The car drew attention the moment it appeared. A sleek BMW i8 coupe in eye-catching metallic blue, it stood out among the sea of family-friendly saloons and estates parked at Sunnyvale college.

Lucy Parker walked slowly over to the metallic machine, more than a little embarrassed that Dan, her dad’s rich but nerdy friend, was making her the centre of attention. But with her parents away and their house being remodeled, it was Dan’s place or a friend’s sofa. Easy choice. After all, Dan had just moved into a VERY nice place.

Dan tapped his fingers on the steering wheel impatiently. He didn’t love these college runs, the sheer mundanity of it all. School hadn’t been good to him, but he’d made his own way in life – eventually starting his own firm with his business partner Tim – his old mentor, and Lucy’s father.

Dan had known Lucy since she was nine years old, so she’d become – if not like a daughter, a niece to him. But it had been a few years since he’d seen her so when Tim had asked him to take her in for the 2-week college break, Dan was happy for the opportunity to reconnect. She must be, what, 19 now? 20?The car door opened and. Instead of the awkward young teenager Dan remembered, a beautiful young woman appeared- the unkempt red hair now down to her waist; the oversized jumpers and combat trousers replaced with a figure-hugging black top. As she leaned in to say hi, Dan found his eye briefly drawn to her cleavage before remembering himself and looking Lucy in the eye. Had they always been that heart-stopping shade of blue? She smiled.

“Hello stranger!”

Lucy pushed her bag into the BMW’s tiny back ‘seats’, jumped into the sporty bucket seat in the front and slammed the door closed.

“Let’s get out of here before anyone sees me in this thing,” she laughed. Dan shook his head and started the car.

A youthful 40, Dan had clearly been working out since they last saw each other. He was tan and toned, and between his salt-and-pepper beard and closely-cropped head, his age looked good on him.

Ten minutes later, Dan was showing Lucy around his palatial new home. She immediately knew she was in for a good time. As a confirmed bachelor, Dan had money to burn on creature comforts – the highlight of which was an indoor hot tub just off the gigantic living room. Lucy was surprised at how well she and Dan were getting on – like peers, she thought. But he still wanted to put her at ease.

“I know it’s a bit weird staying away from home, and I’m not exactly run off my feet with visitors here. So feel free to invite some friends over,” Dan said, handing Lucy a glass of champagne. “And don’t worry – I can stay out of your way.”

“Don’t be silly,” Lucy replied. “I’m sure we’ll have fun.” She sipped the champagne – unsurprisingly, the best she’d ever tasted – and thought about the cheap prosecco she was used to sharing with her best friend.

“Actually, I do know someone who’d really appreciate this. My friend Alice.”

“Invite her over, if you like.”

“I should warn you, she can be a bit of a party animal.” That was an understatement. Alice was a one-woman party.

“I’m sure you’re both house trained,” Dan laughed. “And I have plenty more. Just try not to break anything.”


The fifth bottle was probably a mistake. The kind of mistake that often happened around Alice. Alice was used to being the centre of attention, particularly in comparison to the shy, introverted Lucy. Though both girls were undeniably attractive, Alice’s striking appearance – closely cropped hair faded into a pixie bob, big brown eyes and naturally full lips – usually caught the eye of any men they met.

The sweet smell of cannabis filled the air and everyone was feeling loose-lipped and hazy. Even Dan was starting to feel less parental. Which was just as well, considering the way Alice had been looking at him all night.

Alice liked older men as a rule, and she considered Dan to be an exceptional example. More attractive than he realised, and lacking the arrogance of many men in his position. Knowing she’d be meeting him, Alice had worn a conservatively-cut but tightly-fitting dress, emphasising her hourglass figure. But his relationship with Lucy, Alice sensed, was getting in the way of trying to outrageously flirt with him.

As the night went on, the conversation took an inevitable turn when Alice started talking about the poor orgasm etiquette gaziantep lezbiyen escort of a recent Tinder hookup.

“Don’t get me wrong,” she was saying. “It’s like, feel free to cum in my mouth – but at least give me some warning!”

Dan interrupted her.

“I don’t want to be That Guy, but I really don’t think I want to hear about Lucy… you know.” He turned to Lucy, apologetically. “I’ve known you too long.”

Alice laughed. “Oh, you’re safe on that front. Lucy’s as pure as driven snow, aren’t you?”

Lucy blushed. “I… I mean…” She sighed. “Boys just don’t really seem interested in me.”

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing,” Dan said, inebriated enough to cross the line. “Are the boys you’re meeting even into women?”

“Oh she gets plenty of attention,” Alice explained. “She’s just scared she doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

“Alice!” Lucy looked less annoyed than she sounded. She secretly enjoyed the description – it was true, after all. She’d love to be as confident and experienced as Alice but it had just never happened for her – a late bloomer, by the time guys had started noticing her she had no idea how to respond or even recognise it.

“I reckon she’s a slut in waiting, actually.”

“Sorry Alice, not all of us spent our lunch breaks giving blowjobs to older boys.”

“Well, maybe you should have!” The two girls laughed. Dan was glad he was hazy; hearing this a lot for him to process. In more ways than one.

“Or maybe,” Alice sounded mischievous as she turned towards Dan and leaned into his ear. She was so close he could feel her breath on his neck, and electric shivers rippled through his body. He felt her right hand over his crotch as she whispered, “Maybe she needs… a demonstration.”

Alice’s hand came down and met Dan’s excitement halfway, her fingers wrapping round him him through his clothes. She turned her head and told Lucy, firmly, “Come here. And pay attention.”

Lucy, speechless, sidled across the sofa as Alice kneeled on the floor in front of Dan. He rose to his feet, his growing bulge at Alice’s eye level as she reached over, unbuckled him, then hooked her thumbs into his waist and pulled down his jeans and boxers in one smooth motion.

Dan’s cock sprang free, slapping Alice on the cheek as it came to rest in front of her. She took a moment to admire it – neatly trimmed, with a thick shaft that she could only just get her fingers round, and a beautifully shaped head – wider still, but sloping down to a point which Alice could fit on the tip of her tongue.

Lucy stared, wide-eyed, moving to the floor with Alice so she could see everything. What at first felt wrong – Dan – Uncle Dan, her reliable guardian, a man who’d seen her cry because she didn’t like the colour of a birthday cake, naked in front of her – now felt very, very right. So right, in fact, that the sight of his arousal was making Lucy wet herself.

“And this,” Alice said, turning to her friend as she started gently stroking Dan with her hand, “Is what you do with a dick.”

She turned back to Dan, looked up into his eyes, then slowly ran her tongue over the head of his cock until it was glistening with her spit. As Dan sighed, Alice opened her mouth and engulfed his head, taking it into her mouth and closing her lips around it. She stroked the underside with her tongue, causing Dan to thrust towards her. Alice pulled away, holding the persistent cock at bay.

“Now, this is important,” she said. “You want to take as much of him into your mouth as you can, but keep your teeth tucked away. Like this.” She wrapped her teeth over her lips, then slowly let Dan’s entire length into her until her lips reached the base. She held herself there, then slowly brought her head back until only the head remained, her lips clamped down. Dan moaned, and put his hand on Alice’s head, pushing her back slightly.

Lucy was transfixed, and more turned on than she’d ever been in her life. She’d watched porn, of course, but the men had always seemed so aggressive and larger than life, with cocks that looked painful rather than pleasurable. Dan’s, on the other hand, long enough to give Alice’s hands a workout but perfectly proportioned and with that big, juicy head – it looked like it would actually feel good inside her.

Lucy’s dress was hitched up to her waist, her fingers stroking her clit in time with Alice’s mouth escort gaziantep lezbiyen sliding up and down, until she let Dan fall from her lips and turned to Lucy.

“Your turn,” she said, reaching out to pull her friend gently toward her. Lucy looked up to see Dan, his face a combination of shock and joy as he watched Alice guide her towards him.

She tentatively licked his tip, pleasantly surprised by the way it felt on her tongue. Alice moved her hand away and Lucy replaced it with hers, wrapping her fingers as far as she could around it. Lubricated by Alice’s spit, she started to stroke. She noted how smooth it felt, and felt herself getting wetter as she moved her head forward and did as Alice had told her.

Dan watched as Lucy slowly, cautiously, took him into her mouth. She felt warm, welcoming. Her eyes – the ones he thought he knew, usually begging him for a toy, or explaining some ridiculous cartoon – took on a new life as they gazed up from his hard, eager cock.

He reached down and stroked her hair as she looked up at him, eyes wide. She started to suck properly, getting into the rhythm quickly. She was enjoying it.

Alice was watching Lucy like a proud teacher, whispering pointers into her ear – stop now; lick there; do this for a few seconds but not too long or he’ll cum in your mouth.

As Lucy bobbed her head, taking more of Dan each time, she felt his cock get even harder. He was pushing her head forcefully now, thrusting himself into the back of her throat.

“I’m…” he began panting under his breath. “I’m gonna…” Alice grabbed his cock and squeezed the base between two fingers. It twitched in her hand, then relaxed slightly.

“Let’s not have Lucy’s introduction be an unexpected mouthful,” Alice giggled. Lucy was relieved – she had no idea what to expect, but it sounded … messy.

“Lucy, what you’re about to see isn’t mandatory – but it will make you very popular.” Alice formed a seal around Dan’s cock with her mouth, pumping him with her hand.

Within seconds, he was shaking. Lucy saw his cock pulsing, then Alice react as the load hit her. Dan had his hands wrapped around Alice’s head now, pushing her into him. Cum started to dribble from her mouth. She pulled away, gasping, Dan’s cum all over her lips. A big smile, and then it was gone. Dan collapsed back onto the sofa.

“Did you swallow it all?” Lucy was incredulous.

“Of course,” Alice smiled. “But you still need to experience a guy coming inside you. There’s nothing like it.”

She looked over at Dan, close to passing out on the sofa. “He’s out for a little while I think, though.”

Alice lit a joint, and the two girls – Alice with Dan’s cum drying on her mouth, Lucy’s skirt hitched up and her pussy still begging for stimulation, went looking for the hot tub.


Dan woke up and had three thoughts, in this order: Why am I on the sofa? Why am I naked? And did I really let Lucy… he’d answered them all before he’d finished them.

He pulled himself up off the sofa and walked into the living room. He could hear Alice’s filthy laugh, and the sound of water bubbling. There was another sound too – the unmistakable noise of Lucy’s voice, moaning ecstatically.

Sliding open the door, Dan stopped in his tracks to take in the scene in front of him. The girls’ clothes lay strewn across the deck, where they’d fallen as they both stripped on their way in. Lucy was perched on the edge, leaning back, legs open wide, breasts pointing upwards, eyes closed and mouth open..

Alice, stood up in the tub, had her head between Lucy’s thighs, her right arm moving back and forth.

Dan approached from the side, giving him a view of Alice, her tongue rolling in circles on Lucy’s clit and two fingers inside of her. His cock started to fill with blood.

“I hope I’m not interrupting…”

Alice pulled her mouth away, her fingers still pumping Lucy’s g-spot.

“Right on time actually. She’s all warmed up for you.” She brought her fingers to her mouth and tasted Lucy’s pussy. “Lucy – on all fours.”

In a sexual daze, Lucy did as she was told – her hands out in front of her as she presented her pussy to Dan.

“Now, remember it’s her first time. Go slow.”

Dan nodded, and lifted his cock so just the tip was stroking Lucy, starting at her wet opening and moving slowly to gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar her clit. He wanted this to feel as good for her as it possibly could. But within three strokes, she was pushing herself back into him. Lucy – already soaking wet from Alice’s mouth and on the brink of orgasm – felt an urge she’d never experienced before, an emptiness. The sensation of Dan teasing her, almost entering her, was more than she could bear.

As Dan slowly pushed his cock over her pussy her for a fourth time, her wetness pulled him straight inside of her. He stopped at the tip, and gently began to pull out before sliding it in again. Just the head of his cock, oh-so-slowly moving against Lucy’s labia.

Lucy was… not groaning but growling. Dan gave her an extra inch before pulling back again and she cried out – “I want it all!”. The third was a thrust, his whole width stretching her out, his length filling her up.

One phrase repeating over in his head: He was fucking Lucy. Lucy!

Dan had to get that idea out of his head, the sheer forbidden nature was sending additional sensitivity down his body, where Lucy’s, warm, inexperienced pushy was already clinging pretty tightly.

He squeezed her ass cheek as he pulled out of her, and sat on the edge of the hot tub. He felt a hand his shoulder, then found himself faced with Alice’s completely bald slit. He leaned forward to put his mouth on her, but she pushed him back and lowered herself, pushing his erection up so her pussy was pinning it to his body.

“I want Lucy to learn as many of my moves as possible,” she purred, rocking her hips slowly, stroking the underside and making Dan gasp with pleasure. Gradually, Alice thrust her ass further back until the dick was pointing at her, and in one move she took it inside her, sitting down hard onto Dan’s lap, pressing her breasts into his face. She was completely in control, rolling her body against him exactly the way she wanted.

Lucy, half-sitting and half-laying on the hot tub next to them, frantically touching herself, was awestruck by Alice’s confidence. And jealous that she had Dan’s beautiful dick, Lucy’s new favourite toy.

Alice could feel Dan’s mounting excitement and as much as she wanted to cum herself, she was too invested in making sure Lucy got to feel everything. She pushed Dan back, kissed him hard on the mouth, and slowly lifted herself off him, feeling every inch of him on the way out.

Lucy could see in Dan’s eyes that he’d had almost all he could take. Newly empowered, she crawled over to him and slid her hand around his cock – somehow it felt even bigger now. She whispered into his ear

“Do you want to cum?”

Dan, speechless, just nodded. Lucy threw one leg over him, and balanced herself on his shoulders as she slowly lowered herself. He held his cock up, stroking her again as she reached him. She winced with pleasure as he re-entered her and pushed herself down until he was completely filling her. Looking him in the eyes, she asked,

“Do you want to cum inside me?”

He grabbed her face with both hands and kissed her passionately, urgently. She continued to push down, not letting him move.

From behind, Lucy felt Alice’s hands on her breasts, stroking her nipples. She sighed. She’d been missing out on so much.

Lucy sat still for a moment, enjoying every sensation of Dan’s cock, as deep as it could go. Of his eyes seeing her as so much more than just a little girl. Of Alice’s hands. She started to roll her hips, gripping his shaft hard with her pussy. Dan began to grind back harder into her, every time feeling like he was going a little deeper. Soon their breathing became shallow. She felt him growing harder still, inside her. She loved it. But did that mean..?

Dan was pulling her into him now, fucking her hard without letting her move.

Alice leaned over. “Oh, you’re gonna make him cum!”

“The… feeling’s… mutual!” Lucy managed between gasps, feeling a fire inside her, her pussy contracting around Dan. But he went first – falling backwards from his waist, gasping, as he pumped her so hard it began to hurt.

She felt his whole cock twitch, the throbbing of his shaft inside her finally taking her over the edge. As she came, she squeezed hard and felt the fluid warmth of Dan, filling whatever space was left inside her, the sticky sensation of the cum pouring out as he continued thrusting into her. Until he was empty.

Lucy shook on Dan’s lap until her orgasm subsided. She realised there was one thing she hadn’t yet done. She put her hand between her legs, where he was still inside her, touching herself and him, then brought her fingers up to her mouth. They were coated in his cum.

Dan’s face was a picture as she put her fingers. “I think the next few weeks are going to be a lot of fun,” she said.

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