Please note, this is a true story. However, I’ve changed the names, ages, places and occupations to protect the other person’s privacy. I have no shame so enjoy, LOL.


Lydia: The Bachelorette Party Ch. 02

The Rehearsal Dinner

The next day was extremely busy as so many things went wrong with the wedding. We didn’t really talk about the wild night before. Lydia was dragged into helping out so we didn’t have much time to hang out. She also told me to behave as everyone was stressed out and distracted. But I didn’t listen. It was her idea to “Go out and fuck to help you forget.” In hindsight I didn’t regret what I did but I was sorry I added to the stress of the wedding.

The groom, groomsmen and several others who were at the bachelor party found themselves with really bad alcohol poisoning so they didn’t make rehearsal dinner. Some ended up in the hospital and others stuck in bed. Of course many people were pissed. Then other things went wrong like flights delayed, people quit their wedding responsibilities and the bride was tearing into everyone. At least they were smart enough to do the bachelor and bachelorette parties two nights before the wedding and not the night before.

As all this was happening I went to fuck the bride’s mom again. I had her bent over a counter in the bathroom in the grand ballroom. I figure no one would be here as they were out doing other stuff. My cock was hammering her MILF pussy and pulling her hair back. She was screaming for me to fuck her harder when the maid of honor came in and caught us.

Irene who was 27 and really cute, had her mouth drop when she saw us. She looked at us like we were crazy. I kept pumping into Sandra and not giving a fuck. She could watch, join or leave. Irene kept trying to interject and messing up our vibe. So I said sternly, “Look everyone is stressed out and I’m trying to help her have a moment to relax before she has to get back into the chaos.”

Irene who was somewhat of a spoiled brat was flabbergasted I talked to her that way. It was also not lost on me she was watching intently while trying to get us to stop. I’ve always been told my sex sounds are hot. When I came into Sandra’s yeni gaziantep escort pussy I let out an some aggressive moans and an angry, “Hell yeah!” All while looking right at Irene. She let out some heavy breaths. I could tell she was turned on.

Sandra got up from the counter, gave me a kiss and thanked me. I didn’t get her to a full on orgasm but I did what I said. I gave her some time away from the chaos and even though the climax is a major goal, you can still enjoy sex without the climax. She fixed her dress and composed herself. They walked out together but Irene looked back at me and gave me slight smile before she left.

Later that night my cock found Cynthia again. It was 10pm and they are finally starting to wrap up doing things for the wedding. I came up behind her, spun her around and started to kiss her. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around me. I pushed her up against a wall and really got her adrenaline going. Then I just stopped and told her to meet me in the hotel jacuzzi area in 1 hour.

I had a plan and I was determined. I didn’t want others seeing me leaving with her, especially Irene. It also would’ve been bad if Sandra caught me fucking her niece. I was definitely going to fuck Irene too but I found out they were sisters so I definitely had to be cautious. I doubt either would be ok with me fucking the other one. I knew I wasn’t going to see them after this so I didn’t care too much but I also didn’t want to add more drama to the already chaotic wedding.

I went to find Sandra as I wanted to get her off and enjoy her breasts again. However, I bumped into Irene. She said hello and started to talk to me. Something came over me. I wasn’t sure what it was. I didn’t plan on it but I just grabbed her hand and pulled her into the nearby stairwell. I put Irene on her knees, pulled out my cock and shoved it into her mouth.

At first I moved my hips and pumped my cock into her mouth. Then I stopped to see if she would continue sucking on her own. Low and behold she did. And she was really working me over. Irene was shorter then Cynthia at 5’5. She had a 32C chest and was thicker than her sister.

“You gaziantep yeni escort like sucking my hard cock, don’t you?” I growled at her.

She stopped sucking and said, “Yes.”

I growled at her again, “You enjoyed watching me fuck your auntie, didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Was all she managed to moan.

I became more sinister with my words, “You want me to use your mouth, drop my cum in there and leave you wanting, don’t you?” She looked up at me and nodded in shame. I growled again and released a load into her mouth. I grabbed her head and said, “Take it all, swallow it all, don’t let a fucking drop hit the ground.” And well, she took all of it.

I pulled her to her feet and pressed her up against the wall. I told her I wanted her, I wanted to eat her pussy, I wanted to fuck her. But it would be tomorrow and she’d have to wait for it. I also told her that I would surprise her. So anytime during the day I could grab her, rip her dress off and fuck her. She wouldn’t know when and would have to be ok with it. Irene nodded in agreement and I left.

I continued looking for Sandra. Eventually I found her in the lobby at 1030pm. I had 30 minutes to fuck her then get to the jacuzzi area to meet Cynthia. As I was approaching Sandra, her daughter ran to her crying. Oh crap, cock block alert was all I was thinking. Wow, I was really being an ass this weekend. I just fucked Irene’s mouth and left her there. Oh fuck it I thought, maybe giving it to Cynthia was going make me feel better.

It was now 1110am, Cynthia was in the jacuzzi, bent over the side and I was relentlessly fucking her from behind. The sign said the area was supposed to be closed at 10pm but there was another way to access it. When I first arrived I pushed her to her knees and face fucked her like I did her sister. If she only knew her sister had sucked my cock not long before she just did. I was overindulging in the available pussy but was it really healing me.

I can tell by looking at her asshole it was really tight and I ask her if she had ever been fucked in the ass. She said she hasn’t an wasn’t into that. Well, I wet a few fingers and slid one gaziantep yeni escort bayan into her asshole. She was really tight and let out a strong moan. It was a mix of shock, pain and oh this is a new feeling. My cock kept fucking her and I let her get used to my finger in her ass.

As I started to move my finger in and out of her hole. She kept moaning but it sounded more pleasurable as I went on. However, since she wasn’t prepared and running around all day she wasn’t as clean as you’d like to engage in anal play. I moved out of her completely. I told her to play with herself and I’d be right back without her knowing why. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands.

When I got back she was fingering herself in the jacuzzi. Cynthia had her eyes closed and was looking really hot doing this. She didn’t notice I was back and I started stroking my cock while watching her. You can tell the challenging weekend was getting to her also and she needed that release. I would’ve like to have given it to her but I was a big reason why she’s getting it. As her orgasm arrived and ran its course, she looked up at me with a smile.

I got back into the jacuzzi and started kissing her. I sat down next to her in one of the long ledges people use as seats. She grabbed my cock and started stroking it. We were locked into a very sensuous kissing session. Her hand was strongly gripping and basically making love to my cock.

I pulled back my kiss and asked if she enjoyed my finger in her ass. She blushed and only nodded. She leaned in and our lips continued it’s fun together. My hard cock was feeling incredible in her small yet strong hand. As my orgasm started I moved my lips off of hers and just stared into her eyes. We looked at each other with such steamy desire as I erupted.

We continued kissing for a while longer. She wanted me to go back with her to her room but I also knew she was sharing a room with Irene. I told her I’d see her tomorrow and find sometime for us to be alone. When I arrived back at my room Lydia was not happy. The wedding was on the brink of collapsing and she heard I was not behaving myself today.

I can tell she was stressed. From not being in the bridal party to now dragged and guilted into helping. I started massaging her shoulders to help her relax. I asked what she heard about me. Apparently Irene told her she caught me fucking Sandra today. I told her I also had Irene sucking my cock and fingered Cynthia’s asshole. So yeah, I was definitely not behaving myself. But I reminded her what she told me, “Go out and fuck to help you forget.”

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