I’m Brad and I’m a 22 year old guy. I was on holiday in Spain when I finally plucked up the courage to visit my first nudist beach. It had fascinated me for a while and I decided it was now or never.

I grabbed a towel and threw a few things into my rucksack and set off down to the sea. I had checked out the beach on the first day of my holiday and noticed the signs so I knew if I headed out to the west of the main beach I would find the nudist area.

When I walked onto the beach I noticed it was largely empty. There were a few people near the water’s edge and some others in the middle. I chose a spot near some rocks near the cliff face at the far end and unpacked my towel.

Even though I’d been planning this for some time I still felt incredibly nervous. I took off my t-shirt first and then quickly looked round to see if anyone was watching. I decided to take the plunge and whipped off my shorts straight away. I quickly felt the breeze and heat on my bare skin and I enjoyed the sensation. My cock is nothing extraordinary and I had been worried about it misbehaving. I looked down and was relieved to see it was asleep. I sat down on the towel and poured lotion over my body and settled down to sunbathe. I decided to lie on my front 1st to let myself get used to the situation.

I quickly dozed and I didn’t stir until I heard voices nearby. I looked up and saw two women setting out towels nearby,

The one closest to me looked to be in her early 20’s. She was slim blonde and had a nice pale green bikini on. The other woman must have been in her late 40’s. She was gaziantep bayan escort shorter than the other one and she had on a more conservative patterned bikini. They began to settle down onto their towels and I noticed the older one took the lead and untied her top and slipped it off. Her breasts were quite firm and she had large dark nipples. She then pulled off her bottoms and to my frustration turned away so all I could see was her behind. Still it was worth seeing and was still nicely rounded.

The younger woman then followed suit and untied her top. Her boobs weren’t as big but were very firm and she had no hesitation in pulling down her bottoms. I could see her pussy was neatly trimmed and it was clear from her naked body that she worked out. This show had the inevitable effect on my cock which I suddenly became aware was hardening. I was relieved I was lying on my stomach. Once they settled down they both lay on their backs and seemed to drift off to sleep. I knew I had to do something to take my mind off my hard on so I decided to go for a swim. I quickly got up and ran the 50 metres or so down to the sea. The other people on the beach were too far away to notice my excitement and

I plunged into the water. After a few minutes in the sea my cock relaxed and I began to feel at ease. I swam for a while but then decided to return to the beach. I walked up the sand to my towel and as I approached the two women I noticed the older one was sat up on her towel looking my way. Her legs were spread and I could see her hairy pussy gaziantep bayan escort ilanları clearly. Straight away I felt my cock begin to harden again and I strode quickly back to my towel. I sat down and noticed she was looking my way with a smile on her face.

I got out the tanning lotion and began to apply some. She didn’t look away as I applied it to my stomach and legs. I then began to apply some to my shaft and as soon as I touched it it became rock hard. I was tempted to keep rubbing it but I stopped myself. Just then the younger of the two women got up and walked off towards the sea. I enjoyed watching her gorgeous ass as she walked to the water and strode in.

Suddenly I noticed the older one get up but instead of following her she walked over to me. “Hi I’m Jen,” she said as she stood over me. “Uh hi, Brad how are u doing?” “Fine thanks,” she replied, “your first time on a beach like this isn’t it?”

Blushing I nodded my head and a broad smile crossed her face, “Don’t worry a lot of guys get hard ons it’s human nature. Was it me or my daughter that got you hard?

I went even redder when she asked me that question and I couldn’t answer.

“Why don’t you go and relieve yourself behind those rocks?” She paused and then went on, “Or would u like some help.” I couldn’t believe my luck, here I was naked on a beach with a naked older woman hitting on me.

“Sure, let’s go,” I said. I got up and there was no hiding my cock now from her. We walked round to the other side of the rocks out gaziantep bayan escort reklamları of sight. I stood in front of her and she stood and looked me up and down. “Let me see you rub that cock of yours.” I didn’t need any more encouragement and I grabbed my shaft in my hand and started stroking it. She stood there watching me and then slowly slid her left hand towards her bush. My dick was now harder than I’d ever known it and to my joy she slid her finger onto her clit. “Do you like what you see?” I asked and she nodded a reply. “I want that cock of yours now,” she said and dropped to her knees in front of me. She grabbed the shaft in her hand and then enveloped the head in her warm mouth. I closed my eyes and savoured the sensation as her lips moved up and down my shaft. I was in heaven as I felt her tongue flick up and down the underneath of my head and I struggled to keep myself under control. I looked down and she was looking up at me as she kept sucking on my cock. She then released it and started to stroke it furiously with her hand. I wanted it to last as long as I could but the combination of lust, heat and her ability meant I was rapidly losing control. “I’m going to cum,” I groaned as I looked down at her.

She moved her head back towards my cock and opened her mouth just as the first spurt of cum exploded out of my shaft . She gulped down my hot seed and I shot another three huge spurts into her mouth and onto her face. She smiled and then slowly licked my semen off her face. She took hold of my cock again and slowly milked it dry and finished by licking it clean.

She got u p and gave me a hug “My daughter will be wondering where I’ve gone, do you want to continue this some other time?”

“Yes, I’d love to, ” I replied. She kissed me on the cheek and gave my cock a final squeeze. She gave me their hotel address and then walked out of the rocks back to the sand. I returned to my towel with a wide grin. This was turning into a great holiday.

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