Lady Comet Meets the Baroness

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Note: This fictional story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent.

This is a work of fiction, intended to entertain adult readers. It has graphic lesbian scenes and some offensive language.

If you can’t legally view this, please don’t!

All characters depicted in sexual situations are over 21.

Dear readers, this is my third story. It’s different from my previous two. It combines lesbian and sci-fi fantasy. I’d like to give special thanks to my editor SexyGeek who helped me to overcome any vocabulary/grammar barriers and make this story possible.

Dear readers, I present you, Lady Comet meets the Baroness.

Don’t forget to rate it. Any feedback is most welcomed!



A figure was sitting on a leather chair watching multiple screens. The screens showed a busty blonde woman dressed in red tight spandex, red boots and white cape. She was wearing a red mask that covered her upper face.

“Those piercing blue eyes. What a body. You bitch, your time will come soon,” the woman commented. The last 5 years had been Hell for Tatiana Cunt, known in the underworld as the Baroness. A tall 42 year old woman with short black hair, black eyes, full lips, tanned tight body, muscular ass, huge round boobs and sensual curved hips, she was the most cunning villain in the city. She always took whatever she liked. Her voice was sensual with a thick accent. She always dressed in tight leather pants or short skirts.

She was a decadent bitch ready to seek pleasure from men and women. Especially women. The men broke easy after a few minutes of intense sex but the pleasure that women could provide was something arousing for her. She liked to seduce and fuck women of power, bitches like her. On her huge bed many of them, their bodies glimmering from sweat or their faces buried in her pussy, declared their sexual surrender screaming in pleasure, becoming sextoys for the Baroness. But now that was a thing of the past; her gaze, her lust, her vengeance was set upon this mysterious opponent. How she wanted to squeeze those milk bags of hers, lock her pussy with her own, make her scream, transform her, humiliate her from a powerful superheroine to her sexual slave.

Every job she tried to do the blonde bitch that called herself Lady Comet stood in her way, especially where the job involved diamonds and works of art. Her underground business was sinking. All these years the Baroness gained lots of money, gold and diamonds by stealing them. She was untouchable, till 5 years ago Lady Comet appeared out of thin air. A woman enhanced with superhuman abilities, she could fly, she could bend the strongest metal, she was bulletproof and she was the one responsible for sending to prison many of Tatiana’s associates.

From pure luck Tatiana herself wasn’t behind bars. The Baroness was a well respected powerful aristocrat in the city of Cronum. She made lots of donations to the city. Even the mayor was so impressed with her that proposed her to run for the elections and become the head of the city. An interesting proposal but other urgent matters took her money and time – like finding the woman behind the mask, her identity, and how she possessed that kind of powers.

The Baroness once came face to face with this woman and she barely escaped. Her strongest bodyguards and mercenaries couldn’t stop the superheroine. Although she knew how to fight as an expert in martial arts she couldn’t match Lady Comet’s speed and strength. Not to mention that Comet could have burned her alive thanks to those beams of red energy that the superheroine could produce from her eyes and hands.

She dedicated her vast resources to learn about her enemy and after many fruitless efforts she had results. Underground her mansion demented scientists that were freed from heavily guarded prison were working night and day in her labs to find how the power of Comet could be neutralized or countered with equal force. High tech surveillance equipment and super computers analyzed the superheroine’s way of fighting and tried to detect her true identity and her refuge.

One scientist dressed in a lab coat and one bodyguard stood behind her.

“Mistress, we have answers.” The bodyguard said.

“Finally, just when I thought that I have been throwing money and time in the dumpster all of these years! Speak, and be careful not to waste my time again!” The baroness replied with a cold voice.

“We have managed to identify the woman behind the mask and not only that, we have tracked down her current place of residence. The doctor here has made a breakthrough regarding Comet’s superhuman abilities and how to counter them,” the bodyguard said with a hesitant voice and nodded to the scientist to speak.

“Baroness, after very careful observation of Comet’s abilities we’ve managed to compose a liquid substance, a formula from a single hair we found at the place of your last encounter with Lady Comet, which could alter your physiology and give you extraordinary strength bursa escort but we can’t be sure about other abilities that you’ll gain and if your body could withstand the transformation. There are an unknown number of side effects. We are still long way from the final completion as we need more tests,” the scientist said in a calm skeptical voice.

The Baroness’ mind was racing. She couldn’t hide her enthusiasm at the news. She turned and looked at the two men as a wicked smile formed in her beautiful face.

“Finally, yes, I want to see that slut’s unmasked face as she realizes that her days as the most powerful woman in town are over. No more tests. I’ll test it myself; every day that the blonde bitch is sticking her nose in my business makes me crazy. She costs me lot of money not to mention my reputation in certain circles. Some of my associates think that I’m afraid of her, but no more. If she wants to play we’ll play but on my own terms.”

“But we’re months away from any permanent results, there is a danger…” the scientist tried to protest but the Baroness cut him off.

“Enough! My decision is final. Make the necessary preparations. I never feared anyone or anything. Risk is a part of the game and this time I’ll go all in.” The Baroness spoke as she stood up and went to her chambers, the whole anticipation to learn who Comet was, how this formula would alter her, what abilities she would gain made her feel aroused. She needed to release her tension and prepare herself for the things to come.

Some miles away deep in the large forest north of the city stood a large isolated wooden cabin. That was the house, the refuge of the 25 year old Sarah Jones. At day she was just a secretary in a large shipping company. At night she was transformed to the protector of the weak, the defender of justice the mighty Lady Comet.

The city of Cronum was a dangerous place for someone to live in. Although the law enforcement agencies did their best, the criminal activity was unstoppable. Corruption, thieves, criminals, drugs and many more were casting their shadow upon this once peaceful and beautiful city. Everything changed 5 years ago when one night Sarah slept and woke up in the morning feeling revitalized, reborn. She realized that something was very different when the same morning she opened her front door and the door was ripped apart from its hinges. She also realized that the sense of smell, eyesight, and hearing improved in such a rate that she almost felt dizzy from how her brain and senses were analyzing every detail of the environment around her. Her gaze could see through walls.

She also found that her speed was increased exponentially. She couldn’t go jogging anymore as she was very fast. Her body transformed too. Her breasts became bigger, her hips and legs got toned, she had the body of an athlete. Her two last abilities were levitation and the small energy beams that she could produce from her eyes and hands when she was focused enough. She almost burned down her previous house.

As the months passed slowly she started to control those new found abilities. But she had to keep her distance for a while from her friends and family as they would notice her sudden changes. She got a job as a secretary in a large shipping company and the money was good. She decided to buy an isolated cabin where she could use it to master her new abilities away from unwanted attention. The questions that filled her mind were many. How all this happened? Why? Was she in danger from all these changes? Should she seek medical attention? Then the picture of her in a hospital bed with scientists all around poking her with needles made the hairs in the back of her neck to stand up. She rejected that thought immediately. Is there anyone else like her? What would she do?

As the days passed she found out by reading the newspapers and watching the news that a phenomenon occurred the night that she was sleeping, a comet that made a pass every two hundred years very close to the planet. But the weird thing was that this particular comet covered the entire atmosphere of the planet for half an hour with a silver glow that caused many people to feel dizzy or faint. Was that the answer she was looking for?

Then she read the other news that was, as always, dire. Murders, thefts street gangs and other criminal activity. The once quiet city of Cronum was the capital of major crime, nobody was safe. An idea started to form in her mind, something risky and dangerous. She remembered all these comic books that she read in her younger age and decided to follow the example. She created her own outfit in the colour she always liked and a mask so that nobody could identify her. She decided take the name of what she thought was the main cause of her condition, Lady Comet. She created an insignia to the center of her suit with a flaming comet in a white circle.

In the day she was an attractive blonde secretary, a teaser with long legs, an object of desire for her colleagues and her bosses but at night she transformed to an unstoppable escort bursa force of justice, a defender of the weak, patrolling the dark alleys and the streets of the city tracking down thugs and criminals. She used her super hearing to listen the communications of the law enforcement agencies so she could be the first in the scene of the crime. When the police arrived in the scene they found the criminals in question unconscious, the witnesses talked about the woman in red, a vigilante that came from the sky and saved them.

Her reputation spread wide across the city and soon everybody knew about the famous Lady Comet. Many debates started about her identity and especially her superhuman abilities. Even the military got involved. At first they thought of her as an alien. The police tried to hunt her down, but the citizens of Cronum rebelled as the crime rates started to fall. After a lot of thought the heads of the city decided to look the other way as they started to get results and the elections were near.

The crime lords of the city put a bounty on her head. She learned that she was also bulletproof as the bullets couldn’t penetrate her skin. Soon Lady Comet exposed every criminal lord and their underground enterprises. The streets were almost safe. Almost. There was a person that nobody wanted to talk about and few saw her up close. She was called Baroness, the information about her was very little as nobody wanted to talk about this cunning perverted woman. Everyone was terrified of her. Comet almost caught her, as she was trying to steal a very expensive diamond. A tall woman dressed in black and wearing a full mask tried to face her but she was no match for Comet. She would have caught her when her armed thugs appeared with heavy firepower and draw her attention.

For those few seconds she recalled the encounter with this woman that called herself Baroness and remembered some details. Her thick accent as she introduced herself, her perfume of exotic flowers, how her full body tight black uniform stretched in her curved body and her huge breasts. For a moment she had the impression that the Baroness licked her lips and she was checking her body, not to mention that she tried to touch Lady Comet’s ass before her fist landed in the villain’s jaw.

But there were something that made Sarah frustrated, angry and sad. Her abilities had disadvantages. She caught herself wondering sometimes if all these were a blessing or a curse. She was a 25 year old woman that lived in isolation. She couldn’t enjoy her life as other women of her age and the most important thing, she was afraid to have sex. She almost broke the pelvis of her lust boyfriend as during sex she was riding him and in her ecstasy lost her control. She tried to calm the fire that was raging between her thighs with dildos and fingers but there was no satisfaction for her. She needed her naked body to make contact with another one to feel the pleasure and the excitement of sex.

It was afternoon and Sarah was preparing to have a shower when someone knocked her door.

“Who could it be and why haven’t I heard footsteps? The only close neighbors there are a couple miles away and they come to their cabin only in summer. My family knows my place but always call before they visit,” Sarah thought.

She put on her robe and scanned through the door. A woman was standing behind her door but for some reason her sight couldn’t make any other details. “Strange”, she thought and opened the door. Her eyes took in the scene. There was a tall very attractive woman with short cut hair, around the age of forty, dressed with a full leather tight black uniform with a zipper in her neck and knee high black spiked boots. After noticing her incredible body and the huge breasts, Sarah locked eyes with the woman.

“Good afternoon, is this the place of Sarah Jones?” the woman asked politely with thick foreign accent.

“Well, yes! How may I help you?” Sarah replied with a little unease in her voice, her senses warned her about this person

“Oh! I’m very happy to finally meet you. I’m looking for you for a long time Miss Jones. You caused me a lot of problems during the last five years.”

“Excuse me, and you are? ” Sarah cut her off, her unease increasing. Something was bothering her but she couldn’t make out what.

“How impolite from me, where are my manners. I’m Tatiana Cunt but you might know me as the Baroness, Lady Comet.

Sarah’s surprise was such that cost her valuable seconds to react as two things happened instantly. Baroness grabbed her from her robe and kissed her, as their lips met for an instant the Baroness’ tongue lashed out and touched her own. The power inside Comet stared. Her entire body trembled as an electric current passed through her, her shock grew even bigger when a punch landed on her jaw. Her last thoughts before she flew crushing to the far wall were, “The perfume, the thick accent, the huge breasts, how did I miss all that?”

What Sarah could not have known was that The Baroness had injected herself five days bursa escort bayan ago with the formula under the protests of her scientist and the frightened eyes of her bodyguards. She gave strict orders in case something went wrong to transfer all of her assets to her sister with the note that she would be obligated to avenge her demise and the person responsible. She also ordered Comet’s picture and true identity to be sent to every criminal of the city along with the newspapers. But first she wanted to meet with her up close. She was staring at the picture of the beautiful woman under the mask.

“So you Sarah Jones are the famous Lady Comet, damn it, a fucking secretary is the reason that I am in this shitty situation. So sit tight in your isolated cabin, nobody will hear your screams, bitch. You’re quite a catch, I must admit, I might play with you a little before I end you,” the Baroness thought as the fluid run through her veins. The first two days her entire body was burning, she trembled, she was full of sweat, she couldn’t move, when finally she fainted. The third day she opened her eyes.

“Mistress are you ok? You had us worried,” her bodyguard said as four scientists ran to her bed and started to check her readings.

“Get off me now!” the Baroness screamed as she stood up. Everyone in the room stepped back in fear. Her naked body had a faint purple glow. She went to her bedroom wall and punched it. Her fist penetrated the concrete wall like a paper. She turned her intense gaze to the people in the room. “Leave now,” she whispered. The last two days she spent testing her powers which in her disappointment were only three. Her supernatural strength and her speed and the way she was looking at the environment around her, like she was watching through the life force of people, animals and even plants. Nobody could explain that. This sight would appear suddenly and then return to normal. There was no super hearing, she couldn’t levitate or call forth energy beams. A mystery for herself and her scientists was the faint purple glow that appeared a few times and nobody could explain.

One side effect was that her sexual urges were intensified in such a rate that she could barely control them. She fucked men and women in such numbers and intensity that all of her sexual partners couldn’t take anymore, she played with herself and with her huge dildos but her satisfaction was little. She was always close to an orgasm without achieving it, she felt like she was trying to stop a tsunami. Her pussy always burned with need, her nipples were hard as rock, although despite all these things, her determination and lust for vengeance against Lady Comet overcame these side effects. She felt revitalized and ready for the fight. She started walking from her Villa and when there was nobody around she began running with supernatural speed in the woods towards the isolated cabin of Lady Comet.

When she approached the cabin her sexual urges became suddenly so intense that she was on the edge of losing every control. She could barely walk.

“Damn it! I must do this.” She said to herself and after taking some long breaths she managed to put her sexual need under control. When she knocked at the door and a beautiful blonde dressed in a short white robe opened it she was impressed. She calmed her voice and introduced herself. The expression in Lady Comet’s face when she told her that she knew her true identity surprised and shocked the blonde woman, and that was the time the Baroness needed to act. Then her suppressed sexual tension came to surface once more and pushed her to kiss Lady Comet. When their lips met and their tongues touched for a brief moment, her entire body arched in pleasure, she felt supercharged, it was like something entered her with the kiss and filled her, it was like a small orgasm, a taste of sexual bliss but it was so short. She came back to her senses and immediately punched the confused blonde heroine as hard as she could and with satisfaction saw her body flying to the other side of the house and crashing into a wall.

Lady Comet took a moment to stand up. She looked behind her at the cracked wooden wall. Then she turned her gaze upon the arch villain. Her blue eyes were burning with hatred. The Baroness’ body started to glow in a purple light.

“You demented bitch, what have you done? Where did you find this kind of strength?” Comet asked in a voice full of rage.

“Well it’s simple Lady Whore, first I couldn’t allow you to stick your nose into my business and second I wanted what you have and when I want something I just take it. Now you’ll pay for what you’ve done to me. I might show you some mercy in the end and just fuck you for a while before I end the legend of the Lady Slut,” the Baroness replied in a mocking voice.

“I’ll give you one more chance to surrender or you will feel my wrath. Whatever you’ve done you’re no match for me, soon you’ll be under chains in the deepest hole and you’ll beg for the light of day. You’re just a petty criminal with dreams of grandeur,” Lady Comet said as she ripped off her robe and called forth her power. Now her eyes and her naked body were glowing with the power that the comet bestowed upon her. She extended her glowing fists as she prepared to use her power to end the villainess once and for all.

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