’s time”, she thought.

“Chris, you know we talked about how much we both enjoy oral sex now that we are getting used to married life? Well, I want us to be very respectful of each other. I so appreciate the release I get from my orgasms and I hope that my discharge does not freak you out. It just feels so good and I am so satisfied when you do that for me. Until I talk to my doctor, do you think you can continue to satisfy me orally?”

“Uh, yes, I am sorry about you not being able to cum during sex.”

“Oh, no, Honey, sex includes the beautiful oral part also. Once I learned how to cum with you licking me, I have been so happy and thankful. So could you, you know, do me, now?”

“Elizabeth, I just came in you. I can’t do that now.”

“Oh, I understand, baby. I should not have gotten you so excited. But you know, I swallow your cum and I have kissed you afterward. As a matter of fact, I now enjoy the taste. So, can you just try?”

She was kissing him in between and using every bit of body language she could. She moaned, “Oh please, Chris, I am so hungry to cum. I feel so unfulfilled and wanting. Please, Honey, just try it once. Come on help me cum, please.”

She guided him up and moved his face to her steaming, cum filled pussy. He was still reluctant.

“Oh, yes, Honey, lick me, please.”

Even selfish Chris could not resist her heated anxiety. He finally allowed her to pull his head into position and kiss her swollen red lips. He wanted to stop right then and she figured he probably would.

She squealed immediately from his first kiss. “Oh, oh, oh, o, o, yes, baby. Kiss my sex, o, oooh, please don’t stop. You feel so good.”

Reluctantly he inserted his tongue into her love canal and tasted the combined juices from their lovemaking. Surprisingly, he did not gag. The sensation was not pleasant at first and he felt like a homo tasting his own sperm. But she was right, she had kissed him with cum on her lips before and he could not deny that he was aroused with her sheer desire to cum. He tried to put it out of his mind as he licked her slimy pussy again. Avrupalı porno

“Oh, yes, Chris, you feel so good. Please let me cum. Oh, yes, yes, lick me.”

She took full command of his head and thrust her full pussy into his mouth. She didn’t care if she smothered him. He was going to learn to make her cum one way or the other. If she had to, she would unveil her dildo and do herself in front of him. One thing at a time. She would get to that later.

She made him lick her shuddering clit and she screamed and bucked her hips. The girl cum spewed out all over him.

“Oh, yes, Baby, taste my cum. You are so good.”

He pulled back and she sprayed his face with a forceful thrust. He would have to get used to this. She hoped he would take pride in making her cum so intently. When she stopped squirting, she pulled him up to her face and licked her cum from him.

“Oh, yes, I taste so good, Baby. Almost as good as your cum. Almost. That was wonderful, Chris, you make me so happy. You are such a good lover.”

By now, she knew that couldn’t be further from the truth. She was determined to lead him as far as he would go to satisfy her. If he could survive being squirted on and get used to it, she would accept his lack of size for now. They still had a lot to learn, but they had a long time to learn it. With all that Cindy had helped her so far, she felt empowered to lead Chris to a more selfless form of love making. She was satisfied with this re-start and vowed to keep the pressure on until he learned to do these things by himself. Truthfully, she did not get that much satisfaction of fucking his small cock nor sucking him off for that matter, but they were progressing quite well.

The next step was easy. She began working on Chris about her desire to cum like the women she had read about on the internet. When she went for her regular gynecological physical, she told Chris that she had asked her doctor why she was not able to orgasm vaginally. She didn’t actually mention it to her doctor. But she told Chris that the doctor had said that with some couples it takes time to develop that level of enjoyment. She told him that the doctor mentioned marital aids to her. She claimed that she had investigated this. What she found were vibrators, dildos and such. She said that the doctor told her that couples should select the type of marital aid they wanted to try and then purchase them together. Also, she informed him, the doctor had said that her squirting was indeed a mysterious phenomenon that some women could not achieve no matter how they were stimulated and others could do so almost every orgasm. This too was not something that she even brought up to her doctor.

Chris asked her what they should do.

“Well, Honey, I have found out that there are shops that cater to married couples and advertise quite openly.”

“You mean here?”

“Yes, I looked up several in fact. Can we go look at some of these things? I am so wanting to cum from straight sex. I love how we have mastered oral sex; I just want to see if I squirt from Video porno just penetration. Please, can we go now?”

“I would be embarrassed to go out in public looking for such things.”

“Oh, Chris, we are married. Would you rather I went by myself and took a chance of someone getting the wrong idea?”

“Can’t we just keep on the way we are?”

“Honey, I want to cum like normal women cum.”

Chris was really getting uncomfortable, but Elizabeth started kissing him and rubbing his cock through his trousers. His little cock was getting hard and she kept up the pressure.

“I will give you a treat after you use one of the aids on me.”

He could not resist much longer anyway and reluctantly got up. They headed out the door and Elizabeth pretended to be looking for directions on her phone while they drove. When they entered the boutique, there were indeed two couples shopping. Two more ladies were looking at the big dildos. Chris and Elizabeth browsed until she led him to the realistic ones. She didn’t want the same size she already had, so she moved to the larger ones. She found a brown one about nine inches long and much thicker than her starter dildo.

“Let’s get this one, Honey. It should show real quickly if this is going to work.”

For his part, Chris just wanted to get out of there. He agreed and they started to the check out area. She about fainted when she saw Dan, the young man who had sold her the first dildo she had purchased with Cindy. Dan recognized her, of course, but pretended not to notice. She had Chris carry the dildo up to the register. When Dan was about to ring up the dildo, he mentioned to them that they had a sale on lingerie.

“Chris, can we look while we are here? Please?”

Dan said he would hold their selection while they continued shopping. Elizabeth was especially intrigued by the sexy crotchless panties and convinced Chris that they would be fun for the bedroom. He was getting more comfortable and told her to go ahead. She picked out one very sheer white one and a ruffled bright red one.

Dan checked them out and was very cordial to both of them. He asked Chris if he was a sports fan and rattled out some interesting games coming up. When he gave Chris his change, he winked at him and told him to enjoy the purchases. As usual, he invited them both back to the boutique.

Back at home, Elizabeth could not get into the red crotchless panties quick enough. Soon after, she had Chris’ clothes off and began sucking his cock. She did not want him to cum, so she moaned and slurped until she needed to stop. She begged him to open the brown dildo and fuck her with it. She could hardly wait for him to cut the wrapper. She grabbed it and rushed to the bathroom to wash it off. Her pussy was wet and her beautiful breasts bounced as she rushed back to the bedroom. She handed off the thick cock to Chris, “Please, Honey, do me with this thing and make me cum.”

Chris started pushing the cock into her pussy. She had to stop him and show him how to move it around her pussy lips coating it with her lubrication. She held it herself and let Chris think he was pushing it into her. She moaned with anticipation as she helped him slowly push it in and pull it back. This was just like his real cock humping back and forth. Her hands were guiding, but also caressing his hands. She humped up and down as Chris got the message and joined the rhythm of the thrusts. Deeper and deeper she pushed the thick brown cock. This was even better than her secret dildo. It filled her up more and then eventually pushed deeper into her womb where no man had been. Certainly Chris had never been that far up into her.

She ground her hips and encouraged Chris with her body language. “Oh, yes, Baby. That feels so good. Oh, my, oh, oh o,o,o,o, yes. Do me, Honey. Do me good.”

She kept this up and Chris was responding quite nicely. His little cock was about to burst as his pretty wife was getting more and more vocal. She took the cock completely and guided Chris’ finger to her clit. He knew what she wanted and brushed the engorged button with his finger tips. She bucked and moaned louder. Finally,”Oh, god, oh, oh, oh, don’t stop. I am cumming.”

Her cum spewed out in a high pressure torrent. She locked up like a spring and held the tension as she shot her girl cum all over. The cock was buried all the way into her. She thrashed all over the bed as Chris tried to keep the pressure on her clit while she pushed the dildo yet further into herself. It was fantastic. She shuddered to several mini-climaxes after her big one.

“Oh, Chris, that was so good. I am so happy that I can cum this way. You were wonderful, the way you moved your hands. Come here, Sweetie.”

She sucked his cock deep and bobbed her head until her dumped his cum into her mouth. She swallowed and then move up to kiss him. She did indeed kiss him. She stuck her tongue into his mouth and shared the taste of his cum.

The next morning after Chris had gone to work, she pulled out her new dildo and lubed it up. She pleasured herself for about an hour, cumming several times. She squirted twice until she ran out of girl cum. She wanted to see how many orgasms she could have and how often she squirted.

With Chris working full time, the urgency of her job was somewhat diminished. Cindy had been talking to her about her receptionist job being beneath her.

Cindy told her, “With your looks and experience with the public, you should look further down the road to more meaningful employment. Or, you just might want to be a stay at home wife and have babies. Either way Bill and Maureen know that what they pay a receptionist will not keep anyone around indefinitely. They have gone through many girls and you are the sharpest one of the bunch.”

This got Elizabeth thinking about moving on and moving up. She continued talking to Cindy about her future and finally asked Maureen what she thought about this. Maureen was surprisingly supportive and told her that they would hate to lose her, but that she was indeed cut out for more meaningful things. With that out of the way, Elizabeth began looking into getting into college part time. She hoped to attain an associate degree and enter the job market while she worked on a full degree. She thought that she might even attend full time after Chris got some experience and began making more money.

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