Author’s note: This is the conclusion of Something’s a Bit Queer which started as an email (Letters) to me from Scott about he and Anna. There were also chats with Marc, John, Vickie, Elaine, and Kaitlyn who were characters in this story. Every character was based on people with whom I had conversations about their lives and fantasies. Thank you to everyone who commented or wrote me about the evolving storyline. Now the finish…

It had been a little over eight months since Anna had left her job at the airline and gone to work for Vickie and Greg at their Real Estate Agency. She had obtained her realtor’s license and had already sold more than a dozen homes. It was a seller’s market with inventory low and houses being flipped within a couple of weeks. But she also enjoyed helping manage the bar the couple owned as well in her spare time. Greg and Vickie had a long-time manager who had been with them from the start and Jim really had no issue bringing a newcomer in and sharing ideas, as long as it was understood, he made the final decisions.

Rock Hard was a leather bar and was never intended to be anything more than that but Anna introduced an event lineup that included food on the weekends and more female oriented programs during the week. They had chili cook offs and wings on Saturdays and sometimes just grilling out with burgers and dogs in the parking lot. A couple of nights a month they had burlesque shows that featured female impersonators.

But the essence of the bar — a hard core leather scene didn’t change. Vickie was impressed with the subtle changes Anna made and Greg enjoyed the addition of the snacks. While Rock Hard was not set up for serving food outside of the events which were permitted, Anna had installed equipment which allowed Greg to prepare deli sandwiches for he and a few close guests back in the office.

On a more personal front, Scott, her boyfriend, was anxious in the beginning when Anna encouraged him to move in with her. How would that really work? He knew they both shared strong feelings for each other but there was no denying they had needs, desires for same sex relationships. Bottom line – Scott loved Anna but he needed cock. He loved going down on a hard cock. The feel and texture of that warm flesh as it moved between his lips was not just something he desired — he had to have it!

Over the course of the eight months living together, they had sex often, but it was typically Scott going down on Anna and then Anna fucking him with her strapon. He loved having her drive her rubber cock deep into his ass. But as much as he loved being with her, he preferred the real thing! There was nothing like the feeling of a real hard cock as it pushed into his ass, slamming against him.

But the arrangement was working. Anna loved being with women as much as Scott enjoyed man sex. Surprising to Scott was not just the support she showed for the lifestyle. She was actually turned on seeing him with other men. While both were bisexual and Scott leaned heavily toward the gay scene, Anna still preferred a dick occasionally and was very content bringing home a man either from the Rock Hard Bar or someone she had met that could participate in a three way.

She would go down on Scott as he was getting drilled by another man or sometimes Scott would get a blowjob as she was enjoying riding the other man’s cock.

There were even occasions she simply sat back drinking a glass of wine as Scott went at it with another man. She watched as they pleasured each other, often playing with her pussy as Scott sucked the guy off, swallowing the huge load of cum he loved to devour. Anna often directed their action and it really turned him on as she called him a queer, cocksucker, and gay boy. The more she taunted him, the more excited he became.

In most cases, especially with men they had only just met, they always played safe, requiring their partners to wear condoms. But there were a few regulars including Greg, Marc and Chaz who they knew were clean and safe and they were allowed to take Scott bareback.

Chaz was a younger college student who was extremely well built. He was from Columbia and had a soccer scholarship. Chaz had a darker complexion and Anna loved his Latino good looks and accent. But more than anything, she loved his lovemaking. He always went down on her until she climaxed a couple of times before he slipped his huge dark cock into her warm wet pussy.

While Chaz was a top, he did enjoy going down on Scott and would often suck him off while fucking Anna. His rock-hard cock moving back and forth in her juicy shaved pussy. Anna also loved watching Chaz’s lips wrapped around Scott’s manhood, saliva dripping down on her, as Scott worked his dick back and forth in Chaz’s eager mouth. She also liked the contrast in their bodies. While both were athletic and well-toned, Scott’s slightly tanned frame against Chaz’s much darker brown skin was simply hot!

Perhaps nothing though compared to the feelings gaziantep eskort she had as Scott would go down on her after Chaz had shot his load deep into her pussy. Scott would move his tongue all along her nether lips as he teased her clit and sucked out the warm nectar Chaz had deposited just moments before. Then Scott would slide up her lean frame, her soft breasts rubbing against his hard chest, as they embraced in a hot kiss. Sharing the load he had sucked from her gorgeous pussy as Chaz looked on.

They were two people very much in love with no secret desires or fantasies unknown to their partner. Perhaps that is what Anna appreciated most about their relationship. It was raw, honest, and unafraid. There was nothing either couldn’t say to each other. No hidden desire they had to keep buried. It was an open relationship that didn’t just work — it was the only thing that could work. While they both lived in the moment, deep down Anna knew she wanted more. She was ready to commit a lifetime and hoped Scott felt the same. But she was more than satisfied not rushing anything, allowing him to come to that realization himself.

Anna was excited that Thursday, selling a $1.9 million home that was $260k over the seller’s price. It was indeed a great market if she could just get more inventory. She decided to call it a day and head down to the bar early. Scott was buried deep in a development project and would likely be at the office late tonight. Anna buried herself in paperwork at the bar’s office lining up events and ordering product. She inventoried the alcohol and beer along with mixers and placed an order online. It was well into the evening when Jim, the other manager popped his head into the door.

“Two ladies are at the bar and asked to see you,” Jim stated, peering through the crack in the door as he waited for a reply.

“Who is it?” Anna inquired. “Well one is a friend of Vickie’s… Candace. Not sure of the young one,” he shot back.

Anna had not chatted with Candace in months. She had seen her in the crowd a few times at the bar but never had a chance to speak with her. She wondered if the younger lady could indeed be Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn was the young college coed she and Vickie had met almost a year ago and invited back to Vickie’s place for a little fun. Kaitlyn was not new to the lesbian scene but she craved to be a submissive. She had seen the collar which adorned Anna’s neck that afternoon at the French restaurant and she knew Vickie and Anna were two people she wanted to spend time.

Kaitlyn, a cute little brunette with big brown eyes, was simply adorable. What captivated Anna wasn’t just her submissive nature. She was fascinated by the large Mandala tattoo located between her should blades, shades of black and grey which contrasted sharply with her white skin. Outside of the smaller flower tat above her right ankle, she had no other tats or piercings save the little diamond studs she wore in her ear lobes.

Kaitlyn had soft plump lips and loved going down on a woman. Vickie also loved that the young coed loved the taste of her whip. She loved being tied up and teased as the two women used vibrators, clamps, and various floggers and whips to tantalize her flesh bringing her to orgasm over and over again.

Anna had given the young sophomore Candace’s cell number knowing the older woman desired a young sub. Anna had met Candace one evening when Vickie had brought her to the bar. While the place was packed that evening, Candace stood out in her black leather pants and stiletto heels. But what caught Anna’s gaze was the woman was topless and her upper half was covered with ink. Bright colorful tattoos which covered nearly every inch of the woman’s body save her face and hands. Even her small feet were adorned with ink.

Anna had no tattoos of her own but was intrigued with the idea. When she was a teen, she and a girlfriend talked of matching tattoos on a beach trip but Anna backed out thinking about what her parents might think. As conservative as they were they would have likely grounded her for the summer. Reflecting back on that, she wondered what they would think now — working part time at a leather bar surrounded by lesbians, gays, and trans women and living with a guy who had more interest in cock than he did her pussy. Still — she loved everything about her new life and she loved Scott. Her love for him seemed to grow each day as they explored life and love leaving nothing on the table.

As Anna rounded the corner she saw it was Candace and Kaitlyn. She hope that was the young woman Jim had referenced. “Well, hello you two!” she smiled as she hugged Candace and then stared lovingly at Kaitlyn. “So… I see you called her,” Anna gushed as she wrapped her arms around the young coed.

“I did. I mean maybe a day after you gave me her number. Candee is awesome,” Kaitlyn shot back. Anna had never heard Candace referenced as Candee but she knew eskort gaziantep instantly who the young woman referred. It wasn’t lost on Anna the black leather collar that adorned Kaitlyn’s neck or the fact her arms were now covered in ink. It was evident that Candace — or Candee as Kaitlyn called her — was leaving her mark on the young woman.

“We were hoping you were here. Vick said you were really putting in the hours,” Candace added.

“Yea, I’m really enjoying showing homes but there’s something about this place,”

Anna smiled. “When Scott gets buried in a project at work, I head down here.”

“Vick told me you two were back together. How’s that working out? He’s as much into guys are you are other women… right?” she inquired.

“Yea, it works,” she smiled back. “I saw how happy Greg and Vickie were and I knew it could work for us too. Thing is, I bring home a woman and Scott’s cool with it. I bring home a guy and we share him!”

Kaitlyn chuckled, “Damn, that covers the bases.” Anna looked at Kaitlyn. She remembered how cute she was that afternoon they met. How naïve she appeared.

Now she looked so sexy with her collar. Kaitlyn wore a black leather halter top which showed off her breasts. While her arms were covered in ink, it appeared that her chest was still virgin territory but she could see by the impressions in the leather that she appeared to have piercings now.

“We were hoping you could get away,” Candace said breaking Anna’s gaze. “Well, I told Scott I’d be here if he wanted to swing by later. But we could go into the office,”

Anna added. “Jim will see were’ not disturbed.”

Candace smiled as the three women worked their way back behind the bar and to the office. Anna shutting and locking the door. As Anna turned facing the two women, Candace made their intention clear. “I want to thank you so much for encouraging Kaitlyn to call me. After Kris left, I dabbled with a few women but I never found the complete sub I had with her. Not until Kaitlyn,” Candace added with emphasis. She walked over to her young charge letting her fingers trail on her arm, up to her face, across her lips as Kaitlyn kissed them tenderly. “She belongs totally to me. Don’t you Angel?” Candace cooed. “Yes mam,” was the two word reply.

“Take off your top,” Candace commanded.

Kaitlyn slipped her fingers under the leather top, pulling it up and over her head. Her breast spilled out and just as Anna surmised, both nipples were adorned with two stainless steel barbells which matched the steel of the buckle in her leather collar.

“I couldn’t help notice her ink,” Anna remarked. “The last time I saw her it was just the one on her back and I believe that small flower on her ankle. But you’ve added some since I saw you,” she said looking at Kaitlyn.

“Candee said my body is her canvas. She may do with it what she pleases,” Kaitlyn said matter of factly.

“In time dear. But first we need to thank Anna for bringing us together,” Candace stated. “Go ahead and slip off your pants. I want you naked except your collar,” the older woman instructed.

Kaitlyn had been wearing heels which she removed as well as leather pants. There just above her right ankle was the little flower tattoo Anna had recalled. Her bush had been shaved clean and Anna noted the clitoral hood piercing. Another addition since she had last been with the young girl.

In seconds Kaitlyn stood naked before them. The young girl stood maybe 5’2″ and didn’t weigh more than 120 lbs at best She appeared thinner than the last time Anna had seen her. Kaitlyn dropped to her knees and bowed her head, her hands at her side in an extreme submissive posture. Anna had been with a dozen women since the two of them had been together but right now — in just this moment — none were sexier than the little coed who knelt before her. Her thick brown hair falling loosely on her shoulders, resting on her 34C breasts capped off by the two dark brown nipples with the steel barbells piercing the hard little nubs.

“She’s adorable isn’t she?” Candace asked smiling at Anna.

“Certainty well trained,” Anna shot back. “What other tricks does she do?” Anna winked back at Candace.

“Oh, she’s quite talented. Perhaps as you recall?” Candace smiled. “Angel, ask Mistress Anna if you can please her,” she directed.

Kaitlyn looked up. Her chestnut brown eyes staring into Anna’s. “May I mistress? May I please you,” she asked.

“Certainly,” Anna shot back. She knew her panties had to be soaked as excited as she was. Kaitlyn reached up and unsnapped the jeans she was wearing and then begin tugging them off her shapely hips leaving a black thong in view. Kaitlyn, removed a sandal she was wearing and then pulled the jeans from that leg before doing the same with the other.

Soon Anna stood barefoot in a black satin thong and a white satin lace cami top. Kaitlyn planted soft kisses on her thighs before gaziantep bayan eskort zeroing in on her soft smooth abdomen and then very gently kissing Anna’s crotch through the panties. Anna’s head rolled back on her shoulders, her face to the ceiling as she guided the young coed’s head with her hands. She felt Kaitlyn’s thumbs as they slipped under the straps and slowly, gently pulling down the thong as her pussy was exposed.

Anna had a small patch of sandy blonde pubic hair just over her pussy, waxing around the lips leaving her crotch silky smooth. It was almost like an electric shock as Kaitlyn’s tongue slid across her clit, sucking it into her mouth, bathing it before letting her tongue travel between her lips. The student’s tongue probed deep inside Anna as she groaned her approval. Kaitlyn moved her tongue up and down, her hands behind her back, as she allowed Anna’s juices to coat her face.

Anna hadn’t noticed that Candace had slipped out of her leather. She too was naked leaving Anna as the only dressed one of the three — her still in a cami top. Anna felt Candace touch her arm as she looked over and took in the woman’s body. She was gorgeous and sexy. She recalled the first time she saw Candace nude almost a year ago. Her body covered from head to toe in colorful ink. It was perhaps the most erotic thing she had ever seen.

Candace closed the distance as she moved in to kiss Anna. Anna closed her eyes and felt the soft, wet lips of Candace as they closed over hers. The older woman’s tongue slid through her lips, into her mouth, exploring as Anna yielded completely. Kaitlyn was working over Anna’s pussy as her new partner kissed her, letting her hands slide under her top.

In moments Candace pulled the top over her head and then unsnapped her bra, freeing Anna’s breasts. Candace slipped the straps off her shoulders and then dipped her head down as she took a nipple in her mouth, sucking, the orb which hardened in her mouth.

“You know the only time we’ve been together is right here.. in this office,” Candace reminded her. “You, me, Vick — you remember that?” she asked.

“I do,” Anna moaned as Kaitlyn sucked on her clit, her face plastered to her pussy.

“I’d really take to take you home. Spread those legs of yours and fuck that pussy.

That night, here with Vickie, I thought how lucky she was. I wanted you so bad. I wanted to take you home. Make you mine. But I thought you belonged to Vick. I saw your collar and thought she owned that little pussy of yours. I’d love to have two little lezzie sluts to train. I’d love to collar you. Make you mine. Both of you. You and Kaitlyn could be my little sluts,” she chided as she backed a few inches away looking directly into Anna’s eyes. Searching to see if there was the hint of possibility it could happen.

“You and Scott could still shack up from time to time if you wanted. Hell, from what you told me he’s really into guys anyway. What about it baby? Candace pressed.

“You’ve already got a little collared slut to do your bidding,” Anna countered as she let her lips slide against Candace’s wet mouth. “What do you want with me?”

“I want you both. I’d give you some rope… you could come and go as you like. See other people. Scott, Vickie… whoever. But you’d belong to me. That little pussy would be mine. And I’d let you help train that little minx between your legs. I’m sure you’d like that wouldn’t you. Having her as your little personal slut?” Candace added as you squeezed Anna’s nipple with her fingers.

Almost on cue, Kaitlyn drove her tongue deep into Anna’s pussy. It was evident they were working together. That Kaitlynn wanted this too as she pulled her tongue out and then sucked on Anna’s clit.

“And I take it, you mark me as your own. Just like you did Kaitlyn…like Kris?” she groaned.

Candace pulled her hair back, grasping it tightly in her hand. She stared deep into

Anna’s eyes. “Oh, that’s a given,” she smirked. “I’d have fun with you. Maybe start here on that pretty tit. Something small at first. Just to introduce you. Then…” she smiled, “you’d want more. Maybe across your back like Kaitlyn. But yes … there would definitely be ink in your future.”

Anna’s legs felt weak and Kaitlyn grabbed on to the back of her thighs. She continued her assault on Anna’s pussy as her juices ran down her cheeks. Anna felt a warm rush over her body as she orgasmed against the coed’s face.

“I will have you,” Candace smiled. It’s just a matter of time. I’ll have you both,” as she placed her lips back to Anna’s and pushed her tongue into her mouth.

Anna knew, if they were not at the bar, in her office, she’d have her right now. When it came to Candace, she didn’t seem to have any will of her own. Deep down, she knew she wanted it too. She wanted to know what it was like to be owned by a strong woman like Candace. If not tonight… soon. They both knew, it was not if it was in the cards but when.

Jim walked into the office a few minutes after he watched Candace and her girlfriend walk out. They ordered a drink at the bar and then, walked out on the dance floor together in a slow song, pressing their bodies together. He was surprised to find Anna completely naked sitting in a chair behind her desk.

“Damn, I’m sorry. I thought…” Jim rambled.

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