Jack and Amy are an average married couple in their late thirties. After years of a stagnant sex life, they finally built the maturity and confidence to explore their respective kinks and fantasies together.

They considered that their sex life was healthy, albeit a little vanilla. They’d averaged only 1-3 times per month. But both ensured they had an orgasm, every time. Jack and Amy figured it an achievement, especially with their respective work hours and extensive time spent parenting.

Amy was curvy. She had thick thighs and a large butt. She was half Korean-American and half Native, so she had a look that some men found appealing. Her dark chestnut hair framed a cute, round face. Jack was white, tall, athletic and had a rugged look about him. Both were relatively fit, they managed to take decent care of themselves.

Their closest couple friends were Bill and Shani- practically a mirror image of them. Also in nearing forty, they occupied a similar place in life. Careers, kids and the suburban American lifestyle defined much of their lives.

However, unlike Jack and Amy, Bill and Shani had a secret side- they’d been sexually adventurous for years. Both bisexual, their comfort zone was much wider. Their list of kinks and sexual achievements read like most normal couples bucket list.

Bill was very boyish and cute. Shorter than Jack, he had an athletic build. Shani was petite and dark, Egyptian-American with dark curly hair and innocent-looking brown eyes. Both were fit and sexy- the kind of couple that heads turned to look at.

They were longtime, close friends as families. Most importantly to Jack and Amy, Bill and Shani were highly compatible as friends and prospective and discreet sexual partners.


Almost six months earlier, years of teasing and innuendos had (almost) culminated in a wild game night. They’d gotten tipsy, gotten naked and nearly fulfilled their fantasy of group sex. A poorly timed phone call from an ineffective babysitter drew the night to an early close.

It had been forever since they’d had an opportunity to reunite without the burden of kids or everyday life. Since their summertime encounter, they’d seen each other at work functions and family gatherings. Certainly not opportunities for them to fool around.

The heat of their previous encounter had simmered nonetheless. They’d kept it alive with suggestive texts and plans, all of which kept getting indefinitely postponed.

Tensions built. Looks shared. Every time the two couples saw each other was a quiet reminder of what could have been.

After Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, things for both couples had settled back into the chaotic routine of work, school and life. Both agreed that a much-needed break was deserved.

Game Night 2.0. Babysitters arranged. Kids whisked away. Jack and Amy would host. The ground rules were set- a soft swap between the couples. Jack and Amy would finally indulge their long-standing fantasy.


On the night of, Amy, the brilliant homemaker and hostess had set the stage perfectly. Every room of their two story colonial house was impeccably neat, pleasant candles were burning. Sexy, classic R&B played on their sound system- Amy had a brilliant taste in mood-setting music. Even new flowers were set out on the table.

As Amy aptly put it, “now, people are really going to want to fuck in our house.”


Amy and Jack sat waiting on their couch. They scrolled through their phones, silently. There was a buzz of anticipation in the air. Bill and Shani were on their way. Their babysitter had limited time tonight. The couples had only three hours together. They planned to make the most of it.

The doorbell rang. Just a formality. Bill and Shani knew that they were always welcome in. The front door was already unlocked and they walked into the foyer.

Shani and Bill looked like the right combination of sexy and classy, bordering on nerdy, as always. They dressed as practically a mirror image. Bill wore jeans and a t-shirt under his coat. Shani wore tight-fitting dark jeans that hugged her tiny legs and hips.

Bill and Jack hugged in a taut, masculine embrace. Bill grabbed Jack’s bicep. “Man, you’re looking swole.” The gesture did not go unnoticed by Amy. She smirked to herself.She wouldn’t mind their arms around her, pinning her down…

Shani caught Amy drifting off. “Hey, girl!” she interrupted. “You look so sexy!” Shani kissed both of Amy’s cheeks.

“C’mon in, let’s get this party started,” suggested Amy.


After the obligatory tour of what had been changed and redecorated, the four friends quickly settled into their natural, easy state. Amy had prepared a generous portion of sangria and snacks. The four ultimately gathered on the sofa in the living room.

They began the night with Cards Against Humanity- an old group favorite. Hilarious, raunchy, sexually suggestive cards and the right amount of alcohol mixed well. The tone was set for the night. The group was like a sexual powder keg.

Ever gaziantep eskort bayan quick-witted, Shani handily won the game.

“So, what’s next?” Shani asked.

“This the part where we all get naked!” her husband replied.

“Slow down, Bill. So, how do you feel about playing the Sex Dice game that we talked about,” Amy asked Shani.

“Oh my god, yes!” Shani agreed. The two women shared a conspiratorial look and left the living room.

Jack glanced at Bill. The two shared a look and a smirk. Evidently, their wives had discussed tonight much more than they’d let on in the group chat.

Amy briefly left the room, returning with a tiny wicker basket. In it, the sexy dice game, a handful of lubricants, condoms and two vibrators. Jack loved it- his wife was an amazing hostess, even when it came to their introductory experience with swinging.

Shani returned with the refilled pitcher of sangria, pouring another round of drinks for everyone.


It was Game On.


After both horny couples were seated, Amy and Jack explained the rules of the sexy dice game.

The game was simple, players would roll a set of dice and perform the actions displayed on the die. Some combinations would be sexy, others less so.

They split into two teams: guys ‘versus’ girls.

The four decided on the ground rules. Since Amy and Jack had earlier decided penetration of the other’s spouse was off, they opted to remove the sex position die. Anything else was on the table tonight for their ‘soft swap.’

“Clearly not made for a foursome,” commented Bill, who was reading the instructions on the packaging. “Is it worthwhile, though?”

“Yeah, it was pretty damn good when just the two of us played” offered Jack.

Amy laughed and rolled her eyes. “It might get spicy,” she added.

“Okay, here we go,” said Jack. He kissed his wife and rolled the three dice. The three dice landed. The group leaned in close to see the results.

Both & Spank & Ass were shown on the dice.

It was the guys’ turn to spank their wives asses.

“Huh,” said Jack. “Okay, so whose ass now?”

“Both?” replied Bill. He’d already dropped his jeans, revealing his buttocks.

“Smack his ass!” shouted Amy, giggling.

Shani nearly fell from the sofa, laughing. Amy couldn’t catch her breath laughing.

“Okay, fine,” said Amy, standing and bending over slightly. She faced away and stuck her big butt out towards the guys. Bill playfully smacked her ass. Not to be outdone, Jack smacked Amy’s ass again, but harder.

Amy yelped and giggled. She was quickly getting turned on, the idea of both guys smacking her ass. There was something deep and primal about it. She stirred eagerly.

“Okay, from now on, house rule: every roll must remove an item of clothing.” Jack stated. He said nothing else and simply pulled off his jeans, letting them fall around his ankles. He wore tight black boxer briefs underneath.

Amy smiled. She looked on approvingly. She enjoyed seeing her husband like this. Dominant and assertive.

“Wait, is that everyone?” Shani asked.

Jack looked at her, puzzled.

Amy knew what her husband meant. She explained. “Yeah, anytime you roll, your team of guys or girls take off an article of clothing.”

Shani smiled. Bill took off his jeans, tossing them aside. Underneath, Bill wore bright red briefs.

“Those are quite the underwear, Bill,” Amy joked. She was surprised by how loud his underwear were.

“Don’t you just love it?” Shani quipped. She grabbed the bulge in his briefs with a flourish.

It was now Amy’s turn to roll the dice. She sipped from her drink first, then shook the dice in one hand. She dropped them onto the coffee table.

You & Suck & Nipples

“Okay, whose nipples am I sucking on?”

“Shani’s,” replied Bill and Jack simultaneously.

“Umm, okay,” said Amy. Shani got to her knees on the couch. Amy knelt in front of her, about to lean in to kiss her.

“Stop.” Jack commanded.

Both women looked at him. Bill understood.

“He wants you to remove an article of clothing,” Bill said, nodding at Jack with a wink. “You know, house rules,” he added. Jack gave Bill a high-five.

Amy led the way. She was no stranger to being commanded by Jack. She loved hearing him take charge in their bedroom. It turned her on- she felt abuzz with arousal.

Amy pulled off her t-shirt and threw it at her husband, who caught it and threw it aside, Underneath she wore a red lace bra. Amy had small, delicate tattoos on her wrists and forearms.

Shani did the same. She lifted her t-shirt off and dropped it to the ground. She wore a simple black sheer bra. The translucent black fabric allowed her nipples to be seen. Her dark skin was marked with tattoos- on her back, shoulder blades and upper arms.

“So, how should we do this?” Amy pulled down one half of her bra, exposing one of her perky nipples.

“I feel like I should kiss you first,” said Shani.

Amy eskort bayan gaziantep felt butterflies in her stomach. She said nothing, just reached out for Shani.

The two embraced. It had been a while, but the two women were still comfortable with kissing each other. Lightly at first, then Shani pulled her in deeper for a kiss with tongue.

The men did nothing, simply watched. Jack felt himself harden with arousal.

“Okay, that’s better,” said Shani. Her hands were on Amy’s curvy hips. She traced them up to the red lace of Amy’s bra. Again, Amy exposed a nipple and Shani first kissed, then sucked on the taut, sensitive nipple. Amy gasped a little.

“Thank you,” Amy kissed Shani on her mouth. Amy now had her hands on Shani. Instead of just exposing a nipple, Shani simply unclasped her bra, letting it fall. Shani’s small breasts and dark, round nipples were exposed, perky with her own arousal.

“I haven’t done this…” Amy started to say. She was kissing Shani’s chest.

“Before?” asked Bill.

Amy cupped both of Shani’s small breasts. She took one of Shani’s nipples into her mouth, teasing it for a few seconds.

“No, in a long time,” answered Amy. Bill would not have known about a handful of her same-sex encounters in college.

Amy and Shani kissed again, then returned to their seats.

“Wow, what’s next?” asked Bill. He grabbed the dice and shook them in his cupped hands.

Bill rolled the dice. He eagerly looked on for the result.

Both & Kiss & Neck landed face up.

“Okay, so, we’re kissing necks!” Announced Bill.

Jack removed his shirt first. Shani took a few seconds to admire Jack’s physique. He had some chest hair, unlike her boyish husband.

Any certainly noticed Shani checking out her husband. In Amy’s mind, it added to his rugged appeal. In the months since their last encounter, Jack had increased his work in the gym.

Amy would later confess to Jack that watching another woman blatantly check out her husband made her a little jealous. She couldn’t explain it, but she wanted to fuck him and simply make Shani watch.

Bill did the same and removed his shirt. Like his wife, Bill wore many tattoos on his smooth, hairless chest.

Amy pointed at her neck. “Okay, right here.” Jack nuzzled into her neck and gave her a couple of slow, warm kisses.

“May I join in?” asked Bill.

“You may,” Amy replied.

Jack’s hands were on Amy’s hips and behind her neck. Bill nuzzled into the other side of her neck and started kissing.

“Oh my god,” whispered Amy, to no one in particular. She melted into their kisses. She wanted to be consumed by the two men.

Bill stopped first, then Jack. Jack paused to give an affirming kiss to Amy.I’ll be back for more, he promised, unspoken.

In seconds, both men were kissing Shani’s neck. She too, gave a breathy moan. She leaned back into the couch. Jack backed off and allowed Bill to be with his wife. Bill continued kissing her neck and collar bones. Before long, he was kissing and kneading her small breasts and dark nipples.

Amy and Jack kissed and watched the show. Amy’s hand easily found Jack’s growing erection. She felt herself getting wet. Amy unconsciously touched herself with her free hand.

Longtime voyeurs, they were enjoying watching their friends’ foreplay. Finally, Bill stopped teasing Shani and both sat up.

“Okay, next round,” announced Shani. She picked up the dice, cupped her hands into a little bowl and churned the dice around, before dropping them onto the coffee table.

You & Spank & Sexy Bits

Jack just laughed.

“What the fuck?” asked Bill.

“Babe, I think I have to slap your penis,” Shani said, barely able to hold in a laugh.

“Clothes, ladies,” reminded Jack sternly.

“Always the rule follower,” Amy rolled her eyes theatrically. With that, she unzipped her jeans and sat back on the couch to slowly peel them off- offering a faux striptease as she did so. Underneath, she wore matching red lace cheeky underwear. Not a thong, exactly, but when she stood up, anyone would see plenty of her big butt.

Shani stood to remove her own tight jeans. Shani wore a pair of black briefs with a sheer backside- her ass was exposed through the fabric.

Amy reached over to her husband. She gave a playful slap to his erection through his briefs. Afterwards, she felt the outline of his cock- hardened for her. The tip poked out from his waistband. She lingered and continued to stroke him for a few more moments.

Bill, apparently ready for any reason to expose himself, stood and removed his red briefs. He stood in front of his wife, who grabbed his stiffened cock. She pressed it against his lower abdomen and gave the underside a gentle smack.

“It’s okay, baby, I’ll give it a kiss later,” Shani said in a faux-cutesy voice.

“Okay, next roll,” announced Jack, rolling the dice.

Me & Caress & Neck

“Looks like we’re caressing some necks” said Jack.

“Bill, how about Jack gaziantep bayan eskort caresses my neck, and you go with Amy?” suggested Shani.

Amy, a little buzzed, took the last gulp of her sangria.

“Alright, William” said Amy. “Sit back and get to work.”

Amy suddenly straddled Bill on the couch. Bill grasped her next, firm, but slowly massaging. Unbeknownst to Bill, this was a huge turn on for Amy. She gasped.

“Everything okay?” asked Bill.

“Yeah, I didn’t say stop,” smiled Amy.

“May I kiss you?” whispered Bill.

“I suppose you may,” replied Amy.

Bill kissed Amy’s collarbones and chest, much like he’d done earlier with his own wife. Amy unconsciously started grinding onto his lap. His hardened cock rubbed against her lace panties. Amy started kissing Bill on the lips. At first gentle, then very deeply. She was more turned on now than she’d been in a while. She figured correctly that her husband and Shani would be doing the same, if they weren’t already.

Shani and Jack now sat on the couch, where she too straddled him. Jack gently grabbed Shani by the neck, pulling her close. He caressed her neck, but it was obvious that she wanted more.

“Kiss me,” Shani demanded.

They kissed very slowly at first. Then, they picked up tempo, kissing deeply and savoring each other’s touch. Without saying a word, Shani stood up to slide off her black panties. Unlike Amy, Shani had some neatly trimmed dark pubic hair. Feeling her, it was damp to the touch, which Jack found impossibly sexy.

Amy then interrupted. “How about we roll again?”

“I think it’s my turn,” said Shani. Shani slid off his lap so that she could grab the dice from the coffee table.

Both & Spank & Nipples

“Yeah, no” Shani said with a smile.

“Hard pass,” agreed Amy, rolling with laughter. She handed the dice over to Bill.

“Wait- clothes, babe” Bill reminded his wife.

Shani removed her black bra, letting her small round breasts free. Her dark nipples were hardened- she tossed the dice on the coffee table.

You & Kiss & Inner Thighs were rolled this time.

“Okay, here we go!” announced Shani.

Jack put his hands around Shari’s tiny waist and lifted her up, flipping her around on the couch. Within seconds, he was kissing her collarbones and neck. He quickly kissed her breasts, feeling her hard nipples under his tongue. She moaned softly. Jack positioned himself so he could access between her legs. For a few short, teasing moments, he kissed her soft thighs.

Then, Jack eagerly started to lick and kiss Shani’s pussy. Jack savored her taste, which was different from Amy. Shani pulled his head close.

Amy was comfortable and totally aroused. She stood and removed her red lace panties, revealing that she had freshly waxed. Bill quickly discovered her slick with wetness and impossibly smooth to the touch of his fingers. He motioned for her to lay back, which she did, spreading her legs. Bill too, spent a few seconds kissing her soft thighs, before moving to her pussy. Her hips squirmed as his mouth found Amy’s most sensitive parts.

Bill followed Jack’s lead. He grabbed the second vibrator. It buzzed to life with a push of the button. Amy writhed under the stimulation.

“Don’t you dare stop that,” Amy ordered.

Minutes later, Amy screamed out loud, rippling with an orgasm.

“Wow” said Amy, after finally catching her breath.

“Wow indeed” replied Bill.

“I think we’ve got another roll coming,” offered Amy, who reached for the dice.

Both & Kiss & Inner Thighs

It was the wives turn to kiss their husband’s thighs. The soft swap was going comfortably, so the two couples agreed to continue with the other’s spouse.

Shani dropped to her knees between Jack’s legs and started to tease. She playfully kissed his stomach and thighs, watching him throb but never touching his erection.

“Shani, what if you suck his dick and Amy sucks my dick?” Bill suggested.

“No way. Still playing a game here.” Amy chimed in.

Amy was busy, she’d been kissing and licking on Bill’s inner thighs. He squirmed with anticipation, as she breathed warm breath on his stiffened cock. Amy was becoming turned on by the tease- she started to rub herself while she teased him.

“So, whose roll now?” asked Jack.

“Why don’t you roll again, babe?” Amy suggested.

Jack picked up the dice. He rolled again.

Both & Kiss & Lips were rolled.

“Hmm,” said Bill.

“I think we’re way past that,” said Shani.

The group laughed.

“Okay, what were we saying earlier?” Shani asked.

Jack smiled from ear to ear. He knew what his wife was going to say next. Amy reached across and grabbed the dice. She tossed them over her shoulder. Instead, she grabbed a pump bottle of water-based lube.

“How about we see those dicks now?” Amy asked. Jack hadn’t seen this horny side of Amy in twenty years.

Jack and Bill sat next to each other on the couch. Jack’s wife got to her knees first, applying a generous amount of lube to Jack’s cock, then to Bill. For a quick few second, she each man’s erect penis in her hands and she and Shani shared a playful laugh.

Shani got to her knees in front of Jack and started to work Jack’s cock, sliding him into her mouth. She gave a slow blowjob. He felt that he would blow at any second, after having being teased almost to the point of no return. She didn’t rush it.

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