It had been almost a week since Charlotte and I became lovers. Life was keeping us from seeing each other, and the few phone conversations we did have were too short to really satisfy anything. That week, all I could think about was Charlotte…her look, her taste, her feel…Our time together kept playing over and over in my head. I thought about her constantly, and I was masturbating more just to cope.

I was so thankful when Friday came, and I got a call from her…

“Hey! How about a night out, just the two of us?” She didn’t beat around the bush, and I was glad about that. I didn’t want to sit there talking, itching to be with her.

“Sure, where to?” I was curious of what she had in mind.

“How about we go to the movies?” Oh come one Charlotte, you can do so much better then that!

“Nah, not in the mood.”

“Well, you think of something then.”

“Hey, I know!” It was a great idea, but she cut me off…

“How ’bout we get a porno.” Great minds think alike, or…horny minds, yeah…that’s what it is.

“Exactly what I was thinking…I have been sexually tormented all week! It’s perfect.”

“Great! Because I have a surprise for you…well, it’s for both of us, but you’re gonna love it.”

“Can I guess what it is?”

Just then my bedroom door opened, it was mom. She saw I was on the phone, and mouthed ‘sorry’, beginning to leave.

“It’s alright mom, I’m just talking with Charlotte.”

“Well, I should have knocked first…I forget about things like that. You could have been in the nude or something.” She was always so nervous, and tried to keep up with the fact that I was now an adult. Sometimes it was a bit awkward…probably more for her, so I tried to be as understanding as possible.

“Mom…” I tried not to laugh, “No worries, we’re both women, we have the same parts.”

“Oh, well basically Maggie.” She said in shock,”But… well, not all women are completely alike you know…I do have bigger…” She paused in embarrassment of even mentioning, and motioned to her tits. I couldn’t help but laugh, and she did as well. Charlotte was on the other end asking what was said, to be sure of what she heard…”I’ll tell you later,” mom said, leaving the room with a smile.

“Have my ears deceived me Maggs? Was your mother talking to you about her tits?” She roared with laughter, “I love that woman….so Maggs, wanna meet me in the mall then? In about an hour, is that alright?”

I told her that was fine, and she told me she loved me before hanging up. I jumped into the shower and thought about what would happen tonight. I couldn’t believe Charlotte and I were going to hang out and watch a porno together…but, it wouldn’t be a bad idea come to think of it. Would certainly be an ice breaker for both of us. Well…not that Charlotte needed much breaking in, but I certainly did. ‘Of course I wanted to make love to Charlotte again’, I told myself, but it wasn’t going to be as easy. We had been drinking before. Hell…I was out of it when she played with me for the first time, awaking my inner beast. I was grateful to her though…with that I put aside such thoughts, I didn’t want to be any more nervous. I packed my bag, assuming that I would stay over with her, knowing she wouldn’t object. I informed my mother, and was off to meet Charlotte.

Getting to the mall, I found her standing outside a video store…

“Hey Maggs!” She hugged me and kissed me straight on the lips. I looked around quickly to see if anyone had noticed. It didn’t seem so, and it’s not like people haven’t ever seen two women kiss. I was just hoping I didn’t know any of them if they had.

“Would you stop being such a pussy…sheesh…” She paused, and turned her attention to the bag in her hand, “I got two movies for us. Want to stay over tonight?” We headed for the food court. Escort Bayan Gaziantep

“I was hoping you would ask. I already packed a bag.” I smirked, knowing we were both thinking of sex.

“Sassy Maggie…I’m glad you did. You never have to ask to stay over with me.”

She grabbed my hand as we made for a table. After we had gotten our food and settled in, Charlotte asked me if I had thought about the last time we were together. My cheeks blushed, realizing it was all I thought about…and it seemed to be the same for Charlotte.

“I can’t STOP thinking about it. I’m blushing, and smiling almost all the time…people probably think I’m crazy. My mom has been extra delicate with me too…I hope she doesn’t suspect anything.” My eyes went off into the distance, as I created a scene of mother confronting me, or me telling her…my face must have shown it.

“Oh stop! So what if she knows…I personally think that would be a good thing.” I hooked back to her gaze and she went serious, “Are you angry with me for making love to you? Have you had second thoughts about what we talked about? I mean, it’s fine…we didn’t set anything in stone, remember….and I won’t have our friendship end because of something so silly. We can get sex anywhere.” She laughed, trying to keep things light.

The fact was, it wasn’t that silly. I actually felt something for her, and I knew she felt the same. I sort of wished we could have things in the open…but it just wasn’t the time yet…

“Charlotte…of course I am not having second thoughts, nor do I regret what happened. And how many times must I tell you that our friendship could never end. I love you too much.” I whispered that last part, just in case anyone was listening.

“I’m glad you think so Maggs, but never say never…don’t jinx us.” She looked around quickly and leaned in, putting her hands on my thighs, squeezing and stroking them.

“Charlotte!” I pushed her hands from me, “I’m already horny enough without you touching me, please!” That was the reason, but more so that I didn’t need anyone seeing her feeling me up in the public food court.

“Lighten up, I love you Maggs, and I love touching you. I don’t care who sees.” I wish I could feel the same, but I wasn’t as bold.

“And I like you touching me Charlotte, but can you please wait ’till later?” She seemed to take offense, looking away from me, her face changing. “Charlotte,” I sighed, “Please don’t be like that. I feel bad enough, you don’t need to make me feel worse then I already do.” Glancing around to make sure no one was in ear shot, they weren’t, “I love you, honest I do.” I whispered.

With that her face lit up, she smiled at me, “Thanks Maggie, you don’t know how much that means to me.” I sort of did, I felt the same way when she said it to me.

“I can’t wait to be alone with you tonight!” I added, slowly building her spirits back up.

“I know, me either…and I know we must keep it to ourselves, but I would love the world to know Maggs.”

I sighed, there it was again…this felt like more of a real relationship then we were letting on. It was good this way though, I didn’t need anymore added stress or confusion, and I certainly wasn’t going to let Charlotte push me out of my comfort zone with this. No matter how much I loved her…

“I care a lot about you Charlotte, really I do…but I just” I saw her look around quickly and she pulled me to her, interrupting me with a kiss full on the lips. No matter how awkward I felt, the thrill struck my pussy with moisture. Taking my hand in hers, she pushed her other up my skirt under the table. Her fingers slipped under my panties…I squirmed away realizing where I was, “Can we leave now Charlotte?”

“Of course.” She smiled, and grabbed my hand. I allowed her that at least…I didn’t want to crush her entirely. I just ignored the few awkward glances we received.

So we got into our cars, and I followed her home. I was glad she had that little private place, otherwise our adventures would be a little harder to orchestrate. My pussy throbbed the whole way to her house and it felt like an eternity before we arrived. Her mom watched from the upstairs window as we strolled up the walkway. Coming to the door, she asked of my mother, and that I pass on her well wishes. I barely got out my reply with Charlotte stringing me along. I only hoped she didn’t read too much into it. Pushed through the door, it slammed behind us. Charlotte caught me up quickly, forced her tongue into me, in a long heated kiss. She was going crazy in lust and passed it onto me. Taking hold of my breasts, then undoing my shirt. I was out of it so quickly, I barely had time to realize it was gone…and then my bra…I was half naked with her already, and I didn’t care. In my heat, I didn’t care…it wasn’t awkward, and I was so thankful. Her mouth found my nipples, pulling at them with her teeth, sucking me hard and twisting the other one between her fingers. I was already horny…now I was gushing in my panties, thinking of those lips on my pussy…

“Maggs…” She said between her attack on my tits, “Undress me.” I complied, and we were both naked at her doorway, moving slowly toward the bed. “I want to suck on your pussy, while you suck mine…” She paused a minute, “But first…are you game to try something new with me? I have a surprise for you, but you can’t have it until you agree to everything I ask you to do.”

I was silent a moment as we reached the bedside, Charlotte still caressing me to a melted state…almost like a high. I couldn’t say anything with all this stimulation….she continued…

“First, I want to blindfold you…then cuff your hands to the headboard so you can’t go anywhere….” Like I’d want to. “And also tie your legs to the footboard so your legs will stay wide open for me. I won’t tell you the rest until you agree to play along.” She was so forceful, but I liked it…I still hadn’t said anything. Just quietly processing everything….”You know I wouldn’t hurt you in any way Maggs, I love you too much for that. So, if that’s what you’re worried about, don’t…Do you trust me?”

“I trust you Charlotte.” That’s all I needed to say…

Before I knew it, I was tied to the head board… then the footboard, and Charlotte approached with the blindfold. I Was completely helpless, and at the mercy of my lover. Definitely not a bad thing, it surely had my juices flowing. It’s amazing how the unknown can excite. Charlotte let me lay there in silence for a moment, I almost asked what was going on, but refrained. Suddenly, her breath was in my ear…

“First, I want to get you good and worked up for me Maggs…nice an wet, and horny. Then I’ll give you your surprise.” She kissed my ear.

“I’m horny now, I can hardly wait. Do something soon Charlotte, before I burst.”

“I promise it’s worth the wait Maggie.”

Again, she left me to wait…I didn’t know when or what was going to happen next. Suddenly, her lips touched mine. Her tongue forcefully playing with my own, and I felt her warm body straddle over me. Her pussy was hot and wet across my belly, and then moved down onto my leg. She was slowly rotating on my thigh, her sticky juices flowing as she stimulated herself against me. I felt her fingers on my nipples. She pulled and twisted them to attention, kissed each one and then moved on. Slowly. On my ribs, over my belly, and down to my pussy lips. Her tongue teased my clit, and moved down inside me. I was so near to cumming and she would stop, leaving me in the dark wanting more. I would plead for her to keep going, but she didn’t say a word, and then when I thought I couldn’t take it any longer, she would start again. I was so close, so dangerously close and she knew, and stopped. Again, in a dark silence when I felt her leave the bed….

“What are you doing Charlotte?” I sounded a little more panicked then needed, but there was no answer.

I felt her return. Her fingers grazed over my pussy, and then inside in a gush of wetness. Then nothing. Her tongue touched my clit, and I moaned in want of more, but she took it away almost immediately. I felt her looming over me now. Her wet fingers painted my lips, and I recognized the taste…me.

“Charlotte…please! I need to come now, please!”

With that, I felt something cold enter my pussy. It was slippery, and hard, and wonderful. I almost came right away, but held on to feel what would happen next. It stretched me, how long and thick it was. It felt like an enormous cock impaling me in the best of ways and I could feel Charlotte’s thighs around me, gliding with the motion of this fuck toy. It was ecstasy as the cock went so deep inside me, touching the bottom of my virginal hole. I could feel myself peaking, and Charlotte finally spoke…

“Maggie, I’m fucking you.” She moaned, and with that I let out a loud cry. All the strains of being blindfolded and unable to move…all the stimulation, and now this. I couldn’t hold back any longer. “It’s our new toy Maggs.” Her breathing was heavy as well, ” I bought it for us today. A strap-on cock babe. One is inside you,” She emphasized with a harder thrust, “And the other side is in me.” She rotated her body, pleasuring us both. Her breathing was heavy in her pause, “So…as I fuck you, I fuck myself as well.” She paused again in moaning as she came. “Do you like me fucking you with this Maggs…” She cried out as her orgasm struck, “Tell me, tell me now!” I couldn’t speak as I neared my second orgasm, it was even better then the last.

“Oh, fuck Magg’s, I’m cumming!” The thick, hard, cock plunged faster inside me, inside her….

“Me too…me too! Don’t stop!” I gasped.

She finally slowed as we came down from our fantastic orgasms…the best I had ever had in my life…and reality pried at me, hoping no one above had heard our little adventure. The cock slid out of me, and Charlotte removed the blindfold. I saw the size of the thing that had been fucking us and gaped…

“Holy Shit Charlotte!” The sight of it took my breath away, “Did I really take all that…wow.”

“Yes you did babe.” She smiled, unstrapping it, and I watched the other, equally large cock slide out of her…slick and sticky.

I was still in shock as she let me loose from the restraints. She kissed me, and left the bed, “I’m going to get us some snacks, then we can watch the movies.” Her eyes widened, and an evil smirk crossed her face as she slipped on a large shirt.

I took the strap on in my hands, feeling the thickness of it in around my fingers. I still couldn’t believe it had been inside me…AND Charlotte. I wanted to fuck her with it….

“Hey Charlotte! Do I get a turn with it?”

She returned with a tray of snacks and drinks…”What?” She smirked, knowing exactly what I was talking about.

“I wanna turn to fuck you with this. Do I get a turn, when?” I sounded like a child.

“Of course you do babe. Lets munch a little, and watch these videos, and get all worked up again…and then.” She met my lips, and I devoured her mouth. I wanted to fuck her so badly, I wasn’t even hungry anymore.

“Okay…” I sighed. She just laughed at me, and I pulled the shirt back off of her.

We made out for a long time. We didn’t eat anything…well, not food anyway…and eventually the video was put in. Women fucking each other in all kinds of ways….eating pussy, fucking with strap-ons, and fingers, and vibrators…I was so turned on, and finally got to fuck Charlotte… it was crazy amazing. We came for the fifth and sixth time, I lost count…it was gonna be another sleepless weekend, that’s for sure.

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