I am usually not a traveler. Considering that Marcie went with me to Vegas and to Costa Rica, it was helpful to lean on her again for packing for our trip to Hawaii. As we started to pack, she pulled out her swimsuits again and held them up. It brought up the memory of the way she looked in them on the beach and I smiled. The turquoise one was extremely arousing, considering it was the one she seduced me with the first time we made love. I started to walk towards her as she was folding it and leaned in for a kiss before she noticed.

“Leo!” she responded before kissing me back. “If we don’t get packed, we’re not going to be ready when the Uber picks us up tomorrow.”

I kissed her a bit more before her mouth opened and we started to make out. I paused long enough to smile.

“I promise after kissing you a little more, we’ll concentrate on packing. Meanwhile, I need some Marcie love.”

We started making out a bit more. My hands slipped down her back and I spanked her bottom while we were in the middle of a kiss, earning me the sound of one of her moans.

“Promise?” she asked as she kept kissing.

“I do,” I answered, still kissing.

“You already said that Romeo,” she responded Porno with a bit of a laugh in her voice.

We were kissing a bit more, not able to keep our hands off each other until we both backed up. We both sat on the bed and looked at our luggage, which was still only partially packed.

“I’ll make you a deal, Leo,” she started. “I will remove my top if you remove yours. That should motivate us to finish packing. What do you think?”

I already had my t-shirt off. She saw me and smiled before she followed. That’s how we finished our packing. Once we placed the luggage by the door, we both headed towards the kitchen where I poured us some ice water. As we sat in the dining area, she was looking me up and down. I watched her eyes before they centered on mine. She then pulled an ice cube out of her glass and started to rub it over my nipples before she leaned in and kissed where she touched. It was when I felt teeth that I started to moan a little bit.

“No fair!” I moaned before she started to rub my sweatpants around my member.

“I think it is totally fair. You started it.”

She reached down and started to slide my pants down until my cock sprang up.

“Besides, Altyazılı Porno I don’t think he minds one bit,” she said as she slipped her hand down to stroke it for me.

I tried to stand up and was rewarded by her placing her lips on the head and kissing my cock tenderly. I stood there as she kept teasing until she looked up at me.

“I think we should take this into the bedroom, don’t you?” she asked.

We were in there a moment or two later before she pushed me on the bed. She then stood over me as she lowered her pants and climbed on top. I could feel her rubbing the head of my cock along her entrance.

“It is your fault, you know.”

“What did I do?”

“The way you started kissing me when I held up that swimsuit.”

She answered this with sliding onto my cock and starting to ride me.

“Fuck, it got me so wired. This is the only way either one of us is going to get some sleep tonight.”

My hands went to her hips as she bounced on me. Watching Marcie ride my cock is a vision I always enjoy. Besides the fact she’s my wife and I love her to pieces; she is also gorgeous. I love the way her fit body just amazes me as we make love. Brazzers I pushed myself up so I could nibble on her neck while she fucked me. She started to moan a bit when I did that before she whispered to me.

“Can we flip over?”

She slipped off me and lay on the bed before I took my position. Then I had a better idea.

“Hands and knees my pet,” I said with a smack on her behind.

She obeyed and I was treated to that gorgeous ass I love to spank so much. I placed my cock at her entrance and started to drive deep inside her. Our moans grew as we enjoyed each other. Soon, her knees gave out and I slipped out of her. I helped her roll over on her back so I could finish pleasuring my wife. I held her hands against the bed as I thrusted to hold her down.

“Fuck!” she cried.

I felt her pussy squeeze me before it was my turn. After filling Marcie, I let go of her hands and used them to steady myself as I kissed her passionately. She was returning the kisses, our bodies still connected before my arms began to grow heavy. I slipped out and lay next to her before we looked at each other.

“Are you worn out now, Marcie?” I asked.

“I think I’m tired enough to try to sleep. You?”

“I’m ready I think.”

We slipped out of bed to finish our bedtime stuff before going under the blankets. There Marcie lay in my arms as I held her. Hawaii was going to be an adventure, but not as big as the journey I have taken with my Beloved already.

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