Linda had lived alone in the Midwest since her husband left several years ago.

It was painful at first. She always loved her husband and did her own thing. Now that he was gone, she kept doing her own thing, and was still trying to find someone to love.

One afternoon she was watching TV she saw a commercial for the nearby college, and thought maybe there was something there for her. She had graduated from an out of state college where she met her husband.

On a whim, she decided to take some classes, mainly to keep busy.

Although about 25 years older than the other students, Linda looked like a college coed. She stood 5’4″ and wore her brunette hair short.

She had an athletic form, which she kept up by running 5 or 6 miles every other day. She was happy with herself, even with her ass that had gotten a bit wider with age.

The first day Linda arrived in her arts history class, wearing a sleeveless pink top and a white fluffy skirt that hit her mid-thigh. It was a hot fall day and Linda wanted to be comfortable.

One of the other students liked what he saw when Linda walked in and sat down near the front.

Jim sat in the back row and paid more attention to the sexiest woman he had ever laid eyes on rather than the professor.

As the class ended, Jim stepped up and introduced himself.

“Hi there, my name is Jim, and I wonder if you aren’t doing anything now, join me for coffee and talk about the class,” he said.

Linda couldn’t believe she met someone the first class. She suddenly noticed she was getting warmer, her heart was beating faster and she was breathing heavily.

“Oh, ah, hello. My name is Linda,” she thought she said. So enamored with Jim, she readily agreed.

Jim suggested they walk to a nearby Starbucks, and could walk there as it was a couple blocks away.

Linda held Jim’s hand as they walked and they talked about the class and it’s instructor.

Linda ordered a Carmel Café Mocha Tall, and Jim got a Black Grande. He paid and let Linda find a table as he brought the drinks over.

“Jim, I guess you should know, I’m a little older than you.”

Jim touched Linda’s knee, and said, “I know you are a bit older, and I like that about you. I really like everything about you so far. You have great blue eyes I could get lost in, your smile is so adorable, and you have great legs. Do you do any running?”

Linda almost couldn’t breathe. She thought of what to say.

“Yes, about 5-miles a few times a week, would you like to join me tomorrow morning.”

Jim agreed, and they settled on meeting the next morning at his fraternity house and running along a nearby trail.

Linda pulled up to the address around 8 am. She got out of the car, wearing a sleeveless running shirt over a sports bra, and tight short running shorts and her running socks and shoes. She was trying to impress Jim.

She drew double takes upon entering the front door, and asked a boy if he could get Jim for her.

“Jim the pledge master? Ah sure, are you his mom?” a kid said.

“Hahahaha, no, no, I’m a friend, Linda.”

Soon Jim arrived and welcomed Linda to the home. She hugged Jim and he hugged her back.

He asked her if she wanted a tour, but she said they better go for an early run.

Jim said he was ready, wearing a Frat shirt and shorts, low socks and black running shoes. They started running down the street and crossed over to the trail. Linda was trying to impress Jim and took out on a fast pace, and Jim kept up, sometimes trailing a bit to observe her ass which he was starting to admire.

They talked about the weather and Jim talked about other classes he was taking. They ran on a loop and in 50 minutes had arrived back at the fraternity. Both were breathing slightly heavy, and Jim invited Linda inside to clean up. She hesitated, but relented when Jim said he had his own shower.

They climbed some stairs and turned down a long hallway with Jim’s room near the end. He grabbed a clean towel for Linda and gave her a quick tour of his room and bathroom.

She closed the door, locked it, then kicked off her shoes, stripped out of her sweaty clothes and hopped in a hot shower. She secretly was hoping Jim would come in.

Linda used some of Jim’s soap and shampoo, got cleaned, dried off, wrapped the towel around her and exited the bathroom. She asked Jim to hand her the bag she brought with her and went back to the bathroom to change.

Linda gaziantep escort bayan numaraları put her sweaty clothes in the bag. She entered the room, kissed Jim, and he walked her out of the house.

They exchanged phone numbers and Jim said he would call her.

When Linda got home, she stripped out of the clothes and took a hot bath. She called her best friend, Kathleen, and told her of her day.

“Are you saying you are seeing a fraternity boy?” Kathleen said in a startled voice.

“Jim is a man and I think I’m love with him.,” Linda said in a correcting term. “So far we have gone for a run together, had coffee, he held my knee,” she said in a beaming voice.

“And showering at his fraternity house? Are you sleeping with him?”

“Ah, not yet,” Linda said.

“You are terrible,” Kathleen said and laughed. “Simply terrible. He could be your son. His parents may be younger than you,” Kathleen said.

“Wait, hold on, he’s calling me,” Linda said. “Gosh, you sound like a teenager in love,” Kathleen said.

“Hi, Linda? It’s Jim, I was thinking about you. Do you have plans yet for dinner?”

Linda again felt her heart racing. She so was excited about Jim, and she didn’t want to let Kathleen ‘s comments deter her. She asked him to hold on, and told Kathleen about the invitation.

“You’re not going, are you?” She said.

” I am. I like Jim a lot.”

“Linda, c’mon, be serious,” Kathleen said.

“He makes me feel good. I’ll call you latter,” Linda said.

“Hello Jim, sorry about that, yeah, I’d like to join you for dinner.”

“Great, what about Beams Steakhouse?” Jim said.

“Yeah, that’s good. Why don’t you pick me up at 6 pm?”

Jim agreed, got her address, and they said goodbye.

Linda really wanted to look good, and found her little black dress in her closet, matched it with short black sheer thigh high nylons, low healed black sandals, and a matching black bra and bikini panties.

She made up her face and hair and found a nice necklace to wear.

Jim arrived at the door and brought Linda a bouquet of flowers. She thanked him, placed them in some water and they left..

He helped her up into his pickup truck, letting her use his knee as a step into the truck, and he ran around the other side and they took off.

At the restaurant, Jim ordered a glass of wine for Linda, and ordered a beer for himself.

Jim ordered salads for each of them to have prior to their meals, which Jim ordered two New York Strip steaks and baked potatoes.

Linda told him about her past, how her husband left her, and how she was glad He had asked her out.

Jim told him about his past, what was happening at the fraternity, and how he was really pleased with what had happened so far.

Linda felt comfortable telling Jim she was 43, and Jim admitted he was 20. Neither Linda or Jim were taken aback by either’s age.

Jim went over a party schedule at his fraternity and hoped there might be one event she might attend. Linda didn’t hesitate to say she would be glad to accompany Jim to any event he chose.

They ended their dinner, and Linda insisted on paying. Jim wasn’t so pleased, but Linda told him he could get the check the next time.

She invited him over to continue their evening. Linda almost offered Jim a drink before remembering his age. She sat on the sofa next to him. Jim made the first move and kissed Linda softly and pulled away. Linda then pressed her lips on Jim’s and put her hands on his back. He pulled back and removed his shirt. Linda’s eyes opened wide at the sight of Jim’s muscled chest and flat stomach.

She told him to take the rest off. She had nervous energy and blurted her request out. Her heart raced when Jim stood up, kicked off his shoes, and removed his socks, then unbuckled his pants and took them down with his boxer shorts.

Linda liked Jim’s tight ass and shuddered when she saw his semi erect penis, which already looked as big as her forearm.

She beckoned him back with her finger and he sat back next her to make out some more, eventually sitting on his lap, with his erection pressed down on her ass.

“This is the first time I’ve gotten naked first,” he told Linda.

“You look amazing darling,,” she said, and they kissed some more.

Linda got up and led him to her bedroom. She had him sit on the edge and she leaned on his broad gaziantep escort pornoları shoulders to take her heels off. She asked him to unzip her dress, and it fell to the floor. With her back turned, he undid her bra clasp, Jim rolled off her nylons and then he slipped her panties down. He held her hand as she stepped out of her panties, and leaned forward to kiss her tight butt.

She turned around and jumped on Jim, and laid on top of him as they kissed. Her small breasts mashed against his chest. Her pale pink nipples were already erect. She reached down to grab his cock and gasped as she could only fit half her hand around its width.

Jim flipped Linda over on the bed, and used his hands and mouth to pleasure her nipples.

Then he moved down to Linda’s body and kiss her slightly open pussy. She had shaved her legs and bikini area earlier in the day, and Jim seemed to like it, licking her outer labia and used his tongue to taste her inner labia.

Linda was bucking her hips and breathing heavy at the attention and placed one hand on her breasts and the other on Jim’s head, stoking his hair and soon treated him to her orgasm, some of which splashed out on Jim’s face.

He moved up and kissed her as he positioned his hard cock against her pussy and let it slide inside. He moved in and out at a slow pace, and was dropping sweat on Linda’s already glowing body.

They kissed softly as Jim increased his pace and was thinking he was going to cum soon. He kept going and without saying anything pulled out and stroked himself a few times before blasting off on her chest and stomach. Four shots of cum landed on Linda as she smiled. When he was done, Jim rolled back next to Linda and cuddled her as they kissed.

Linda rubbed her fingers on her body, and tasted Jim’s thick cum. She smiled as she really loved it.

They got up and took a shower together, and Jim talked about which fraternity event he wanted Linda to attend.

Jim kissed Linda goodbye, and she went to bed. He let himself out of her house and drove back to his fraternity.

The next morning Linda asked Kathleen to meet her at another Starbucks near the downtown area. She told Kathleen everything that happened, and Kathleen looked envious and alarmed at the same time.

“Are you going to the pledge mixer,” Kathleen said with a laugh.

“They’re having a fundraising event and Jim said I could help with marketing,” Linda said.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Linda, you’ve got to stop this.”

“I can’t. I love him,” she said.

Linda asked her friend if she wanted to attend the mixer, as there would be alcohol served. Kathleen considered the hot sex story she heard and said, “Maybe.”

Jim and Linda became a couple, and started going out more, attended football tailgating parties, where she turned around when the guys were drinking, but otherwise kept by Jim’s side at all times. The other fraternity members all treated her with respect, which Linda thought was due to her boyfriend’s insistence.

The big mixer was coming up, and Linda convinced her best friend to attend, telling her Jim would find a nice guy for her to date.

“I’m just going to see how you act,” She said.

The women entered the Fraternity lobby and all the guys greeted Linda by her first name. Jim arrived and kissed Linda, then introduced himself to her friend.

“You must be Kathleen,” Jim said, shaking her right hand. “Linda is a great woman.”

“She is,” Kathleen said.

Looking around, Jim found the guy he chose to accompany Kathleen. “Dan, over here man.”

“Hey Linda. Hi, uh, Kathleen is it? My name is Dan, and…” he said, trailing off as he was entranced by Kathleen ‘s beauty. She was taller than Linda, shoulder-length brunette hair, larger boobs than Linda and a curvaceous figure.

Kathleen thought she must be crazy being there, but she loved her friend and wanted her to be happy, so she went along.

Jim gave them a tour of the fraternity for Kathleen’s sake, and had his hand on the small of Linda’s back to guide her along.

Suddenly Kathleen looked around and Linda and Jim were gone. Jim dragged Linda into his room, pressed her against the closed door and kissed her hard.

“You look so hot today,” he said as he reached under Linda’s shirt, and under her bra.

Linda felt awesome. Jim pulled her onto his bed and started undressing her. Jim planted gaziantep escort portalı kisses all over her body, then used his hands to lift her ass up and used his lips and tongue to pleasure her. Linda was very turned on and her pussy was already wet.

She kept her hands on Jim’s back and used her fingers to stroke his hair, as Jim increased his pace. Linda thrashed against the bed and soon achieved an orgasm.

She then laid back and Jim crawled up to her.

“Would you consider sleeping here tonight?”

Linda thought for a few seconds and said, “That would be great,” with a big smile.

“I’ll let you get ready to go and we can leave together,” Jim said.

Linda found Kathleen standing in the kitchen talking to some boys when she saw Linda and asked where she had been.

“Jim went down on me in his bedroom,” she said smiling.

“What am I going to do with you,” Kathleen said.

“He also asked me to sleep over, and I’m going to,” Linda said laughing to herself.

“You are so bad girl. Are going to go, you know, all the way?” her friend said with a sly laugh.

Kind gave her friend a look, then went to help Jim.

Toward the evening Linda texted Kathleen, Do you want to get dinner with Jim and me?” Kathleen texted back, “I left hours ago and am at home with a glass of red wine. Be carful.”

Jim took Linda out for pizza. This time she was able to get in his truck herself.

They were seated and Jim ordered a round of beer and water, and a medium supreme pizza.

He held Linda’s hand, and she felt at ease.

“You are so charming Jim. I am falling in love you,” she said.

“I love you Linda. You are very special to me.”

They sipped their beers and talked about the day, what went right and wrong, what happened to Kathleen, then the pizza arrived.

Jim had three slices and Kathleen had one. They decided to take the rest home.

Jim drove them to a bar where a local band was playing. They listened to the music for awhile and Linda leaned into Jim. Soon he said they should get out of there. She agreed and they went back to their Fraternity house. Jim tossed the pizza box at a couple guys watching TV, and they went to his room.

Inside, Jim turned on some music to set the mood, and pulled out a white box with a pink ribbon, and gave it to Linda, who blushed a little as she was surprised.

“I thought you might like it..”

Linda unwrapped the ribbon and open a side of the box and sighed.

“You should not of done this sweetie, but I’m very excited to try it on for you.”

She went to the bathroom. Jim thought about undressing, but decided to wait.

Linda took about 10 minutes, admiring herself in the mirror, then opened the door and stood in front of Jim with a little smile. She was wearing a red sheer babydoll which flowed out at the bottom, red thigh high nylons and her heels.

“Am I your little babydoll?” Linda asked.

“Yes! Holy fuck! You are so beautiful,” said Jim as he went to embrace and kiss Linda. “You look amazing honey. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

He led Linda to his bed and she laid down on her side.

He took off his shirt and removed his shoes and socks. He took his jeans off and his boxers and his cock was already hard.

He laid next to his girlfriend and helped her out of the babydoll, allowing it to slide down her body. She asked Jim something and he moved up and Linda tried to take his penis in her mouth.

She opened as wide as she could. The head was too big to enter her mouth, so she kissed and licked the bulbous head, and licked around the sides.

Jim felt aroused and moved down, pushed her babydoll down her legs and placed it on the bed. She was now nude except for her nylons.

He got his penis half way in her hot pussy when he looked at Linda. “I want you to cum in me,” she said.

He pushed further and started stroking in and out. Linda was getting close to having an orgasm. Jim noticed and picked up his pace.

Soon Linda was coming, splashing on Jim’s cock and providing him extra lubrication. He thought about where he wanted to cum, and soon pulled out and placed his penis head at Linda’s mouth. She opened up and he stroked himself and started shooting off his cum inside her mouth. He blasted three times and then lowered his penis.

Linda smiled, showed Jim the cum on her tongue, then swallowed and smiled.

They kissed and Jim helped Linda out of her nylons and they took a shower together. Then they went to bed nude.

The next morning, they decided to go to their Arts History class. Linda didn’t bring an extra set of clothes. Jim found his cleanest fraternity shirt and shorts and handed them to Linda. They fit her nicely without underwear. After he dressed they walked out of the fraternity house to their class arm in arm.

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