Saturday morning sunlight streamed through the gaps in the curtains. Lisa rolled over and reached out for Judy. Her hand found only empty sheets. As ever her lover was up and about. Lisa wished she’d stay in bed awhile. Sometimes the early morning cuddles were the best. She rolled over and winced as the bruises on her buttocks reminded her of how extreme last night had been. She smiled to herself, she’d passed the test, she was now officially Judy’s. Reaching to her throat she fingered the collar that was still there. Last night, while they were undressing, Lisa had spent some time in front of the mirror. She loved the feel of it; she loved the look of it against her neck. White was so much more feminine than the dark brown or black of Christine and Sally’s collars. Wearing it made her feel like a little girl, Judy’s little girl. Drowsy and still half asleep she was just rolling over for five more minutes when Judy appeared at the door with a breakfast tray.

“Good morning, sleepyhead. How are you today? How’s that pretty little bottom of yours?” Accepting a cup of coffee and a plate of toast Lisa scooted over to make room for Judy to get in beside her. Over breakfast they discussed plans for the day, shops they needed to visit, places they needed to go.

“Enough chat. It’s time for action.” Judy wiped away the last few toast crumbs with a serviette and got out of bed. “Come on, it’s shower time. Let me get that collar and chain off you.”


“Yes, pet.”

“Can I keep the chain?” Lisa played with the medallion that hung from her waist.

“If you want. Here’s the key.”

“No, I don’t mean like that. I’d like to keep it on me, always.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I’ve thought it through. I can tuck the end in my knickers when we’re not playing. Nobody but you and I would know. Please, I really want to.”

“I’d be delighted if you kept it.” Judy got back onto the bed and kissed Lisa, long and hard. “You’re my very special girl. I love you lots and lots and I’m honoured that you want to wear my chain. Thank you. But we had better remove that collar. Much as I think you look sweet with it on, it would raise a few eyebrows around town.”

Judy gave Lisa one last kiss and unlocked the collar. She took it to her dressing table and put it away. The key to the padlock that held Lisa’s chain glinted in her hand. She was just about to put it in her jewellery box when a thought struck her. If Lisa was keeping the chain then the key should stay with her. She threaded it onto her key ring. It looked a bit out of place beside her house keys but that was fine. It was her half of the bargain and she’d carry it always. As she got up from the dressing table she noticed Lisa still under the covers.

“Come on, lazy bones! Up and at em! If you don’t hurry you’ll be showering alone.” Lisa couldn’t ignore a threat like that so she jumped out of bed and followed Judy into the en suite.

A week or so later Lisa and Judy were spending the evening in front of the television when the phone went. Judy answered it but soon passed it over to Lisa.

“Hello … Hi! Babes! Wow! How are you? … Yes, I got the job and I’m settled here in Bristol … When? Next weekend? Hang on a min. I’ll just check.” Lisa turned to Judy.

“It’s Abebi, a friend of mine from college. She’s visiting Bristol next weekend, can she come and stay? Please?”

“Of course, it will be nice to meet some of your friends for a change. We can put her in the spare room.”

“Babes, it’s fine. I’ll give you the address.” Lisa finalised arrangements and put the phone down. “Wow! I haven’t seen Babes since we graduated. She’s living in Cambridge now doing post-graduate work. She always was a bit of a swot. I’m really looking forward to seeing her.”

“Abebi, that’s an interesting name. Where does she get it from?”

“Oh her family is from Ghana. They emigrated here in the sixties. I just call her Babes.”

“So I gathered. Lisa?” Judy was suddenly serious, “how much do you want her to know? About us I mean. I realise she’s your friend and all, but coming out isn’t always easy. If you want to keep our relationship quiet I’ll understand. I can be a landlady for the weekend.”

Lisa was dumbstruck. She hadn’t thought of that. On the one hand she had never kept any secrets from Babes, they’d been close all through three years of college. It would also be almost a betrayal of Judy, to deny their love, to hide it away. On the other hand she wasn’t sure what Babes would think. Sure, she was pretty open-minded but this was major. Lisa was racked by indecision.

“Can we just play it by ear? I mean, I really don’t know. I’m not sure what I want to do.”

“Of course we can. Come here.” Lisa came over and, led by Judy, snuggled down on her lap. “Coming out is a big step, even to your closest friends. I do understand, after all, I’ve been there myself.”

Lisa rested her head on Judy’s shoulder as Judy stroked her hair. This felt so right, so natural, so easy that it would be wrong to deny it, but what if Abebi didn’t understand? What if it ruined their friendship? bursa escort What if… What if…

“We’ll have to make the bed up in your old room as well. That way all the options are open.” As ever Judy was being practical. Lisa thought about sleeping alone again. She’d got used to having Judy’s body next to hers, to having kisses and cuddles on tap. When a recent business trip had kept Judy away for the night the bed had felt empty and lonely. Still, she’d have to take it one day at a time.

Abebi was due to arrive on Saturday morning. The night before Judy and Lisa had gone to Charlotte’s and Lisa, having lost the ‘lottery’, had received twelve strokes of the cane from Sally, who had won. However, she was used to getting up on Saturday morning with marks from the night before and thought nothing of it. Similarly tucking the medallion in her panties was becoming second nature to her, an everyday part of getting dressed. After all she only let it hang when Judy demanded it.

Around eleven a taxi pulled up outside and Abebi got out. Judy watched from the study window as Lisa, who had been waiting and watching, rushed down the drive to meet her. Abebi was tall and slim with dark ebony skin. She was wearing a short skirt and a tight tee shirt that showed off her figure. It was Judy’s turn to feel a stab of jealousy. What would Lisa want with an old bat like her when she had such beautiful friends of her own age? She went out into the hall to greet her guest.

Over a light lunch the three women chatted together, or at least Lisa and Abebi did. Judy could hardly get a word in edgeways and felt left out as the two girls discussed plans for the afternoon.

“Come on, Lisa, a big town like this must have plenty of good arcades. I need a new top. Let’s shop till we drop.”

Judy offered to drive them into town but declined to come with them. “Two’s company,” she said ruefully. “You pair go and shop. I’ve got plenty to do on my own.”

Lisa had forgotten how much fun it was shopping with Babes. Shoes, skirts, dresses, tops, everything was considered and usually discarded. Eventually Abebi found a top she liked, but on the way to the changing room grabbed a dress off the racks.

“Come on, Lisa, try this on. It will look great on you.”

The two of them crammed into the cubicle. As Abebi peeled off her tee shirt Lisa was reminded just how beautiful her breasts were. Not large, but high and firm. Too soon Abebi pulled the new top over her head.

“What do you think? Not bad, eh?”

“You look great, but practically anything looks good on you.”

“Umm, flattery will get you everywhere.” Abebi purred. “Come on, try that dress on.”

Lisa undid the top of her jeans and started to push them down. As she bent forward she was giving Abebi a full view of her bottom.

“Sheesh, girl! What happened here?”

Too late Lisa realised the skimpy cotton briefs she had on would do little to cover the marks Sally had left on her. Flustered she stood back up.

“Look, it’s a long story, not here, I’ll tell you when we get back. Ok?”

“Looks nasty. How on earth did that happen?”

“Please, when we get home. I promise I’ll tell you then.”

“You better had, girl, I want the full story.”

“I promise, when we get home, Ok?”

This threw a bit of a cloud over the rest of the shopping. Lisa was too nervous about what she was going to tell Abebi to relax and enjoy it. Abebi was concerned about what, or who, had been hurting her friend. The secret stood between them like a wall, the intimacy had gone. They only went to a couple more shops before they had had enough so they caught the bus back to Judy’s.

When they arrived they went up to Lisa’s room. Dumping her bags on the floor Abebi threw herself on the bed.

“Come on, girl, we’re home now, what’s the story? I can tell when you’re hiding something.”

Lisa just stood there. She was tired of lying, she had to tell someone and if she trusted anyone apart from Judy it would have to be Abebi.

“It’s Judy.” She said at last.

“Judy did that to you?”

“Yes, well no, look, it’s difficult…” Oh well, Lisa thought to herself, it’s now or never. “Judy and I are lovers.”

“She’s your lover and she does that to you? I don’t understand.”

“Please, just listen and I’ll try and explain.” Lisa lay down on the bed beside Abebi. Slowly at first, but with building confidence as she got into the story, Lisa told her nearly everything. She explained that playtime was playtime but otherwise Judy was kind and gentle. How much they cared for each other and how Judy may cane her but it was completely consensual. Despite her openness she still wasn’t ready to explain that it had been Sally, not Judy who had left the marks.

“So, are you shocked? She said at last.

“Shocked! I’m amazed! Three long years I tried to get into those cute little panties of yours but Miss Prim and Proper wasn’t having any. You move down here and within six months you’re involved in a full-blown affair with another woman with plenty of S and M on the side. What’s up, girl? Wasn’t bursa escort bayan I good enough for you?”

“Oh, Babes. I never realised you felt that way. I thought we were just friends. You should have told me you wanted me like that.” She lay down on the bed next to Abebi and kissed her gently. “Please say we’re still friends.”

“Of course, silly. If you’re happy with her then that’s good enough for me. But your poor bottom, let me have a look at it.”

Lisa lay on her back, undid the top of her jeans and started to push them down. As she did so her thumbs caught her panties. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound, and this was not the time to be shy. She slid jeans, panties and socks off together and kicked them over the edge of the bed. The medallion, freed from her panties, lay on her belly.

“What’s this?” Abebi took the medallion and studied it closely.

“A present. A present from Judy.”

“So I see.” Abebi dropped the medallion and it rolled to the end of its chain, resting at the top of Lisa labia.

“So Judy’s heart lies next to your cunt. Very symbolic. Now roll over and let me see your bottom.”

As Lisa rolled over she thought about what Abebi had just said. She didn’t like the ‘C’ word, well, except when she was really turned on, but yes, Judy’s heart resting there was somehow special, more so than if it had just been a necklace or something. Meanwhile Abebi was tracing out the lines on Lisa’s bottom with the tips of her fingers.

“Doesn’t that hurt? It looks like it should hurt like blazes.”

“Yes, it hurt, it still hurts a bit now, but it’s not like that. It’s all part of something bigger and after she’s caned me we have some of the most fantastic sex ever. Shall I tell you a secret?”

“Why stop now? You’ve told me everything else!”

“What I really like… I know this is going to sound weird… but what I really like is to have a dildo pushed up my bottom!” There, she’d said it.

“Wow, and when I think of the uptight little virgin I knew at college, and now you’re into all this.” Abebi was silent for a while. Her fingers still traced lightly over Lisa’s buttocks. She’d heard about things like this and had always assumed it was weirdoes in abusive relationships; but this was Lisa and, outside of the canings, it looked like she and Judy were very happy together. She lay back down beside Lisa, her hand still caressing Lisa’s bottom.

“Come on. I want to know more. How does all this work?”

“It depends. It’s different every time.”

“Ok, so how did this one happen? I want details.”

Lisa thought quickly. She wasn’t ready talk about Friday nights. She was beginning to realise why Judy had kept quiet for so long. She’d have to extemporise a bit, not exactly lie, just use another example.

“We like dressing up games,” she started. “Judy gets dressed up as a grand lady and I’m her maid. I’ve got the complete uniform.”

“Let me see, let me see.” They got up off the bed and Lisa fetched her maid’s outfit from the wardrobe.

“That’s fantastic. You’re dead serious about all this, aren’t you?”

“Oh, yes. It takes ages to put on. Look, it’s really authentic.” The two girls pored over the dress, Abebi examining it with care.

“And Judy, what does she wear?”

“Oh she’s got this gorgeous gown in a deep burgundy. It’s just as authentic as this; real period detail. You know the sort of thing, full skirt, really tight bodice for an hourglass figure, leg of mutton sleeves and lots and lots of lace. She looks gorgeous in it. But first of all I bathe her.”

“Bathe her? How does that work?”

“Well I have to run her bath and then, when she gets in, I wash her all over. Then I have to dry her, dress her and help her get ready. Look, I know this is difficult to understand but it really gets to me, I adore looking after her like that. It’s an act of… of love.”

“Wow. And then?”

“Well, if I’ve been naughty, I mean, if we’re playing that I’ve been naughty, she takes me downstairs to the playroom. That’s where we keep all the bits and pieces. It’s nice and private down there.”

“Can I have a look?”

“No, it’s locked and Judy keeps the key. Anyway, she straps me down over the horse, pulls up my dress and canes me. I know this sounds weird, I don’t expect you to understand, but until you’ve tried it… I never knew I could get so turned on by being caned. It’s not the pain, well, not just the pain, it’s the way she does it. It’s part of us. I’m not explaining this very well, am I?”

Abebi was silent beside Lisa. Her hand was still playing with Lisa’s bottom but the gentle strokes were now firmer, harder, more like a massage.

“Maybe you’re explaining it better than you think.” She said at last. “Come on, what happens next?”

“Then I have to thank her for the caning. You know, kissing her, down there. After that it’s all bed and cuddles.”

“I thought it would end like that.” Abebi leaned forward and kissed Lisa. “And how about kissing me ‘down there’ as you so delicately put it. You’ve got me all worked up. The least you escort bursa can do is sort it out for me.”

“I’d love to but… Please, Babes, I’m turned on too but it would be cheating on Judy.”

“She’d never know.”

“I would, that’s the point. I couldn’t go behind her back.”

“Well, you could do it in front of me. I think she deserves it.” The two girls spun round to see Judy stood by the open door.

“How… how long have you been there.” Lisa gasped.

“Long enough. I came home, thought the house was empty, and when I came upstairs your door was open. I couldn’t resist listening for a while.” Inside Judy’s heart was leaping. She’d admit to herself that her motives were far from pure when she’d snuck up on the girls. She’d seen them through the open door and couldn’t resist the opportunity to eavesdrop for a while. To think she’d been jealous of Abebi. She should have known, she should have trusted Lisa, and now, purely by chance, she’d been reassured in the best way possible. And with a little luck it was threesomes tonight!

Abebi felt like a schoolgirl found smoking behind the bike sheds. She’d been caught with her pants down, well, with Lisa’s pants down to be exact, and she didn’t know how to react. And here was Judy suggesting that she and Lisa should carry on with her consent. It was all a bit too much to take in at once.

Lisa was also a little taken aback. Her state of undress wasn’t a problem, she was getting used to being half, or indeed, completely, naked in front of Judy but she had been caught in a clinch. Although she hadn’t let it go any further she felt she’d let Judy down. When she looked up at Judy she saw she was smiling, moreover there was a glint in her eye she had come to recognise. It looked like there were three, not two, sexually aroused women in the room.

“Yes, I think the two of you should carry on. But first of all I think Lisa should give you a bath to get you in the mood. Come along now.” Judy was used to commanding a boardroom, her tone had carried several major business deals and the two girls weren’t about to defy it. They glanced at each other, shrugged and followed Judy to the bathroom.

Whilst Lisa ran the water, and found a suitable bath oil, Judy sat down on the toilet.

“Come along, Abebi, get those clothes off, in you go.” Any doubts that Abebi might have had were again swept away by Judy’s command. It was simply easier to go along with things than to resist. She stripped off, dropping her clothes on the floor and slipped into the bath. Lisa judged that the bath was full enough and turned off the taps.

“Just lie there. Let Lisa do the work,” Judy ordered as she enjoyed the view. Abebi’s dark black skin, her tight curly bush, her pert breasts laid out before her. She really was an attractive young woman. Her slight air of unease somehow added to the allure. Judy felt back in control again.

Lisa took the sponge, gently lifted Abebi’s leg clear of the water, and set to work. The sponge soft against her skin, the perfume from the bath oil, the warm water surrounding her, holding her, were a heady mix that lulled Abebi into a relaxed, almost dreamlike state. She could almost forget that Judy was watching. Lisa had reached her thighs and the water cascading down from the sponge felt wonderful against her skin. Lisa’s story had turned her on, she wasn’t going to deny that, but this was deeper, more sensual. Lisa finished her legs and moved on to her arms. Again this was somehow far more erotic than if Lisa had simply plunged straight in. Abebi longed to feel the sponge on her breasts, on her belly, on her groin but there was no hurry.

Now Lisa was starting on her breasts. Abebi arched her back, lifting them, offering them.

“Now, now,” Judy admonished. “Let Lisa do the work.”

Abebi relaxed back into the water. The enforced passiveness was slightly frustrating but it added to the tension inside her. Part of her wanted to grab Lisa’s head and pull it down to her groin, to hell with the risk of drowning, but she was beginning to realise that greater pleasure lay in waiting. No wonder Lisa had described Judy as a wonderful lover, she may not be an active participant but she certainly knew how to turn a woman on!

Lisa worked lower, tenderly caressing the gentle mound of Abebi’s stomach, her lower belly, and finally her groin. Abebi couldn’t suppress a groan of contentment as the sponge, and the warm water off it, moved between her legs. This was so delicious, so entrancing, she could lie there forever.

“Ok, that’s enough.” Judy leaned down and pulled the plug and Lisa stood up to allow Abebi out of the bath.

“Lisa told me about this but I never realised how good it could be.”

“Uh huh, no talking now, you just relax and enjoy it.” Judy’s tone had softened, gone from boardroom to schoolroom, but it still commanded.

Lisa picked a soft, fluffy towel and dried Abebi down. When Abebi went to help a gentle wave of the forefinger from Judy reminded her that Lisa should do all the work. As Lisa reached her feet she bent forward and gently kissed her toes. Abebi felt this strange mixture of control and controlled. Here she was with Lisa crouched before her tending to her every need. On the other hand it could not be denied that the dominant force in the room was Judy, it was her tune that everyone danced to.

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