Me N Dee

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This story begins with a woman I met at a new job I had. Her name was Dee. She was of Hispanic descent, dark skin, big brown eyes, almost black hair a little longer than shoulder length. A nice round ass and very large breasts. We seemed to hit it off right away, she was very nice, polite, helpful and also had a very sexy way about her. She was going through a messy divorce, and had not had any kind of relationship with her soon to be ex for some time.

After about six months of working together and developing a very good relationship it was the holiday season, and we were at our company’s holiday party. The party was more of a labor than fun, but after a few cocktails things seemed to loosen up a bit. I could see Dee was having the same “fun” I was, but was also into a few cocktails herself. She was in a black tight sleeveless dress, which looked like it was made for her, and every now and then, it rode up just enough for me to see stocking tops. She looked great to say the least.

The party had wound down and most everyone had left. I asked Dee if she needed a ride home and she gladly accepted. As we walked to my car we talked. As we talked, we flirted as we had come to usually do. We got to my car and just sat for a while and talked some more as we were both enjoying our conversation and our flirting all fueled by the cocktails we had consumed at the party.

Things started getting a bit more cozy than usual and we seemed to be sitting closer and closer and talking lower and lower until our lips finally met. It was like an electrical explosion. She has wonderful full lips that were made for kissing among other things. Our tongues seemed to be dancing the lambada. We continued kissing and caressing for quite some time before we finally broke. We looked at each other with lust and longing which had been building up for the past six months.

I caressed her body over her clothes, her compact shoulders, down the curves of her sides, back up and over her full breasts. I reached down to her calf and let my hand come slowly up her leg. Not sure of her reaction I inched my way up and her reaction became clear by the way she parted her legs. I took this as an open invitation so I kept on up and under her dress, above her stocking tops to her already moist panties. I hooked my finger around the elastic of her panties to find her hot wet pussy. I moved my finger around to get it good and wet.

I eagerly brought my finger to Kadıköy Escort my mouth for my first taste of her juices. It was like heavenly ambrosia and a taste I’d soon be all too familiar with. I brought my hand back down, and teased her outer pussy lips with my fingers. Her moaning and grinding were increasing with every move of my finger. I played with her swollen clit with my thumb while getting my middle finger inside her hot drenched pussy. This seemed to drive her over the top. Dee exploded in orgasm. Wave after wave wracked her body, as she shook uncontrollably. I let her settle a bit before I brought her to her next orgasm. Dee then gave me the uncle single as if to say she’d had enough for now.

As we kissed some more, I felt her hand glide over my cock in my pants. Her initial touch was wonderful, light yet firm. She knew what she was doing and knew how to handle a cock. Dee unzipped my pants and slid her hand inside. At that moment fear came over me as I realized I was wearing panties as I usually did under my work clothes. The moment of truth was upon me. Her reaction blew me away. Rather than getting freaked out or upset, she seemed to go into sexual overdrive, her breathing increased and she seemed to have a small orgasm. She later told me how hot she thought it was and that it really turned her on to have her man dressed in women’s clothing.

She bent down and took my now raging hard on out of my panties and started licking the shaft of my cock from top to bottom. Then she opened her mouth and slowly took my cock down her throat. She was quite good at this I’d have to say. She knew just where to put pressure on my cock with her tongue, right at the little v on the underside of the head, and she knew how to compliment that with just the right amount of increasing suction. Needless to say it did not take long for my to explode into her mouth. She took every last drop of my huge load, milking my cock for more and more till I was completely drained. I was in heaven.

We got ourselves back together and I took her home. A few months past and her divorce was final. As we had grown closer she decided to move closer to me so we could spend more time together. We saw each other every day at work, and spent every weekend together, usually at my place. On one particular weekend Dee had a little surprise for me. We had just cleaned up after an early dinner and she instructed me to follow her into the bedroom. Ataşehir Escort On the bed was laid out a black bra and panty set and a matching chemise, a type of sexy slip.

A pair of thigh high stockings and a pair of black velvet four inch high heels. I was a bit confused till Dee told me to get out of the clothes I was wearing and put the things she had bought me on. I was able to dress myself and Dee helped me fix my hair, which was long to begin with and she did my make up for me. I got up and looked in the mirror…damn I looked hot! Dee had left and reappeared in the same outfit. We looked great together, if we would have went out, I’m sure we would have had heads turning.

We embraced each other and began kissing with uncontrolled passion. The feeling of the silk we were both wearing rubbing against each other was an unbelievable turn on. We caressed each other’s bodies for what seemed like hours. I was hard as hard could be and Dee was dripping pussy juice. Not wanting to waste a good thing, I knelt in front of Dee and slid her panties down and off. I licked her stocking clad legs slowly working my way higher and higher, past her stocking tops to where I could smell her honey. I eased her on her back on the bed.

I started licking her outer pussy lips, up and down slowly, making my tongue broad and flat. I kept this teasing up for a while until I split her pussy with my tongue. I licked her slit from bottom to top, from ass to clit over and over again until she had her first orgasm. I then concentrated on her clit. I pealed all the skin back to expose it so I could begin my assault. I licked from side to side, then up and down and sucking it like a little cock. While doing this I had first one then two fingers inside her pussy. At this point I think she was in the constant state of orgasm. This went on for about thirty minutes and at that point she needed a break.

Dee turned her attentions to my throbbing cock. She slid my panties off and went right to work, licking and sucking. She too licked me from top to bottom, from my ass to the tip of my cock. After a while she began sucking in earnest, using her hand at the base of my cock working it in time with her mouth. Then I felt something at my dark entrance. She was putting a finger in my ass. Wow it felt great having her finger up my ass while getting this expert blow job. She kept bringing me to the point of orgasm but then stopping. Needless to Bostancı Escort say this was driving me nuts.

She suddenly stopped, got up and left the room telling me she’d be right back. I figured she had to pee or something. When she returned my eyes nearly popped out of my head. She had put on a strap on dildo. Dee told me to turn over onto my stomach, which I did in a flash. She had a jar of lube and was putting some on her finger then on my little entrance, while working the lube and her fingers in and out of my ass. She had me slid to the edge of the bed so my ass was still on the bed and my legs were hanging off. Then I felt the head of the large dildo at the entrance of my ass. She first gently eased the head in and stopped for a few minutes, then slowly inched the rest of it in me. With each inch she would rest for a while giving my time to get used to this monster invading my ass.

After it was all the way in or should I say up, and I had time to get used to it, she began backing it out slowly then back in again. I let her know that it was feeling good and I was comfortable and she began to pump a little faster. After about ten minutes of this my moaning got louder and louder. It felt so good to be dressed in these clothes and getting fucked at the same time. Dee took this as a cue and began fucking me hard. She banged me with that strap on dildo for all she was worth and I was loving every second of it. After about a half an hour of this she eased it out as she was a bit tired and rightfully so.

I then got her in the same position on the bed, with her legs hanging off the side and her ass in the air. I positioned my cock at her slit, and began rubbing my cock from top to bottom getting it good and wet with her juices. Then in one push, I shoved my cock all the way into her pussy. She screamed so loud I thought she might have woken the dead. She took it easily as she was so wet and so horny. I pumped her pussy for all I was worth. Dee came almost immediately and seemed to keep cumming over and over again the whole time I fucked her. After about twenty minutes of ravaging her pussy like the mad person that I was I felt my own orgasm building from deep within me. My balls drew up tight. One last thrust and I exploded like I never had before. It felt like a gallon of cum shot out my cock, jet after jet, wave after wave passed through me. During all this Dee was shaking in uncontrollable orgasm.

I finally collapsed and rolled off her. We both got onto the bed and curled up into each others arms still in our pretty lingerie and in a satisfied content state of being. My mind was racing over the events of the night and I began to wonder what other wonderful things Dee had in store for us.

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